Lansinoh mOmma Spill Proof Cup with Dual Handles, Green, BPA Free and BPS Free

Lansinoh mOmma Spill Proof Cup with Dual Handles, Green, BPA Free and BPS Free

The mOmma green spill-proof cup with dual handles combines shape, color and a unique rocking motion that engages baby during mealtime to stimulate development. The round ergonomic shape and soft handles are specially designed for your baby’s hands to grip while the pliable 100% silicone spout is soft on baby’s developing gums and teeth. The spout is spill-proof and doesn’t require a valve, saving you an extra step in cleaning. Safe and hygienic, the cup rocks but remains upright to prevent the spout from coming into contact with the surfaces of tables or highchairs. Includes a protective cap for maximum hygiene when on the go. The cup is interchangeable with other mOmma tops when ready to transition. Recommended for ages 6 months plus, dishwasher and microwave safe and BPA free. Replacement spout available and sold separately.

Main features

  • Polypropylene, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Silicone
  • Imported
  • Contains one-piece, “closed system” soft-spout that releases liquid only when baby drinks from it
  • Rounded ergonomic shape and soft-grip handles easy for baby’s hands to grasp
  • 100% silicone spout is gentle on developing teeth and gums to ease transition
  • Safe, hygienic, BPA and Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


mOmma is the best brand period!

mOmma makes the best bottle and cups avaliable on the market (believe me I have tried many different brands). They never leak and they are quality product. With the next baby this is the ONLY brand we will use… period!

Kimberlee Norwood, NC

Toddler loves it!

My 21 month old daughter absolutely loves this cup. The cup itself is great, the only problem is that the spout tends to rip easily, but that’s why don’t let your toddler chew on it! Overall, I highly recommend this cup.

Tamera Evans, WA

on the fence

UPDATE January 2014:looking back now, my sons struggle with this cup seems completely reasonable. the weight of the cup is just too impeding and not necessary. dont waste your money on this cup.FROM JUNE 2013My 10 month old is struggling to use a sippy cup. He is breastfed and bottle fed, taking bottles without a problem. He just hasnt seemed interested in water quite yet, although will experiment with straws (but doesn’t swallow most of what he sucks up).So, I purchased this thinking it might be a good transition for him and he would start learning how to tip a cup himself. Unfortunately, because of the bobble feature, its so heavy, especially when you have to put in more water so that he doesn’t have to tip it as much. I’ve been working on giving it to him myself, just like I would a bottle, and that goes fine — but its not helping him make the connection that he can tip the cup himself to have a drink.PROS: In terms of his ability to get liquids out of this independently, I would say it is very good for that. I’ve not had issues with leaks, but I’m also not too worried about it because I’m only using water in it. I might be less satisfied/confident if there was juice or formula in it.Cons: I can’t give it more than 3 stars at this point because of the weight that I believe is preventing him from holding and tipping it himself.

Dorothea Bladensburg, OH

Decent cup but does have some design issues

This is a decent cup that my son appears to like. I don’t really agree with the claim that it is completely leak-proof. There is a slit at the top of the "straw" portion to allow your child to grip and squeeze with their mouth and suck the liquids out. Because it’s just a slit – if you have an enthusiastic little one that likes to bang and drop the cup, you will have lots of small splatters around. As another reviewer mentioned, you do have to tilt the cup quite a bit to get any liquids because of the round bubble shape. That being said, it’s very easy for my son to grip it and it stay upright when placed on a surface because of the shape. Like all adventures in sippy cup selection, you just have to try them until you find the right fit for your child.

Gertrude Gateway, CO

all’s well, but the spout can be hurt if baby plays with it too much

This is my baby’s 1st sippy cup. Right around 8 months, she transitioned from a bottle to this cup for her water/prune juice intake. It happened without a glitch. 2.5 months later, I noticed the spout leaks even when the spout isn’t pinched, when it falls over. Upon looking at it carefully, I saw that the existing cuts on the spout tip has been ripped further. My baby likes to play with the spout by poking her fingers into the opening, so that may have easily been the cause to the rip, but that’s the only reason I wouldn’t give it a 5 star review. It doesn’t leak much, but it leaks a few drops when she abandons it on the floor, or I pack it up for traveling. Otherwise, its done everything I’d want a sippy cup to do, and baby likes it.

Rosalinda Axis, AL

A little heavy

My 8mo can easily drink from this sippy cup but then he likes to bang it on everything. The bottom is so hard and once he takes both hands off the cup he drops it. I keep using it though to build up his arm strength. And it doesnt spill unless pressure is put on the spout.

Diana Belmont, WA


After 6 months of being at home it was time to go back to work. Since 2 months of age we tried to get our baby to take a bottle – no luck. We tried every cup, bottle on the market. Worked with the pediatrician, lactation consultants, etc. Tried more bottles, more cups. Finally, we stumbled on this and our baby can’t get enough. It is a true transition cup for a baby and easy to use.

Jennie Deville, LA

Does not leak

I like this sippy cup a lot. I am just introducing sippy cups to my seven month old and he is more interested in turning the cup over and eating the handle than actually drink from it. This cup has not leaked and has handles that are soft so I am not worried about him hurting himself when he chews on them. I also find that it is easier to suck water out of this nozzle than it is on the Dr. Brown sippy cups. Great product!

Angela Olney, TX

Fairly Decent Product

Very bulky. Not what I expexted. Although it is easy to clean and the handle makes it simple to grab and hold, the biggest drawback is the bottom. Because of its round design, it is difficult for the bottle to sit without tilting, and that could be quite bothersome.

Aileen Mendon, OH


My baby is 5 months and he can grab this very easily. he has no problems getting it to his mouth. The round build of the cop does not always prevent the top from hitting a floor or table as the description leads you to believe.

Gabrielle Alden, NY


bought this for my 9 month old, kind of on the larger side of the sippy cup, kind of hard to use but it is okay

Rowena Colt, AR

I like it more than baby does

I bought this cup thinking my baby would love it, but frankly, she likes almost every other cup more. I thought the wide cup would be great for not tipping, instead it is just awkward for her little hands and tipping over doesn’t matter when she just chucks it on the floor anyway. The size makes it hard for her to drink. The nipple is nice and soft and easy to clean, which is nice.

Justina Appleton, WA

Good sippy

My youngest daughter is seven months and refuses all bottles except she will occasionally take the Lansinoh mOmma bottle. I figured it couldn’t hurt to order her this. She takes it about the same as the bottle: when she wants to. This is the only brand she even attempts.

Sherri Ameagle, WV

No Spill And Easy Peasy

I bought one of these for my son when he was 10 months old and we started the no more bottle phase. At first he did not like this cup but by the end of the month, he thought it was funny and I liked it too. It is very spill proof so when he waves it around no splashes of milk or water come out…love that. He can drop it, and like a cat, it always seems to end up on it’s feet. Easy to take apart, wash, and put together. Unlike other cups it has the marked ounce amounts on the side so you know how much you are giving your child and it holds quite a few ounces. After trying other brands including Nubys which gush all over and have no measuring system, Nuk Winnie the Pooh Bottle which my son loves but it only holds 5oz, and Dr. Brown which he didn’t like at all, I decided to put those others away and I bought four more of these.

Ernestine Somers, CT

not for my child

my daughter didn’t like these, however a friends daughter loved it. the shape is fun and it is easy for a child to hold

Velma Orient, IA

Good transition from bottle

I bought this cup when my little one was 12 months. He wouldn’t use it then, but now at 17 months, he’s using it. We use it at night instead of his nightime bottle. It’s been very helpful in weaning him from the bottle

Jeri Orosi, CA

Very poorly made

I’m on my 2nd cup. My grandson has managed to bite a hole in the nipple on both tops. I’m going to have to send the 2nd one back soon. Very disappointed since he really likes this design. It’s hard to find something since he breastfeeds that he likes. This product just hasn’t held up for us.

Alfreda Center, MO

Baby’s favorite sippy cup…but

I tried multiple sippy cups to see which one baby liked the best. She’s 6 months old and out of all the sippy cups she has tried she liked this one the best and instantly knew what to do with it compared to other brands. I like the whole rocking idea of the cup. While she’s learning how to drink out of this she gets a kick out of the rocking motion when I set it on the floor. The whole bottle in general has the least amount of parts out of multiple brands I’ve tried and it’s very easy to clean with a thick bottle brush. You don’t need to buy fancy bottle brushes. Any will do, really.Now for the negative part… the nipple is SUPER HARD TO GET CLEAN!! I love the spout/nipple part but it’s different from most silicone nipples out there. It’s not clear and transparent like the mainstream nipples. This kind of silicone material absorbs a lot, and once it’s there it’s hard to clean! For instance, baby just started eating solids and she started one day on carrots. She would take sips out of this cup after she was done with her carrots and it left orange stains on the nipple. I thought that maybe hey, it’ll come off. NOPE! With some vigorous scrubbing, washing, dishwashing, leaving this in vinegar, and steam sterilizing it, the stain is STILL there. It’s like who cares about a baby product when it’s messy right? The lamest part was when I tried to use vinegar to let it soak. Ohh boy. I washed and sterilized it through another cycle and the nipple reeked of vinegar. Unlike other parts I’ve cleaned the nipple absorbed the vinegar smell and it’s pretty much stuck. So now this nipple smells like stinky socks. With yellow leftover carrot stains.THe biggest con ever: It’s hard to find this bottle in stores to find another one!

Sadie Brookside, NJ

Cute and functional

I love the nipple sippy cup top on this. It’s good for my son who doesn’t like bottles. He can easily grip and lift it to his mouth. It’s cute that it has a rounded bottom so it bobbles around while staying pretty much upright. I’ve just had it a week though so can’t speak to how it holds up.

Marion Mineral Point, MO

Great, but leaky

Great sippy cup. My daughter loves it. My only complaint is that it leaks out the spout if tipped over. We have a different cup we use when traveling.

Lorrie Callaway, MD

hard to get to the last oz

My baby loves them and these are the only bottle we use now. But the only complain I have its that when it comes down to an oz left, it hard to daughter had to bend het head all the way back in order for the milk to come

Caryn Liberty Hill, SC

I love it but keep in mind

I really like the cup now that my Bebe is starting to use sippy cups – made sure that the nipple is well secure, otherwise it will spill. Once I figured that out the hard way, it’s been an awesome cup… it’s so easy to clean to – she has dropped it 100 times and it’s still working great

Bettye Lovelady, TX