Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic – Taupe

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic – Taupe

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic is a unique body pillow that provides ample support to your growing tummy as well as your aching back. Its inner contours take the shape of your body and adjust to it, giving you a perfect night’s sleep and satisfying day rest. It does not need any repositioning and provides equal support to your belly and back at the same time. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Chic elevates and aligns itself for a comfortable and neutral position that relieves strain on joint strain. Why You’ll Love It: It’s designed to give expecting moms the best of comfort and good sleep. Features New comfort curve neck panel Contains reverse ends for double head support Overlapped ends can help elevate upper or lower body, as required Comes with an easy-off zippered cover which is machine washable Product Dimensions: 31 x 21 x 16 inches

Main features

  • Complete with easy-off zippered cover that is machine washable.
  • Full-body pillow supports moms-to-be lying on either side or back
  • Unique design and shape supports back and belly and elevates head to help prevent reflux
  • Cozy, cuddly polyester pillow for firm support
  • Mothers of different sizes, shapes, and sleep preferences can experiment, as many have, to find just the right configuration.

Verified reviews


What a disappointment!

I was so looking forward to getting this pillow and enjoying a better night’s sleep. Well I did not get that with this pillow. It is way too over-stuffed and stiff to be comfortable and the cover is itchy. I prefer more than less when it comes to pillows but this one is just ridiculous how big it is. It’s hard to climb out of it for frequent nightly trips to the bathroom. The first night I got a terrible pain in my neck and ended up throwing it off the bed. I tried it again last night and after struggling to find a comfy position where my neck wasn’t at some weird angle, I threw it off the bed again. Also, it is too short for my long legs; I am 5’9. My lower legs and feet hang awkwardly off the end of the pillow. The back support felt nice but the pillow bulge in my belly was not comfy. I felt like my baby was getting smooshed as my belly does not exactly sit on top of the pillow bulge so maybe I am not big enough for it at 19 weeks. I will stick to my body pillow for now and pass this pillow along to my 6’4 230lbs husband to use hoping it will keep his head elevated so he will snore less. And maybe his big body can flatten it some for me so I can try it again in the future when baby is bigger.Update- I am now 32 weeks and the pillow still sucks. After it just sat in a spare bedroom for months I decided to give it another try because my belly is definitely much bigger. The belly support is a little stiff, not very giving so it doesn’t cradle my belly like my softer body pillow. And the pillow is still not comfortable for my neck (no surprise) and I have shoulders a bit broader than most women. The thing is just too big and stuffed to be comfortable unless maybe you are an ‘amazon’ woman. Save your money and buy a cheaper one with a softer review.

Kenya Firth, ID


Bought this for my girlfriend. She had been having some trouble sleeping about halfway through our pregnancy. This really helped. She sleeps longer, deeper, wakes up less, and experiences less soreness. It was a little stiff the first few nights, uncomfortably stiff. After it broke in, it was perfect. If I take a nap when she’s not around…. I use it, It rocks.

Angelita Lewisville, TX

if you want to be too warm, go ahead and get it

this is impossible to use. Its very very very warm . I live in Beverly Hills and we have a very hot weather anyway, but i keep my bedroom cold. However , when you are [prego, you flush anyway, so having this was a nightmare that I ahd to return

Alexandria Rippon, WV

Not as bad as some people say

I got this pillow about halfway through my pregnancy and I found it to be helpful in spite of some of the pretty bad reviews. The new panel that’s been added in the curve of the U shape helps avoid painful pressure on your shoulder. I did find that the pillow is too wide at that point (from outside to inside the curve), so that when your shoulder is inside the curve, your head doesn’t reach the crest of the pillow and is at an angle that can get uncomfortable after a while. I always sleep with a small camp pillow under my head so I just put that inside the curved area and slept a little further down in the pillow (so my shoulder wasn’t touching the curve). Having less stuffing at the curve might help, or making the pillow narrower there. The pillow ends at about knee length, so you don’t get support for your feet & lower leg unless they’re bent up at a 90-deg angle. This was even more so based on the way I slept in the pillow as described above. I had expected that the bulges in the sides of the pillow would provide support to my back and also be useful as a wedge under my belly as I got bigger, but it didn’t really do either of those things. The two ‘legs’ of the pillow separated too easily for it to provide solid back support and it was really too puffy to fit under my belly. Nevertheless, I specifically wanted a full U-shaped pillow and I did like not having to move pillows around every time I wanted to roll over. It does take up a full half of a queen bed, but my husband was very understanding and supportive of my need to get comfortable for sleeping, and this pillow did help with the hip and pelvis pain I had starting about halfway through my pregnancy. You pretty much have to ditch the pillow to allow for any intimacy with a partner. I love that this version of the pillow comes with a removable, washable cover. With the long (~6 ft) zipper, the cover wasn’t bad to remove & put back on. I didn’t find that the stuffing compressed too much in the 4-5 months that I used this pillow although they did compress a little bit from the new condition. Getting in & out of bed can be a challenge – I would just let one leg of the pillow hang off the edge of the bed and pull it in after me once I got in the bed. The sheets/covers placed back over it would then help to keep that leg in the bed.

Leeann Hailey, ID

Great for back sleepers!

I LOVE THIS PILLOW!Early in my pregnancy, I felt like I would never be a person who would spend a lot of money on a special pregnancy pillow. When it became uncomfortable to sleep on my back, I started propping myself with a bunch of pillows in the bed. Unfortunately, that never quite worked. I could still roll over and end up on my back…and I would get cramps that woke me up.I did a lot of research to choose this pillow, and I ended up feeling like this was the best one I could find for someone who sleeps on their back. A lot of the other models seemed like it would still be easy to roll over during the night, whereas this one will physically prevent that. I saw there were some issues with an uncomfortable seam on a previous version of this pillow, but that issue has been totally resolved with this model.From the moment I got this pillow, I’ve been sleeping soundly through the night. I’ve tried to figure out a way to explain just how comfortable this pillow is – I think it is kind of like putting on your first pair of maternity pants after too many weeks of trying to squeeze into your old clothes. You didn’t realize just how uncomfortable you were until you discover what comfort really feels like, and then you wonder how you ever survived without it. This pillow is so comfortable that I am wishing I’d gotten it earlier, and I’m threatening to continue using it even after delivery. I imagine that someone who naturally sleeps on their side could get away with a much smaller setup. However, if you are like me and are going to keep trying to roll on your back all night, this is definitely worth the money! Also, this pillow has wonderful neck support. I kept waking up with neck pains and headaches from my old pillow, but I haven’t had those issues at all since getting this pillow.The one downside is that this pillow takes up most of my queen sized bed. However, my husband says it actually takes up less room than arranging 4 pillows around my body like I was doing before. Ultimately, there is still enough room for my husband to sleep next to me, and he seems willing to make some sacrifices to know that I’m able to sleep.Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this pillow! I can’t say enough good things about how comfortable it is.Pros — Really holds you on your side – you can’t roll onto your back or stomach by accident.- Good neck support.- VERY comfortable.Cons — Takes up a lot of space.

Juliet Norris, SC

The part for your head is too big

I love the support this pillow gives my back and belly, but the part for your head is way too high! I ended up flipping it around and using my regular pillow instead.. the only problem with that is that half the pillow ends up spilling off my bed.. I don’t really recommend this pillow.

Naomi Millville, MA

Gift idea

Bought this for my BFF during her second trimester!! This pillow is the FAMILY’S favorite. She actually has to fight to use it because everyone else is sleeping in it. She LOVES it. Cradles her tummy and supports her back just right! Her pups think i bought it for them and even her hubby uses it to take a nap in. It ships in a huge box. My BFF lives in italy and it wouldn’t ship there. Quick fix, shoved it in a Space Bag ( love those too) and shipped it in a smaller box. It’s a great pillow. When i want to have another kid I’m going to get me one of these!!

Yvette Hawkeye, IA

The best

I love this thing… I got it for after I had a tummy tuck and I needed extra support for sleeping. I slept inside of it with one pillow underneath to support my butt and my spine. My kids called it ‘Mommy’s nest’, lol. It’s worth the money for sure!

Melanie Demorest, GA

This should be medically recommended by all OB/GYN’s

This pillow is incredible for pregnant women. My wife is eight months pregnant and was having the worst time sleeping peacefully. We tried everything, pillows, foam mattress toppers, etc. Then we got this and she has had great rest.

Sonja Minter City, MS

Back and hip saver!

I started having trouble sleeping and feeling shooting pains in my hips when I was 15 weeks. This has been a lifesaver for me! I can just flip right over to the other side without bringing a pillow with me in my legs.It is very big, (we have a queen bed and my husband is 6’4″) so not much room for him, but that’s his dislike, not mine. Although I did wake-up to his cuddling it the other day.I do find that my bottom arm falls asleep, but I’ll take that over the pain I was experiencing in my hip and back any day!

Tracey Deltona, FL

The Best Thing I Ever Bought My Pregnant Body

I have back pain already so when I got pregnant it became almost unbearable. I ordered this pillow when I was only 10 weeks along and I’ve been sleeping with it ever since. It is definitely the best purchase I’ve made for myself during pregnancy. It supports my back while I’m sleeping and once my belly grew it gave me support there as well. I truly don’t think I would get even an hour of good sleep at night without this pillow. It was worth every penny.

Rosalind Junction City, OH

Hated it. Too firm, too huge

It is both too long, too bulky, and too filled. I hated and could not get comfortable on this. Would not recommend

Paula Nilwood, IL