Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump

The Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump is a convenient, portable and discreet pump designed for occasional use at home or away. The unique ComfortSeal cushion creates a secure seal for more comfortable and efficient pumping. The ergonomic handle and lightweight compact design allow for easy one-handed use.Product FeaturesCompact size allows for discreet portabilitySimple to use and easy to cleanErgonomic handle allows for efficient one handed pumping without tiring for faster milk flow100% Bisphenol-A (BPA) freeProduct Details Contains one Manual Breast PumpProduct of JapanUnit Dimension: L 7.48 x W 3.54 x H 7.48

Main features

  • You control suction and speed for the most efficient milk flow
  • ComfortSeal cushion for gentle, comfortable pumping
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable, easy pumping
  • Fewer parts, easy to use, easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable, easy pumping; Includes samples of our #1 selling Breastmilk Storage Bag

Verified reviews


frustrating at times

Ladies: please know that it is always my personal policy to test every product I buy and give every one a chance to prove its worth before I review it. However, I have some disappointing information to share from my experience with the Lansinoh manual pump. I purchased the pump because it had excellent reviews. Needless to say, it has been less than satisfactory. Every time I clean it, I let it air dry (recommended in instructions) before I assemble it prior to use. Unfortunately, if there is even one tiny drop of water left in the silicone diaphragm when you put it together, then the pump/suction does not work properly. It’s very difficult to tell what is causing the seal to be compromised, but I generally have to take the pump apart and attempt to find every miniscule drop of moisture and remove it with a paper towel before I can get the pump to work properly. Imagine how annoying this is when you really need to pump (first thing in the morning for me) and you’re struggling to get your pump to function properly. You must also be careful with the small white valve. It is important for proper suction. Having said that, the pump does have one advantage; there is no annoying cord to deal with. I found that if you can get it to seal and pump properly, it actually does a fair job of extracting breast milk. It makes a nice travel companion as well. Now back to the cons: it is quiet for about five minutes, then it begins to make a squeaking noise. The noise doesn’t really bother me. I would completely over look it if the pump worked every time without me having to take it apart several times to inspect/correct the problem. It also has more parts than my Evenflo single electric pump. Finally, the easiest way for me to pump and produce 5-8 oz quickly is to pump one side while my baby is nursing on the other side. This pump makes that easy to do because you don’t have to deal with a cord

Bridgette Modest Town, VA

Little Suction

Lansinoh manual hand pump offers little suction. I tried it with and without the silicone insert, and there is little suction. A few times, I pumped nothing. However, if you are engorged with milk, this could prove to be useful (but so could expressing milk by hand). The manual pump is not useful for those with poor milk production. It does not compare to the $1800 hospital pumps.

Celia De Mossville, KY

Medela Harmony vs. Lansinoh Comparison

I struggled with which manual pump to purchase since both the Medela Harmony and Lansinoh pump have good reviews. I have an Ameda Purely Yours double electric that I use when I need to pump both sides and when I am at work, but I needed a good manual pump to have around. I first purchased the Lansinoh since it was less expensive. I used it for about two weeks at which point the Medela went on sale, so I purchased that one, too. I thought a comparison from someone who owns both may be helpful for those trying to decide which to buy.While the Lansinoh is a perfectly adequate pump, I prefer the Medela by far. I use the manual pump during middle of the night feedings when I am particularly full and my son only eats from one side. I pump the other side and freeze the milk to add to my freezer stash. Both pumps are quiet and express about the same amount of milk. However, the Medela is easier to use one-handed since the handle slopes down close to the flange and bottle. It has a let-down feature that helps get your milk flowing; the Lansinoh pump doesn’t have this. It’s more comfortable as the Lansinoh’s suction can make me a bit sore afterwards. The Medela’s handle swivels 360 degrees which is VERY helpful if you’re pumping one handed because you can hold the pump and bottle at different angles to get a comfortable position. The Lansinoh handle is bigger and stationary, so you have to hold it in a particular position which makes using it while nursing on the other side cumbersome.The big area in which the Medela wins is cleaning – it’s so much easier! The Lansinoh has to be completely taken apart and washed after each use. Otherwise, milk collects under the silicone diaphram on the top (the piece the handle attaches to). I once tried to get away with not cleaning it since it didn’t look like milk was collecting on it. I smelled something funky, took it apart, and found congealed milk – gross! So yes, it is collecting there even if you can’t see it. This diaphram also has several nooks and crannies that make cleaning and drying it annoying. With the Medela, you do not have to take it completely apart each time – only the flange, valve, and valve cover. You only have to clean the handle and diaphram if it looks visibly dirty.If you only use the pump occasionally, go with the Lansinoh. If you use the pump more frequently – in my case, every night – then the Medela is the clear winner. It’s more comfortable, easier to use one handed, and cleans much more easily. It has withstood nightly use for about two months now with no signs of wear and tear. The Lansinoh is still a decent product and I keep it in my car just in case I need it while on the go, but the Medela is better for a minimal increase in cost.

Vanessa Winthrop, WA


I used this pump with my middle child. I only needed it for occasional use, to have bottles if I would be away from him or in a place where it would not be convenient to nurse.It is fairly easy to take apart for cleaning, however it also leaks and the suction was not fantastic.

Cathryn Ideal, GA


I bought this product from Wal-Mart. It lost suction after only 1 month. Waste of $. Should have just paid more for a pump that will last.

Annie Newark, OH

The Best Pump Ever!!!

Like almost anything I purchase I did a lot of research before I decided to try this pump. I was very skeptical about purchasing a manual pump because a lot of lactation consultants refer to them as torture devices. I had used two different electric pumps with my son 3 years ago and wanted to make sure I got something that was going to work so I could continue to provide our daughter with breast milk. At first I was looking into the lansinoh electric pump but after reading all the rave reviews on this pump I decided to try it.I am soo glad I bought this pump. It works soo much better then the other pumps I have used. I know one reviewer found it “frustrating” cause she stated it wouldnt work with droplets of water in it…. However I have had to use this pump while it was still wet cause I was at work and fully engorged and the pump worked just the same wet. I have had no issues with this pump and thanks to this pump I have been able to exclusively breast feed my daughter for 3 months now. I use this pump every day and it takes just a few minutes to express a full bottle for my daughter.This pump will be a gift I give to every nursing mother. It is soo small and portable. I had a small cooler from one of the electric pumps I had and I am able to fit the pump, 2 bottles and a cool pack in it when I go to work. It has been a huge life saver and you cant beat the price!I love lansinoh products and will continue to use them and recommend them.

Elvia Verona, ND

gets the job done

This was the first and only breastpump that I have used for my 5 month old. I nurse him for the most part, but pump when I need to have a backup, like when we go out somewhere that I dont feel comfortable nursing.It is very gentle and does a good job of getting milk out fast. I like that it comes with a base to keep the bottle from toppling over and wasting precious milk. Also, it comes with a lot of extras like a replacement rubber valve, 2 bottles with screw tops that you can screw most standard nipples right on, also a few milk storage bags and directions for storing milk.The only negative thing I have to say is that the clear rubbery section at the top is so difficult to clean and get completely dry. I always feel like Im going to break something, si I end up just rinsing it best I can, but never feel like it is completely clean.

Helene Altona, IL

not a good pump

this pump hardly sucks and mold grew in the assembly, even in the dry climate of Colorado. Hand express works better than this. I will give mine away.

Jody Mount Holly Springs, PA

Got free breast milk storage bags

I didn’t know I would get complimentary breast milk storage bags…big plus! I haven’t started using the pump yet but I like it and will update this review once I start using it.

Patty Money, MS

Works ok (with much effort) but can’t stand the squeaking

The pump is light to carry around and pretty easy to wash (especially if you have one of those baby bottle brushes with the small nipple brush). It comes with an extra bottle, covers for the bottles so that they can be stored directly in the fridge/freezer, and a couple of freezer bags for the milk. The extra came in handly when the little plastic piece that clicks into the handle broke while I was trying to pull the handle off to wash. I guess you have to be really careful when you disassemble it. There’s also a replacement rubber piece in case the other one rips, which I haven’t had a problem with. The bottles hold 6.5 oz, so I never fill it up completely since the baby only takes 2-3 oz per feeding. While it might have been convenient to stick with the Lansinoh system and just use the bottle directly with the nipple, the reviews on it weren’t all favorable so I didn’t stick with the Lansinoh system. I just wanted this pump because of the high ratings.It has worked ok for me pumping occasionally (when I get engorged). To be most effective for me, the pump needs to be used in conjunction with manual expression (squeezing the breast while pumping with the other hand) or having the baby nursing on the other side. Hardly anything comes out if I just use the pump alone. You want to make sure you squeeze out all the lumps so you don’t get mastitis. Of course, both these two methods have their disadvangages: the skin of my breast getting all red from being rubbed or trying to juggle baby and pump (especially when the baby pulls off unexpectedly and milk going everywhere). Unfortunately, it started squeaking like crazy after 4 months of use. My baby is a light sleeper, and it frustrates me how loudly the sound is. Sometimes I put a heavy blanket over it to muffle the sound, but that makes it hard to see what you’re doing.If I had to do it again, I would get another brand of manual pump. Hopefully they don’t all squeak!

Francis Walled Lake, MI

So far, so good

I purchased this for emergencies and for long trips in the car. I love it so far. It doesn’t hurt. It’s easy to use and effective. It comes with extra parts. It’s easy to clean and affordable. Time will tell when it comes to durability, but I would highly recommend this product. The only thing is that this may not be good for women with large breasts since it’s a one size fits all design.

Edwina Portageville, MO

Finally found a pump that worked!

I tried the medela automatic pump and couldn’t get it to pump for me so I decided to try this manual pump. Finally, I was able to pump! I really like this one and it’s very easy to put together, take apart and clean. There really isn’t anything I’m not happy with in this pump. I’d definitely recommend it.

Melisa Plainville, NY


i purchased this pump and for me it was very uncomfortable (my nipples are too big i guess?)i ended up throwing it away and kept the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump which came with two sizes and i could pump with one hand and feed my daughter on the other side at the same time

Debora Sylmar, CA

Lansinoh, Medela Harmony and Avent Pumps Compared

Through a series of unfortunate events, I’ve come to own six different manual breast pumps and two electric ones. My manuals include the Lansinoh, the Medela Harmony and two generations of Avent pumps. This is how they compare (from worst to best):(1)Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump. I own the Freestyle, so I thought that I would like the Medela brand manual. Not so. The valve system on this pump is a thin flip attached to hard plastic. It simply does not generate as much suction as the sturdier Lansinoh and Avent valves, and therefore it does not trigger let down as well or get as much milk. If this is the only pump you have, you might not realize it, because you will still get some milk, but when I compared it to my Avent, it was taking about five minutes longer and getting an ounce less per breast. I liked that you could switch out the breast cup to accommodate different nipple sizes, and assembly was slightly easier, but it does not have the “massage cushion” which makes it a little less comfortable. Of course, the lack of cushion also means that milk can’t get stuck in the cushion and leak like the other three pumps, so it’s good and bad. But the bottom line is that I have supply problems, so I just couldn’t settle for a pump that generated less milk. It’s in the garbage now.(2)Avent Isis Manual Breast Pump(aka the Older Model Avent). These pumps are comfortable to use and generate a lot of milk, but the valve system is a small dime sized piece of plastic that pops out while pumping and easily gets lost. Fortunately, you can now buy replacement valves that are inch long pieces of sturdy, flexible plastic. Those are a must for Avent users.Philips AVENT Comfort Breast Pump Valves. Also, even though I like this pump, it is annoying that it collects milk in the cushion and drips out easily. It shares this problem with the newer Comfort Avent, and the Lansinoh, but not the Medela, which does not have cushion.(3)Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump, 1-Count. This pump is cheaper than the Avent, and uses the same type of valve, so unlike the Medela, it is almost as effective as the Avent at getting milk. It also takes standard size bottles, including Medela, Even-flo, etc, which is an advantage if you don’t already use Avent bottles. Still, I prefer the Avent for two reasons: first, the massage cushion on the Avent has “petal” air pockets that I like, and second, the Lansinoh takes much more effort to pump. My hand gets tired within five or ten minutes of using this pump, which is not a problem I’ve had with either the Medela or Avent pumps. I think it is because the diaphragm on the Lansinoh is much thicker. So, well, I can see certain advantages to this Lansinoh (cost, bottles), it’s not my favorite.(4)Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump(aka the Newer Model Avent). These pumps are the best. The most comfortable to use, the short neck can be placed right next to the breast. They also get the most milk without making my hand tired. The only disadvantages are that they are somewhat harder to assemble than the Medela and can’t accommodate different nipple sizes, cost more than the Lansinoh and require special Avent shaped bottles (usually included). Still, the assembly difference is small, and I can learn to control milk dripping from the cushion. Comfort and milk matter most to me, so I enjoy this pump the most. If, heaven forbid, I need a seventh breast pump, I will buy another one of these.

Glenda Jefferson Valley, NY

My favorite manual pump.

Its quality is average, and comparable to similar manual pumps in usability and price.It’s easy to clean (be gentle with the small white rubber piece inside, however) and easy to assemble.The suction is incredible once you get it started, and it pumps milk a little faster than my experience with the Madela manual pumps (which are the most similar pumps to this one).It’s great for pumping a couple ounces at a time to freeze (don’t use freezable storage bags), or for pumping as much as you can at a time.If you’re in the market for a manual pump, I’d recommend this one. I’ll buy another if ever the need.Just keep in mind that they’re plastic, and you shouldn’t expect them to last for more than a few months of regular use before they begin to wear out – and this goes for pretty much all manual pumps.

Shari Criders, VA

Use it more than the double electric

I have been using the Lansinoh double electric pump since my now 5 month old baby was born, and bought this as I was going to be flying over Christmas. I needed to be able to pump on the plane if necessary, and at my destination where the power outlets are different to the US. This pump works really well and is pleasantly silent. The beeping of the double electric gets annoying and is not good for quiet middle-of-the-night pumping. This manual pump is also easy to use and to clean, and gets the milk out fairly quickly! I can pump 3oz from one breast in about 10 minutes. The only downside is that the flange is kind of narrow so if you have large nipples it might be uncomfortable. (You could visit your local lactation services and get fitted for a larger flange.)

Noelle Boring, OR

Terrible Pump

I bought this pump because of the high reviews, but this was disappointing. It was very uncomfortable and I could barely pump 2oz. It took 15 minutes of pumping for a little less than 2oz!! It was not worth it for me. My son is exclusively breastfed and at 10 weeks I have an established milk supply. Waste of money for me.

Erin Fredonia, ND

good one

I have to return it because I need to pump breast milk more than 8 times one day, so I bought a electric one. Even though I returned it finally, It’s still good breast pump.

Carey Ozone, AR

Great for travel

I bought this for travel because I didn’t want to take my electric pump everywhere. This pump works as well as my electric medela pump. It’s a little hard to clean because there are a lot of parts.

Christie Empire, LA

Great pump!

Really great pump. I researched various breast pumps for months and finally decided that this is what we needed. I breastfeed 99% of the time so I only occasionally pump. Mainly purchased this to mix breast milk into his food and have a bottle just in case something happened that I wasn’t able to be there to feed him.Previous reviews I read said theirs squeaked, but mine never has. Also is really easy to take apart, clean and reassemble. Very comfortable and easy to use. People say their hands never hurt, which is mostly true, but after awhile my hand would get tired, however it wasn’t that bad.

Betsy Dema, KY

Mommy loves it!

My wife has been complaining that pumping has somewhat become painful because the flanges leave a mark after a 45-minute session. This set, however, eased some of that pain because it comes with a soft silicone shield. She prefers this over the Medela manual pump.

Yvonne Aberdeen, WA

I prefer the Medela Harmony

This pump doesn’t work well compared to the other one I have tried (Medela Harmony). The shield is small and doesn’t work well on breasts that have just gotten milk in! The handle lever is also strange and really big. It doesn’t give good suction. Went back to my Medela Harmony manual pump.

Vanessa Troy Grove, IL

Perfect for the money

I am not breastfeeding full time, and just needed something to help ensure I have an adequate supply on hand for my son for feedings at night, or when my husband feeds him. I did not want to spend a small fortune and so opted to try this one out. It’s perfect! The price was definitely right, and it’s super easy to use, super easy to clean, and the pump strength seems to be very good. I am really happy with the flexibility this pump offers, and found it to be an excellent value for the price.

Priscilla Clay Center, NE

Easy and fast but slightly painful

I bought this for on-the-go pumping and any pumping I might need to do in the evening at home, so I don’t have to tote my big double electric pump home from work every night. It’s easy to put together, fast to get out (unlike the electric!), and easy to operate and clean. Downsides are that it only does one side at a time (unless you buy two and can operate them simultaneously, I guess), my hand got a bit tired, and for some reason it hurt my nipple, where the electric doesn’t. The suction must be stronger. All in all, though, for the price, it’s worth it for times when I don’t want to or it’s not practical to carry around the electric pump.

Hope Schuylkill Haven, PA


I did not have much milk so brought this and it was good and solved the purpose.Good that i did not invest much on electric pumps

Isabelle Deering, AK

used daily for past 7m, painless, efficient, awesome

i am first time mom, and researched opinions on pumps on net. i decided not to invest small fortune in electric pumps, and give this a try first. am i glad i did!!! this little device is fantastic. gets job done. it is painless, efficient, convenient, easy to clean and no need to sit in cold kitchen to pump in middle of the night. i can do it in bed without waking anyone…i even took it to our long car ride and could pump. this is my new breast friend.

Keisha Monroe, NC

Love it! Better than my Medela Harmony!

I had a hard time letting down to the Medela Harmony. This one is no problem! The only thing is after lots of use (I use it exclusively though, 5-6 times a day) it does hurt your hand , but anything does after that much use. I was so stuck on Medela brand because everyone said it was great and I’m glad for everyone’s reviews otherwise I wouldn’t have given anything else a try. I get so much more milk from this one!

Ann Hiko, NV

Extremely impressed with this pump

I am so excited about this pump. I bought it because I have to travel for work while nursing and I do not want to lug my Playtex Double Embrace pump. I just used it for the first time tonight and I am GLEEFUL. It works surprisingly well. The silicone comfort seal is pliable and very comfortable. I hardly felt any tugging of my nipple but the bottle was filling up! It’s lightweight and easy to wash and put together. I am so pleased with this purchase. A quality product from Lansinoh.

Eunice Prairie Grove, AR

Served its purpose

This manual pump is good. It has good suction and works well. Comes with spare parts. Only complaint is that for some reason it developed an annoying squeak.

Deann Eldorado, IL

In my opinion, better than an electric pump

I love this pump even more than the electric pumps! It is easy to assemble and use. I am able to express 3-4 ounces of milk from one breast in less than 10 minutes. The grip is comfortable and doesn’t overly tire out my hand.

Colleen Mc Kinney, TX