Large Tub Guard

Large Tub Guard

The Large Tub Guard helps make bath time more comfortable for parents. Place this soft cushion on the side of tub to cushion elbows during baby’s bath time. 33 1/4″ long x 5 1/4″ wide x 5 1/4″ tall. Non-toxic padded vinyl material. Use with Tub Guard Kneeling Pad which is sold separately.

Main features

  • The Large Tub Guard helps make bath time more comfortable for parents
  • Place this soft cushion on the side of tub to cushion elbows during baby’s bath time
  • 33 1/4″ long x 5 1/4″ wide x 5 1/4″ tall
  • Non-toxic padded vinyl material
  • Use with Tub Guard Kneeling Pad which is sold separately

Verified reviews


Works As Advertised, But For How Long?

This item works as advertised and pads my arms and elbows well when giving my kids a bath, but the portion of the pad that touches the tub should be reinforced a bit with something stronger. Ours sits on top of the railing and guide of our tub that previously had shower doors and after a few months I can feel that the guide for the shower doors is actually about to punch through the pad from underneath.

Ingrid Fairfield, NE

Good quality, serves its purpose well.

This is exactly what it appears to be in the photos. It’s thick and cushy and has a slightly grippy surface that perfectly holds onto the tub without actually having any adhesive on its surface. One pleasant unintended benefit is that this makes leaning over/into the tub to bathe kids and dogs much less painful to my forearms and prevents bruising. My only complaint is that I wish the manufacturer offered more than one length. I need this to be about 6 inches longer to cover the full straight edge portion of the tub. It is the size listed in the item description though, so I guess that my be more of a wish than a complaint.I was pleasantly surprised to find that this item was shipped in a package that did not cause damage or creasing to the item. It wasn’t folded or crammed in to a box like I feared it may be when I placed the order.

Gladys Mapleton, ME

LOVE IT, wish it was longer

This is the best cover for your tub. It is short so we strategically place it on the side of the tub that our daughter tends to try to stand up. She has hit her head on it and didn’t cry even a little bit. Other than being short, the only other downfall is that there isn’t anything to hold it in place. It sits in place VERY well by itself, however somehow my child was able to lean over it and dislodge it and fall on her face (she wasn’t even in the bathtub at the time). I would suggest securing it to your tub with something, but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Alyce Clarkston, UT

perfect for safety

Use this on the edge of our old steel tub. Works great. Our little one is very active and always on the move so this has saved some serious head bonks for than once. IT’s also more comfortable for me leaning in to clean her than the hard, cold side of the tub.

Therese Ladysmith, WI

Great Product that actually protects your child

As we transitioned our toddler into the “big tub”, I wanted something that would protect him in case he tried to pull himself up on the exposed side of the tub and slipped, which would inevitably result in him hitting his head/mouth/face on the edge fo the tub. All of the products I found in Buy Buy Baby or Babies r Us were just inflatable strips you suctioned to the inside of the tub and didn’t offer any protection.I was able to find this product on Amazon and I’ve been thrilled with it. It covers a very large section of your tub, offers plenty of cushion (can also be used as an elbow rest for parents), and stays in place – – everything I was looking for.I highly recommend this product.

Dorthy Mount Juliet, TN

Love this!

Not only is it comfortable for me to sit on while I bath him, it’s nice padding in case of a slip and fall.

Susan Middlebury, IN


Yes there are spots of the tub that are not covered – BUT this does what it is designed to do. Worth every penny and cannot imagine bath time without it.

Faith Granite Springs, NY

Smaller then pictured

The tub guard I received was not as big as the one in the picture. It works great though. My daughter chipped her two front teeth in the bathtub, she is VERY active, so we bought this and we haven’t had any problems since. I just wish it was as large as pictured

Mollie Bradshaw, WV

Great solution for tubs with doors

Our only tub has sliding glass doors on it and my husband REALLY didn’t want to remove everything. We removed the glass doors (leaving the track still on the side of the tub which is not safe for babies or comfortable for mom to lean over) This tub guard fits great over the track and stays in place! The only bummer about the tub guard is the length. It doesn’t reach the entire length of the tub but rather 3/4, so there is still track exposed. Not a huge deal though, I’m still glad I got it.

Jolene Acton, ME

very useful and great quality

very useful !! I feel safe with my toddler in the bathtub with it . Product arrived on time. Once in place, it stays there and does not slip back and forth so you know it will provide protection when they bump their heads

Whitney Marshall, MO

A must have for anyone with a tub not to mention an infant!!! UPDATE….LIFESAVER!!!

This product is by far the best safety product for the tub I have ever seen. The product arrived in a timely manner, the price was right, but who can really put a price on your child’s safety, and the description is as described as well as the measurements. If you have an extra long tub it is still a great product; just move the product down/forward to protect your shins/toes where you get in/out the most. The product arrived in its own long narrow box; just the right size for the product. The pad was placed in a plastic bag then in the box and NOT shoved into a box too short so as to prevent any malformation of the product. Once all the packaging was removed I just placed the pad over my tub’s edge, pushed on it to ensure a tight fit and Viola! a perfect fit. The pad really does look like the picture on the website.Now onto cushion…my favorite characteristic about this product. Both my husband and I are tall people, so bathing our 4month old in the tub is quite a feat because of the distance to the ground and the distance that we have to lean over the tub to hold onto our child. The pad is so cushy yet firm that bath time is a pleasure all around. No bruises or indentions in our forearms.Next, Safety…currently and knock on wood our child hasn’t tested the product out; however, if a fall would occur I know some tears might well up due to the scare of falling; however, no bruised or bloody faces would result from the fall as long as he hit the pad. In addition, I luv having the pad for my safety when I am holding him in his towel and pushing up on the cushion to stand up. It is not slippery and gives just enough that you feel like you have something to grip when you are pushing up from kneeling to standing. I couldn’t imagine bath time with my child without it! A definite must for anyone with a tub.***UPDATE*** FOR ANYONE WHO IS ON THE FENCE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT IT JUST SAVED MY LIFE!!! I TRULY DIDN’T EXPECT TO HAVE TO USE THIS PRODUCT FOR MORE THAN AN ARM PAD, BUT TONIGHT THE TUB GUARD PROVED TO BE MORE THAN JUST A LEANING PAD. THE TUB GUARD WAS THE ONLY THING BETWEEN MY RIB CAGE AND THE METAL TUB THAT I BATHE MY 5MONTH IN AND THANK EVERY DIETY OUT THERE IT SAVED MY LIFE WHEN MY KNEE CUSHION SLIPPED OUT FROM UNDER ME WHILE I WAS PLACING MY SON INTO HIS LEACHCO CUSHIONED BLUE FISH TUB. I WAS ABLE TO HOLD ON TO HIM WHILE I WAS FALLING AND JUST HAD TO FALL ONTO MY RIBS WHICH WERE CUSHIONED BY THE TUB GUARD. AT THE VERY LEAST I HAVE A BRUISED PATELLA, BUT I HATE TO THINK ABOUT THE WORST IF I HAD TO RELY ON ANY OTHER PRODUCT OR NOTHING. I WILL BE ORDERING ANOTHER ONE AS SOON AS THIS ONE SHOWS ANY SIGNS OF DEGRADATION AND WILL CONTINUE TO RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE WHO HAS A TUB AND/OR AN INFANT.

Greta Crossnore, NC

doesn’t fit all tubs

does what it’s supposed to but my tub is thicker than the ones pictured. I have an older tub from the 1940’s. I can still cram it on and make it useful but it’s not exactly glamorous.

Nancy Gary, IN