Lamaze Wrist Rattles

Lamaze Wrist Rattles

Complete with soft and whimsical bugs, the Lamaze High Contrast Wrist Rattles are ideal for encouraging the development of baby’s hand-eye coordination. Just right for baby’s delicate wrists, the rattles’ high contrast colors and patterns also work to stimulate baby’s vision. With every wiggle, baby will delight in the soft rattle noise and be encouraged to reach and grab, further awakening and developing their muscles.

Main features

  • Rattle Encourages Baby To Reach And Grab
  • Crinkle Sounds
  • Soft And Comfortable On Baby
  • High Contrast Colors And Patterns Stimulate Baby’s Vision.
  • Ages Birth And Up
  • With every wiggle, listen to the soft rattles
  • Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination
  • Encourages baby to reach and grab, awakening muscles.
  • High contrast colors and patterns stimulate baby’s vision.
  • Makes a great shower gift add-on!

Verified reviews


Not to my baby’s taste

I must say that this is good but just that I introduced it too late to my baby when she was 3 months old. She was not very interested in it but this could be just her – am sure this is more useful for newborns.

Bernadine Quincy, FL

Great Rattles

I was pretty scared to buy these rattles because there were no review on it about how good it rattles. But i decided to try it and put it on my 6 week old wrist. He moves his arms alot and the rattles work really good. Was afraid that it would not rattle enough but it is amazingly perfect. Highly recommend,

Lillie Ecru, MS

Not impressed

They looked cute, but they really did not rattle very loud and the wrist size was small. My grandson was not impressed and neither was I. I would pass on this product.

Allene Julian, PA

Crack for babies

My daughter has these and LOVES them! She’s in a pre-teething stage and is constantly looking for something to suck on. They’re small and easy to fit in her mouth but I don’t have to be scared that she’ll swallow it because it is secured around her wrist with velcro. They are very soft, and the bright colors are fun to look at too. It’s amazing to watch her use one hand to pull the other hand closer to her mouth in order to suck on the little ladybug’s head. So cute!And since they’re fabric I can throw them in the wash every few days when they get really slobbery and gross.I might even buy extras in case we lose the one’s she’s got. They are better than most of the other toys we have!

Deann Batesburg, SC

Great little toys

These are great little toys for baby. They fit chubby wrists wonderfully and the contrast is great at getting baby’s attention.

Faith Buckingham, IL

Great for teething, when they are finding hands

I’ve had these for my now 5 month old for a couple of months and we have been happy with them. We started with them when she was about 3 months old and just starting to find her hands and she was fascinated by the colors and noise. As she started teething, she loves to suck and gnaw on them (it sounds pretty funny, actually) and I love that I can just throw them in the wash, though I do use a delicates bag and air dry to minimize wear on them. Unlike a couple other reviewers, I have had no trouble with getting them on my daughter or having them stay on and shes been running about 50% on the growth charts. Maybe if your little one has large wrists? Anyway, I think they have been money well spent!

Anna Excelsior Springs, MO

super cute

My baby loves these & will stare at them intensely as if she’s waiting for them to talk back! She is still too small to wear them & notice them at 6 weeks but what I do is attach them to herTiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Strollabove her rock n play and she is sooooo happy! It’s been amazing this last week because we really started to notice her smiling at her toys and she loves her little bee & lady bug! I can’t wait to see her wear them to play soon!

Violet Tahoka, TX

cute but small

It rattles ok. I got some new ones from walmart that rattled so much better. The design and color are amazing. I have a chubby little two month old, and she only was able to fit in the wrist rattles for two weeks, and now they don’t fit. If they were to fit longer, they would be amazing.

Martha Jordanville, NY

Great rattles

My baby loves looking at these rattles because of the contrast. They are the perfect size and not flimsy like other ones out there

Abbie Mendon, OH

Baby loved them!

My baby’s attention was really captured by this product! He loved these, but sadly he is a big guy and outgrew them very quickly. He still like to play with them, but we cannot attach them to his chunky wrists.

Ashley Homestead, IA

super cute

my baby loves the colors and how it rattles…this is a must have for baby learning about hands and feet.

June Williamsville, VA

My Daughter’s Favorite toy

We recieved so many gifts with the birth of our first daughter, and many were toys. Well, this one bet them all! My daughter is 9 months and this is still one of only two toys that can make her stop crying in an instant and smile. (The other “toy” that can do this, oddly enough, is the stapula from the baby bullet. Its small and perfectly fits in her hand. She loves to weild that thing around and hit all sorts of things to listen to the different sounds. Ha!)Bottom line: this toy is so good I am buying a second one in case, *gasp*, she ever loses it!

Allene Burnside, IA

So cute!

I love them. My granddaughter… not so much. Maybe when she’s a bit older… She’s only 3 months old now.

Barbara Blanchard, PA

Louder please!

They fit my daughters wrists great, and they are super cute. But they are not very loud! They function more as funny bracelets than wrist rattles.

Elisha Woodville, TX

How cute and cheap.

We all love spoiling our kids. And when you find toys that are priced well it makes it that much easier. These are made very well. They are so easy to strap on the wrist of the baby and the baby loves them. I am a fan.

Nicole Bartow, FL

Love ’em

Love these little baby rattles. It is so fun to watch as child learns that the noise he heres is from his movement. Love it!

Florence Santa Rita, GU

Depends on the baby

I think these are such a great idea! I put these on my daughter as soon as she "noticed" her hands. She’s now 4 months old, and I still bust these out, probably once a week. They fit just fine around her chubby wrists, but she really doesn’t have any interest in them. Once she fell asleep with them on and they kept waking her up. She’s more interested in them when they aren’t attached to her. So basically, you don’t know until you try. But the contrasting colors and rattle noise definitely catch her attention, just not while they’re attached to her.

Becky Grosvenor Dale, CT


My son’s PT recommended we get these feet rattles and i thought the colors would be good but the rattle isn’t very loud so didn’t keep my son interested

Constance Seminole, AL


I purchased these for my infant grandson. They are adorable but the wrist size is for smaller infants. My grandson is 2 mos old and these are already tight on him. Plus at his age now, he’s too young to know that they on on his hands. The concept is great, but we’ll have to see whether or not they’ll fit in the next couple of months or not which should be the time he’s noticing his hands more. Currently, we just hang them from his activity mat for him to reach out to.

Maggie Climax, CO

Lamaze High Contrast Wrist Rattles

My baby loved these rattles the moment we showed these to her. She just smiled and smiled at them. I bought two sets of these so we could dangle them from her carseat when traveling, since they are soft. She has now outgrown these and moved on to bigger and better things. However, I have fond memories of how much she enjoyed these rattles. We dangled these from her bouncy chair, and had more of a success with her enjoying these there, then placing them on her wrists. They were never a big hit on her wrists.

Susana Stanton, ND

Super cute, but wish they were a bit bigger

Love this idea and the colors. The bugs are perfect and my 3 month is just starting to really get excited when he sees these. My only complaint is that he is a chubby big baby and these just barely fit his wrists. I am afraid that within the next month we won’t be able to velcro them anymore.

Janette Blanchard, ND

Money Well Spent!

I bought these for my daughter when she was two months old and she has consistently enjoyed them for the past four months. They definitely catch her attention and are constructed well. The rattle is loud enough for my little one to enjoy it. It is definitely a quieter rattle than some other toys, I prefer this for younger babies though — so it isn’t a negative. We do no put them on her wrists that often, she likes to hold them and chew on them now, but they still fit easily around my average-sized six month old’s wrists. We used to dangle them from her play gym and she would smile and babble at them. They are great to bring with you while traveling or to just have on hand in the diaper bag. Money well spent!

Tania West Glover, VT

good infant toy

My baby loved these on her wrist. She would try to put them in her mouth. It was nice for her to have a toy before she even knew how to hold anything. I also put them on the crib railing for something to look at. The velcro sticks to the soft material underneath so the size is adjustable and does not snag/scratch other clothing.

Jill Mooresville, MO

Not sure if they’re doing anything, but it doesn’t hurt.

As others have said, they don’t make a lot of noise, sort of like a bead rolling around, but its a nice subtle ting and the baby can certainly hear it. Our baby is only a month old so hopefully this will get him exploring the sounds fairly soon. Since he’s still pretty small it fits just fine though I can see how an older baby of a few months would be a bit tight. He doesn’t really care about them right now but its still too early to tell. Anyway, they’re cute, cheap and it doesn’t hurt to try.

Jessica Holly, CO

Just ok

My daughter wasn’t too impressed with these. They seem well made and stay on, but she just didn’t seem to love them on her.

Lana Kurtistown, HI

They are too silent

I found this to be too silent, not "noisy" enough to be a rattle for my taste (and my daugther’s). She uses them to suck but when she moves her arms she can’t hear them so they don’t motivate her to move more.

Laurel Passaic, NJ


Simple, Cheap and good looking toy. My 4 month old girl loves these. IT is a simple toy that will entertain your baby for hours.

Ashleigh Handley, WV

Wrist rattles

The colouring of these rattles are very nice and quite eye catching. The wings of the butterfly make a nice crinkling sound when touched and it does not take much to get the beetle to rattle. My only complaint is that the label on the betle was appoximately 1 inch in length and was attached to the end of the cloth that wraps around the wrist. As euch it meant that whenever the rattle is worn the label is always sticking out and if baby tries to suck on the beetle the label is immediately thrust into her face. I ended up cutting off mine and i find it to be a lack of fore thought on the design team’s behalf

Anita Dover, NJ

Still carries these around with her at 12 months

We ordered these at 5 months, and really regretted not getting them earlier. She loved playing with the legs of the ladybug and the antennae of the bee. Our daughter is 12 months old and still loves these. She carries them around with her all over the place. I like that they’re small, but too big to choke on. I highly recommend them.

Luann Newburg, WV

Wrist rattles

These are very bright and colorful they were very reasonably priced and I cannt wait until I can see them on my grandbaby

Leonor Oceano, CA