Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 8 Ounce, BPA Free and BPS Free

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle with NaturalWave Nipple, 8 Ounce, BPA Free and BPS Free

The Lansinoh mOmma feeding bottle is designed especially for breastfeeding mothers who occasionally have to be apart from their baby and want to resume nursing when they’re back together. Based on more than 50 years of research, the NaturalWave nipple enables baby to engage in the same natural sucking actions learned at the breast, meaning a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again. In addition to enabling your baby to use natural feeding actions, it also encourages natural oral development. The bottle has a wide-neck that is compatible with the Lansinoh signature pro double electric breast pump and the Lansinoh manual pump, so mom can pump directly into bottles for an easy pump-store-feed option.

Main features

  • Slow, medium and fast flow NaturalWave nipples are interchangeable with mOmma feeding bottles
  • Fewer parts, making it easy to assemble and clean
  • Protective cover for leak-free, hygienic coverage
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of air, a potential cause of colic or spit up
  • BPA Free; 100% silicone nipple is super soft, flexible and long lasting

Verified reviews


Thoughtful Design

This nicely designed bottle is a boon to moms and babies who breast and bottle feed. The bottle is comfortable to hold and the wider neck makes it convenient to use with most pumps. The silicone nipple is flexible, soft with some texture. It isn’t complicated to assemble and is easy to clean. It is BPA free. Additional interchangeable nipples with fast, medium and slow flow are available for purchase. Money saving coupons can be found at the manufacturer’s website. All in all, a good product that allows flexibility for the breast feeding mom.

Anne Macon, NC

Nice product

Got this bottle to use for when the grand kids come to visit. They seem to be designed very well and I can’t find anything I don’t like about it.

Mina Mead, OK

Exactly what everyone was asking for

We previously used this flawed bottle from the same company:Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle, 5 OunceIt had a really awesome nipple but the bottle design was really just for aesthetics and it made it hard to feed the baby and not waste any breast milk or formula. While this new design doesn’t look as nice, it fixes almost all of the flaws. This is a great bottle.UPDATE: This bottle introduces a new flaw not found in the older, round design. Somehow our baby now ingests more air with this bottle. The quest for the perfect bottle goes on.

Ashlee Jamestown, NC

Bottle works fine for our occasional use…

First off I want to be clear that we are not using bottles on a regular basis. I primarily nurse my daughter and only have to have a bottle available for the those times I am not present. The bottle search is a frustrating one and every baby is different in their likes and dislikes so it is mainly trial and error. We have had success with this bottle so far as my daughter likes it and it is easy to clean. We did not have immediate success like this with Avent and of course we were given several Avent bottles. I would consider purchasing more of this particular Lansinoh brand with the NaturalWave Nipple. Just be sure you select this particular one and not the other older version.

Brigitte Hudson, OH

Great upgrade from their old bottle style.

I’m very happy Lansinoh came out with this bottle design. I love their nipples, but wasn’t a fan of the round bottle. This one is easy to hold and has easy to read measurements.

Marla Long Branch, NJ

baby approved

Pros: The nipple is a lot more comfortable than the typical bottle nipples, the bottle is BPA-free (a must!), the grip on the bottle is more comfortable than average.Cons: None observed yet. After 30 days of use, I have not experienced the lack of durability that others are reporting.

Molly Nebraska City, NE

Another great new bottle to stick with.

A few months ago we got to try out the Munchkin Latch bottles, and I praised them with setting the standard for what bottles should be. If you haven’t had your baby try one out yet, I highly recommend you do. This Lansinoh bottle is nearly equal to the Munchkin in every way, just a little smaller.Seeing as how the baby that’s been using it can’t type or write, I can’t get her to tell you about why this is a good product. However, I can tell you that she’s never had any problems when drinking from this bottle, whether it’s milk or juice or water. She took to the bottle instantly, as if it were the real thing, and never refused to drink from it. In fact, she plays with it and pinches it just like she does when getting her milk directly from the source. That’s a good sign. No tummy aches either after multiple uses.I can’t say much else for this bottle, given that I don’t use it, and I’m not about to try out a baby’s bottle for myself to determine the score to give. It’s a quality product, works wonderfully and has a nice soft rubber nipple that feels different from a few others we’ve used. I say get a couple of Munchkins and a couple of these and you’re set until it’s time to move on.

Evelyn Sargent, GA

Baby loves it

For this type of product, who’s to argue if the baby loves it? :pAnyway, no quality or usage issues so far and our baby loves it. I love this modern age and the thought that ergonomics might be a good thing. Making products resemble the thing they are replacing, it’s quite novel don’t you think! Of course I hope it’s the way of the world. 🙂

Emilie Glencoe, CA

An OK Bottle but I Still Prefer Advent

This is a decent bottle. The nipple does resemble a nipple which makes it more comfortable for feeding, and it has an indent in the bottle which allows it to be less bulky and easier for an older baby to hold independently. My one big negative I found with the bottle was the way the nipple sits in the plastic ring. An older baby could easily pull the nipple straight out of the plastic ring and dump his/her milk everyone. I prefer the designs like advent uses, which force the user to push the nipple backwards though the plastic ring to remove the nipple.

Nan Zionhill, PA

we like it so far…

When my son was a baby, he was exclusively breastfed and we had a really hard time getting him to take a bottle. Eventually we just kind of gave up on a bottle. I always wished that we had tried a bottle that mimics the mother’s breast, but we never did. When I got the opportunity to order this bottle, I couldn’t pass it up. We plan to really try this bottle with our next baby.I already really like the look and feel of the bottle. I can already tell that the nipple is different than others that we tried in the past and I’m hopeful that it will not closely replicate breastfeeding…as we plan to primarily breastfeed our next baby.

Barbra Northfield Falls, VT

Thrilled with the quality

When I showed this my wife, her eyes lit up with excitement. We’re both pretty thrilled with the quality of this bottle. If you’re expecting, do yourself a favor and add this set to your baby registry, wish list, etc.I really haven’t heard a lot about Lansinoh, but I can see they make quality products. Honestly, I’ve never seen bottles like this before with nipples that mimic a breast. BPA free, easy to clean, and easy to hold in my hand. We plan to bring it everywhere we go.

Carol Warnock, OH

Fuss free bottle

It took a while for me to write this review because I wanted to try this bottle against a couple of others. i primarily breast fed my baby until about 3 months when I had to return to work. About 3 weeks before my return to work I started looking into bottles to feed my baby to help him adjust to bottle feeding at day care. I tried a few, but my favorites were the tommee tipped and lansinoh momma bottles. Months later, our favorite hands down is the Lansinoh mOmma. This nipple and bottle is a completely different shape than the tommee tipped closer to nature, and although my son now does fine on both, the transition was easier on this one.This bottle is easy to clean, as well as the nipple. The cap has a flat surface, so you can sit it on its side without it rolling away. The cap closes down on the nipple so if the bottle still has liquid, it won’t leak from the nipple into the cap. The base on the nipple has some texture, which I guess we both like. The nipple doesn’t collapse either. You just have to make sure you read the directions and put the nipple through the ring through the top, not pull it through the ring. I used to have concern about nipple confusion, but I honestly don’t think he would have had issues with it at all. I will stay that I still nurse or use this bottle to feed my son breastmilk, whichever makes sense based on the situation.

Brigitte Roduco, NC

Only bottle LO would take

This was the first bottle we tried, and ultimately the only bottle our daughter would take. However, when we introduced the bottle at 6 weeks, she was not ready for the bottle and barely was able to drink any milk from this, or any of the other 4 kinds we tried. Eventually (5 weeks later!), with daily practice, she was able to drink from the Lansinoh bottles without any issues. My caregiver prefers this bottle shape to the round Lansinoh bottle, since it is easier to create a constant milk flow. The nipple flow of this bottle works well for our daughter, now 14 weeks, and is not too fast as others have mentioned. However, I have a VERY overactive let-down, so I think this nipple is actually slower than the breast during let-down. These bottles are also easy to clean and to read the oz markings.Please note that I wrote the same review for the 3 pack of bottles, since I’ve bought both the single and 3 packs.

Dorthy Frederick, SD

5 oz

I find this bottle very frustrating. Whenever I am trying to assemble it and I pull the nipple into the ring, I inevitably pull the nipple clean through the ring and have to try again. Because of the way it’s made, you cannot just pull the nipple into place. You have to carefully pull it in and around. This may seem like a non-problem, but when you are trying to fix the bottle and baby is crying, this is a frustration.While there is nothing “wrong” with this bottle, I find that of the styles I use, this is not one that I am prone to reach for.

Nettie Shreve, OH

I like it!

I think this is a great bottle, and the nipple appears to be "breastfed baby friendly". I offered it to my older baby (who is still breastfed, but has trouble with cups) and he used it with no complaints. We typically use the Avent bottles, but I feel this would also be a great option as well. It is also easy to clean and doesn’t have a million parts like some bottles on the market (drives me nuts!). As a mom to 4 (soon to be 5), I try to keep things simple and this is just that.

Noemi Thousandsticks, KY

Reviewing bottles…

As we are on our 4th child now… I’ve surprisingly achieved an education on baby bottles that I didn’t expect to have. Before this bottle, I’d have to say that the Advent bottles were my favorite. I was really tired of trying to effectively clean a bottle using a bottle brush and the full dissembly of the advents were very nice. But there’s more to a bottle than how easy it is for ME to clean — but how well the baby can drink from it. And he does very well with the naturalwave nipple… which is really what counts. The assembly and disassembly has its own bent and you get used to the getting the nipple locked into place.The only downside compared to the advent is needing to use a bottle brush again… but I’m OK with that. We will get more of these

Jenny Wolf Creek, MT


When I look at the various types of baby bottles in my house, it’s obvious that I have no brand loyalty. The first bottle one uses successfully represents a major breakthrough though because of the issue of latching. The nipple on this bottle is well-desiged for latching as it’s flexible in the right ways. The bottle is also designed to reduce air to the baby’s stomach.

Mamie Gallaway, TN

Excellent bottle….

This is a great bottle. My son who was being picky with his bottles didn’t like anything we gave him until this one. It is a great shape and easy to hold. It is also very easy to clean. I hated other bottles that were very time consuming to just get washed. This one is very simple. My son loves it and he doesn’t burp sometimes since he is not filled with air in his tummy.

Teresa Salisbury, NH

we like it, but not our first choice

We are trying out different kinds of bottles for my grandson to transition when mom goes back to work. This is one that we have tried. This bottle is similar enough to the others that I don’t think there would be a difference. The difference is in the nipple and the colic valve.This nipple is a little smaller around the base and the colic valve is a small air valve made into the base of the nipple. The silicone nipple feels soft and pliable. However, this is not my grandson’s favorite bottle. I believe it is the smaller base of the nipple. He seems to like the nipples with a wide base is an okay nursing bottle, we like it, but it would not be our first choice.

Florine Muskego, WI

Standard bottle

I love everything Lanisinoh. All of our pumping/bottling/feeding needs are solved by Lansinoh.I got this bottle because I thought it connected to the breast pump for easier pumping and storage, but it does not. Without this feature it is simply a regular bottle: Easy to clean, fill,assemble and store. Recommended.

Tamara Ammon, VA

Versatile baby bottle with 3 in 1 function.

Baby bottles are a must when mommy is not there to breastfeed or when traveling to visit family and friends. We like this bottle’s multiple functions of being used to work with the Lasinoh breast pump, milk storage, and feed the baby. The nipple is nicely designed with a air vent system to prevent colic and regurgitation, soft and pliable with a retentive surface for our baby to latch on. Our baby fed without effort with these bottles. The only slight concern was the need to buy different nipples for different flow rates. Overall: an easy to hold, use, clean/sterilize, and BPA free baby bottle which closely duplicates natural breastfeeding movements.

Roseann Phippsburg, ME

Finally, found the perfect bottle for our son!

As parents of two little ones, I’d like to say we are experts in appreciating different baby bottle designs and what works best for baby. Here’s our criteria for a baby bottle and why the purple/redesigned Lansinoh mOmma natural wave bottle is 5 stars for us.Our Baby Bottle Criteria:====================First and foremost,BABY MUST LIKE IT!———————————Munchkin Latch Bottle:Fails here because the nipple easily collapses. Just a very slight pressure with your finger and the nipple collapses. Now, imagine a moving baby with a slurping motion and this nipple collapses too easily.Avent Classic Bottle:We have a dozen of these from our firstborn. Unfortunately, our son just won’t take these. We tried all of the nipple sizes from NB to level 3, he just won’t take it. We had learned long ago to just get 1 bottle of each type, because different babies like different bottles, no rhyme or reason. Our daughter loved these.Avent Natural Flow bottle/nipple:He will actually finish a full bottle with this, but the bib and burp cloth will be drenched. The wider/flat design means he just drools and drools. Maybe good for others, but not for him.Dr. Brown:He was colic-y at first and this is the only bottle he would take without drooling. He loves them, we the parents despise them because of the cleaning – 6 parts to clean. But baby first and we endured this for 6-7 months until we discovered the Lansinoh mOmma
• Natural Wave
• bottles.Lansinoh mOmma
• Natural Wave
• bottle:I put asterisks around Natural Wave because Lansinoh has an older "Lansinoh mOmma" that is round in shape (and has orange coloring). The Lansinoh mOmma natural wave bottles look like regular bottles and are purple in coloring. So make sure you are reading about the right mOmma type!This is the only bottle in addition to the Dr. Brown that he would take. No drooling (we don’t even need a bib or burp cloth), he finishes everything and most of all, it is so easy to clean! (just 4 parts more on that later)After baby approves, the next criteria is:HOW EASY IS IT TO CLEAN?==========================Munchkin Latch Bottle:This is pretty terrible, probably 1-star for cleaning along with Dr. Brown. The nipple is an accordion design on the bottom that is supposed to allow for easy movement (and probably why it collapses so easy under suction). Well, can you imagine trying to clean in between the grooves of an accordion? What a pain. Then, it has this blue-vent piece at the bottom of the bottle that you have to pop out and has small crevices that you can’t really fit any bottle brush into, not even the Munchkin baby bottle brush set – hah! Furthermore, having this "hole" at the bottom is terrible if you soak your bottles with water because you always have to have the blue-vent piece in there.Avent Classic:Probably a 2 for cleaning because it has 5 parts. It has this blue ring that is annoying to clean. We put up with it for 2 years until we switch our daughter to cow milk.Avent Natural Flow:Probably a 4 for cleaning because it has 4 parts. The middle nipple-holder piece is designed just-so that it really tears up the sponges in your bottle brush.Dr. Brown:All parents despise cleaning them, yet baby-first and this is the bottle we used for 6-7 months until we discovered the new Lansinoh mOmma redesign. If I could give negative stars for cleaning a Dr. Brown bottle I would. All of the small intricate parts are a pain to clean, ask anyone, bleh.Lansinoh mOmma
• Natural Wave
• purple bottle:We love it, 5-stars for cleaning. 4 simple parts that is compatible with our bottle brush, nice wide design, easy to assemble, super easy to clean.OVERALL DESIGN THOUGHTS:===========================Munchkin Latch Bottle:Terrible. The lid completely covers the middle-nipple-holder part. This means after you have warmed up the bottle with hot water, you spin and spin the lid because there’s no other surface to grab and it’s slippery because it is wet. If you have soapy hands and are trying to unscrew the top, it will spin and spin, too. All of the other bottles, the lid rests-on or at least is designed such that you can easily grip and separate the cap/lid. Terrible to transport, must use a sealing disc, else it leaks.Avent Classic:Has a flat top. Easy to put down the cap/lid and won’t roll away while adding formula, etc. Easy to grip, just don’t like the extra "ring" that must be cleaned. Used this for 2 years with our first one. Smallest size is 4 ounces or 125 ML – this was too little and the 9 ounce was a big leap. 5 ounces would have been perfect for a long time. Easy to transport, no spills, nothing extra required.Avent Natural Flow:Same slippery lid issue as the Munchkin, but not as bad. Rolls around the counter if you take the cap/lid off. Smallest size is also 4 ounces/125 ml. Easy to transport, no spills, nothing extra required.Dr. Brown:The bottle we the parents despised cleaning the most, but we used it for 6-7 months because it DID help with a colic-y baby. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Smallest size is 4 ounces /120 ml, but you CANNOT overfill, it will leak. We despise the 9-ounce version of Dr. Brown – too big for our bottle brush and bleh it actually makes cleaning worse if that was possible. Another terrible design is that you have to take the cap off to install a sealing-disc if you transport this! The last thing you want to do in a public place is have to take the cap off, etc exposing the milk to the elements. If you put this in an insulated cooler and the bottle is not kept vertical and tips over, you’ll have milk everywhere.Lansinoh mOmma Natural Wave (the purple one, not the orange one):The lid is great, it has a completely flat side that is easy to put down and won’t roll around. Our baby can drink an entire bottle with no bib or burp cloth. The smallest size is 5 ounces which is perfect for our baby’s needs. Easy to transport, no spills, nothing extra required.Basically, all the benefits of the Dr. Brown, but easy to clean. Baby likes it and we don’t even use a bib or burp cloth when using this bottle!

Arline Glendo, WY

Finally a bottle that a baby used to a nipple shield will accept!

We tried so many different bottles to use with our daughter, who was exclusively breast fed (with a nipple shield) until she was 6 weeks old. Dr. Browns, Tommy Tippee, Born Free, Avent, playtex, and a few others, but as soon as I offered this one, she took to it immediately. It was SUCH a relief (I had to go back to work and know she could be fed without me!). I think the fact that I needed a nipple shield (she’s 6 months and growing out of it now) threw off which bottles she preferred.

Janis Eloy, AZ

Not really for bf babies

I wouldn’t say this is the bottle to use if your breastfeeding. The flow comes out pretty fast it basically a regular cheap bottle. But I love there hand pump just not the bottle sorry

Dina Bell Buckle, TN

Easy to Clean

Our EBF son is VERY picky about his bottles and didn’t care for this one. That being said, it was VERY easy to put together and clean, no leaks. I loved the price and I would have happily used it if he liked it!

Rachelle Truth Or Consequences, NM

A smart bottle

This is a great bottle for several reasons.First, the bottle is among the easiest to clean I’ve come across, with a wide opening and easy assembly.It’s also holding up over time very nicely and seems well made.It doesn’t spill very easily.It’s easy to drink from, and thus a baby makes less messes and seems to more readily use this bottle than some others, at least in my experience.I also think the 5 ounce size makes more sense than a larger bottle.For a few more dollars, you get a bottle that is very thoughtfully designed and well made. This is a no-brainer recommendation.

Kathy Chestnut, IL

Works Wonderful With My Breastfed Baby

My son has not done great with bottles, but since we were nearing the point where we had wanted him to be weaned, we had to start experimenting with bottle feeds. We had previously used Dr. Browns with our other children, but this kid would not take those. The first time we tried this bottle, he drank the whole thing. He was 8 months old at the time and I think he liked that he could easily hold it since it was small, and the nipple is a good size on the bottle as well. As parents that was enough for us to love it, but we also appreciate that there are not a ton of parts to assemble and to wash. Also, our son has no trouble going between the bottle and the breast as we work towards fully weaning.

Jean Prattsville, AR

Mid-level addition to the bottle collection

We’ve tried a wide variety of bottles: Playtex Ventaire, The First years Breastflow, Munchkin Latch, Nuk’s orthodontic nipples. I would put this bottle as somewhere in the middle of those that we’ve used. It was better than the NUK or First years bottles (the former baby rejected, the latter was a nightmare with breastmilk as it was extremely slow-flow, but lost an ounce or more of milk per bottle), but gave baby more gas than the Munchkin or Playtex options. It has the standard silicone nipple and is BPA free. The bottle is easy to hold, but does not come with a built in cap potential, which means that unlike other brands, it’s harder to store something directly in the bottle without the posibility of spillage. There’s also no alternate area for air to escape, so more air goes directly to baby. The nipple shape does seem condusive to a breastfeeding baby, but our son has proved fairly willing to switch back and forth between breast and bottle, so that depends as much on the baby as the nipple.

Claudette Cane Valley, KY

Cute bottle with natural wave nipple similar to breast.

This is cute and works well to fit with the Lansinoh breast pump to go straight from pump to store or feeding. It has a soft natural wave nipple that is designed to be similar to breast and be more comfortable for baby to nurse from. It is not for us we much prefer to use the New Munchkin Latch bottles for less tummy aches from gas and air.Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 4 Ounce, 4 CountMunchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 4 Ounce, 2 Countor for the larger baby 8 ounceMunchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 8 Ounce, 4 CountMunchkin Latch BPA-Free Bottle, 8 Ounce, 2 Count

Deana Alcester, SD

Pretty nice bottle

I don’t think any man or child will mistake this bottle nipple with a real nipple, but what it does do is provide a soft, comfortable grip and texture that the child won’t immediately discard as "not my mom’s nipple." That is, while it’s still foreign for the young child, it is more in an interesting way than a bad way. With that said, the baby was able to suck from this without much fuss.That said, I wish the company would make either just the top part that fit on standard sized glass baby bottles, or make their own glass jar. Yes, this is BPA free and all that, but we prefer glass when we have a choice.All in all, a good bottle that isn’t immediately rejected. Recommended.

Antionette Sumatra, FL