Lansinoh THERA PEARL 3-in-1 Hot Or Cold Breast Therapy

Lansinoh THERA PEARL 3-in-1 Hot Or Cold Breast Therapy

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy TheraPearl povides relief for Moms in three ways. Heat Therapy, Cold Therapy and works in conjunction with a pump to help with let-down. Relieves symptoms of breast engorgement, mastitis and clogged ducts. Helps treat breastfeeding-related challenges so you can breastfeed longer. Works with breast pump to encourage let-down and less time spent pumping. Designed by a doctor. Reusable and non-toxic. 2 per box with soft cloth covers with snaps for use with breast pump flanges.

Main features

  • Contains 2 reusable treatment packs and covers
  • Clean with mild soap detergent or alcohol.

Verified reviews


Amazing for plugged ducts

This product was such a life saver for me. I have battled plugged ducts countless times throughout my nursing career. Sometimes I would get them every day! It was so time consuming to tend to them, hot compressing and massaging. I would just use washcloths and they would get cold so quickly! Sometimes it took a few days to clear up. The first time I used this product, I was able to clear a plugged duct in less than an hour. This product is wonderful because it heats up so quickly in the microwave, and it has a washable cover. For moist heat, I just put a damp paper towel between the heat pack and my breast. Just stick the pack in your bra and be on your merry way! Such a time saving way to apply constant heat. So worth the money!!!

Sofia Paradise, PA

These are great

These were wonderful when I was breastfeeding. They felt great when I was in a little bit of pain and didn’t bother me like the Lanolin cream did. Sadly though I did not need them for long because my milk supply wasn’t enough to satisfy my son and I was only producing an ounce from both breasts combined and only about once or twice a day. We supplemented in the beginning but I ended up being able to breastfeed for only a week and a half. 🙁

Maureen Universal City, CA


This is such a fantastic product I’m thinking of buying another one. In the first few days after giving birth, my milk started to come in with a vengeance, leaving me with painful and swollen breasts. Warming these in the microwave gave me great relief, and I have not since had any issues unless I miss a feeding or pumping session. If I miss a session or wait too long between feedings, I simply warm the packs and use them about 15 – 20 minutes before I BF my baby or pump, and it does the trick.Quick Tip: *do not* be tempted like I was to warm these longer than 25 seconds because they may not feel warm enough to your hands. 20-25 seconds is perfectly adequate for your sensitive breast tissue. This may be obvious to most Moms, but I was clueless and heated it up for the first time for about 35 seconds in total and nearly burned myself!

Viola South Dartmouth, MA

Highly recommend for every nursing mother

Highly recommend for every nursing mother. They are a live saved for engorgement. Super easy to use, perfect size. I’m very happy with this product. You can’t give up breastfeeding with this pads, happy mommy happy baby.

Phyllis Portales, NM

Great multi use product

I bought these because I was very sore the first couple weeks after starting to breastfeed and heat felt good. I didn’t think id use these for anything else but I was wrong. These snap in a circle so they can go around the flanges of your pump to help get the most out of your session. The fact that they can be used cold too is also helpful as it helps relieve pain. The covers they come with are soft and wash well. Where you can reuse these over and over (and i do multiple times each day) they’re very conomical. I would recommend these to anyone.

Saundra Sunset Beach, CA


Brought pumping and breastfeeding to a whole new level of comfort for me. I keep one in freezer for sore nipples (I have a very hungry newborn with aggressive latch!) and one I heat up for 20sec in the microwave and snap around the suction cup on my breast for pumping. Pumping actually feels good now! Great product!!

Cara Ramer, AL

Very soothing

These were very soothing! As cold packs, I felt the cloth covering (which is sort of a soft velour feel) insulated a little too well and made the packs not as cold, but without the covering they were too cold. I haven’t used them as hot packs yet, but I like that they can be used both ways.

Sallie Adams Center, NY

better than expected

they have a nice, soft lavender cover that is washable and the cover has a snap to keep the shape round or a half-moon. very comfortable.

Maryanne Bergholz, OH

Reduce pumping time

it reduces my pumping time and makes it much easier.. i didn’t try to freeze it since i basically needed it hot… i put it int he microwave for 25 mins though to get what i need not as described in it’s manual

Angelique Peach Glen, PA

Hot and cold…both work great!

Every new nursing mom NEEDS these. They saved me while recovering from horrible engorgement and mastitis. The cover snaps the pad into a perfect shape that fits right under the arm pit.

Goldie Glen Cove, ME

Great for engorgment

I purchased this as I am breastfeeding and have only used them "cold" for engorgement. They come with a sleeve that is soft and these are perfect- they fit right around the nipple and I believe are a better custom option than a bag of peas or corn.

Yesenia White Salmon, WA

life saver for pumping moms

I couldn’t find these in the stores. and these are just awesome.. Just a few minutes of these before pumping helps me so much with my pumping. I always get an extra ounce when I use these

Martha Allen, KS