Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 8 Ounce, 3 Count, BPA Free and BPS Free

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 8 Ounce, 3 Count, BPA Free and BPS Free

Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 3 Count Designed specifically for breastfeeding babies, the Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple is the perfect bottle for when you are apart from your baby. Based on more than 50 years of research, the NaturalWave Nipple enables baby to engage in the same natural sucking actions learned at the breast allowing for a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh truly understands the challenges facing nursing moms today. That’s why we create best-in-class products and offer a variety of support solutions to help you and baby along the way. Lansinoh mOmma Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple Encourages natural oral development Enables baby to use feeding actions learned at the breast Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of gas, a potential cause of colic or spit up Clinically proven to reduce nipple preference in established breastfed babies NaturalWave Nipple is 100 % silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optimal compression BPA Free

Main features

  • Slow, medium and fast flow NaturalWave nipples are interchangeable with mOmma feeding bottles
  • Fewer parts, making it easy to assemble and clean
  • Protective cover for leak-free, hygienic coverage
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic or spit up
  • BPA Free; 100% silicone nipple is super soft, flexible and long lasting

Verified reviews



I love this bottle my baby is EBF, when I returned to work after three months, my baby had no problems drinking breast milk from this bottle. I also like the fact that they are very reasonably priced and the bottle is bigger than the other round Lansinoh mOmma bottle. The markings/numbers on this bottle are easy to read and the bottle is easy to clean. What more can I say? Just get the bottle

Janette Princeton, WV

Great for younger babies

Great product for younger babies, but my 11 month old started pushing the top of the nipple in which makes it leak all over.

Michelle Osceola, NE

love the nipple

This works perfectly as the next size up for my 5 month old. He prefers these nipples over the Advent ones

Dora Sullivans Island, SC

love them!

mOmma was the only brand of bottle my breast fed baby would take for the first several months of he life, and trust me, I tried them all. The ones she would drink from, she’d drip a bunch of milk out of the corner of her mouth with wasted my breast milk. The only issue I had was the shape made them hard to fit into cup holders and hard for her to hold on to. I was so happy to see they’d changed the shape of the bottle, and now I love the bottles as much as she does. She’s now 7 months and can take other bottles, but we still prefer mOmma.

Vera Thelma, KY

Exactly what everyone, who purchased the old version, was asking for

We previously used this flawed bottle from the same company:Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle, 5 OunceIt had a really awesome nipple but the bottle design was really just for aesthetics and it made it hard to feed the baby and not waste any breast milk or formula. While this new design doesn’t look as nice, it fixes almost all of the flaws. This is a great bottle.

Tommie Stoney Fork, KY

Our baby LOVES these!

We tried multiple bottles and with each one our son would ‘leak’ and not be able to latch on properly. When he would latch on he would end up closing some of the nipples with the suction he produced. NOT with the NaturalWave nipples that are on these bottles. The nipples have a softer material at the times but it gets firmer as you get to the base. The bottles are easy to clean and you can put the cover on it and shake it without taking a bath in the formula that leaks our of some bottles. When our niece had her baby recently, we bought her some of these as well.

Daisy Ophir, CO