Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads for Breastfeeding Mothers, 2 Count

Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads for Breastfeeding Mothers, 2 Count

Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads, 2 Count Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads provide instant cooling relief to soothe and heal sore nipples so you can continue to breastfeed. The gel pads are safe, absorbent and can be reused for up to 72 hours. They also come with a fabric backing to help protect your nipples from bra friction. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh truly understands the challenges facing nursing moms today. That’s why we create best-in-class products and offer a variety of support solutions to help you and baby along the way. Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads Soothes, relieves & helps heal sore nipples Instant, cooling pain relief Fabric backing protects nipples from friction #1 selling gel pad for breastfeeding moms BPA Free

Main features

  • Soothes, relieves and helps heal sore nipples
  • Instant, cooling pain relief
  • Fabric backing protects nipples from friction
  • No.1 selling gel pad for breastfeeding moms
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Great relief.. “Soothes” as the name would imply

I had 2 sets of these sent home with me from the hospital and they were AMAZING! I found them so soothing for all of the soreness and cracking that comes with breastfeeding in those first few days/weeks. The paper breast pads just felt horrible on your sensitive nipples those first few weeks! They are cool on contact, which feels great! I did not ever have any problems with sticking upon removal, as some of the other reviewers mentioned. I always used mine at full size and did not cut to shape. I found this worked best. The only problem with that was that when you’re engorged and leaking at night, the milk will leak around the soothies & sometimes miss the breast pads leaving you waking up to a big mess! I wore both. I put the Soothies on first and a breast pad behind. It might be less of a surprise mess if you do cut them down a bit, but, they have a tendency to shift positions, so, I wouldn’t cut them down too much. Overall, a great product which provided much needed cool relief during the beginning stages of breastfeeding!

Zelma Newmanstown, PA

Waste of $

I got these one day when I left my normal breast pads at home. I didn’t need them to soothe me at all just keep me from leaking at work. They can only be used for 48 hrs so $13 for 2 days is crazy. They puffed up when I leaked into them and very quickly warmed up. Not very soothing. Not very absorbent. Waste of $. If you need something to soothe, take a cloth nursing pad and get it damp and put it in the freezer. That stays cold much longer.

Dale Wolfeboro, NH

Go with the Ameda Gel pads instead

I purchased these prior to delivery anticipating the discomfort that comes with beginning breastfeeding. At the hospital the lactation consultant gave me the Ameda gel pads, which I used first. Once those were done (they lasted 6 days) I opened the Soothies. I was discouraged to find that the Soothies have adhesive that sticks TO YOUR NIPPLE! You have to wash your nipple prior to breastfeeding, which is a huge pain in the a when you have a brand new baby! Plus pulling adhesive off of sore, cracked, bleeding nipples is PAINFUL! I used these twice and gave up.My advice is to purchase the Ameda pads – they last 3 times as long as these as long as you keep them moist when not in use. The don’t have adhesive and feel amazing!

Karen Old Appleton, MO

The only thing that actually soothes the pain

Nipple pain associated with nursing is real, intense, and excruciating. Moms-to-be, listen up, don’t let anyone tell you different! I took a breastfeeding class and was convinced I wouldn’t experience any pain. Wrong.The first few days-two weeks are the worst, but with the help of these little soothies, you can endure!!I tried these and the medela hydrogels. These are better for a few reasons. First, they have a fabric back so you can lay them sticky side up while you nurse and then reapply. They seemed to soothe for about 12 hours. Second, you don’t have to wet these, just peel off and apply.A few helpful hints:1. Cut these into fourths, while they will be triangular, they will still fit and do the job, saving lots of money.2. Before you begin nursing, remove both soothies so that when your milk comes in, one doesn’t get wet. If they get wet, they stop working sooner.3. I used lanolin before applying the soothies and it never seemed to make a difference in their performance.4. I never washed my nipples after wearing, before feeding. If you are in the amount of pain I was, even water running over them was excruciating. My baby never seemed to mind or protest any “different” taste.Breastfeeding is fantastic, you can get through the inevitable pain with the help of these soothies.

Helene Grace, ID

comfy and helpful but pricey

The early days of breastfeeding could be extremely uncomfortable. These pads, (especially when stored in the refrigerator) were very helpful for longer term cool relief. I was disappointed that they are disposable and only contain one set that could used for up to 3 days for the price.

Michelle Anacoco, LA

Amazing – Perfect for the start of breastfeeding

These seemed a little pricey, but after reading the rave reviews I bought them one night after a painful feeding. After a week of sore, painful nipples – these started to work immediately. I’d put them in the fridge between feedings so they were a little cool and they gave incredible relief. I used these longer than the recommended 48 hours and they seemed fine. After a few extra days of use, I could tell I’d used them up – but at that point I didn’t really need them anymore. I’d say these are perfect for the first week home from the hospital and definitely worth it.

Consuelo Charlotte, TX


I did not like these at all. What a pain to have to wipe off your boob before feeding. Now that I know what it’s like to breastfeed, I prefer the reusable cloth pads from Medela.

Ilene Clintwood, VA

don’t take away pain but helped

I have struggled with nipple pain for most of my nursing experience on and off. It helped to have these on hand. They are soothing for the first minute or so and that is about it and if I wear them over night they fill up and then I have to replace them much sooner. I get more time out of them if I wear them in hour spurts here and there. They are probably the best gel pads out there and also probably the most expensive.

Joanne Swanzey, NH

Wonderful product!

Loved the option of being able to refrigerate for extra soothing effect. They definitely help soothe sore nipples and helps breastfeeding more bearable.

Becky Gastonville, PA

Super healers

I was a mess when I first started breastfeeding and still am occasionally when my daughter is going through a growth spurt. These pads have made such a difference. They are cooling, soothing, and promote moist healing which is so important to speed recovery from cracked, painful nipples. I have reused them up to three days and yes they are expensive with that, but no irritation or reaction with these. If you have a problem with the medela brand, then I would recommend trying these next. The only thing I hate is having to wash off after removing and before breastfeeding. Its just one extra step that you really don’t want to do, especially at middle of the night feedings. Other than that, these are a great product.

Alexandra Glen Morgan, WV

Necessary but a bit pricey

I had super sore nipples in the hospital due to my son not being able to latch well with his tongue tie (it took him a while to really figure out how to use his mouth properly after having his frenulum clipped). The LC gave these to me and they were so nice! I thought they were super pricey so I didn’t replace them. I’ve heard of people putting them in the fridge to offer extra relief but it was enough for me to just put them on. You can only use these for a few days unfortunately. I will be buying some to take with me to the birth center when I have my next baby and plan to buy a few pairs to use in the early days especially since my first son also had a tongue tie-it’s usually genetic.

Margery Larwill, IN

Perfect for those first few days…

The first four to five days of breast feeding honestly feel like you are putting a rabid piranha with needle sharp teeth to your body. These little gel pads aren’t designed to last very long, but I found they last just long enough for your body to "toughen up" and get used to the piranha. They just feel good on that cracked, sore, and possibly bleeding skin. As I noted before they don’t last long, but they last long enough. I am about to have my third child and this time a pair of these are already packed in my bag to go to the hospital. They are a must have item.

Angelica Bedminster, PA

If you plan on nursing BUY LOTS OF THESE!!!

Pack them in your hospital bag and use them religiously – especially when you just get started and your nipples are VERY raw and painful, these will help. Please note that they are not meant to last more than 4 or 5 days at the most, especially if you are using the Lanolin ointment (which is also amazing).After the first 4 weeks things got much better but any time I started to feel discomfort, these gel pads were the only thing that helped.I did try the other brands but they actually stuck to my skin which was unbelievably painful.

Cindy Beaufort, SC

Aaahhh…relief on contact!

I’ve had sore nipples from pumping/feeding. These helped b/c they go on cool. Unfortunately, the cool only lasts for maybe 5 minutes.

Audra Nixa, MO

just ok

I ordered these for my daughter who had just given birth 3 wks ago. They worked well but are not washable so ordered Ameda Brand.

Ruby Bakersfield, CA

Must-have for all new (nursing) mom’s!

This product is a MUST HAVE for all new nursing mom’s! I was in soo much pain when I started nursing but was determined to make it work. I tried just the gel by itself, which helped a little, but was still in a lot of pain. A nurse suggested these little gems, which allowed me relief between nursing sessions since it kept my clothes from rubbing while the gel pad soothed at the same time. Yes, you have to rinse off before you nurse but that is a minor price to pay for the relief that they bring to a very sore, sensitive area. It took about a week or two before I was able to go with out these pads but they were worth every penny. Great product overall!

Tonia Saybrook, IL

never got change to use it

never got change to use it, the "Lansinoh Lansinoh Hpa Lanolin" works very very well. should save money on that…

Nancy Lorton, VA

Saved my life!

I had so much pain, like" razorblades to the nipple" pain. These were my lifesaver for about 6 weeks. I wouldn’t have continued to breastfeed without them. Honestly!!! They are so soothing — keep them in the fridge. I had two pairs, so I always had a cold one. LOVE.

Minerva Bienville, LA

A new mommy must have!

These were just the thing to help me heal after a bad latch, and soothe my breasts while adjusting to nursing. Ended up purchasing more to give as gifts to my expecting friends.

Avis Kennedale, TX

Not soothing! Ouch!

These felt good while on, but when I took them off, they stuck to the skin and were very painful to remove! The whole point was to have something that soothed and relieved sore nipples, which they do while they are on, but being this painful to remove really defeats the purpose. Very disappointed.

Alyce Hufsmith, TX

Works for Some, but Not for Me

I experienced excruciating pain in the early weeks of breastfeeding my first born. Several of my mom friends recommended these to help with the soreness, and though I really wanted to love these gel pads, they just did not work for me. I stored them in the refrigerator and then later in the freezer before using, but they did not provide me with any relief when I slipped them into my bra after nursing. Maybe it’s a sensitivy thing, because I do believe they work for some women.

Arline Moffett, OK

Throw them in the freezer between uses for an even better result.

My wife had a tough time of it with breast feeding early on. Lots of bruises and whatnot from the kid being rather overzealous. These things saved her skin and her sanity. Toss them in the freezer between uses (keep two sets on hand for easy rotation) and they’ll sooth you even better. They last several days/applications as well, which makes them a great value.

Latoya Fall River, WI

Lifesaver in the beginning

I had extremely sore nipples when I first started breastfeeding my daughter. I had read many good reviews of these and so thought they were worth a go. They definitely helped, I can’t imagine having put a bra on without them in the beginning. However, I did find that as my milk came in, they would curl up when I leaked. They only absorbed a little milk, then they would look a little gross. Which means that they work out quite expensive. However, I think they’re worth it in the beginning, for sure.

Rosalie Alexandria, MN

An absolute necessity

Being new to breastfeeding and having a baby with a small tongue tie as well as latch issues has made for some VERY sore nipples. Thankfully the nurses at the hospital gave me a box of Soothies before I left – putting them on gives me instant relief and makes it possible for me to actually wear a bra or a shirt without being in pain. They are very easy to clean and reuse, plus they can be refrigerated which makes them even more soothing.The only things I don’t like are that you have to clean off the residue before you can breastfeed and that they sometimes cling to the nipples when you’re trying to take them off, which can be quite painful. But those are minor issues, and I still highly recommend this product.

Ruthie Beaufort, MO

Must have for the first week of nursing!

On the day we came home from the hospital my nipples were so sore! I sent MIL to the store for some soothies as they were the only thing that provided relief. I plan on buying these any time I go to a baby shower, they are a MUST HAVE! Wish they weren’t so pricey though but when you’re in pain price isn’t as important I guess…

Ada Wytheville, VA

Wish they really were "reuseable"

For what you pay, I’m not sure they’re worth it. It says reuseable but they aren’t really. I bought these to help with sore & cracked nipples while breastfeeding. Putting them in the fridge felt good and they wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have to take them off every 3 hours to feed my baby. You will still need nursing pads in your bra with them. If you leak they "absorb" your milk, which also kind of makes them "melt." The goo will get on you bra or pad, and you have to wash it off before you feed your baby. Also, if you sweat it will cause them to "melt" too. Really you can "reuse" them in between feedings but I wouldn’t recommend to keep using them for 72 hours like it says you can. Bacteria can build up on them. I would use natural methods, like tea bags, instead of this again.

Rosella Quimby, IA

Didn’t work for me

In the hospital, when i started having some nipple tenderness due to establishing breastfeeding, the nurses gave me some of these. They swore up down and sideways that they’d be the best thing ever. Apparently they work wonders for most women.For me, not so much. While the cool sensation when i first put them on was quite nice, it only lasted a few seconds. Beyond that, their only use was as shields to protect me from my own shirt, and quite frankly, there are much cheaper ways to do that than with this product.I’m a little baffled reading some of the other reviews from women who claim that these pads stuck on so firmly that they were painful to remove, or that they left a gooey residue. I had the opposite problem – they fell off too easily. No residue, no nothing. I had to hold them on with my hands any time i moved around, otherwise they’d fall off. (I was warned by the nurses to absolutely not combine use of these pads with any cream, that doing so would cause the gel on the pads to come off. Also, i wasn’t cracked or bleeding. The combination of these pads with either nipple creams or blood might cause the problems i didn’t have.)For me, ultimately, these pads were a waste of time. Using plain oldLanolin, andNursing Padsto protect my breasts from my shirt, worked far better.

Hollie North Grosvenordale, CT

These saved me

After the rookie mistake of letting my son nurse for extended periods of time with bad latches, I ended up with cracked, bleeding nipples. The pain made me wonder if I was going to be able to continue nursing. A friend recommended these, and I can’t thank her enough. They provided comfort between nursing sessions and kept my nursing bras from irritating the skin even more when I was up and about. (Letting everything air out is probably best, but these really saved me when I needed to be covered up.)

Henrietta Aldie, VA

EXPENSIVE but SAVES your Breast

This was so great to help me with the transition into the breastfeeding part of motherhood. It really helped quell the ‘heat’ on my nipple. I bought a few packages but since they only lasted three days, it was hard to buy more now that I’m months into nursing. What I did was keep the last pair, put the ‘soothie’ in sandwich bags and put it in the plastic ‘soothie holder’ and keep them in the fridge when I need a ‘cool off’. Which, I’m happy to say is rare anymore.This product gets 5 stars and is a great shower gift for anyone that you know that is intending to nurse their baby! Especially, first time moms!!!

Edna Byron, WY

Holy CoW – so glad I bought these!!!

First time breastfeeders – invest in these!!! If you think birth was bad wait until your nips feel like they are being rubbed with sandpaper everytime baby nursed! OMG – these are wonderful and worth every penny.

Katherine Tuckahoe, NY