Large Black Microfiber Tote

Large Black Microfiber Tote


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Great bag for baby stuff

We really like this bag – it has compartments to keep everything in order. We also like the fact that it can be strapped onto the stroller. Our only complaint is that because its fully lined, the bag is a little heavy even before we stock it with essentials.

Mari Newton, MS

They weren’t kidding when they called it SMART!

I have three diaper bags and this is the only one I will carry. Because I love this diaper bag! They are so many great features that I don’t even know where to start!1: Cell phone holder on the outside strap2: Binkie holder on the outside strap3: 2 bottle holders, 1 thermal that will actually hold a couple of bottles depending on which ones you use4: Diapering station. All of your diapering products go in a separate zip up compartment right in the front and their is a pad that pulls out and you can put diapers, wipes and products in its pouches5: Removable inside liner6: Stroller/cart straps so you can snap the bag on the handle7: Lots of Pockets: one on the back, one on the front that zips and even has an attached key chain, one mesh one inside front flap and one small zip up mesh one inside8: Material: microfiber outside is easy to clean and the diapering material is made out of something that prevents the spread of germs

Rhoda Bayview, ID

I really love this diaper bag!

As a new mom – I stood in front of the diaper bags at Babies R Us forever trying to figure out which one I thought would be the best. I decided on this one, and I’m glad I did. I liked the black bag because I new my husband would carry it. It also has tons of compartments, and a special zippered part with holders for diapers and wipes. It also comes with a travel diaper changing pad – which is a Godsend in public places! It has 2 thermal bottle compartments, and one completely zips closed – which is great for keeping bottles warm over time. Another great feature is that the inside lining comes out for easy washing. It also comes with some extra bags for messy diapers/clothes or for carrying anything you might need.I will admit, the inside is lacking a LITLE in space – but you will find that you don’t need a ton of space on the inside because of all the extras it comes with. I have plenty of room for my daughter’s toys, extra stuff and an extra change of clothes.

Carolyn Holly Ridge, NC


This bag is NICE!!!! It has a place for everything which is why I bought it! I didn’t buy this bag until my daughter was already 7 months old. I already had a big bag, a medium-sized one and two small ones, but I really wanted more organization, and this is IT!!! The outside part has two large pockets. I can easily fit 5 size 4 diapers in one of the pockets. I put a travel wipes case and a ziploc bag full of little scented bags in the other. In that same part, I fit a bottle of powder, lotion, orajel, A&D; ointment, q-tips and some shout wipes. The thermal section is huge. I love it. I can fit two 9 oz. AVENT bottles in there! There is alos another thermal pocket on the other side of the bag. I agree with another reviewer when they said that once you fill the outside of the bag, the inside is small, BUT after you fill the outside, there isn’t much else to put on the inside!! In the main section, I carry and extra outfit; a little pouch that has a thermomether, fingernail clipper, emery boards, medicine dropper, brush, comb, etc in it; an extra pacifier; a powedered formula dispenser; baby food; spoons; bibs; a burp cloth; and a couple of toys! I must also note, that the changing pad that sells on here for $10 (which has great reviews) is INCLUDED with this bag!! WhooHOo!With all of the above mentioned, my best part of this bag is the little “secret” pocket where I can store all of my stuff! ITs great!***The bag mentioned above (messenger bag) is a different bag. Baby Innovations also have a black messenger style bag that is similar to this one. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME BAG!!! I originally picked up the messenger style bag, but returned it the same day, because it wasn’t as big as I would’ve liked it to be! THIS bag is GREAT!!!****

Margot Altoona, IA

All I can say is this is the best

I am a mother of a 5 month old and pregnant again! This bag is the best bag ever!!! It has replaced two diaper bags plus my purse and it is barely bigger than one of my old diaper bags.1. There is a pocket for everything, plus extra zipper bags for more.2. It has a thermal bottle chamber, since I only breastfeed I use it to carry my digital camera, it keeps the camera from being damaged in the sun or overheating in the bag when left in the car.3. All compartments that can be opened from the outside of the bag have dual closure protection (zipper and velcro), unlike all the other bags I have viewed at the store and I have no worries that something will fall out or get stolen out of the bag when I am carrying it around. And the velcro is very very thick.4. The color is fantastic and the fabric is sturdy and well put together5. The carry strap saves your back and is very easy to carry.6. It has straps on the back so it can attach onto a lightweight stroller, I personally use them to carry an umbrella (since I still use my full size stroller) but they can be used for tons of things, you can even use them to carry toys, just loop the toys around the strips and snap closed.7. The liner is nice but I just pulled it out, I use zipper bags instead for organization and pulling the liner out gave me more room.8. This bag even has a pacifier holder, and GREAT cell phone holder (cell phones are small and every cell phone holder I have seen on other diaper bags swallow my cell phone and I spend ten minutes digging it out and miss the call.9. Husband not bothered by carrying this bag, no Disney characters, or flowers and such.10. Also the bag has built in antimicrobial protection that cannot be washed away for life!Hey I could go on and on and on. This bag is great great great. I am now a one diaper bag woman instead of three!

Christi Caretta, WV