Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat, Pink Monkey

Lambs & Ivy Nap Mat, Pink Monkey

The Lambs & Ivy Pink Monkey Nap Mat is a fun and easy carry mat that is colorful and versatile. It is an all-in-one pillow, mat and blanket. It’s the perfect solution for daycare, preschool, travel, grandma’s house or just any time your little one needs to relax. The Mat is easy to roll up and has velcro closures and a carry handle. A name tag is included.

Main features

  • Blanket: 100% polyester. The mat and pillow: 90% polyester and 10% cotton
  • Imported
  • It measures 2025″ x 45″, including pillow
  • The blanket is made of 100% polyester; The mat and pillow fabric is 90% polyester and 10% cotton, with 100% polyester fill
  • Care instructions: spot clean with cold water, no bleach, and air dry

Verified reviews


Cute, but not very good quality

It’s very cute. My son loves it.But, the blanket is very thin. And, it doesn’t look very durable.

Madge Tenmile, OR

Very cheap, like laying on a thin blanket with a cotton ball for a pillow.

Don’t waste your money on this nap mat. I use the term "mat" loosely, because the padding on the bottom is no thicker than a quilt. The pillow is loosely stuffed with just a few lumpy balls of cotton — not even a real pillow. The fabric is really cheap and thin — you can almost see through the fabric on the pillow and it looks like the train print would wash off the first time you used it. Definitely returning this!

Jasmine Midville, GA

Disappointed in the Quality

I had read the reviews, and had noticed that many people had said that it was "pilly", but the overall rating was 3.8 stars out of 5 with 170+ reviews. I decided to take a chance, thinking perhaps it might be "pilly" but livable.When I opened the product it was already covered in little balls of fuzz. I washed it, per the care instructions ON THE TAG, thinking that it was just lint from initial manufacturing. It got much worse. It took me time with a lint roller to get it off, and the fuzz still comes off on my son’s clothes and hair. It even has frays of threads along the edge seams.It is cute, and soft, and my son likes it. He doesn’t care about the lint so I will keep it. But for about $20 I had expected a slightly better product. I have bought full sized fleece blankets for $5 or $6 that don’t pill (shed lint) the way the top fleece blanket on this nap mat does.

Francine Royalton, WI

Great for Daycare

I love this for daycare (and they love it too). They actually now recommend it to new parents. It works out great for DS, as he loves having a pillow. It rolls up wonderful. We got a second for travel/home since the other one resides at school.

Jacquelyn Pine Bush, NY

Lambs & Ivy Train Nap Mat

My son (18 months) LOVES this mat. He loves anything transportation though 🙂 But it is so cute hearing him say choo choo as he points to the train. I did give it 4 stars because the pillow filling is pretty cheap and I can see what the others mean about it going flat after they wash it. I haven’t washed mine yet and may avoid putting it in the dryer to try to make the pillow filling stay more fluffy and not get all balled up in the dryer. I could always buy more filling and make it fuller if needed.

Rosemary Collinsville, IL

Thin and not enuf padding

But it’s fair of the price. Since its thin, which makes it easy to pack and laundry.Ideal to use for daycare nap on a cot.

Ladonna Mavisdale, VA


My daughter loves her nap mat, and uses it a Mother’s Day Out. Love the cute monkey, and the attached blanket and pillow are soft.

Tracey West Creek, NJ

Cute but could be better

• Sweet Hello Kitty design – my daughter LOVES it
• Super soft blanketCons:
• It is not very long. My daughter is 2 and 34″ tall and I don’t think it will last more than 6 months before she outgrows it. Definitely designed for a young toddler or a smaller child.
• As other reviews have stated, it does ball up when you wash it. The balls of fabric will get all over your child and their clothes if you don’t remove them.
• Does not have a removable pillow like the Carter’s nap mats
• Padding is thin – would be uncomfortable to sleep in it on a hard surface like wood floors.We will continue to use it, as my daughter truly loves the Hello Kitty and stars/hearts design, but it is not a long term investment and I would not buy it again.Edit 7/27/12 – Had to give it one more star because my daughter simply loves this. When we transitioned her into her big girl bed, this was a great incentive for her to sleep in it on top of her mattress.

Enid Randolph, KS

My son loves this!

We bought this for my toddler for school. He LOVES the monkey. They quality is pretty good, but for the price I paid I think it’s fair. It did pill once it was washed and the Velcro isn’t as strong as I would like, but overall it was the price point I wanted. I do plan to buy a 2nd one.

Phyllis Batavia, IA

Check the measurements!

Let me say the good stuff first. This is really just a cute nap mat. I love that the pillow is attached and how easy it is to fold up and store. It’s as simple as rolling it and attaching the Velcro straps. It is also easy to wash and it retains it’s shape and doesn’t shed after washing. That being said, this thing is short! I got this when my daughter was 22 months and she is small for her age. Her feet are BARELY covered by the blanket. I don’t see how any child much older than 2 could use this. Also, the material used on the mat and pillow is extremely thin cotton. It will not last through tons of washing. The blanket is made of a kinda micro fleece which is still thin but adequate. It’s a shame that it has these flaws because my daughter adores it! I just wish it was a better quality.

Pat Alpine, UT

Love It, Makes Nap Time Fun

We got this for my middle daughters 2nd birthday. We put it on her bead for nap time and she loves it. Very soft top blanket and cuter in person. We have not washed it yet but I will update when we do.

Adriana Burbank, OH

Just too thin to be functional, but cute

Basically only useful if you’re going to have a sleep over on someone’s thick carpet. The padding of this mat is just not going to be comfortable, even for someone weighing in at 30 lbs.It is cute though

Margot Newtown, PA

Great for daycare!

My 2 year old daughter loves the cute pattern. The mat is padded on the bottom and has a soft fleece blanket on top that is long enough to keep her covered while she rolls around. It launders well and holds its shape. Easy to roll up for school.

Dessie Florence, KY

Leaves a lot to be desired….

It’s cute but very cheaply made. The bottom mat does has a tiny amount of filling…not enough to make any difference comfort wise. The blanket part is very soft, but the pillow has next to nothing for stuffing. When my two year lays his head on it his head is basically resting on the ground with some poofiness for appearance. It doesn’t appear comfortable at all. I also expected it to be a tad bigger…longer and wider…but it covers him for now. He’s tall for his age so if he keeps growing like he has it won’t be long til his toes poke out. Would not buy again.

Lea Aladdin, WY

gets weird

gets very weird after a little bit of use. but the design and the thought behind is great. machine wash does nothing

Deborah Dickens, NE

worth the work.

My niece loves hers, I dont dry it and wash it on the gentile cycle, and dry it on the clothes line. It hasnt bunched up and after a year its still in Great condition.

Deena Alexandria, MN

Does not wash well AT ALL.

When a child goes to daycare their blanket/mat must be washed weekly and this bag doesn’t wash well at all. The stuffing in the pillow mushes all up and has become very lumpy. In addition, the material is very worn and yucky. It is VERY cute but we’ve only been using it for about 3 months and I’ll be throwing it out soon. :(:(

Marietta White Hall, VA

Love It!

So cute, and the blanket part is soooo soft and snugly. Rolls up nicely and is super easy to wash and carry!

Earlene Saltillo, MS