Leachco All Nighter – Total Body Pillow – Ivory

Leachco All Nighter – Total Body Pillow – Ivory

Leachco All Nighter Total Body Pillow “If I could sleep all night. . . just once.” Sound familiar? If you have ever experienced back pain, neck stiffness, leg swelling, indigestion, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia or insominia, you’ll know how important a full night’s sleep can be to your health and well being. These symptoms occur more often in pregnancy but can appear at anytime. The All Nighter was designed by a registered nurse primarily to meet the needs of expectant and new moms, but considering the rave reviews we have received about this phenomenal pillow, we just say it’s for everyone. The All Nighter pillow’s “candy cane” design conforms to the shape of your entire body from head to toe for a restful night’s sleep. Three specially designed contoured pillow shapes work together as one to give the support, elevation and comfort in all the areas you need it. The head section is extra wide and long for versatile sleeping styles or for those who love to “hug their pillow.” The longer cylindrical shaped section is made to support your shoulders, back and buttocks. Its length makes it perfect for tucking between your knees to relieve hip and back strain keeping your spine properly aligned and the cool air flowing. The shorter, bell shaped section is ideal for abdominal or back support in the later stages of pregnancy. You will be amazed at all of the different positions you can attain with this universal body pillow.

Main features

  • Polyester 65%/Cotton 35%
  • Made in US
  • Multi positional, providing positioning options to meet everyone’s needs
  • Perfect for perisistent back and neck pain or respiratory and digestive disorders
  • Removable/washable cover

Verified reviews


Terrible, awful, horrible!!

I bought this pillow after reading all the positive reviews here. I saw the few negative reviews, but decided to disregard them. Big mistake! This product is completely awful.I am 6.5 months pregnant and was having a lot of trouble sleeping. I was using three pillows and trying to steal my husband’s, too. The three pillows weren’t bad, they helped, but every time I rolled over I had to readjust all of them. I thought this body pillow would help that, and I wouldn’t wake up so much when I had to turn over.It didn’t work. Here’s why:1 – The fabric covering this pillow is just vile. It’s a sort of sticky-feeling polyester that doesn’t breathe at all and feels horrible against my skin. I just couldn’t stand it. I tried wrapping the pillow up in a sheet to get it away from me, but that didn’t help because there were so many other issues with it.2 – It’s sewn into a very tight U-shape – there is little flexibility. It was too close to the sides of my body (I am not a large person), and there was no way to push it away. That also made it too hot. I tried putting the pillow in every position possible, and I did read the instructions, but nothing helped. It just wasn’t comfortable.3 – It made my shoulders hurt. When you are on your side, there is nowhere for your bottom arm to go but under the pillow. But the pillow is heavy, and your head is also on the pillow, so that arm gets crushed and my shoulder ended up hurting within just a minute or two. I tried flipping the thing around so my head wasn’t on it, I tried adding other pillows, I tried everything. Still uncomfortable.I tried this pillow for three nights, and no matter what I did, it only made me more frustrated and uncomfortable. I ended up kicking it out of the bed every time and have now gone back to my three pillows. I really wish I had just bought a regular body pillow for $15.00. I wasted my money on this stupid thing.Maybe the people who like this pillow are not picky sleepers. I have always had difficulty sleeping and get uncomfortable easily. Also, I sleep on a relatively firm mattress. Maybe this is the reason this pillow didn’t work for me. I think if you are picky about comfort or generally don’t sleep that well, this is not the pillow for you.

Christian Penns Grove, NJ

a definate need for pregnancy

being a former stomach sleeper, as i began to grow in my pregnancy i had to find something to help me sleep. this pillow has been my saving grace. it took me about three nights to find my favorite position with the pillow, but now i use it every night. the pillow is so wonderful that i even have an extra large suitcase that i pack it in when traveling for work. there is no sleeping without it! i’ve been using the pillow for about a month now, and would HIGHLY recommend this pillow for expecting mothers.

Maryanne Leland, IL

Great pillow!

I bought this pillow around 19 weeks right before I was supposed to stop sleeping on my back. I had been using a body pillow and another pillow behind my back. This worked so much better! It keeps me on my side and I am comfortable. The only reason I am not giving this pillow 5 stars is because the material of the pillow case is a little rough if you are used to sleeping on soft sheets and is a pain to take off of the pillow. Still, a great buy, considering I am usually a stomach sleeper. Oh, and it works fine in a queen bed. I bought this instead of some of the others because I thought they might be too big for a queen.Edit: I am now 37 weeks pregnant and am still loving the pillow. It is the only way I can sleep. I sleep horrible away from it. Honestly, with the exception of bathroom breaks, I sleep pretty darn good considering I am 8 months pregnant. The biggest flaw continues to be the cover…I would suggest buying a second cover right up front.

Beverly Startex, SC

LOVE it!… only one downfall.

I got this pillow from another site while it was on rollback. At the time I was 3 1/2 months pregnant. It has helped me so much and I love the nest feeling it gives me. The only downfall about it is the pillowcase. Yesterday I decided to finally wash the cover (something I had been putting off for a while now since when I bought it I had read all the nightmare reviews about the darn thing)…they were all right about that thing. It is such a PAIN to get back on! I wrestled with itfor what seemed like forever until my hubby finally came to my rescue. It took him maybe 10-15 mins and it really didn’t help his arthritis. Last night I didn’t sleep with the pillow (a first in a loooong time) in fear of drooling on the cover and having to go through this again. So today I’m on a mission to buy some body pillowcases. I plan to put one on one end and the other on the other end and somehow connect them in the middle. Essentially I’ll have two covers on the actual pillow, the original and my makeshift cover that will be easier to get on and off to wash. They do sell a zippered OEM cover for this pillow but it cost as much as the pillow cost me so I can’t see paying that. One last thing,tthis may be a set back for most, the pillow is huge and takes up a ton of space. It barely leaves any room for my hubby in our California king bed. This isn’t a real problem for us because he loves me so much he just lives with it and doesn’t complain (poor guy) but I’m putting it out there because it may be a huge turn off for most. Good luck!

Kate Bangor, WI

Comfy with Adjustments

I bought this pillow to train me to sleep on my side (I am a back sleeper).I still had to add my own pillow under my neck and one in between my legs to get comfortable. Now that I am 24 weeks pregnant, I need a down pillow behind my back as well for additional lower back support.

Allyson Cowen, WV


Totally worth the money. I wish i bought the extra cover to go with it. Very comfortable! Would recommend this to anyone:)

Lauri Potter, NE

awesome pillow

I don’t know what peoples problems are with this pillow, its amazing! It helped me during my pregnancy as I was very uncomfy without it. I carried a baby that was born 23 inches long. I wouldn’t have survived without the comfort of this pillow. I had no problem taking off the cover to wash it and putting it back on. I didn’t have problems with the seam digging into my shoulder as i read in some complaints. It takes a couple nights to break it in to meet your needs. This pillow is so worth the money and i plan to use it for future pregnancies.

Janine Lakemont, GA

MAJOR design flaw in the pillowcase

First pillow I got was OK but as I feared from reading other reviews the crook of the pillow was a bit too tightly stitched and dug somewhat into my neck all night. My hopes were high that an exchange might fix the issue since not all reviewers had this problem. WRONG! The second pillow was even tighter and the discomfort was much much worse. Now this is the major con of this pillow, the other being that the pillow case is cheap polyester and it’s already starting to pill pretty bad (3 weeks old). I’ve tried sleeping on it with the crook between my legs with the long end wrapped around my back and then under my head. It’s cozy enough that way but the stuffing is all wrong for this positioning and it does not lend quite the support I need in the right places.Were it not for the tightly stitched crook this would be THE perfect pillow. The all around support is fantastic, the stuffing is just enough in all the right places to align my back/hips and I slept fairly comfortable with my first pillow (sorry I returned it). Now I am returning this one for a refund and have purchased a snoogle at the store. I went in and took each one out of the package and got the one with the loosest stitching so I’ll see if tonight I get better sleep. I also looked at the boppy body pillow at the store also and that has SO little stuffing I can’t imagine it would support anyone.

Sadie Cason, TX

sleeping better…

I’m 5 months pregnant and was using a king size pillow between my stomach and legs. I constantly had to move it when I rolled over, and could never get comfortable. When my husband left in the mornings, I’d take his pillow and put it behind my back so I was supported front and back.That’s what this pillow does automatically, and it takes up less room. It’s two sides together are about equal to the width of a king size pillow. So even though there is support in front of and behind you, you don’t take up the whole bed.Now I only roll over when I wake up to go to the bathroom a couple times a night anyway. I’m sleeping great.Cons:a) it did take a few nights for me to figure out how I sleep best with it…be patientb) you are completely separated from your spouse, so you have to move the pillow out of the way for cuddling

Priscilla Crown, PA


This pillow is AMAZING!! I’ve only had it less than a week so I cannot attest to its durability. I was worried it would take some time getting used to sleeping with it- I slept like a dream the first night!! I still put my own pillow on the "U" part, this way I can wash the pillow case since I heard it is difficult to get this case on and off. I had a different Leachco pillow with my first two pregnancies (shaped like a smaller hockeystick) I wish I would have gotten this one in the first place!!!

Denise Summerdale, PA

Excellent, huge….HUGE

This pillow was great. My wife was a fan. She used it for most of her pregnancy all the way up till she was around 8.5 months because at that point she said the large size of the pillow made it too hard for her to get out of bed. Other than that, this thing is great. It is very full of stuffing so it feels good and firm, but not too firm. It is huge. We have a large king bed and it took up it’s fair share of the bed. About 1/2 of it with a person in the middle of the pillow. It held up well and we will use it again when we have another child. That being said, it is way to large to use unless you are pregnant because it just takes up too much room. The pillow case is a little hard to get on if you have short arms like my 5’1" wife, but I had no issues getting it on since I am 6’5" and could stuff it in the case much further each stuff so it took way less time to do. I would buy it again, it was worth it.

Beatrice Seal Cove, ME

Couldn’t make it through this last month without this pillow!

I thought I could make it through my first pregnancy by piling pillows all around me in the bed, but my sleep and my back began to suffer. I caved and purchased this pregnancy pillow and could kick myself for not buying it sooner. My middle back has been aching, instead of my lower back (as it is for most pregnant women), but this pillow provides just the right amount of support so that I can make it through the day without aching. Every night I’ve had the pillow I have only woken up once or some nights not at all! I am looking forward to using this pillow for tummy support after my C-section, as well.

Anastasia Lowry, MN


I’m so happy I got this pillow! I’m pregnant and have been having sleeping problems from my 2nd Month…I bought this pillow and have successfully had the best night sleep since! I have everyone who comes over lay down with my pillow because it truly is life changing…even if your not pregnant. If you have back pain this will help immensely!!! I suggest making a pillow cover to go around this since it is difficult to remove and put the pillow case it comes with on and off but no biggie…why sweat the small stuff people!!! Get 3 pillow cases and sew them together…not hard to do and it totally paid off!

Stacy West Point, OH

Aah…The best thing e..v..e..r

Absolutely L…o….v…e this pillow. Totally worth the money you spend on it. The best thing that could help an expectant mother especially during the nights when your sleeping postures are no longer comfortable. This is really good for women who are used to sleeping on their back normally but have to start sleeping on their sides as they progress into their pregnancy(like myself).This pillow helps a great deal. Before i had this pillow i was having restless nights with little or no sleep at all due to suddenly having to accustom myself to sleeping on the sides.Once i received this pillow,not one sleepless night.This pillow is a boon for every pregnant lady.

Ashlee Deport, TX

God Sent

This is a must buy if you are pregnant. I bought this in my first trimester as soon as I started having trouble sleeping (I had trouble because I’m a belly and back sleeper and now it was recommended to sleep on my side). I highly recommend purchasing it early on and using it throughout your pregnancy. I have had many peaceful and full nights of sleep while many of my girlfriends who are pregnant have suffered through sleepless nights. A MUST BUY!!!! You won’t be sorry.

Donna Melrose, IA

smart design but takes up a lot of room

This is a great pillow and I doubt I could have slept as well through pregnancy without it. However, it is not spouse friendly! I wouldn’t want to live without it now, but buyers should be aware of the downsides and what they may have to sacrifice in order to use this pillow – like snuggling. People who highly prioritize snuggling may prefer a single-sided body pillow.Pros:There are so many different positions! Usually I sleep on my left side hugging the long side of the pillow. When I want to switch sides, I curl the long side so that it can keep cushioning my knees and hug the short side. It is also great for proppping up your back and you can curl the long side around to be an under-knee support or foot rest. The booklet that comes with it even describes a way to use this for breastfeeding.Very comfortable pillow – evenly filled with fluffiness.Comes with its own pillow-cover – with this odd shape, you do not want to have to buy one.The short side provides great back support – or if you want to lie on your back during pregnancy, you can prop it up under your right hip to be in a proper position to prevent the uterus from being on top of your vena cava.Cons:Spouse complains that it takes up the whole bed. Indeed, in our queen sized bed, the pillow plus me takes up three times as much as I used to.Harder to cuddle – if you were used to spooning, this pillow gets in the way.Too lofty to really rest your belly on it, which I’m told can be nice.More difficult to get in and out of bed especially once you are very pregnant – always have to pull the pillow back into bed and re-arrange.

Milagros Hesperia, MI

Negative reviews were right on point…

I bought this pillow despite the negative reviews thinking I would feel differently about it however it turned out to be just as the negative reviews described. I bought this pillow at 4 months pregnant so I can get used to sleeping on my side but this pillow makes it impossible to sleep at all. Granted it feels good having the pillow in between my knees however the curbed hook part that goes under the head is stitched way too tight that it digs in to my neck and shoulders. I usually sleep on two pillows so I’m used to firmness under my head however this was way too stiff and causes neck strain. It is also so heavy that its impossible to adjust while in bed without having to fully wake up to move it around with maximum force. I’m now 5 1/2 months pregnant and sleep using just regular pillows in between my legs for support…I keep trying to use this pillow since I paid so much for it and my husband accidentally through away the retrun box…but I’m still unable to make use of it. I gave 2 stars because i found it useful for when i want to sit up in bed to watch tv…but its nothing that a regular piilow against the headboard won’t do.I would not recommend this product

Carmela Ohiopyle, PA

Best pillow!

Going to start off with the cons:
• The curve where your neck/shoulder goes, is a little annoying! It digs into you. I just put my regular pillow over it and its fine now!
• The fabric of the cover, to me, is a bit scratchy! I have not tried washing it yet, though.
• It is still a bit big! (Space wise) We have a queen size bed and it’s just fine with my husband and me, but when our 2 yr old decides to come into our bed, usually the pillow has to go!
• Not a biggie for me, but the shorter side is really thick! I like the longer side anyways !Pros:
• When you get to the stage in pregnancy where you can’t sleep, this pillow truly helps!! I can sleep at least 50% better than I can without it!
• I love that it “contours” to my body but not too much! I still have space to where I don’t feel tight!
• It really helps with relieving hip pain! Not 100% but some!
• It fits all sizes! I am 5’1 and 119 lbs, my husband is 5’10 and 200 lb husband, and even my 2 yr old son can all fit in the pillow (not at once ;)).
• The main reason why I got this pillow was because I woke up on my stomach one morning! Being 29 weeks pregnant, it freaks you out! This pillow completely prevents me from getting on my stomach! The most I can do is sleep in my back & the pillow is still comfortable!I would have given it 5 stars but the fabric and neck/shoulder area really stop me from doing so! I think for paying $60 (+), they could choose a more comforting fabric and figure out how to make the neck/shoulder area less annoying! Other wise great pillow!!

Eloise Oil Springs, KY

Great Pregnancy Pillow!

This pillow is fantastic. I am so glad I bought it. I first wanted it to help me sleep on my side, since usually I am a back sleeper. It does help with that, but even more so, it is so comfortable! I sleep so well. During my first trimester when I was without this pillow, I did not sleep nearly as well. It hugs your body and offers so much support. I read some reviews that the pillow case was scratchy, but I have no problem with it (and I have sensitive skin). I did take an old, regular pillow case and cut the end off. I put this over the body pillow where my head is, so that I just have to wash that, not the whole giant pillow case. And yes, the pillow is big. We have a queen size bed and it takes up a little more than half the bed, but my husband still has room to sleep and hasn’t complained. I plan on using this pillow long after the baby is born as well!

Cassie Hawarden, IA

Great pillow for pregnancy!

I love this pillow. It is very comfortable to sleep with being pregnant and it fits perfectly on my side of the bed. We have a queen size bed and my husband still has a lot of space on his side. love it! Glad I bought it.

Carmella Randlett, UT

Prevents Pregnant Mamas from Sleeping on Their Backs!

This pillow was key is preventing me from sleeping on my back after 16 weeks gestation. Deducted one star because it really separates you from your loved one sleeping in bed with you! I jokingly referred to this as "My Boyfriend," since I snuggled with this instead of my loved one! FYI, spring for the zippered cover…getting the cover that comes with this pillow on and off is an exercise in futility! For reference, I have a king size bed and it took up quite a bit of room, wouldn’t recommend for a full and if you are smaller people, it may work in a queen…just know this pillow is huge!!

Chrystal Laurel, IN