Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Hot or Cold Breast Therapy, 2 Count

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Hot or Cold Breast Therapy, 2 Count

Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Lansinoh THERAPEARL 3-in-1 Breast Therapy gel packs provides therapeutic relief for the most common breastfeeding challenges. Cold therapy is great for relieving engorgement while hot therapy helps relieve mastitis and plugged ducts. It’s also the only product of its kind designed to work with a breast pump to encourage let-down and reduce time spent pumping. Founded by a breastfeeding mom, Lansinoh truly understands the challenges facing nursing moms today. That’s why we create best-in-class products and offer a variety of support solutions to help you and baby along the way. Lansinoh THERAPEARL 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Cold Therapy: relieves engorgement, swelling and pain Hot Therapy: relieves mastitis, plugged ducts Breast Pump Aid: use hot wrapped around breast pump to reduce time spent pumping Doctor designed, Lactation Consultant recommended BPA Free Latex and lead free

Main features

  • relieves engorgement, swelling and pain
  • relieves mastitis, plugged ducts
  • Breast Pump Aid: use hot to reduce time spent pumping
  • Doctor designed, Lactation Consultant recommended
  • Cold Therapy: relieves engorgement, swelling and pain
  • Hot Therapy: relieves mastitis, plugged ducts
  • Breast Pump Aid: use hot to reduce time spent pumping
  • Doctor designed, Lactation Consultant recommended

Verified reviews


Worked nicely. Until they exploded.

I purchased this in hope for some relief with my extremely painful engorgement that was affecting my newborn’s latch. They say microwave for 15 seconds but I was finding that they weren’t close to warm enough so I had to keep heating in more 15 second intervals to get a desired temperature. But they do get very hot fast at some point. They’re nice, flexible, and have a nice cloth cover. They freeze very nicely, and they did bring me the relief I was looking for. However, after only having them a few days I put them in the microwave for not much longer than 15 seconds and opened the microwave to find purple beads everywhere. I continued to use the second one but it developed a tear at some point as well, and in the bin they went. I wish I could give more stars as they are helpful, but they didn’t last very long for me.

Darcy Plumtree, NC

I Couldn’t Breast Feed Without These!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things! I have two sets, one next to the microwave and one in the freezer. I use them hot before I pump every single time, and when I’m sore, I will stick the cold ones on after I feed or pump. Having two sets makes it so I never have to wait for the type of relief I need. The pearls feel super strong. I have even tried to break one, but it didn’t work. I was impressed!I would recommend to hand wash the covers though. They don’t feel like they could go through a wash cycle very well. I have never tried, but I didn’t want to chance it.

Ines Fredericksburg, VA

A pumpers delight!

I love these things. Kinda fuzzy to get them warm, but they are so cozy. I EP, so it’s nice to be able to empty a smidge faster and help with the inevitable clogs. They are like mittens for your boobs!

Ladonna Warren, PA

Works great hot or cold!

No more clogged ducts! I used them before i pumped and during my pumping and never had one more issue with clogged ducts! These were fab for breastfeeding and now we use them on my 1 year old for boo boos as a cold pack.

Roseann Tilden, NE


These offered such a relief for those first two weeks of BF. They fit perfectly and I love how I could use them warm or cold.

Allyson Chichester, NY

Don’t waste money on this

These are just another one of those things they try to get you to buy while you are pregnant, and then hope you won’t be bothered to return it when you realize they are completely useless.They are too small, don’t get hot enough and don’t hold the hear for long enough. I used thermacare pads when I experienced pain from encouragement and they are awesome. The pain was only really bad a couple of times to the point where I needed something.

Monique Basco, IL

Save the boobies

Don’t breastfeed without these (or something similar). Saved me from mastitis several times. Feel a lump coming on? Use these babies, and it disappears like magic. Worked best for me if I warmed them up and put them on under the bra for about 15 minutes right before feeding. That way they were held in place and close to the skin. Just make sure not to burn yourself as they do get quite hot.

Kimberly Waldport, OR

Like, but SO expensive!

I’m not sure these are worth the price, but they definitely work good. They come with little purple covers that have a button on the bottom to shape them into a cone that fits the breast better. I like them, but just not sure they are worth the price :/

Cortney Millville, PA

Good for heat only

Useful heating pads but useless cold presses. These retain heat well but if you use them for cold presses might as well use frozen maxi pads.

Ethel Burt Lake, MI


Love these! They are so nice to put in the freezer to help relieve soreness in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. They can also be heated to help with plugged ducts too which I occasionally get. I really appreciate the covers that come with them too. I think these are a must have for any moms who plan on breastfeeding! I would recommend you get them while stile pregnant that way you will have them ready for when baby is born and your milk comes in.

Lori Clairfield, TN

I didn’t get much use out of this

This didn’t seem like it was worth the money to me. It didn’t stay cold for more than 10 minutes after being in the freezer. I didn’t try it warm, but I didn’t have a reason to. I wouldn’t recommend to a friend, there are other alternatives that would be cheaper and easier like an ice pack or warm washcloth (items around the house).

Shawna Millers Creek, NC

Pain reliever

I love these! I tried another pad system that was non-reusable and cold. This one is great because I typically respond to heat better than the cold. The heat easily unplugged my clogged milk duct in my breast. That resolved a huge amount of pain.

Lawanda Oneida, KY

Very soothing!

I bought these to try after the birth of my baby. I’ve been using for a week now and love them! The ability to chill or heat up is wonderful. I just throw them in my nursing tank! Worth the price.

Tracie Alberta, VA

It’s comfortable

Didn’t work for engorgement but it’s comfortable to put those things on after heating them. Didn’t try cold version yet.

Leila Doylestown, OH

Very useful

These are really useful that you can use them for both hot and cold uses. Be careful not to overheat them..I accidentally blew one of them up overheating it in the microwave. When you freeze them it does get cold but doesn’t stay cold long…I use them almost exclusively for heat to help with very full/engorged breasts or to help get out more milk. I use other cold packs for cold when needed.

Hope Lumber Bridge, NC

best for breast

First time mom in the midst of my 2nd week and my boobs have never been so sore! I ordered these knowing I do not have a microwave and plan on using the freezer! I think the hot shower helps for warm compression. After a feeding or a pump I use to take the pain away!

Wilma Sykeston, ND

These really increase yield

My girlfriend that has had lots of nursing issues highly recommended these to increase yield and help decrease discomfort while pumping and they are so worth it! I have now passed on the high recommendations for this product. initially I thought what’s the difference to just using other heating pads but these really hold heat well and the shape really conforms to the breast in a way that makes a big difference. Also, I like how I can tuck them into my bra before and after pumping. Great product.

Maria Tuba City, AZ

A little bulky

I really like these and they do help when you’re feeling tender or engorged, but they are really large. I wish I would have tried the avent brand, but these do work well.

Vonda Dillard, GA

Poor Quality Covers

I haven’t had an opportunity to try out the actual gel/bead pads. They seem like they will work fine. The covers, however, are no bueno. They’re cheap, and I’m not even sure what the fabric is called. They’d be much better in a cotton. As is, if I were to put them in contact with my skin, they’d make me itch to no end. Probably just going to throw them away. I’ll have to figure out something to use as a cover.(Posting under my husband’s account…)

Ginger Firth, NE

Remember to mix them up with your fingers before applying!

Similar to microwaving a baby bottle, these will get hot spots. Try to take a good 10-15 seconds per pad to knead the gel around so the temperature is spread out.My ~900 watt microwave takes about 18 seconds elevated on an upside down paper plate.

Lilia New London, TX

Very usefull!!

These are a great product!! They have come in handy while breast feeding! I love that you can put them in the freezer or heat them up. Also all instuctions are on the actual product so no need to keep any of the packaging!

Laura Granger, WY

Great idea but

Not so much. My pack hardly had any of the beads in it that get heated or cooled so it had little impact. Great idea, though. For a heat pack, I ended up using a tip from an all natural blog instead: heat up dried beans or dried rice in an old (clean!) sock in the microwave for a few seconds and presto!

Kellie Kelso, MO

Have these Before Baby comes!

These are lifesavers. Breast feeding can be painful even though rewarding. I had horrible clogged ducts due to my body not cooperating and my son being tongue tied (way more common than doctors let on). I wish I had these from the get go because this a product that when you need it you want it NOW! I now put these in with baby gifts for soon to be mamas as people usually give "cute" gifts. I know not everyone needs them but those that do will claim they are magic.

Roxanne Athena, OR

First time mom

As A First Time mom Breastfeeding These Are Wonderful. I Love That They Can Be Used Warm Or FrozeN And Are The perfect Size!

Kaitlyn Williamsburg, PA

so helpful!

these are really amazing. i loved being able to heat them up in the microwave, or you can put in the fridge too. was very happy with them, and actually bought this set for my sister.

Rhea Darlington, MO

GREAT Item! A must have for breastfeeding & pumping Moms…

I purchased this because my milk was getting hard and I was having a lot of breast pain while pumping. This item is FANTASTIC and I wish I had purchased before.* Perfect size — I place the pump breastshields and the TheraPearl on top and the Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra on top and it is well placed and secure. It covers my breast perfectly and does the job.* Microwavable — The fact that can be warmed-up on microwave is a HUGE plus.* Milk Supply & Pumping Time — I always get at least an extra ounce with these and the pumping time is reduced by a little bit.I would highly recommend this for breastfeeding & pumping Moms…

Maritza Carefree, AZ


This worked really well until it exploded. If you microwave it just a little too long, you will regret it!

Bettie Mantoloking, NJ

They reall work!

They really work! They get hot really fast and stay that way. They’re easy to use as well. Highly recommend them!

Lola Cannon Beach, OR