Lambs and Ivy Enchanted Forest Musical Mobile, Green

Lambs and Ivy Enchanted Forest Musical Mobile, Green

The Enchanted Forest musical mobile features four plush animals suspended from a fabric canopy. An owl, beaver, deer and chipmunk are the four adorable featured on the mobile with a raccoon on the arm. This musical mobile rotates and plays a sweet lullaby. This coordinates perfectly with the Enchanted Forest bedding and accessories.

Main features

  • An owl, beaver, deer and chipmunk are the four adorable featured on the mobile with a raccoon on the arm
  • This musical mobile rotates and plays a sweet lullaby
  • Coordinates perfectly with the enchanted forest bedding and accessories
  • Comes with a wise owl, busy beaver, loveable deer
  • Whimsical collection

Verified reviews


Entertaining for my son but wish it would play longer

My 2 month old absolutely loves this mobile. It’s adorable; the only complaint I have about it is I wish it would play longer. It’s a windup, and when wound up as much as possible, it plays for about 2 minutes, so you have to constantly rewind it to keep baby entertained. Alot of times my son is happy just looking up at it even if it isn’t moving but he definitely prefers the movement and music.

Shari Levittown, PA

More cons than pros

– poor clamp design (will fit only classic crib)- music part: only one short song, sounds off after 2month of use, it’s mechanical so u have to wind it up every 3-4 minutes- toys are cute but you can’t take them off separately, they are all attached to this green base

Estelle Gloster, LA

My favorite baby shower gift!

I received this mobile as a baby shower gift and just love it! The assortment of animals and the raccoon climbing the side of the mobile make it very unique. Also, it goes well with the rest of the enchanted forest decor. It’s true that the music only lasts a couple of minutes, but I don’t have an issue with winding it up a couple of times.

Heidi Tafton, PA

Worked as it should

Worked well enough to last through the infant years. Music box started to give out after 8 months which was kind of too bad.

Lola Sunnyvale, TX

Baby gives it five stars, mom gives it three

Baby really likes the music and watching the animals. Mom does not like the tent design that the animals are attached to. It’s a suffocation hazard if it should ever fall. We are planning on cutting out most of the tent material as there are no lights directly above the crib that the tent is blocking and the lack of tent will not affect baby’s enjoyment. Also, the music is quite loud and since it is just a wind up, there is no volume adjustment. We actually chose this specifically because it was a wind up and therefore no batteries, but I wish it wasn’t quite so loud. Again, baby doesn’t mind the volume, but in the middle of the night, it really gives mom a headache.

Brigitte Stuttgart, KS

Beautiful mobile

This is a beautiful mobile that is a must with the complete bedroom set. I have all the pieces for the set & this mobile completed it. I agree with other reviewers it it loud & mechanical sounding. Needs better music.

Terri Rockaway Beach, OR


Cute. Only complaints is that the crank to wind up the mobile wakes up a baby that youre trying to put to sleep.

Camilla Wood River, NE


I purchased this because I purchased the matching bedding set. The sound it makes is kind of cheap and tinny, not to mention loud and startling. The baby loves to look at it and now that she’s a bit older I let her bat at the animals. It’s not something I would turn on to sooth her to sleep, though.

Ginger Snow Shoe, PA

Cute but the motor isn’t very good

Mine stops and starts but the problem isn’t bad enough to warrant a return. Its very cute and sturdy. I like that you can attach it to the crib or wall.

Karina Dalzell, SC

Cute, but it broke

My daughter LOVES her mobile. BUT after only a couple of weeks of use, the music box broke. The tines didn’t have any resistance anymore and the mobile would spin crazy fast over my daughters head as the tines slipped making that CHING CHING sound.Anyways, if it hadn’t of broken… I would have given it 4 stars (hate that mobile music boxes are still wind-up).

Ernestine Cornwall, NY

Sweet Simple Mobile

This mobile is sweet and simple for a little girls crib. It was easy to put together as well. I do think it was a bit pricey for it being a manual mobile.

Haley Pleasant Plains, AR


This is the cutest mobile I have seen! Some days it really calmed my son down. But you can only use it for about 5 months before you have to take it down and it was only effective for a couple of months, so, for the money, I don’t know if I would buy it again…

Eunice Bartlett, KS

very cute, wish it was more adjustable

This mobile is absolutely adorable. Seems really good quality and I love that its gender neutral. The wind up plays the classic lullaby song… sound quality is pretty poor, but i figure that’s typical in a wind up. My only complaint is the height of the mobile isn’t adjustable and I’d like to raise it more than a foot and a half above babys head, or at least be able to swing the arm to the side for picking up the infant.

Reyna Marion, IA


This mobile is very cute and goes very nicely with the crib set and the wall appliques that we also have. The colors all match perfect. The music doesn’t last a very long time but I dont see that as too big of a deal because I see these things a mostly decoration. The music does sound a little mechanical, not extremely soothing. I noticed that in the online picture there’s a sticker on the circle part that attaches the mobile to the arm, we didn’t get this with ours. Overall I very much like the mobile and thinks it serves the purpose we wanted.

Sandra Dresher, PA

So cute

My Son always smiles at his mobile. He loves the owl and bird. We have is over the changing table and bed.

Stella Hernando, MS

Cute but doesn’t play long

This mobile compliments my son’s bedroom nicely, and matches the lamp and wall decals we have. It was fairly easy to assemble and fits on my Graco crib. The only complaint I have is that the music does not play for very long. I wind it up all the way and it doesn’t even last 2 minutes.

Alma West Liberty, IL


Its cute but it did not fit our crib properly. I guess i should have noticed the width of the crib bars before purchase.

Stacie La Plata, MD