Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+ – Black

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+ – Black

Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi+- Black BuggyBoard Maxi+ provides security for your child in crowds and high traffic areas. When your child is too tired to walk, or when you are in a hurry, the BuggyBoard Maxi+ makes it easy for both of you. The BuggyBoard Maxi+ can be attached to a stroller in minutes, with no tools required thanks to the Easy-Fit system. This system also allows you to attach, level, adjust or remove your BuggyBoard in just seconds (Max circumference 20 cm). Requirements: The BuggyBoard Max+i is designed to attach to the upright tubing of a stroller or to the frame of a pram with a width between uprights of 26 – 50 cm (10″- 20″). The connectors are made to fit square, oval or round tubing with a maximum circumference of 20 cm (8 in.). No wheel axle required. Product Weight: 4.4 pounds

Main features

  • Plastic
  • The Easy-Fit system allows you to attach your BuggyBoard Maxi quickly and easily with no tools
  • Heavy duty, independant Suspension provides additional comfort for the child
  • A large rubberized, anti-slip surface gives the toddler a safe foothold
  • Larger wheels offer a smoother ride
  • Side reflectors make the board more visible at night

Verified reviews


Let’s Boogie on the BuggyBoard – A personal experience

Amber’s Experience (co-author of the Petite Consumer)I am the thrifty mom. When my second child was born two years after my first, I thought double strollers would be useless. Plus, they seemed like such a hassle. Especially since my oldest son was so independent and hated sitting the stroller. However, I knew at age two, he still would tire sometimes when we were out. Before having my daughter, I would just carry him. But now, I would have two to care for…and there was no way an infant could walk while I carried a two year old.I found the BuggyBoard online and knew it was for me. My husband called it a surfboard and my son was sold. He loved the thing. It was great when he was a toddler. Kept him out of traffic, with me when I was in a hurry, and still gave him the independence he desired. He wasn’t strapped in. We all know how much a two year old boy hates to be strapped into anything. They defy restraint.Over time, both of my children got older and I finally succumbed to a double stroller. By age three, my son welcomed the seat of a stroller and we retired the BuggyBoard when he turned four. Then we welcomed my third child and I was so happy to have the BuggyBoard in use again. It was a great for trips to the shops and restaurants with my daughter. To my surprise, it even fit to my double stroller. I was joyous! Trips to parks with three were so much easier than I expected.The BuggyBoard is so great in my mind. It gives kids independence, rest, and it is fun to ride. It is also durable. I have taken it on rocks, over curbs, and through dirt. I have even used it with two kids at once (although I probably shouldn’t have since there is a weight limit). Anyhow, if you have an independent child who refuses to sit in a stroller, consider the BuggyBoard. I had no idea it would be so awesome. The weirdest part about using the BuggyBoard, was that I was basically a celebrity. I would get stopped by moms, dads, grandparents, and teens just to ask me about it. It is that cool.

Lesley Morton, WA

GREAT for UPPA baby G series (lite, luxe)!

Because of the folding mechanism on the G series Uppa Baby stroller, it’s very difficult to attach most ride-on boards to the vertical portion of the frame. After extensive research, I tried the Valco Hitch Hiker, but the attachement straps were too large to fit anywhere without interfering with the stroller mechanisms. The Lascal Maxi Buggy Board is perfect for my stroller, because the attachement straps are narrow enough to place below the folding mechanism and lower cross bars, and above the brakes, though it does make it slightly more difficult to access the brakes. I don’t think the MINI Buggy Board would work either, because the attachment straps look larger. Not perfect, would be better if Uppa created a board for the G series, but works for me so far.

Tameka Spencer, IN


I tried to invent this in my garage…This is one of the most exciting purchases I’ve made as a mom. My 5 mo. old rides in the stroller and when my 4 yr. old tires from her bike, she rides the Buggy Board.I have a BOB stroller, so my big kid needs to stick her head through the handles, which doesn’t bother her a bit. She rides and entertains the baby for the duration of our walk.My ONLY complaint is the wheels aren’t all-terrain andPROS:-4 yr. old loves it-easy to install (I did not use the included traction stickers and it is secure-sturdy-folds up when not in use-works on grass, dirt paths, and fieldsCONS:-the small plastic wheels "thunk" over every sidewalk crack. This might drive some people crazy.-with BOB stroller, you need to fold it up to lift the break (but not to push it down)

Mae Quecreek, PA

Smart design.

For something that is pretty universal (claims to fit over 90% of strollers), I have to say this is a pretty brilliant design. This was purchased for our almost three year-old to have a place to ride on my Double Snap and Go that my infant twins ride in. My daughter was actually thrilled at the idea that she could "ride with baby brothers" when she got tired from walking too far.Installation was fairly quick and the design for tightening the fasteners as well as adjusting the width of the fasteners on the board are very simple and easy to change. For that reason, if you’re looking to use this on more than one stroller at a time, that’s an awesome feature. You do have to buy a second set of fasteners to put on the other stroller, though, as you’re not supposed to remove them once assembled. Taking this off the stroller and putting it back on is quick and easy. And the board is small enough that you can probably fit it in the basket underneath most strollers if you don’t want it attached all the time.The only issue I foresee being annoying for some users is that depending on the size and location of the handle of your stroller and the height of your child, this may work out to be very awkward. I will say that my daughter’s arms do seem to get tired when holding on for longer periods and it does look very uncomfortable because of her height and the positioning of the handle. I suggest you look around for parents who are reviewing this board with the specific stroller you have in mind beforehand because you might find that it just does not work well with your set up.

Sierra Montesano, WA

Works on Britax B-Agile Double

I wanted a buggy board for my Britax B Agile double so all 3 of my kids could ride and couldn’t find any review online of one that was compatible. Britax said their buggy board only fits the single B Agile not the double. After playing around with the different ways to attach the Lascal, I was able to get it to fit. I put it on the widest settings and had the buggy board in the middle of the back axel. This is a little awkward because of the triangle handle in the middle of the Britax B Agile double handle but my 3 year old had no problem standing on the side of the board and up through the handle. I like that the handle of the stroller is on his back so he could not fall backwards and hit the ground. I *think* you could probably attach the arms the the middle red knob positions and maybe attach to the B Agile double using one outside leg and the center back bar but I have not tried that yet. This BuggyBoard is a bit of a learning curve when first installing but it does seem like it would fit lots of different strollers!

Jan Roosevelt, MN