Lambs and Ivy Enchanted Forest Wall Appliques, Green

Lambs and Ivy Enchanted Forest Wall Appliques, Green

The Enchanted Forest wall appliques include the charming animals featured throughout the bedding set. The wall appliques are removable. They have self stick adhesive that won’t harm walls. Just peel and stick. This coordinates perfectly with the Enchanted Forest crib bedding set.

Main features

  • Wall appliques are removable
  • Charming animals featured throughout the bedding set
  • Comes with a wise owl, busy beaver, loveable deer
  • Whimsical collection

Verified reviews


Could be better

I LOVE the owls and branches from this set.Overall, the other animals are a bit rough and cartoonish.The material is fragile. The decals stay up well, but I would recomend not moving them often, or having them within a chikld’s reach.

Lynn Bradford, TN

Great for baby’s room!

These wall stickers were easy to apply. I even changed my mind a couple times and was able to remove them and re-stick on a different area. They’ve been up for about a month and have stayed put! I used the decals to complement the rest of the enchanted forest decor in my baby’s nursery and they look great with the tree I painted on the wall.A couple weeks ago, I had some guests over, and several of them asked me “Were those stencils hard for you to paint?” and “Who painted those animals for you?” so they must look hand-painted rather than like a sticker, which is exactly what I wanted. I added some photos, so you can see what they look like on an actual wall.I would recommend checking the price periodically before buying these, as they often go for 25% off list price.

Juliette Springfield, ME

Wonderful addition to nursery

We have the crib set that matches the stickers and the stickers are a wonderful addition-they add so much to the nursery! I’ve received many compliments and some people thought they were actually painted on, so they don’t look like cheap stickers at all. There were a couple I had to move around and they came off the wall with no problem to the wall nor the sticker.

Beth Alto, GA

Enchanted forest wall stickers

We bought these to go with the matching bedding set. They are adorable & work great. They are exactly like the bedding set. It has been over 3 months and they are still stuck on the wall fine. No problems.

Catherine Gonzales, TX


Great, very cute decorative addition to our Woodland themed baby boy’s room! I love that these are removable (Which they really are! Does not damage the walls at all!) because it will allow us to redecorate his room fairly easily without the effort of repainting or some other time consuming project! 🙂

Celeste Fairport, MO

Falls off wall

These are cute and match my daughter’s room decor but they don’t stick very well. Several of them fell off the wall within the first day. Many more have peeled back partially. We have not pulled them down or reapplied them, they are in the original spot they were put up.

Nelly Linden, CA

Super Cute!

I thought these wall appliques were very cute for our baby’s nusery. We also have the 6 piece crib set and the colors and characters match up perfectly together. We did a little bit of rearranging and have not had a problem with them sticking to the wall. The only problem I could see is if someone had a large room as the set doesn’t come with too many appliques, but for ours it worked out great.UPDATE: Two and half years later these are still sticking to the wall without any sign of problems. The fact that we live on an extremely humid subtropical island and they’re still holding strong says good things about them!

Vanessa Hanlontown, IA

Doesn’t stay on walls

Highly disappointed that most of the stickers did not stay on the wall. Some did, most didn’t. Our walls aren’t extremely textured either…so I would suggest going with a different product.

Tamera Sarasota, FL

Cute, but they don’t stick

We got these for my son’s nursery wall. They are very cute and match the other Lambs and Ivy items such as the lamp and mobile and crib bedding set. The only problem is that even with careful prep of the wall (wiping it down and letting it dry before application) they still don’t all stay on very well. There are a few particular culprits, mainly the circle peices and the raccoon, that keep coming unstuck. I don’t see them being reusable if you were to take them down for this reason. Other than that they are a cute, inexpensive decorating option.

Patricia South Windham, CT

Oustanding buy, great deal, works swell…

In relation to the other wall decals out there these are a bargain. The price is lower than most other sets yet you get the same amount of wall decal. For almost half the price of other sets you get an equal product. The pictures do not do the decals justice as they are large. The animals are as big as a person’s head. The plants are a nice filler too for in-between. The artwork is just cutesy enough to be for children but not annoyingly so. I purchased another set at over twice the price which was more abstract and artistic, and now the more expensive item sits on a closet shelf, while the Lambs and Ivy Enchanted Forest decal item listed here is up on the wall.

Lynnette Damascus, AR

Cute but peel off

These are very cute and the perfect accessory to the bedding set, which I also own. However, some of the decals don’t stay very well, particularly the leaves. They curl off of the wall. We repeatedly smooth them down when we see it, but they curl right back off. Overall, though, that’s a minor annoyance considering how affordable and cute these are.

Karla Moscow, AR