Lambs & Ivy Madison Avenue Baby Musical Mobile

Lambs & Ivy Madison Avenue Baby Musical Mobile

The Park Avenue Baby Musical Mobile features an ‘ABC’ block design theme in shades of petal pink, chocolate, and cream to complement the Lambs & Ivy designer Madison Avenue Baby Collection. Plays “Brahm’s Lullaby.”

Main features

  • Plays the music of Brahms’ Lullaby
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions are included
  • Contains mobile arm and optional wall mount assembly
  • Coordinates with the Madison Ave Baby crib bedding collection by Lambs & Ivy

Verified reviews


Top Choice

I decorated my daughter’s room in Koala Baby sun/moon/stars theme but didn’t like the mobile that came with it. So I chose this one. It has a very quiet motor and the lullaby is great. It took about 15 minutes to assemble (canopy is hardest b/c of small openings).

Bethany Morgan City, MS

Cute, but not useful

If you have a crib that has rounded ends as we do, it is difficult to attach, although we did figure a way. My son likes to look at it, but it has WAY TOO SHORT of a song and spin cycle. We took off the music and motor and reattached with just some string. Now our son is able to watch it spin for a much longer time and he prefers the ocean aquarium music anyway.

Terra Estancia, NM


After reading the negative reviews of this mobile (and seeing its “flimsiness” for myself at a local Babis R Us store), I went in search of other mobiles with a moon/stars motif. I found several, but the cutest one by far is the one that matches the Lambs & Ivy “Twinkle Twinkle” bedding set. It has a white moon and many blue and yellow stars…[…]Hopefully other people will be able to take advantage of this — I’m not sure how long it will be offered at this price, but good luck! I was so excited when I found it!

Laurie East Millsboro, PA

Very cute

This mobile is really cute. Yes, you do have to put the moon & stars on yourself but that is no big deal. The colors are nice & calm the music is clear. The only negative is that the music does not play for long. My 4 month old loves it.

Caryn Monroe, ME

Great item, was on a friends registry and bought as a gift

Friend loved this item! We bought it off their registry as a gift, they love it.

Tami Una, SC

Cute but not worth the money

Certainly not worth $40. It’s cute because it matches my baby’s stars/moonbeams nursery theme but it’s not the best quality. You have to assemble the hanging moon & stars yourself which is a bit tedious. I have to say, my baby loves looking up at it & enjoys the music. He kicks his legs & coos like crazy. But…the music plays only a short time, which is a pain because I have to keep winding it. A mobile should have music that lasts longer than this!

Antoinette Wilton, NH