Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup, Orange

Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup, Orange

Straw Cup combines shape, color and unique rocking motion to engage baby during mealtime and stimulate development. The modern and innovative in and out straw system stores the straw within the lid to prevent leaks and ensures maximum hygiene when on the go. Round ergonomic shape is specially designed for your baby’s hands to grip while the 100% silicone soft straw is gentle on baby’s developing teeth and gums.

Main features

  • Silicone, Thermoplastic Elastomers, Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • In & Out system stores the straw within the lid to prevent leaks while ensuring maximum hygiene
  • Rounded ergonomic shape and soft-grip handles easy for baby’s hands to grasp
  • 100% silicone straw is gentle on developing teeth and gums to ease transition
  • Safe, hygienic, BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Verified reviews


easy for learners!

This was the first cup we gave my daughter at 4 months to learn how to drink from a cup(the one with the handles)!!! She got it so easily! and IT NEVER LEAKS!!!!! i was worried because of the way the top works that we might end up with small puddles everywhere, but not a drop!!! we ended up buying her this one without handles as well and she loves it!!! Great straw cup options for new learners! and the straw is very soft, and doesnt require kids to do anything but suck!

Isabella Gordon, AL

The straw is a little long

I really love this cup. It’s easy to clean, cute, and the flow of the straw isn’t too fast. I have had no spills or leaks. The straw needs to be a tiny bit shorter so that my son can drink all of his smoothie but other than that it’s perfect.

Lora Salters, SC

Great beginner cup!

I love this cup as it’s pretty good at not spilling out, my son easily learned to drink from it, and great to close up & put in the diaper bag! My son had trouble with regular sippys, and someone suggested trying out a straw cup. So glad we did!

Summer Roslyn, WA

OK cup (but I wish it was better based on the price)

I bought this cup after seeing it recommended on a blog I read regularly. I figured for the price and with the recommendation it had to be better than the cheap(er) two-pack cups I picked up Target. I do think this is a good cup, but I wish I had bought the one with the handles. I put this in my daughter’s stocking for Christmas; she was 13 months old at the time. We tried using it right away but she had a hard time holding the cup because when it was full it was pretty heavy and without handles it was hard for her to grip. Plus, it we used it at dinner time for water, she had an especially hard time picking it up when her hands would be covered in food. Now that she is nearly 17 months old she has a much easier time.I still don’t love that if she doesn’t put it down perfectly it rolls all over. But it is nice that we have not yet had a leak (can’t say that about the Nuby and Playtex brands). I also really enjoy that the straw can be covered up when the cup is not in use.Overall I’m pretty happy because I have learned that most sippy cups can become leaky pieces of junk pretty quickly. I would probably scoop up more of these though if they were only a couple bucks cheaper.

Susan Royalton, MN

The only sippy cup we will use.

I love everything about this cup. My daughter loves it, too. It’s durable (she has thrown them off our second story balcony onto brick), it’s attractive, unique, easy to use and most importantly – it virtually never leaks. The only time I’ve had issues with leaks in this cup is when I’ve put a warm liquid in it, which if I read the instructions that come with it, probably isn’t allowed anyway. Either way, I’m slowly stocking up on these because even after my toddler is done with them, her little brother will likely love them just as much. Totally worth the price. Buy a dozen.

Christi Flint, TX

I wanted it to be perfect. It was close, but missed the mark.

I am a HUGE fan of thePlaytex Baby Lil’ Gripper Twist ‘n Click 9 Ounce Straw Cupdespite the bad reviews. We tried MANY straw cups and, even with its few flaws, the Playtex was BY FAR the easiest to take apart and put back together. The only bad things are that sometimes the pressure causes the liquid to come up out of the straw and after many (MANY) runs through the dishwasher, sometimes the rubber section loses its grip and pops out, rendering the straw and suction useless. But I still liked them enough to save them for baby #2…but I am ALWAYS on the lookout for something new and improved. This time a bit ahead of schedule because my 9m baby decided to skip sippy cups and go straight to straw cups.So I scoured the products and read reviews…and settled on this one.FEATURE: I really liked that the straw goes to the very bottom of the cup.CON: The straw doesn’t seem to move around much, so you have to tip the cup to get all the liquid. This even happened when the cup was still about half full.FEATURE: “Modern and innovative in and out straw system stores the straw within the lid to prevent leaks and ensures maximum hygiene.”PRO: The straw comes in two sections (like the Playtex) and are super easy to remove and reassemble. There is only one obvious way to do it.FEATURE: “Round ergonomic shape is specially designed for your baby’s hands to grip”CON: Not really. My baby–who has almost complete control of the Playtex cup–had a heck of a time holding this…and even more so when it gets covered in bits of food and becomes slippery. It definitely needs some type of grippy on it.FEATURE: “Unique rocking motion engages baby during mealtime”CON: The damn thing gets tipped over by the slightest touch and is actually a bit difficult (as an adult!) to get it set upright. The bottom is ROUNDED HARD PLASTIC with a teeny tiny flat cutout/divot so there’s really nothing helping it sit flat. So it tips over. Constantly and repeatedly. My baby wasn’t so much engaged as annoyed and frustrated.This product has A LOT going for it just with the ease of assembly…but for me, the cons ruin it completely. I just can’t get past the thing always tipping over and my baby not being able to grasp it as easily as the thinner Playtex. THAT SAID, she is only 10 months old (but has been using the Playtex cups for about a month), so I will keep it around and see if it gets easier for her to use as she gets older…but I’m not counting on it.

Sherry Oldham, SD

Doesn’t Work

We have the spout version of this cup and my son loves it and I love that it doesn’t spill when tipped since it has a weighed bottom. I decided to order the straw version of the cup because my son likes straw cups best. From day one this cup didn’t work. Nothing ever comes out. This is a horrible cup, if you’re going to sell something, maybe it should work. I’m very disappointed!

Edwina Preble, NY

Great sippy/straw cup! Our son loves it!

We bought these because we were transitioning from bottles and our friend with twins loved them. We had been using several other types and brands without much success. She’s a speech pathologist and said that sippy cups (non-straw) have been linked to speech impediments (however I bet you could find studies that don’t link it). Regardless, our 1 yr old was able to finish his milk pretty easily and these are practically spill-proof! He tosses them around and the only time I’ve seen milk is if the bottle happens to land on the straw directly (very rare) . Otherwise we don’t see a drop. We love these cups and now our son is totally off the bottle.

Camille Auburndale, MA