Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle, 5 Oz, 1 Count

Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle, 5 Oz, 1 Count

The Lansinoh mOmma Feeding Bottle with the NaturalWave Nipple ensures baby gets your precious breastmilk even when you’re apart. Its NaturalWave Nipple encourages natural oral development, and enables baby to use feeding actions learned at the breast. The round shape is easy and comfortable for baby to hold, and the bottle is interchangeable with mOmma non-spill and straw cup lids.

Main features

  • NaturalWave Nipple encourages natural oral development
  • Nipple enables baby to use feeding actions learned at the breast
  • Round shape – easy and comfortable for baby to hold
  • Interchangeable with mOmma Non-Spill and Straw Cup lids
  • Protective cover for leak-free, hygienic coverage on the go

Verified reviews



I thought I was buying a bottle. That is what the picture shows. I got a sippy cup. My infant is too young to use it so I can’t speak to the quality of the item but you should know that you are not getting a baby bottle.

Lelia Springport, IN

Like the nipples

I got these bottles because they are supposed to be better for breastfed babies. I have mixed feelings about it because I Love the nipple but the bottle is just okay. The markings on the bottles are difficult to read and I dont like the rounded shape because it makes it difficult for the baby to get the last bit of milk out. I found these nipples fit avent bottles and that combo works better for me.

Nadia Fourmile, KY

Didn’t bother to unpack it

Ordered this for my bottle-refusing 3 month old. It was exactly like the Tomee Tippee bottles she was already refusing. There is nothing special about this bottle. I’m sure it’s fine, but I feel it’s overpriced.

Bobbi Coalmont, TN


I tried about every bottle I could think of with my 3 month old EBF baby. She refused everything locally available ( Avent, Medela, Playtex Drop-in Nurser, Tommy Tippee) seemingly because the nipples feel nothing like the real thing – she gummed on the tip mainly. I also tried the Comotomo, Mimijumi, Breastflow and Adiri bottles that I ordered online. We had some luck with the Mimijumi and Breastflow, but she’d take a 1/8 oz at most. The Momma was the only bottle she’d take after all these bottles and 5 weeks of frustration. Maybe because of the sloped shape of the nipple (vs a traditional nipple that seems to just stick out straight.) I can only speculate. In any case, we haven’t had any issues with it so far. I plan to order as many as humanly possible.

Antoinette Glen Allan, MS

Breastfed twins who need medication in a bottle…..

these bottles are the coolest things AND eliminated the nipple confusion we had from other bottles and we tried a LOT of brands. Oh and everyone who sees them thinks they rock 🙂

Reyna Paramus, NJ

The PERFECT bottle for a breastfeeding mother!!

I absolutely LOVE these bottles! I am a breastfeeding mom and just starting working again a few months ago. At first I had been using Nuk bottles and my baby would just play with the nipple half the time. He really had a hard time latching on so it would take a really long time to feed him. So, I really needed to find a bottle that would work for him. After doing a lot of research I decided that these would probably be the best choice. And, I’m glad I went with these. The pricing is pretty good. I love the look of the bottle. Baby has able to hold it up really well by himself and he’s not even 6 months old yet. The labeling of ounces on the side of the bottle is a little bit hard to read but in good lighting it’s really not too bad. The feel and texture of the nipple is really soft and smooth. Also, very pliable and seems to fit extremely comfortably and naturally into his mouth. I am sure this would be a great bottle even for mothers who are not breastfeeding. I highly recommend these bottles! Hope this helps.

Gay Alton, VA

Does the job!

There is absolutely no love for any bottle from my breastfed son. However, he would take milk from this bottle and seemed to latch on similar to the nursing latch. I think the slow flow is good. He needed to be sitting up more or he did choke. Overall I think it was definitely a good buy if you have a bottle hater like we do, but don’t expect amazing results and a happy bottle feeding baby! We are just glad he took milk from it unlike others we have tried.

Liza Arizona City, AZ

Love it!

We have tried several other bottles and this brand is the best! It prevents gas (which we have had a problem with) and even improved my baby girl’s Colic.

Johnnie Hull, IA

Perfect for Breastfeeding Combo!

I intend to breastfeed until my baby is at least 1 years old. Problem is, other “slow flow” bottles, really arent slow flow (I wish I took a video comparing – milk shoots out!). This is truly like the boob. Nothing beats the boob, but when I’m at work this gives my husband a chance to continue promoting breastfeeding!

Deann Clarksboro, NJ

Great nipple, horrible bottle

My baby went through a bottle refusal stage when I was breastfeeding and getting ready to go back to work. I went through 7 different bottles until I stumbled upon this. The nipple does seem to be really great, but I wish I didn’t introduce this to her, because the bottles are horrible! First off, the caps often don’t stay attached to the bottle. But more importantly, the bottle is too big to fit into a coffee mug and not great at fitting in a bowl either, AND you CANNOT read the markings on the bottle to figure out how many oz are in it. We ended up having to use our food scale to measure the bottles, much easier! I would just stay away until they design a better bottle. It is also really challenging to get the last half oz out of the bottle as well. It is too bad, because if only this nipple could work on a standard bottle, it would be PERFECT. Yeah and they are very overpriced too!

Ester Hartline, WA

What the heck

The thing that comes to mind first as I write this review is that these bottles come with a bottle brush that ONLY FITS IN THESE BOTTLES. Why? Why would they do that to me? Now I have to buy another bottle brush because like any other reasonable parent, I happen to have more than one kind of bottle. </rant>I tried these with my newborn, but retired them pretty early. It seemed that the milk was flowing too fast from even the slowest-flow nipple, and when I went out and bought replacements from a different brand, they didn’t fit well with the bottle. I also found it difficult to hold onto the round container. Maybe for an older child that can handle a fast flow and hold the bottle himself? Anyway, not for my newborn.I ended up switching to NUK bottles, (NUK Orthodontic Trendline 3-Pack Baby Bottles, Blue/Teal Dots, 10-Ounce) which have worked pretty well. We all prefer the boob, though 🙂

Hope Bronxville, NY

Great bottle, BREAST-like!

My son is exclusively breastfed & we needed a bottle that was as close to his experience of breastfeeding as possible so that my husband could feed my son during times that I had to be away from him for a feeding. Though my son would prefer my breast, this does the job when I have to pump & be away from him. Slow flow, just like me & the nipple is pretty darn close to the shape of mine when he is suckling. Great product.

Bridgett East Newport, ME

Never leak

So far, these bottle have never leaked. Plus they don’t easily tip over. We have tried a lot of bottles and are most happy with these. We have the small and large size.

Hester Manitowish Waters, WI

my daughters loves this

This was the first bottle my daughter would take. We had a real hard time getting her to accept any bottles since she was breastfeeding and prefered the real thing! The shape of the nipple on these definitely mimics the real thing best and she did great with them. The shape of the bottle can be awkward and it is hard to get that last bit of milk in her without feeling like I am laying her flat which isn’t good in case she chokes. Otherwise, love it.

Marcia Weyers Cave, VA

Could be better….

They’re pretty good bottles with soft nipples making it easy for my little one to feed. But they have some drawbacks.It’s hard to see the measurements on the side because it’s all clear. Wish it was colored so you can see how much milk you’re putting in the bottle or how much is left. That’s especially useful when feeding your baby at night time.Other issue is that milk/formula gets stuck on the inner ring of the bottle so you have to interrupt the feeding tilt the bottle upside down and then resume feeding.

Arline Show Low, AZ

Almost perfect!

My first son could NEVER have used this bottle (he had a shallow, weak breastfeeding latch that just couldn’t get to improve (the NUK bottles worked PERFECTLY for him!) These have a longer nipple so they would’ve gagged him. BUT, my second son who has a deep/strong latch/suck absolutely h.a.t.e.d the NUK nipple, and it even screwed up his latch for a while til we found this MOMMA bottle!!The ‘unshaped’ nipple is not as common, but it’s perfect for baby to not have to hold it in just the right direction, like the NUK. It’s THE closest nipple I’ve found to the breast without using the Adiri bottles (which leaked and were really annoying to fill).MOMMA’s only ‘drawbacks’ for some people may be that it doesn’t fit in a bottle warmer; but, the shape is very easy for my son to hold onto so it’s sort of a trade off. Also, the ounce markings are hard to read — they’re TEENY-TINY and CLEAR.

Jordan Bankston, AL

Good Nipple. Terrible bottle design.

I got this bottle for my exclusively breastfed 6 month old who was never introduced to a bottle as a young infant. We tried several other bottles and nipples and he would never latch. After reading the review from the lactation consultant I decided to they these.At first I was impressed with the bottle because he would latch 50% of the time – a huge improvement from never latching. Sadly, after several weeks of practice I was never able to get him to latch reliably. I left him with grandma while I attended a wedding and he outright refused to latch for her.They are very annoying to clean. They are dishwasher safe but the interior lip of the bottle always traps water even when placed in the dishwasher completely upright. I never felt like they were completely clean since leftover dishwasher water was sloshing around in them. Even when I hand washed them and set them out to dry the water would pool on the lip.Milk gets trapped inside the bottle lip during feedings. I struggled with milk supply so pumped milk was like gold and it was frustrating to see milk wasted. The only way to get all the milk out is to hold the bottle completely upside down and swirl it around to encourage the milk off the interior lip. Not exactly a natural angle to hold a bottle while feeding a baby.I never did find a good way to warm milk inside this bottle (it is short and fat). Instead, I warmed the milk in the glass bottle that I pump into and then poured it into the mOmma bottle.My son started on a straw sippy cup (Playtex Baby First Lil’ Gripper Twist ‘n Click Straw Trainer Cup, 7 Ounce, Colors May Vary) at 10 months and I completely gave up on bottles. I’ve learned the hard lesson for the next baby that I need to introduce a bottle before they are 2 months.It is encouraging to read the other review that says the nipples from this bottle fit Avent bottles. If that is true I would skip the bottles all together and just get the nipples. I had some success with the mOmma nipples and perhaps if the bottle wasn’t so terrible I would have pushed the bottle training more.—-UPDATE—-I had some Dr Brown’s Wide-neck bottles in the cabinet so I decided to try the mOmma nipples in them. They fit perfectly and didn’t leak when I had my son drink his almond milk from it. He still struggles with latching continuously but with some time and patience he drank 4 oz with no leaks.Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 8 oz – 3-Pack

Kathy Ruby Valley, NV

The only bottle to use for breastfed babies!!

These bottles are fabulous!! As a breastfeeding mom and a NICU nurse I have to say that I love this bottle. I ended up purchasing the bottles because my son was having horrible reflux and difficulty regulating the flow of different brand “slow flow” bottle. I am so glad I went with this bottle–You can SEE the difference when the infant feeds from this bottle. The suck pattern my son used with this bottle is exactly what he does at breast, as opposed to the suck pattern he was using with the other bottle. He can regulate the flow of this bottle just as he does when breastfeeding. He can also do non-nutritive sucking with this bottle to take a break during the feeding without being overwhelmed with milk continuing to pour into his mouth. He has had no issues bottle feeding with this bottle-even when someone else feeds him (which isn’t often) He has had no nipple confusion what so ever. I will be suggesting this bottle at work for our babies because in my opinion, it is the only bottle to use when wanting to do both breast and bottle feeding!! SO glad that I found this bottle and I’m sure my baby is too!! 🙂

Laura Edwardsville, AL

Great nipples, bad bottle

Like many others, we love the mOmma nipples for our breastfed baby. She has an easy, natural latch with these, and does not choke on them as she did with other types we tried (including Avent Natural). The bottles, as many other reviewers have stated, are annoying. The milk gets stuck around the rim so it is difficult or impossible to deliver the full volume. It is especially frustrating to lose precious expressed breast milk. I also find it irritating that the volume measurement markings on the bottle are all but invisible. The nipples do fit well enough on avent classic bottles (NOT on the naturals), but now we don’t have any lids that fit both nipple and bottle. So in summary: Nipples = 5 stars. Bottles = 1 star.

Letha Moville, IA

Different shape, same job…

These are going into my baby bottle collection- unusual shape, and will definitely stand out. So I’m not a mom hunting for some wonder-bottle… but I don’t see these as having any notable differences than any plastic baby bottle- just a different shape. Good for the ‘new and different’ section of my collection 🙂

Lessie Geigertown, PA

Love these!

Our baby started rejecting the Dr.Brown’s bottle that we had initially started off with. We tried 7 different kinds of bottles and this was the only one that he actually didn’t gag with. We’ve been recommending this bottle to everyone who’s had a hard time getting their baby to take a bottle.

Karin Primrose, NE

Hard to use

I love the idea of these, but the nipples (even the slow flow) are very fast. And the breast milk or formula you put in needs a lot of help to get it into the nipple as the bottle becomes empty.

Vickie Mc Intosh, NM

Nipples worked great, bottle is annoying

I am the mother of a 5 month old EBF baby. Up until she was about 2 months old I occasionally had my husband or, if we went out, another person give her a Tommee Tippee bottle. That worked fine, but after 2 months of no bottles, when I tried again she didn’t know what to do with the bottle and just chewed on the nipple. In desperation (I start back to work part time the end of August) I found these bottles. I agree with the other reviewers. The bottle itself is a pain…it is too big for my daughter to try to hold, and cumbersome for me to hold. Additionally, the way the ledge is formed it is almost impossible to empty the bottle. Finally, the measurement markings are virtually impossible to read. However, the nipple has been great. I have been giving my daughter a bottle or two a day, and thus far it has not interfered with nursing at all. I use the slow flow nipples. Beware, when you warm the milk in the bottle and turn the bottle upside down, the milk does spray out. But I think this is because of the heat–I have seen this happen with other bottles. If you pinch the nipple to let some of the heat out and tip it again, the milk no longer sprays out. I feed my daughter so she is upright, and the milk really does not drip out of the nipple unless she is actively sucking. So, left with a wonderful nipple and less than useful bottle, I followed other reviewers’ recommendations and paired this nipple with the Avent Classic plastic bottle, found here:Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottles, 5-Pack(it does not fit in the Natural bottles). Of course, you can buy the Lansinoh nipples separate from the bottles as well:Lansinoh mOmma 2 Count Nipples, Slow-Flow. Make sure to keep the vent in the nipple facing upwards or else the milk will leak out. Others also commented that the nipple fit in the Dr. Brown’s bottles, but since the nipple fit so well in the Avent, it is easier to clean and slightly cheaper, so I just stuck with the Avent.

Liz Steamboat Springs, CO

baby was able to transition to breast AFTER using this bottle

my wee one is tongue tied and has trouble latching. I tried to breast feed for 1.5 weeks before giving up and switching to pumping and feeding. He picked this bottle as his favorite and I ordered a bunch more. The nipple is great because he has to get the whole thing in his mouth to drink (like a real boob) and he can sorta kinda hold the round bottle himself (he is 6 weeks now and has been able to do this for 4 weeks). I was exclusively bottle feeding until this week when I decided to give breast feeding another try. He still takes the boob! No nipple confusion or discrimination! Now I breastfeed at night and bottle feed during the day/when my husband or mom want to feed him. This bottle is great.Con: milk does get caught behind the collar. I would recommend a design improvement. I just pull the bottle out of his mouth, give it a little shake to get the remaining milk into the nipple and let him enjoy a couple sip encore feeding. It is not a problem for me, but I know other reviewers have commented on it so I wanted to give my 2 cents. 🙂

Nelly Wiley, GA

Baby is happy

I had no trouble switching back and forth between breastfeeding and this bottle, which we used from the beginning. It didn’t cause any nipple confusion, gas, etc. They are easy to hold and clean, and fit into standard bottle warmers. I think comotomo bottles have slightly faster flow, as milk beads out (albeit very slow) when turned over. These bottles have little to none of that effect. I also tried similac bottles someone gifted me, and honestly baby doesn’t seem to have a preference. I stuck with these then because I prefer them overall and comotomo are $15 each which is outrageous. I’ve used them exclusively for five months now and plan to continue doing so. Walmart has the 8oz bottles on clearance 2/$13.

Lorraine Soldotna, AK

So cute

First tip don’t wait 6 weeks to give you baby a bottle!!! I did and now I am paying the price of her being 4 months and still won’t take a bottle unless so very hungry (aka daycare) but she is adapting the wrong way and holding out all day (daycare) and waking up all night to eat. When I was on leave she ate all day and slept for 8-10 hours at night. I am lucky to now get a 4 hour stretch of sleep…Anyway…i loved the shape and the easy of cleaning these, but in the end my breastfeeding baby hated them. I bought 8, yes 8!!! different brands, the gerber, nuk, medela, mimijumi, Lansinoh mOmma, 1st years breastflow, advent, and tommee. Tommee was the winner, she still doesn’t like it, but it is the one that doesn’t make her cry at the sight of it and she will "play" with it and drink something. It isn’t any of these brands fault, its mine for listening to the lactation consultant. She is my 2nd baby, my first we introduced a bottle 2nd day of life and she never had nipple confusion and I nursed for for 14 months!

Mary Ashley, MI

Not for newborns

The nipple opening is a little too generous for my newborn, but when she gets older, I plan on using this again. Right now, she can’t handle the amount of milk that comes out. Unique product, though! I know she’ll enjoy holding onto it when she’s older.

Tammie Portage, OH


lifesaver! I’ve been back at work for almost 2 months now.My daughter is EBF and is 6 months now.She has refused all bottles. Including medela, avent, tommee tipee, comotomo, Dr. Browns and Nuk. I read about this bottle through a FB breastfeeding moms support group and I ordered it to ship over night. My mom gave her 4 ounces this morning and she drank 3.5 ounces!! I really hope she keeps this up!

Glenda Cross Plains, IN

Fast flow!

This 5 oz bottle came with a size 2 nipple which was way too fast of a flow for my breastfed son. Much better bottles out there.

Jaime Quitaque, TX

Not as Pictured

I ordered two of these bottles and they are the standard (non rocking) bottle, not the green-bottomed, rocking bottles that are pictured. I was disappointed, but opened and used them anyway because I needed the bottles. The shape in the 8 oz version is very awkward. It won’t fit in a diaper bag pocket or any warmer (or any cup) and the last bit of milk gets caught along the rim of the bottle. 4 stars for the nipple, and 2 for the bottle.

Renae South Orange, NJ