Lambs & Ivy Ceiling Sculpture, Raspberry Swirl

Lambs & Ivy Ceiling Sculpture, Raspberry Swirl

The Raspberry Swirl Ceiling Sculpture is designed to only hang from the ceiling. It hangs approximately 31″ from the hook to the bottom, and is about 32″ wide. Coordinates with various bedding sets. Hardware for assembly is included.

Main features

  • It hangs approximately 31″ from the hook to the bottom, and is about 32″ wide
  • Coordinates with various bedding sets
  • Hardware for assembly is included

Verified reviews


LOVE this!

I hung this above the diaper change area in my baby’s nursery. I bought several other "Monkey Time" items from CoCo and Company to round out the monkey theme in the room and this is an adorable addition. It does not spin on it’s own but if I tap it lightly it’s just enough to get it moving and enough to keep my baby’s attention long enough for me to change him. It’s a really cute accent to the room for a pretty small price. I’m really happy with it. I thought it would be hard to hang up, or to unravel, but it’s really easy to do.

Ophelia Jasper, TN

Bad Quality

I was really hoping for something that would be well made since it was so cute in the picture, but when I got it, it was fishing line wrapped and hot glued to wire that was unfinished at the ends, cheaps beads and wire for the bodies, and cheap fabric stretched over wire and hot glued to shape the wings…the tops of the wings are unfinished (you can see hot glue and the fabric cuts. It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but for the price it was not worth it. If it were $20 or less, maybe. But I often find that “boutique” type items are the same quality (or worse quality) as department store but for a MUCH higher price. Not worth it. Look elsewhere. Though, I have to say, the seller was great at taking care of the reimbursement ASAP.

Lula Monroe City, IN

Lovely and well packaged

I was very pleased with this mobile. For starters, it arrived packaged in such a way that you can remove it without it getting tangled. I love that this mobile is up high enough and is very wide and spreads over the majority of her crib – SHE LOVES IT!It floats and drifts beautifully with the slightest breeze. If you inspect the butterflies, the side that faces the ceiling is not as attractive – however that is NOT the part you really see so I don’t care.

Dana Shelter Island, NY

CUTE but fragile

This is a darling little mobile. It is made from thin wood so easily breakable in little hands but so darling to hang in a monkey themed nursery!

Darla Lincoln University, PA


Great mobile that hangs and moves beautifully. Be warned though: taking it out of the box can be tricky but once it’s out your good to go. My daughter loves it!

Teri Ben Bolt, TX

Makes my daughter giggle!

I hung this right in from of my daughter’s window when she was two months old. She started smiling at it when she was 3 months old, and now at four months old she is simply fascinated by it!I do agree with another person on how the material is just wrapped around the wire & then hot glued into place which makes it look kinda cheapy. But when you look at it from below it, you can’t even tell it’s like that.One thing that I didn’t like about it was that it was just far too long. We have standard ceiling heights & it hung to about the middle of the wall height (about 4.5′ off the floor). It was so low that I was constantly running into it. To solve that, I simply wound the main strings around the wire hangers (the same number of winds for each of the strings), and shortened it considerably. I am 5’8" and am now able to walk under it, though my husband is 6’6" and he runs into it all of the time.

Emily Centerburg, OH