Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 5 Ounce, 3 Count, BPA Free and BPS Free

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 5 Ounce, 3 Count, BPA Free and BPS Free

Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple Designed specifically for breastfeeding babies, the Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple is the perfect bottle for when you are apart from your baby. Based on more than 50 years of research, the NaturalWave Nipple enables baby to engage in the same natural sucking actions learned at the breast allowing for a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh truly understands the challenges facing nursing moms today. That’s why we create best-in-class products and offer a variety of support solutions to help you and baby along the way. Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple Encourages natural oral development Enables baby to use feeding actions learned at the breast Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit Clinically proven to reduce nipple preference in established breastfed babies NaturalWave Nipple is 100 % silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optimal compression BPA Free

Main features

  • Fewer parts, making it easy to assemble and clean
  • Protective cover for leak-free, hygienic coverage
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic or spit up
  • BPA Free; 100% silicone nipple is super soft, flexible and long lasting

Verified reviews


Like other reviews I’ve read…the only bottle my baby will take!!

My exclusively breastfed baby had a hard time with bottles. The nipples on most bottles (Tommee Tippee, Comotomo, and a few others) were just too big and he had a hard time "latching on" and milk would leak out of his mouth everywhere. The shape of this nipple is perfect and allows them to latch on just like they would the breast. My 4 1/2 month old has been using these since he started going to a sitter around 3 months. He is able to go back and forth between these bottles and the breast with no problem. I use the slow flow nipple with no problems (although it’s not the slowest flow nipple out there), and will continue since the flow is more similar to the breast. I have 4 of the original design (green lid) and 9 of the new design (purple ones) and these are much better. Milk no longer gets stuck under the rim with the new design, the lids go on/off easier, and the marking are very clear on the sides. The only thing you have to watch for is to make sure when you put the nipple in the ring is to make sure the nipple seal completely on the underside of the rim – otherwise it will leak. I forgot one time and it leaked. But otherwise they are perfect bottles. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 🙂

Maribel Marion, NY

Best Bottle for Breastfed Baby!

If you are having trouble getting your little one to take a bottle, please try this one!We tried for a couple months, with every nipple/bottle you can imagine to get my daughter to take a bottle. Everyone said ”she’ll eat when she gets hungry enough”, but she didn’t. I had returned to work, which was stressful enough, but had the added worry of her not eating while I was away. I spent my first 3 weeks back working shorter days or working from home because she wouldn’t take the bottle – any bottle! We tried no less than 29 nipple/bottle combinations with no success.During my third week back, I was searching the internet for tips of helping her take the bottle and saw this bottle mentioned. I didn’t think it was available in the local stores because I’d already purchased every one I could find. Sure enough though, I was able to find it on the pump aisle (instead of the bottle aisle). I bought one bottle and sent it to daycare. She took 2.5 oz! The most she’d ever taken by far. I went back that night and bought 6 more bottles figuring since I did that, it would probably be a fluke and she’d never take it again. Luckily, she continued taking this bottle!Since then, two other friends had trouble with their babies taking the bottle and I recommend this one. Both babies took it right away! So, if you are struggling like I was, please give this one a try.

Carolyn Platina, CA

Only bottles LO would take

This was the first bottle we tried, and ultimately the only bottle our daughter would take. However, when we introduced the bottle at 6 weeks, she was not ready for the bottle and barely was able to drink any milk from this, or any of the other 4 kinds we tried. Eventually (5 weeks later!), with daily practice, she was able to drink from the Lansinoh bottles without any issues. My caregiver prefers this bottle shape to the round Lansinoh bottle, since it is easier to create a constant milk flow. The nipple flow of this bottle works well for our daughter, now 14 weeks, and is not too fast as others have mentioned. However, I have a VERY overactive let-down, so I think this nipple is actually slower than the breast during let-down. These bottles are also easy to clean and to read the oz markings.

Winifred Malone, NY

Perfect for baby

I have a Lansinoh pump so it’s really convenient that I can pump, store and feed all from one bottle without having three different bottles and things to clean. Our newborn took to this bottle really well! We tried about 4-5 different bottles with her since I don’t nurse and exclusively pump for her. I just stocked up again and really glad she likes the because they are super easy to clean with the wide neck and dry quickly.

Lucile Courtland, MN

Good for the breastfed baby

My twins are exclusively breastfed and HATE bottles. We tried every type of bottle with breastmilk- only the mOmma bottle works. The nipple is so soft, and the bottle shape makes it easy for both parents and baby to hold. Great bottle!

Chasity Driftwood, TX