Lascal Kiddy Guard Wall Gate 1 ea

Lascal Kiddy Guard Wall Gate 1 ea

Keep your child on the safe side.Dangerous places. . . . become safe.

Main features

  • Can be used in doorways 51″ wide
  • When not in use, the KiddyGuard rolls out of your way (just like a shade)
  • Automatic locking feature makes it easy to secure or release with just one hand
  • Steel and aluminum frame mounts in doorway or on a wall

Verified reviews


best safety gate

Love how this gate simply rolls away to the side when not needed but when it’s rolled out and locked in, it keeps baby safe!

Lottie Lott, TX

All Gates Have Issues

When I was looking for a retractable gate, this was the first one I found. I looked around for a while and have come to find that all retractable gates have generally the same problems! They are difficult to retract for some, others have springs that break, most are difficult to install, etcI opted to go with the Kiddy Guard because of a video review that I found on Amazon. We installed it about a month ago.Things I’ve read that made me question whether to buy this gate:
• Is it one hand operation? Yes and no – if you need to operate it one handed, there is a loud clicking noise. The manufacture says this is to warn adults if an older child is opening the gate (right). However, if you’re holding a little one, you CAN open and close the gate one handed.
• Is it loud? Yes. When opening the gate one handed, the clicking noise it makes while retracting is quite loud. Other reviews claimed this noise scares their children. The first time my daughter heard the noise, she was scared and cried for a moment or two. After a moment of thought, I realized that if she is going to be scared of something – the area around the stairs is probably a good place to fear! However, as with most things, after about the 5th time, she doesn’t mind it any more. Some reviews claim the noise is loud enough to wake a baby – usually if my baby is sleeping, I have two hands to operate the gate. If not, she is sleeping in the other room – while you can hear the clicking in the other room, it does not wake her.
• Is installation difficult? YES. I would imagine any retractable gate would have similar difficulties. Installation does require two people (I should say, two adults). One of the biggest issues my husband and I faced was timing – we couldn’t install it while our daughter was roaming, so it had to wait until night, when we were both tired (and a little cranky). I bought 2 wall mount kits (one for each side) but we only needed one, since we have baseboard (the wall mount kit contains 2 brackets). The other issue – the wall kit includes toggle bolts which require a 1/2″ hole to be drilled. We started to install, then had to go buy a drill bit big enough to accommodate.
• Is the lock difficult to operate? Not really. I wonder if some of the people who say its impossible even read the directions? Its not exactly simple or obvious – but if you remember out, down, in – it will open every time! Just takes a little getting used to. That being said – I’m often lazy, and at 5’9″, I am tall enough to step over the gate without any trouble.
• Is it hard to latch both top and bottom hooks? Some times. It can be frustrating when you catch one hook but not the other, then you have to re-set the locking mechanism and try again. I don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal.I love that It is out of the way when my baby is sleeping & I love that there are no little holes or braces for her to pull up or climb on.Is it perfect? Not by any means. Would I recommend it? Absolutely

Vickie Montmorenci, IN

Broke after 6 months of use

The spring in this gate broke after 6 months of use. I am very dissapointed and out a good chunk of money. Of course its too late to return it. I would not reccomend this gate. The open and close latch on it was a total pain as well. Not worth it.

Charmaine Union, SC

Crazy hard to operate.

Ok, I’ll be honest – we never even got these installed. My dad, who is VERY mechanically inclined and my husband spent half an hour trying to figure out how to even unroll it. Then, they spent another hour trying to figure out how they were going to rig it up so it would work with our stairs. We have the carpet covered baseboards and then a chair-rail like trim. Even with the extra installation kit, it was going to be a HUGE challenge. But, the deciding factor in my sending these back was how hard they were to open. I have elderly in-laws and several different babysitters who were ALL going to need to use these to go up and down the stairs several times a visit. It was just too hard for me to try to remember the 3 steps it took to open them, let alone asking all those other people to do it. I sent them back and ordered an accordian style gate instead. We’ll see how it goes!

Erna Quitman, MS


LOVE LOVE LOVE this gate!!! It’s perfect for the top of my stairs. It IS loud IF you don’t hold down the button when retracting the gate.

Louisa Dickey, ND

Great for top of the stairs

We have a 3 year old and a 22 month old and live in a 2 story home. This gate is wonderful. We have it at the top and bottom of the stairs and there is no way either kid is going to defeat this gate any time soon. To open it you press a button down and in, and have to pull the opposite side of the gate out of the hinges and let it retract. It does make noise if you retract it with one hand, but the manufacturer suggests on other websites that this is an alarm for parents in case an older child should open the gate. It would be difficult for a child to retract this gate in silent mode.We have had both gates for 1 year now and they are wonderful. The mesh is in good shape and they are secure to the walls. We like the fact that you can roll the gate back when not needed which is nice when you are trying to move large items up the stairs, and that they are virtually climb-proof. Our daughter is nearly 40″ tall, our son is about 37″ and they do not even attempt to climb this gate. I am 5’6 and can just comfortably step over the gate. (which they don’t recommend)While it is a little on the pricey side I feel it is worth the money to have this gate rather than a bulky metal gate. You never have to worry about it becoming unlatched and with a simple glance up the stairs you can see if it is “locked” or not.We are buying another gate for our finished basement to keep the kids from playing on the steps. If I had it to do over again, I would have never bought a different model gate, I would have used this Lascal gate in every opening I use a kiddy gate now.

Tessa Sardis, AL