Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup with Dual Handles, Orange

Lansinoh mOmma Straw Cup with Dual Handles, Orange

The mOmma straw cup with dual handles combines shape, color and a unique rocking motion to engage baby during mealtime and stimulate development. The modern and innovative in and out straw system stores the straw within the lid to prevent leaks and ensures maximum hygiene when on the go. Round ergonomic shape and soft handles are specially designed for your baby’s hands to grip while the 100% silicone soft straw is gentle on baby’s developing teeth and gums. Safe and hygienic, the cup rocks but remains upright to prevent the straw from coming into contact with the surfaces of tables or highchairs. The cup is interchangeable with other mOmma tops. It is recommended for ages 9 months plus, dishwasher and microwave safe and BPA free. Replacement straws are available and sold separately.

Main features

  • In & Out system stores the straw within the lid to prevent leaks while ensuring maximum hygiene
  • Rounded ergonomic shape and soft-grip handles easy for baby’s hands to grasp
  • 100% silicone straw is gentle on developing teeth and gums to ease transition
  • Safe, hygienic, BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe

Verified reviews


the ball straw doesn’t “follow the milk” as advertised….

Glad we only got one of these. I’ve had my fair share of sippy cup reviews with three little ones. I preferred not to use this wobbly, hard to put cap on without spilling milk (handles get in the way). Also its germ infested…you need to pop off the dome slider that covers the straw, otherwise mold grows in there (even when run through the dishwasher). There also is a film of milk left behind (unlike any other cups) and this takes forever to dry because of its shape. Also mold grows in between the weighted base and clear cup…doesn’t effect its use, just gross.

Susana Fredericksburg, VA

Best cup!

I have tried about 30 sippy cups and this is the only one my son likes. It is a little difficult to get it completely clean because it comes apart into 4 pieces but the silicone straw works perfect for kids who don’t know how to tip a cup yet or who already know how to drink from a straw. Also this cup does not sit upright very well, it is constantly tipping over because the bottom is round. Even though it is a strange cup, my son loves to drink from it so I’m happy with it.

Janie Naples, FL

Not as good as was expected

It doesn’t leak but it does fall over fairly easily. Its just okay for a straw cup, I was expecting something better for the price though!

Corine Gila Bend, AZ

Easy to learn!

This was the first cup we gave my daughter at 4 months to learn how to drink from a cup!!! She got it so easily! and IT NEVER LEAKS!!!!! i was worried because of the way the top works that we might end up with small puddles everywhere, but not a drop!!! we ended up buying her the one without handles as well!!! Great straw cup options for new learners! and the straw is very soft, and doesnt require kids to do anything but suck!

Janet South Wellfleet, MA

Just Okay

I had high hopes for this sippy cup. Alas, it did not meet my expectations. It really is difficult to suck water through this straw. Even I had to really suck hard. What’s the deal? By the time she’ll be able to drink from this she won’t need a baby sippy cup anymore. {le sigh} And the search continues.

Sheri Mabank, TX


Daughter likes it. She’s thrown it a few times on hard floor, has not broke yet :). No leaks.She liked that is wobbly not a flat bottom, but I wish it was a bit more flat falls off easier. Very modern looking and the straw goes in and out easy.

Carmela Fort Pierre, SD

Good but have not used so far

It looks good, but my daugher who is only 6 months old does not know how to use the straw. But the straw is very soft touch so should be very good.

Kathleen Land O Lakes, WI

Great but has some issues

My baby started using this at 6 months old when her pediatrician suggested we start her on a sippy cup with a straw as it supports oral motor development. This one came recommended by a friend. Overall I feel positively about it. Details below.Pros: I love that baby is able to hold the cup herself and the straw is intuitive for her to use (that surprised me). The unique design keeps the cup from spilling when you close the lid and pack the cup away.Cons: Sometimes the bottom of the straw does not follow the liquid leaving baby sucking with no liquid coming through the straw. You can’t separate the lid and straw if the cover of the lid is closed and the lid is removed from the cup. The spherical shape makes it difficult to stuff in side pockets of the diaper bag.

Virginia Kirksey, KY

Different Experience

After 3 different sippy cups and over 10 different types of bottles, it was very difficult to get my baby who breast feeds to understand how to drink out of anything… until this mOmma cup. We LOVE it! The straw is squishy/rubbery (and fully BPA free). So, it’s easy for her to sort of flatten the straw into her mouth to suck on like she does when she’s breast feeding. The straw closes at the end and can only be opened when being sucked on. That helps to prevent leaks.I’ve read the complaints about the mold. I don’t know about everyone else, but I always hand wash EVERYTHING that my daughter uses. That way, I know all of the crevices have been properly cleaned. If you use a bottle brush and even the nipple cleaning brush, you’re able to properly clean baby items. No brush will fit into the straws. However, I always rinse and/or soak in the hottest water the faucet will get to. Or you can soak in boiling water (you can even add a little vinegar into the soak to help fight any germs). That will kill off any bacteria. And, let’s be honest, hand washing only takes a couple of minutes anyway. So, it’s not a problem.When the drink gets low and it seems like the straw won’t get it all, all you have to do is make sure the bottom straw isn’t pushed up too far into the top straw. Then, it sort of moves around the curved edges and only leaves a small sip left when baby is done (like any cup when used with a straw). I believe they made this cup circular to keep it from being completely “turned over” when a baby decides to leave it on the ground or drop it somewhere, unlike regular shaped sippy cups. It also is not hard to screw on the top if you hold the bottom of it when screwing it back on. The handles flex. So, it’s actually not difficult to hold that bottom to screw it on and then grasp the middle part when you’re tightening it.This cup is also great for on-the-go since you can twist the lid to close the straw in. It just squishes/flattens down to the left as the lid twists into the closing position. I’m very surprised that this cup has gotten a bad rep. I bought it on a whim because it was on sale and I was desperate (after the ONLY bottle my daughter could figure out had been dropped and had broken and I was unable to find another one like it). But, I’m so glad I found this cup. It holds the perfect amount for my 1 year old to drink within a day.Just remember that dishwashing won’t clean all of the crevices of any item as well as hand washing will. It is very convenient. But, when it comes to your baby (or even yourself, for that matter), the only way to ever really know it’s fully cleaned is by doing it yourself. I hope this helps!

Hilda Attapulgus, GA

A must have

I love this cup. My child loves this cup. I was hesitant because of the price but it’s the best straw cup we have purchased. We have 5 brands. This is a little more challenging to clean but well worth it. Doesn’t leak. Holds up to all kinds of throws and falls.Highly recommend. I bought three. Best money spent.

Elvia Wilbur, OR

My son’s first favorite cup.

This was the first sippy cup that my son got the hang of. So this is the second one we’ve bought to send with him as he starts daycare (at 10months). It’s a little more than I’d really like to pay but he loves it so much. He gets really excited when he sees it and he’s a happy camper at restaurants if he has his own cup & snacks. We just put water in it at this point and he’s super excited about that!The top closes in such a way that the straw is covered so it’s great to stick in the diaper bag. It claims that it doesn’t fall over due to its shape, well that’s nonsense any kid could knock this thing on its side but it doesn’t spill.

Latanya Marcus Hook, PA

Doesn’t leak but there are other issues

I’ve tried several straw cups for my 1 year old and most of them have had some leaking problems but this one has been good. No leaks. It’s also very durable and has survived numerous throw downs with my son.That being said, I can’t say I love it because of a few issues. Its supposed to pop back up if it’s laid on it’s side. It doesn’t always tilt upright automatically. Something to consider, it doesn’t fit in cup holders or in most diaper bag’s small pockets designed to hold bottles. It’s plastic and it’s made in China. Not much choice in getting a non-plastic straw cup for your toddler. I’ve searched everywhere. But the fact that it’s made in China makes me nervous. I know it’s supposed to be BPA-free, etc… but I still question anything that’s made in a country that condones toxic chemicals to be allowed in baby formula and pet food!But until they make a break-proof glass that can survive 2 story falls or a company that manufactures plastics in the good ole USA or at least in Europe, there is no other choice. Wouldn’t it be great to see Amazon have a section for items that are manufactured in the U.S.?

Brittany Grimes, CA

Easy to Use, Easy to Clean, Toddler LOVES It

At the request of our pediatrician we began sippy cup training at about 10 months. Our son took to a standard sippy cup easily and would drink from a sippy cup if we handed it to him. He would not however go to it and drink from it of his own accord, meaning many days reverting back to the bottle to prevent constipation or hovering over him with the sippy cup all day long, reminding him to drink from it.I know he loved drinking from my straw when we went to restaurants (just water), so I thought, hey a sippy with a straw… why not? Best investment I’ve made. The pediatrician was thrilled, straw actually comes after sippy cup anyhow. So A+ there. And the toddler loves drinking from a big boy straw-cup so much that he will hunt it down if it’s not readily accessible and ask me to fill it for him. What a change! We said goodbye to the bottle for good. No fuss, no muss.I would recommend this to anyone trying to get their baby off the bottle, or anyone who worries their baby may not be drinking enough without direct intervention. It’s been marvelous.

Leta Elgin, OR

Great straw cup

This is a great straw cup. It’s easy for my son to hold on to (started using it at 8 months) and the straw is soft but easy to use. My favorite part is that the bottom part of the straw comes off and is a harder plastic so it’s easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher. I put the bottom straw part in the silverware container in my dishwasher and the rest of the pieces on the top rack and it washes up great. Wonderful cup.

Janell Iron Mountain, MI


My son loves his straw cup, the only reason I’m giving it 4 stars is because of cleaning problem. When you use the twisty top part to prevent leakage, it’s difficult to clean the little indentations, as well as the inner part of the cap. Good thing is that there are spare straws to buy separately.

Florence Maplesville, AL

Attractive appearance

The cup has a very good quality, suitable for baby , my kids really like it. I believe that every family needs it.

Liza Broadford, VA

Love this cup!

This is our little ones favorite cup! We have tried others and this is by far her go to cup. It’s easy to handle and doesn’t have an awful plastic taste in the straw like others we have tried.

Zelma Cushing, TX

Not my favorite due to silicone straw

I don’t know what I was expecting with this cup. I like the Lansinoh Momma feeding bottle, and was intrigued by the idea that the straw on this cup could be covered up when not in use, for hygenic reasons. When I received the cup, the top rotating part was so difficult to spin to get the straw in or out. I also didn’t want a silicone straw. Sent it back, never used it.

Chandra Goshen, NY

We love it!

Very good straw cup. My wife wanted the Zoli cup which had mixed reviews. I insisted on trying both. We are both love this one and can’t stand the other because it leaks. This one has never spilled a drop. My son loves this and we’re all very happy with it. The only thing I would change is the bottom. I wish it was more flat, but it still works fine.

Casey Kahuku, HI

Works great but child doesn’t get big gulps.

We have had great success with this cup and never any leaks. I dislike that an adult has to twist the top open and closed (although it doesn’t leak even if open, just can’t stay as clean). Also my daughter can’t get a lot of liquid out from this straw so she ends up drinking less than when she drinks out of cups with a wider straw.

Carmela Grand Chain, IL

this sippy was great, until it wasn’t

I loved this sippy when we got it two weeks ago. finally a sippy my daughter could use and liked carrying around. It didn’t leak, worked great. i couldn’t figure out why it was round, but hey she liked it.then i started noticing puddles all over the floors. i couldn’t figure out where the thing was leaking from, because every time i tried it wouldn’t leak. then i set it down one time and noticed that, while sitting standing straight up, the liquid was pouring from the top. somehow the pressure from the seal is pushing out the liquid.I still let my daughter use the cup but basically can only fill it enough for her to drink and finish (though, as others have mentioned the straw doesn’t move with the liquid and so we always end up with a little at the bottom).

Marion Manitowoc, WI

Awesome cups!

These cups are great! For the most part, they work well and my son loves them. They’re also super cute. 😉 However, they do have a couple flaws.PROS:- my son loves the round shape, and grips the handles easily- the cup and straw are easy to clean (with a straw brush and regular sponge)- you can use the cup base with a bottle nipple if you use Lansinoh bottles with a younger baby, which I do! The whole system is interchangeable which is nice.- super easy to put together- holds a good amount of liquidCONS:- the bottom part of the straw sometimes comes loose out of the upper part of the straw when you have anything thicker than regular liquid in the cup (like a smoothie). Kind of a pain.- the cup leaks from the straw from time to time – but then again, my kid likes to shake the cup upside down…Overall, LOVE these cups! They’re so adorable. I’d definitely recommend them.

Alisa Fruitvale, TX

if only…

The lid was easier to twist open, I’d probably give this a 5 star but it is a pain in the butt to open for me so I can’t even give it to my son and let him open and close it whenever he done or thirsty. He has to come get me every time. Maybe it is the way he sucks but he has no trouble at all getting anything out and neither have I after reading several reviews about how difficult it is to get anything. There is no perfect cup which I wish it wasn’t true … with that said, I have yet to experience any leaks or spills. Cleaning wise, a pain if you don’t have the proper tools…. takes forever to dry which I have no problem with since it’s done at night and dried by morning. The “ball” at the end isn’t suppose to literally follow like the ZoLi cups … the straw is stiff. It’s kind of hard to explain how the straw works… but if you look at the bottom of the cup, it’s raised up so it doesn’t dip like most cups. So when the straw goes in, it just gets pushed to the side letting liquid in if that makes any sense…. all in all, with my list of complaints, it is still our go to cup…

Delores Forest City, IA

Perfect transition cup!

When our almost one year old granddaughter started transitioning from a bottle to a sippy cup. this was the winner, hands down. She is able to handle it, even though it does have a weighted bottom. The straw makes it perfect for drinking because it does not require her to turn it up like a sippy cup. For sure, out of all the cups I have at my house, this is her favorite.

Janine Lyburn, WV

Straw cup

This cup works well but, wobbles too much. It’s almost constantly falling over and hard for my 1 year old to catch.

Lacy Gassaway, WV

hard to clean

i bought this for my 1 yr old , its easy to suck if u know how to position the straw… but how do i clean the cover??

Ellen Pitkin, LA

Great cup — our 7 month old could use it!

Bottom-line: Awesome cup! Just ordered our second one! Our 7 month old uses it (and has used it for about 1.5 months). We recommend it to friends (will probably give it as a gift to skeptical friends).More Details: This cup is great! We love it so much, we’ve bought a second one and recommend it to all of our friends. It’s so easy for our 7 month old to use it without any problems.I’ve read a lot of the negative reviews, and I think it comes down to user error. We’ve found that you have to push the internal straw part hard into the soft plastic piece to get a good seal. If you don’t get that good seal, you can’t suck anything up — that was our very first experience with it, but we tried again and it worked like a charm!I also haven’t had any issues filling it up and having it spill. I usually hold the cup as I fill it to keep it steady, and that prevents spills (I also hold all cups as I fill them to prevent spills as I’ve caused regular adult-size glasses to topple over when filling them with a beverage).This is our go-to cup for giving our son liquids. It’s pretty leak resistant — we’ve not experienced problems with leaks. Our son loves the handles (he also loves to chew on them) — they’re definitely a must for him so he can hold the cup.

Marcie Swanquarter, NC

Finally got baby to drink out of cup!

I’ve been trying to get my 8 month old to start drinking out of a sippy cup or straw cup and haven’t had much luck. A friend recommended this and I thought I’d give it a try….after the second or third time he played with it, he just started sipping away! I give it four stars because the way the lid is designed, it’s kind of annoying to turn it to get it on and off (your hand that’s holding the container gets in the way….seems like a silly design flaw to me). But I like the cup!

Bernice Darien, IL

Broke when daughter dropped it from the high hair

I wouldn’t think that it was that fragile! Seriously one toss and it cracked. Handles and straw were good, daughter was good with it at 10 months.

Rosa Bunkie, LA