Lambs & Ivy Basket, Espresso

Lambs & Ivy Basket, Espresso

The Basket Espresso fits all standard Lambs and Ivy basket liners.

Main features

  • The Basket Espresso is made of wicker and fits all standard Lambs and Ivy basket liners
  • The Basket Espresso is made of wicker

Verified reviews


Should not be advertised for nursery. Dangerously sharp edges.

They advertise this on Amazon as a nursery item. I would strongly advise against it.I ordered 4 white baskets, with the hope to store diapers, wipes, creams etc. in my baby’s room, in an accessible area for everyone. All of the four baskets had the same issues:- Terrible chemical odor, probably from the paint.- The paint was peeling off and was chipped throughout. It looked like a dog had spray painted it, blindfolded.- The end of the wicker was not tucked in safely, but rather exposed on the outside and was as sharp as skewers all around it.I regretted this purchase as soon as I received my order, and sent it back immediately. I would not recommend this to anyone..

Mollie Gerlach, NV

ok quality, ok price, great packaging

i bought two of these baskets for nursery. i was pleased with the price but the quality was just okay. i ended up returning them and purchasing baskets from pottery barn kids. pbkids baskets were slightly more expensive, but better quality, in my opinion. the packaging was great though!

Candy Yoder, CO

Good basket

This basket is pretty sturdy for a wicker basket and the color is a true espresso. I measured before hand and it is still smaller than anticipated. The measurements listed are for around the top of the lip of the basket not the base. Also note that the basket does have a chemical smell for a day or two.

Sandy Cressey, CA

Nice basket, great size

This is a very nice basket at a great size. We use it on our changing table to hold various baby supplies (burp and spit-up cloths, reusable cloth baby wipes, homemade baby wipe solution, lotion, etc.). It fits great on our changing table (the Delta Canton) which has space for both a contoured changing pad and this basket to hold supplies. I also picked up a cute Lambs & Ivy liner to go with it, which was sort of an extra purchase, but really added a nice touch and is super cute. I really like that we have a way to contain all of our baby supplies without worrying about them being kicked off of the changing table, and it looks adoarble to boot.

Blanche Alba, MI

works great for diapers and wipes

I am able to pack a container of wipes in and fill the rest with diapers. I keep it in my living room for diaper changes and other than the diapers. It looks nice and organized and is very reasonably priced.

Harriet Seneca, WI

Bought the basket and the liner together

The basket was sturdy but my wife said it was smaller than she expected for a laundry basket so we elected to go with the Lambs and Ivy Little Princess Hamper instead.

Denice Evansville, WY

Very Sturdy

I really love this basket. I started to use this for my clean laundry but found something bigger. Now I use this to store my daughter’s toys and books and it has held up for a year almost.

Rae Wetmore, KS

Low price, low quality

I bought this to use as an Easter basket. It’s got some sharp edges but was very cheap so it is not surprising that the quality is not great.

Naomi Chelsea, MA