Lansinoh mOmma Mealtime Soft Spoon, Orange

Lansinoh mOmma Mealtime Soft Spoon, Orange

Soft Spoon takes mealtime to a new level. This clever utensil combines shape, color and a unique rocking motion that engages baby during mealtime. The round ergonomic shape makes it easy for your baby’s hands to grip, while the soft tip is gentle on developing gums and teeth. The soft spoon stimulates development and independent feeding while making mealtime fun. The protective cover provides a hygienic casing when on the go, and doubles as an extendable handle when feeding baby. Even better, it’s safe and hygienic, the soft spoon rocks but remains upright to prevent the tip from coming into contact with the surfaces of tables or highchairs for maximum hygiene.

Main features

  • This clever utensil combines shape, color and a unique rocking motion that engages baby during mealtime
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • BPA free
  • The round ergonomic shape makes it easy for baby’s hands to grip

Verified reviews


DO NOT BUY! Here’s Why….

I was lured by the attractiveness and ergonomic design of the spoon, and so I bought it. The green ball on the spoon that’s supposed to roll back and forth when standing upright doesn’t do the job. It tilts forward and causes the scoop to touch whatever surface the spoon is sitting on. Making matters worse, food slides down from the scoop when the spoon is sitting in the upright position. Scoop is also shallow so food gets everywhere when feeding baby.This spoon is more eye candy than useful. Since it’s only 5 bucks, I didn’t return it. Denifitely not a good buy!

Ma Fate, TX

Not soft

It’s a stylish product. But the spoon is hard plastic and the ball is “soft”. The ball is also pretty heavy, so my baby has a hard time holding it. It’s better as a toy, but because the spoon is hard thin plastic (the thickness of regular silverware) it’s not something I want my baby gnawing on. I prefer the spoon that comes with the elegant baby bowl and spoon set- which is saying a lot because that spoon turns into a food sling shot- BUT it’s easier for the baby to hold and softer on her gums.

Jackie Hartwell, GA

great idea

it seemed like a great idea and I like it alright, however it does not stand up straight like that unless you stand it up perfectly in its center:/ Seems silly considering children will be handling and the idea was for the spoon to not hit potential less than sanitary counter tops.

Corrine Laketown, UT

Cute, but not practical

It’s cute, but not really practical. The baby’s hands can’t really grasp the bulb, and for adults it’s a nuisance.

Juana Bulpitt, IL

The only good thing is it comes with a cover

I like that this spoon comes with a cover – great for throwing in the lunch bag and not worrying about it. However, the ball/handle portion is so heavy that every single time you put it in the bowl, it slides down and you have to fish it out. Once baby is feeding himself maybe I won’t mind the messiness of it so much, but for now, I don’t need sticky fingers myself.

Merle Tecumseh, MO