Lansinoh mOmma Nipples, Slow-Flow, 2 Count

Lansinoh mOmma Nipples, Slow-Flow, 2 Count

Lansinoh 2 count, Slow Flow Nipples are 100% silicone and BPA free.

Main features

  • Encourages natural oral development
  • Enables baby to use feeding actions learned at the breast
  • Air Ventilation System (AVS) reduces intake of gas – a potential cause of colic or spit up
  • Clinically proven to reduce nipple preference in established breastfed babies
  • 100 % silicone, soft, flexible and designed for optimal compression

Verified reviews


Best Nipples for a Breastfed Baby – Seriously

My daughter was exclusively breastfed for 3 months while I was on maternity leave, but when I had to go back to work, she had to take bottles at daycare. Although we had not had trouble with bottles and pacifiers early on, it had been a while since I’d had to use a bottle. The week before I went back to work, she absolutely refused to take a bottle. We panicked, and tried probably a dozen different bottles and nipples during that week, desperate to find something she would take. They say that they’ll eat when they get hungry enough…well, the first few days, my daughter just didn’t eat anything at daycare. She was starving when I got home and would nurse multiple times during the night, despite previously sleeping through the night.And then our daycare gave us a Lansinoh Momma bottle, which they had been given as “freebies.” The nipple on these bottles is unlike any I’ve seen, and it WORKS! It’s very soft and wide, which I think mimics the breast well. We tried all of the suggested bottles for breastfed babies – Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippee, Avent Natural, etc. None of those nipples looked or felt anything like this one.I don’t care for the Momma bottles – they’re a spherical shape that is difficult to hold and to clean – but the nipples are fantastic. As a previous commenter noted, these nipples fit on the Avent Classic bottles, which are more traditional shape. I’ve been using the Momma nipples/Avent Classic bottles for 4 months now, and we’ve never had any issues switching between bottle feeding (at daycare) and nursing (at home).I’m not sure why I never came across these as a recommendation in all of my desperate searching, but if you’re in a similar situation, don’t waste your money – start with these.

Bianca Mark, IL

Thank you Lansinoh!

Thank you Lansinoh for developing these!! Our youngest (3rd) child is now 11 weeks old. With the first 2 kids, my husband and I had been very good about giving a bottle of EBM at least once a week or so starting when they were a few weeks old so they had no problem taking bottles. But with our youngest, life just got in the way, and she only ever had a couple of bottles. Now that I am going back to work next week already, we were frantically trying to find a bottle that she would take. My husband tried, both grandmas tried… with no luck. She just cried and cried. We had used playtex drop-ins with a silicone nipple with the first two with no problems, but #3 would have nothing to do with them. We also tried the NUK, and comotomo with no success. These Lansinoh nipples she does “play around” with for a couple of minutes (gumming the nipple and smiling at me), but then latches on with no problem… even for me! (feeding her sitting reclined in her bouncy seat)Heeding the recommendations of previous reviews, I skipped the mOmma bottles altogether and ordered these slow-flow nipples and a pack of Avent Classic bottles (actually I orderedPhilips AVENT 4 Ounce BPA Free Breast Milk Storage Set, Clear, 4-Packto start with as they were a little cheaper and I wanted the sealing discs for storing EBM in the fridge) and they work great!

Marie New London, CT

The ONLY nipple for a breastfed baby

We tried several (at least 6) different bottle and nipple combinations, and this nipple was by far the easiest for my breastfed baby to use. This was the only nipple that she could “latch” onto, like the breast. While my baby loves the nipple, I didn’t like the Momma bottle itself as it is plastic, and shaped so it won’t fit into a bottle warmer nor a pocket in the diaper bag. So my winning combination is the Avent natural glass bottles with this nipple. It isn’t a perfect fit, but it does fit and doesn’t leak.The packaging is flimsy, but this is a problem with the manufacturing, not the shipping. Just a gentle squeeze to the package pops it apart. Just boil the nipples for 4-5 minutes (which you should do anyway) and you are good to go.

Anastasia Whitelaw, WI

Great for breastfed babies

I originaly bought the momma bottles and wasnt impressed by the bottles themselves, but loved the natural shaped nipples. My breastfed baby does great with these so i looked for a different bottle the nipple would fit on and found they fit the avent bottles. So now I have avent bottles with these nipples and its the perfect combo!

Brigitte Guadalupita, NM

Love these! Use with nuk bottles.

I love these nipples but hate the bottle shape. It’s difficult to clean and feed baby with the round momma bottle. But I had some left over nuk sippy cups from my first son and tried them and the work perfectly. So you can put the bottle in a bottle warmer which you could not do with the momma bottle. My breastfed baby has no trouble drinking from these nipples. Awesome.

Alma Kiester, MN

Great for breastfed babies

These nipples are great for breastfed babies. Don’t bother with the mOmma bottles. Their round design is terrible for feeding and cleaning. These nipples fit Dr Brown’s Wide Neck bottles with no leaking. (Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 8 oz – 3-PackThe packaging on the mOmma nipples pops open super easy, maybe too easy. I prefer it to the hard shell packaging that other things come in but this may irritate some if it opens in the mail before you get it.

Marquita New Holland, OH

Not slow enough flow

Got these in our quest for nipples that match breastfeeding flow. These fit on our old-style Avent bottles. Nice quality, great material, the size/shape encourages a good latch, but still too fast. Our 1 month old can down 2 oz of breastmilk in 3 minutes with these guys. So far we’ve tried tons of nipples- the only ones that seem to work are Dr. Brown’s preemie size, unfortunately only available in narrow neck. Hope to move back up to mOmma nipples in a few more months.

Ebony Horse Shoe, NC

Soo soft

These nipples are so soft. If your real nipples are shaped like these, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with nipple confusion. Unfortunately mine are like the avent one so I try not to use these. I wish rhe avent ones were as soft as rhese. They are soft and thick at the base but still soft.

Sonia Criders, VA

Almost perfect with classic Avent bottles

As another reviewer said, these fit in the classic Avent bottles without leaks (it doesn’t fit the Avent natural ring). It’s not a perfect fit, but you just have to be a tiny bit careful to avoid pulling the nipple all the way through the ring.What I was excited to discover is that the dome cap works on them. It’s the right height to seal the hole in the nipple, like a good bottle cap should. Now, instead of a sealing disc, I use a mOmma nipple and a dome cap for fridge storage. It makes things so much easier.Also, in case anybody is wondering, this has a softer tip than the Avent natural nipple. The Avent has a softer base, but much harder nipple. It’s also hourglass-ish, while the mOmma is tapered.Update: when we sized up, I got Avent Natural bottles instead, because I didn’t want to deal with that stupid ring the Avent Classic bottles have. The momma nipples work with the plastic Natural bottles, but won’t form a seal with the glass ones.

Allene Monroeton, PA

Don’t care for this

I tried based on the positive reviews but the fact that the mOmma nipples are only compatible with mOmma bottles I can’t be a fan. Our son didn’t like the round bottles or the nipples and that meant they all had to go in the trash; nipples and all where as some other products offer different bottles or can be used on other product lines.I’m not sure I am being fair of the product itself; however, since the product is only used on mOmma bottles I feel it is necessary to share my experience with both as they go hand and glove with one another.Wouldn’t suggest buying not because the nipples are no good but because they are exclusive to mOmma bottles and because if the mOmma bottles aren’t fancied by yourself or your child you will have an investment expidenture that goes to the trash bin.

Blanche Colby, WI

Momma and Baby Love these!

I had to introduce my son to the bottle sooner that planned and frantically searched for a nipple that wouldn’t interfere with nursing. I had purchased the new version of the Lansinoh manual pump and in my sleep deprived state did not realize that it used wide neck bottles and came with these nipples. It was a blessing in disguise as my son immediately took to these nipples with no problems. With other nipples he would shake his head back and forth trying to latch on or would have trouble with the flow or would spit up quite a bit afterwards because of the air intake. We had none of that with these nipples. The slow flow was perfect for him as a newborn and we recently moved up to the medium flow with no problems. I have had no problems with these leaking and they have held up well. I have also discovered that these nipples work with the Nuk orthodontic bottles. Those bottles are less expensive that the Lansinoh bottles and have not experienced any leaking or other problems. I highly recommend these nipples for the breastfeeding momma and babies out there!

Christina Georgetown, IN


Our exclusively breastfed baby went from happily taking the occasional bottle at two weeks to seemingly refusing bottles by six weeks. Of course, I panicked because I needed to go back to work in a few more weeks and didn’t know what to do. We had tried Avent Classic, Comotomo, Tommy Tippee, Medela (standard ones), and Evenflo, and she would either refuse these bottles completely or would be inconsistent with them or be fussy/gassy after gulping down only an ounce. Most of the slow flow bottles we tried still seemed to be too fast.Then a friend suggested trying the Lansinoh mOmma slow flow nipples with the Avent Classic bottles we’d already purchased. It was a noticeable difference for us. She was slow finishing the bottles at first, but at least she would always take them. Now, by ten weeks, she can finish a bottle quickly and she won’t have tummy troubles after at all. I credit the manufacturer for developing a thoughtful shape and feel that truly mimics the breast. I do wish the nipples were more durable – we’ve had one become damaged during cleaning and the instructions indicate to replace them after 7 weeks of use. But, it won’t deter us from continuing to use them. These were a lifesaver.I hope that Lansinoh tries to use this design to also create a line of pacifiers!

Ora Hamilton, GA

another positive review!

my babe is exclusively breastfed and after trying other, expensive nipples, this one worked like a charm! no further explanation needed!

Virginia Macomb, IL

These are the only nipples my baby will take!

We love these. We use them w/ the avent natural bottles (with the classic avent rings). Works perfectly! My little girl won’t take any other kind of nipple. So glad we found them!

Dena Beacon, NY

The only one my daughter would take

We tried so many nipples when we were trying to get our daughter to take the bottle, and this was the only one she would take. These work great with the Avent classic wide neck bottles and Nuk wide neck bottles.

Josefina Thorndike, MA

Wonderful for breastfed baby!

My exclusively breastfed son has gone back and froth from breast to bottle with NO problems whatsoever since we first started using these nipples at 3 weeks of age. If I had to be 100% honest with myself, he seems to prefer the gentle easy flow of these nipples than my own breast, with their start/stop, let down vs trickle that we know breastfed babies deal with at the breast! WHen my first son was born, this product did not exist, and we used a competing brand, which promised "similarity to the breast" and it was a complete disaster. He never liked bottles, we wasted milk, and it was stressful. Now, I can’t be 100% sure if it’s because this is a different baby, but the nipples are a godsend to us. We use them with wide-mouth Dr. Brown’s bottles and there is no leak and he does not seem to be very gassy at all after a feed. I especially like how the silicone has a bit of a texture to it as well. He actually latches onto this nipple and his lips splay out with great form! I highly recommend this product for any breastfed baby, or otherwise!

Mamie Casstown, OH

great slow flow nipples !

Great slow flow nipples. I introduced the bottle to my baby when she was 4 weeks old. No issues switching between.

Pauline Westby, MT

The ONLY nipples that work.

These are the only nipples my son would take his entire infancy. These in Advent bottles. It took a lot of work but he did eventually take a bottle and I think it was thanks to this nipple.

Susanne Deerfield Street, NJ

Excellent nipples for EBF baby

I am the mother of a 5 month old EBF baby. Up until she was about 2 months old I occasionally had my husband or, if we went out, another person give her a Tommee Tippee bottle. That worked fine, but after 2 months of no bottles, when I tried again she didn’t know what to do with the bottle and just chewed on the nipple. In desperation (I start back to work part time the end of August) I found these bottles. I agree with the other reviewers. The bottle itself is a pain…it is too big for my daughter to try to hold, and cumbersome for me to hold. Additionally, the way the ledge is formed it is almost impossible to empty the bottle. Finally, the measurement markings are virtually impossible to read. However, the nipple has been great. I have been giving my daughter a bottle or two a day, and thus far it has not interfered with nursing at all. I use the slow flow nipples. Beware, when you warm the milk in the bottle and turn the bottle upside down, the milk does spray out. But I think this is because of the heat–I have seen this happen with other bottles. If you pinch the nipple to let some of the heat out and tip it again, the milk no longer sprays out. I feed my daughter so she is upright, and the milk really does not drip out of the nipple unless she is actively sucking. So, left with a wonderful nipple and less than useful bottle, I followed other reviewers’ recommendations and paired this nipple with the Avent Classic plastic bottle, found here:Philips AVENT 9 Ounce BPA Free Classic Polypropylene Bottles, 5-Pack(it does not fit in the Natural bottles). Make sure to keep the vent in the nipple facing upwards or else the milk will leak out. Others also commented that the nipple fit in the Dr. Brown’s bottles, but since the nipple fit so well in the Avent, it is easier to clean and slightly cheaper, so I just stuck with the Avent.

Sallie New Florence, MO


These are the only bottle nipples my breastfed baby will accept! He took to them like a fish to water, and I am thrilled to have the peace of mind that he will be happily nourished if I need to be away for awhile. Great product.

Antionette Goldsboro, NC

Best nipples ever

These are my favorite nipples–the only one that my breastfed baby will use. After months of trying countless expensive nipples for bf babies, I had instant success with these. I own a few Momma bottles, but I also use the nipples in my Avent bottles–perfect fit.

Marla Cropwell, AL

great! no issues with baby going from bottle to …

great! no issues with baby going from bottle to breast.

Rebecca Martinsville, MO

As expected

I thought my 6 month old son was ready to switch to the medium-flow nipples, but they seemed to flow too fast for him. Still, at 8 months, we use the slow-flow nipples with him. I am still breast feeding him, so I wonder if that has something to do with it. He’s just not used to the medium-flow.

Shari Mc Graws, WV

Love mOmma!

I transitioned baby girl to these when she was 6 months old because she was starting to collapse the slow-flow nipples. She has been using them for 2 months now and the flow is absolutely perfect. These are great!

Regina Fairhaven, MA

love love love!!

My baby loves all these products, she is breastfeeding so the regular nipples and bottles are not like the breast feel. These products are great for breastfeeding babies.

Leigh Finleyville, PA

Would nice to have nipple sizes color coded

These nipples work just fine, the only thing that would be nice is if the nipple flows were color coded. Because I have kept the lower flow nipples and use those still sometimes when my baby is not super hungry and looks a little tired, so she can drink a little in a slower, lazier fashion the way babies will do at the breast. The flow is imprinted on the edge of the nipple but it is hard to find and see. This problem may be specific only to me.

Edwina Unionville, VA

The only thing that works

My son would not take a bottle so I looked for something more breast-shaped. These did the trick and were cheaper than Comotomo or any of the other breast-shaped nipples. My favorite thing was that they fit my Avent bottles. Not that they do not fit Avent Naturals or Tempo, just the original ones.

Maryanne Cottekill, NY

Best nipple for my breast fed baby.

These are the best nipples I have found for my mainly breast fed baby. Ive been using them since she was a couple weeks old and the flow, shape and softness of this nipple are a perfect combination for her latch.

Arlene George West, TX

The only nipple my picky BFer would take

The size and shape of this nipple were unlike any of the other dozen we tried. It fit my baby’s mouth just right. So glad we finally found a solution.

Winnie Custer City, OK

best so far

These are the best so far. I do not bottle feed my child but his father and grandmother does and they both said this one is the cleanest. The other bottles he gets all over himself

Cecilia Randall, MN