Lambs & Ivy Pony Luxury Nap Mats, Pink

Lambs & Ivy Pony Luxury Nap Mats, Pink

A favorite with preschools, daycare, and anytime nap time. Cuddly soft extra padded mat with attached minky soft velour blanket. Character minky soft pillow can be used with the blanket and also taken as an extra buddy anywhere.

Main features

  • The mat and blanket measures 21″ x 44 ” The pillow measures 145″ x 95″
  • The blanket is made of 100% plush polyester; The mat and pillow fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, with 100% polyester fill
  • Care instructions: machine wash cold separately in gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low and iron on lowest setting as needed

Verified reviews


Giraffe Nap Mat

Oh my goodness, my 2-year-old loved this nap mat on sight, and truth be told, so did I. It’s so soft. It has a pillow that’s shaped like an adorable giraffe and doubles as a stuffed toy! The blanket is part of the mat. And the whole works fold/roll right up into a portable bundle. It even has velcro straps to hold it all wrapped up.I’ve almost gotten my daughter to curl up on this nap mat, rest her head on the giraffe, and pull the blanket over her. Almost. She won’t nap if there’s anybody around to entertain, and that includes me and the dog, so I haven’t actually seen her sleep in this nap mat, but she DID lie down for some quiet time, all curled up and covered up with this nap mat. That’s a step.I think any little kid would be delighted with this nap mat. And since I appreciate the value of a good nap, and I don’t give a diddle about entertaining people when I’m in a napping state of mind, Lambs & Ivy could make one of these in Big People size!

Brandi Ashton, SD

Super cute

We got this for my nine month old grandson. He doesn’t go to daycare but the mat looks really nice in his nursery. It’s soft and cuddly and my daughter keeps it handy draped over the rocker. It’s part of the room decor!

Mollie Marshall, CA

Non-standard use for an infant.

This was one of those things I almost regretted getting after ordering. I thought “does my kid really need a nap mat?” Especially considering that my daughter is still a baby. Well, I figured I’d keep it around for when she is toddling about.Fact is, this is a great little item now. Considering the fear of blankets on infants, this can be used as a pad when you no longer fear your infant suffocating, just placing baby atop the blanket.In consideration of other things… this does seem great for an older kid. I love the softeness of the product and just how compact this all rolls up. The little buddy is a cute addition as well.It might be a needless item, but it’s cute and serves many a purpose, especially for travel.

Wanda Tyner, NC

Soft sleeper mat perfect for your little one

My little one (lo) likes to sleep on the ground, especially at daycare. But that always made me uneasy since he would be sleeping in a common area and not his designated crib. So I was sure happy to have my lo try this out and I have to say its been fantastic. He naps on it just as well as the mattress my daycare had in the common area and since its his he doesn’t have to share which reduces the likeliness of getting sick (or germs). The feel is super-soft, plush, and downright cuddly for your lo.4/5 stars

Dorothy Sidon, MS


This is a cute little pad and blanket. It comes with the adorable little giraffe pillow as well. Super soft and warm. My only issue is that it balls up a little when washed and dried.

Lindsay Shelter Island Heights, NY

Soft, cuddly and cute!

Although my kids are grown now, we still have plenty of friends with little ones that we have over to our home. For this reason I like to have an assortment of children’s items in our home to bring out when they are over. First off this blanket is adorable! I love the Giraffe styling and it is appropriate for both boys and girls. The combo of a blanket, mat and pillow is a great idea and this one is very soft and cuddly. Our 3 year old nephew immediately took to it when a visit to our home ran a bit longer than his Dad expected. Overall I think this is the perfect item to have for visiting little ones or to give to your own little one.

Aisha Carrboro, NC

Really, really cute!

Adorable, and loved by a 2 year old girl! It isn’t the highest quality material in the world, but the feel of the fabric is fine, and it certainly meets the toddler’s approval. She doesn’t nap on it, but instead rolls her doll up inside and cuddles the package in her arms as she naps. It won’t last forever, but I don’t think that is the point. As long as she has it for now and she is so happy, that is sufficient to give it a 4 star rating.The giraffe is super cute, but so far is being pretty much ignored. I don’t think she even knows what a giraffe is! There are no giraffes on her talking toys and none on any of the tv shows she watches. We have tried showing her pictures in a book, but she looks and then runs to do something else. The animal could just as well been a crocodile or iguana, she doesn’t know those either. Cats, dogs, cows, horses, birds, butterflies, turtles, rabbits, etc. are her world of animals. There isn’t much point to this comment except to say the animal shape is more for the parents’ approval and buying decision than for the child’s.

Mable Liberty Hill, TX

Soft and Velvety

This little sleeper is very comforting and cozy for a little one. Boys and girls both will enjoy this for a little nap.The pattern and coloring will go with any decor. Beautiful beige and brown neutral colors.The stuffed giraffe makes a nice pillow and your child may love this so much, he may forgo his teddy bear, like mine did.Super soft, it makes a child feel snug. I think the price should be just a little lower, but other than that makes a very nice blanket.

Vonda Estcourt Station, ME

A perfect nap companion for little ones attending daycare

"Lambs & Ivy Giraffe Luxury Nap Mats" is a perfect nap companion for little ones attending daycare. The design is smart, the material is very soft and plush, it’s easy to clean, and is perfect size for those four and under. While it is a little pricey, it’s still totally worth considering if you are in the market. Highly recommended.

Gwen Columbus, GA

Super cute and soft

This is just adorable and so soft and cute! It will make for many snuggly naps for my son. I like the pillow attached to it.

Randi Ridgely, MD

cute, but not sure when to use

THis is basically a small, toddler size sleeping bag set, but it’s only attached on one size (rather than 2 or 3 like a sleeping bag). The pillow and blanket/mat roll up with velcro for easy carrying. As soon as my toddler sees it, she wants to lay down and snuggle in it, which is adorable. But I’m not sure exactly when we will “use” this, outside of sort of a novelty item. Could be a fun gift for a small child’s bday or something? It’s very soft and snuggly and very cute, just not sure when to use it – so if you already have a use in mind, go for it!

Elizabeth Haleiwa, HI

it’s okay…not so high quality

this is a nap mat that is one of the most expensive on Amazon. Still wanted to invest that money because the product description says high quality. It is made with a soft good quality but I wouldn’t say "high" quality to spend that much. I felt like it would be prone to making lots of statics and/or pick up dirts easily from the carpeted floor at school. I returned it.

Alexandra Mountlake Terrace, WA

Cute, Not so Luxurious

It IS everything it says it is in the description EXCEPT luxurious. It’s great for when little one’s come to visit. Most toddlers will love it for sleep and play and want to take it home with them. The parents NOT so much, the plush is just OK, a good candidate for pilling + it’s pricey. The quality and it’s survival rate beyond one child’s daily daycare is suspect.For the price, I expected breathe-able PLUMP fiber-filled pillow. Awakening sweaty-headed angels aren’t a heart-warming sight.The overall quality is just OK. The product finishing process can be improved by finishing the seams and trimming the threads well, especially for a children’s product. The whole kit-n-kaboodle isn’t my idea of “luxury”. I’ll update how it launders.This is a cute nice-to-have IF your budget can afford it. IF it can, that’s the only thing that makes this LUXURY. This might be more a gift or a doting grandparent item.

Madeleine Pendleton, SC

Soft and zzzzzz inducing!

The Lambs & Ivy Luxury Nap Mat is very soft and nap inducing! The pillow is attached to the mat so your lil’ one won’t be prone to pick it up and toss it at you… or just, you know, not move it around during naps. The blanky is warm and plushy. The set is a little on the pricey side but the materials feels luxurious and I suppose is worth the price point.The giraffe print is a nice touch. I feel like I can plop my lil’ guy in the savannah grasslands while he’s napping and he’d be safe and camoflaged. 🙂

Alta Lismore, MN

Not Exactly a Mat, More of a Blanket

I got this for my 18 month old daughter for when my mom babysits her. It’s cute and I love the giraffe print and it’s very soft fabric. I also like that it comes with an adorable giraffe pillow and the blanket is attached to the mat so it’s all in one; there are also straps on the back so you can roll it all up and take it on the go, so it’s great for travel.However, there are several downfalls to it. First of all, when I got this and it said it was a mat, I expected a thick mat almost like a changing pad, but this is NOT a mat. It’s basically a blanket – there’s no thickness to it to make sleeping on the floor comfortable. The “mat” part is only slightly thicker than the attached blanket. Also, the pillow is very flat and isn’t very comfortable. Finally, it says it can be used for children age 2-5, but the length of this would never fit a 4 or 5 year old. My daughter is 18 months and when she lays down on it, her feet almost reach the bottom already. I washed the giraffe pillow after my daughter spilled her drink on it and the material inside the pillow balled up and completely warped! So the pillow can’t be flattened out anymore. Very disappointing.I think this is a nice quality product and cute, but it seems to have more cons than pros and I don’t think it’s worth the expensive price tag.

Lacy Vowinckel, PA

Great blanket and pillow. Just the thing for nursery school

Our three year old was having trouble adjusting to a full-time nursery school. When we received this blanket and sent it in with her for naps she loved it. Very soft, looks great (even better than the picture), and has a cute pillow. Though the pillow is a bit small, she hugs it as a ‘friend’ and it helps soothe her. Adjustment problems? Done. Seems to be fairly sturdy, and I think it will make it through the year (and weekly washings). Overall, it looks like quality, feels good, and she loves it. Highly recommend.

Nita Watkins Glen, NY

So cute!! 20 month old loves it!!!

We got this for my daughters MDO program! She LOVES it! I’ve washed it a few times and its great 🙂

Margret Grahn, KY

Very nice mat cover

This cover is really pretty and soft. The pillow is plush and it fits the mat nicely. It is such a cute idea and so much nicer than just a plain sleep mat. great for daycare, preschool and K.

Lesley Senath, MO

Cute and cuddly

This is a very cute and well designed little set. It’s fluffy and thick, and has a velvet texture similar to some designer comforter sets we’ve seen. There’s a separate pillow that’s shaped (vaguely- with a rather short neck) like a giraffe and the rest is designed like a sleeping bag but with an open bottom and side. It’s suitable for a baby or toddler, appears well-made and durable, and has enough padding to be comfortable.There’s two velcro tabs on the back, and you can roll the whole thing up (pillow included) just like a sleeping bag. There’s even a carrying strap on the back, which makes it very convenient to travel with.Caveat emptor: I am not sure how safe this thing is for newborns and I also would hesitate to value it at $40. Never leave the kid unattended in it, as with any other blanket. It’s also really cute and nice, but they’re definitely making big bucks off it- you could get similar items for way less. Still, it’s so darn cute and well designed that it’s hard to pass up.P.S. current product description: The mat and blanket measures 21″ x 44 ” The pillow measures 145″ x 95″It’s wrong, if that wasn’t obvious. The pillow is indeed smaller than the blanket as you can tell from the pictures. Additionally, the mat is nowhere near 145″ (12 feet) wide. It’s toddler sized, about 3 ft square.

Sandy Congress, AZ