Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow, Ivory

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow When you’re expecting you may notice you need as much support for your growing tummy as you do your aching back. Back ‘N Belly’s inner contours are designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body, no matter how you like to sleep. With its clever design there’s no need to reposition during the night. Simply turn from side to side and your body pillow is a custom fit. Provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time. Reverse ends for a “double decker” head support. Elevates and aligns hips to help ensure a neutral position to relieve strain on joints. Cradle yourself in custom comfort all through out the night. Ships with pillowcase already on pillow. The case can be removed for washing.

Main features

  • Provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time
  • No repositioning during the night, simply turn from side to side
  • Hour glass inner curves snug and support your entire back and belly
  • Aligns hips for neutral joint positioning
  • Ideal for sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel syndrome

Verified reviews


The seam ruined this pillow for me.

Janette Fyffe, AL

You need this pillow

I got this when I was just beginning to show and I loved it so much. I heard all the other pregnant women who couldn’t sleep because they couldn’t get comfortable; obviously they didn’t have this touch of heaven. It is big, but i slept in a different bed while i was pregnant(why torture my husband with my bizarre sleep patterns and continuous trips to the bathroom while i was pregnant?). So if you have a queen you and your hubby will have a tight fit in bed with this pillow, but it would be fine with a king. I cut the end out of pillow case so I could have an extra cover over the pillow for my face area(so I didn’t have to wash off my eye makeup if i wanted to catch a quick nap). The case that comes over the pillow is great, but you don’t want to be taking it off every week to wash, just cut the end out of a pillowcase you don’t like anymore and wash the big case less frequently.

Joanna Warm Springs, OR

Great pillow for bedrest!!

I was put on strict bedrest in the hospital when I was 18 weeks pregnant due to complications. A twin-sized hospital bed is not very comfortable, especially when you’re stuck in bed 24/7. I had to lay on my left side the majority of the time, and I thought this pillow might help keep me positioned that way. So, I ordered this pillow and my husband brought it to the hospital for me, and it was truly a lifesaver! I spent just over 4 months literally living in the middle of this pillow. It helped ease my lower back pain that I got from lying down all the time, and it did a great job keeping my on my left side, even when I was sleeping. The pillow was also just so comfy to snuggle up against, especially since I couldn’t be home to snuggle up next to my husband. We found replacement covers for the pillow at […] The pillow itself did wear out in some areas, but considering I was laying in/on it all the time, that was to be expected, considering the frequency and length of time I used it. Overall, I think this is a great pillow for any mom-to-be!

Heidi Port Salerno, FL

So comfortable – made my sleep MUCH better!

I got this pillow when I was 26 weeks pregnant since I just couldn’t get comfortable in bed and was having inturrupted sleep always tossing from side to side. I waited until I used it for 2 weeks before I wrote a review so I could make sure I liked it or didn’t like it. I love it!PROS:1. I sleep much more soundly than I did before. It truely is very comfortbale and I think I’ll continue using it for sleep even after birth. My husband even wants one too!2. The back support and front support is awesome. I am a 100% back sleeper so it was really hard for me to get comfortable on my side and sleep on my sides all night long (always tossing from one to the other, getting a burning feeling, and tossing back). This makes it totally fine. I also worried about rolling on my back while I slept and the back support keeps me from doing that. The front support really makes my getting-larger belly much more comfortable also while lying on my side. The feeling I had before the pillow of the weight pulling it down was not comfy! Ok, I know I’m only 29 weeks now and it will get worse/bigger – but I was still quite uncomfortable!2. It is nice and large! The head rest is not to high (like some people mentioned). For me, it is perfect. I can sleep without an additional pillow, or I can squish a down pillow in there. Also, I am 5’10” and it reaches from head to knees. I heard the Snoogle is too short to reach all the way around taller women. I can also snuggle in and read my book for hours. It is just really really comfortable! Much better than trying to fit 4 or 5 pillows in your bed – especially since this pillow is already contoured to exactly where you want/need the pillow parts to be. You don’t need to hassle with moving pillows this way or that in the bed.CONS:1. Just a warning – it is quite large (which is good and bad). On our queen bed, it takes up about 2/3 of the space. My husband opted to sleep downstairs (it’s cooler down there anyway since it is a hot summer). If you have a king size bed – no problem and no worries. If you have a queen, be prepared for either 1) sharing it with your husband/partner, 2) having your husband/partner delegated to only a small portion of the bed, or 3) having your husband/partner sleep somewhere else. If you have just a double bed, it will be all you. However, since it is the perfect size for me – I wouldn’t change it. I like it the way it is.2. This is so minor. The cover only comes in white. It is all cotton though, so I’ll probably dye it, but it would have been nice to have a choice.I definitely reccommend this pillow. I have a boppy for breastfeeding anyway, so I’m not concerned with that. I just want a good nights sleep! And you can take this into another room and watch movies or TV with it (have it prop you up) or sit it on the couch for extra support – all sorts of options.

Susana Gayville, SD

Bulky but so worth it!

I love this pillow! I’m not sure why they chose to use the nursing image for the main picture, because it’s obviously too bulky to be used for nursing, but it’s perfect for sleeping!I bought mine when I was in my first trimester, because I was having such a hard time sleeping yet was exhausted all the time. Prior to my pregnancy, I slept on a donut-type chiropractic pillow and at first was worried about this one being too flat for my head, but it’s been awesome.The very best part about it is the symmetrical aspect: you don’t have to drag pillows with you when you turn over, so you’re not waking up completely each time you change position, which means a more restful night (well, except for the potty breaks, of course.)I know all the books say you’re to sleep on your left side but I toss and turn a lot. Having support on both my front and back has been awesome. Plus, it’s great to prop up the top end against the headboard and read, etc. It’s very comfy!In latter part of my pregnancy when heartburn became an issue, I slept with a flat pillow underneath the “U” part, to lift my head up slightly. It worked just fine and didn’t hurt my neck at all.FIT: We have a king-sized bed but I’ve used it on a queen-sized too and there’s still enough room for me, the hubby and our dog in both beds. Cuddle time and sleep time just have to be separate is all but it’s worth it for my comfort and my husband agrees. It would be too tight a fit in a double or full sized bed for two people, though, I fear.SHAPE: I love the shape, especially as I’ve gotten bigger, the small “wings” on the inside help to support my weighty belly.LENGTH: I’m short (5’2″) but it would be nice if it were a little tiny bit longer. I have another little rice pillow that I sometimes stick down at the end and prop a foot on, if my ankles are swelling. But it’s not necessary.MATERIAL: The cover is cotton and not scratchy but I with they’d made the case a tiny bit bigger, as it’s a tight fit and a hassle to change (though not impossible). Not a sticking point though.I took the advice of a previous reviewer and cut open an old pillow case and looped it to the top portion so I don’t have to change the entire case each time I change the bedding. That works great. Thanks for the idea. :)Overall, the benefits far outweigh any negative aspects, so I’m giving it five stars. This pillow has been a lifesaver at ALL stages of my pregnancy thus far! And it’s absolutely worth the price, hands-down.

Terri Claunch, NM

Simply the Best

At 37 weeks I figure I can give an accurate review of this pillow. My husband purchased it when we were around 4 months. Immediately I began to enjoy my sleeping hours.The pillow is now even more important to me as my belly needs support as I turn from one side to the other; I lift the side I am moving to up to the belly and finally down to rest. At this stage it’s a little difficult to get the lower end under my top knee for hip support, but that’s no doubt an issue whatever pillow one uses.I highly recommend this pillow to ANYone who has difficulty sleeping.M…

Robyn Cayuga, ND

not for tall women

I am 5’8″ and it just does not work well. If my head is comfortable the bottom does not hook well between my legs, if it hooks well between my legs it it like I am being strangled. I had the Snoogle for my first pregnancy and it was great. I had high hopes for this but just not long enough. I am hoping it works out maybe for breastfeeding.

Celia Hepler, KS

Not very happy

I wouldn’t say I am very happy with this pillow. Maybe that’s because I am not used to very thick pillows and it hurt my neck after I tried to sleep on it. Also, it’s a little bit short and I cannot place my legs comfortably. The cover is made of polyester and everything sticks on it, and it was very unpleasant in summer – cotton would be much better and healthier. But I sewed cotton covers myself. The only 2 points I am giving to it – it gives great support to my back when I sit – I am experiencing some lower back pains during my pregnancy, and for that purpose it is great. So, I hope I can use it much better when I will be breastfeeding my baby – at least it would not be waste of money then.

Kelli Sabinsville, PA

Cheaply made

This tore in the center the very first night I used it. There is an awful, hard seam because of the angle. It wouldn’t matter if you bought a different cover for it since the interior pillow has this seam as well. Also the "belly" supports on the side are a joke. They were flattened into the rest of the pillow within 3-4 days. About a week after purchasing this, I saw the "One Piece Full Size Comfort U Pillow" and wish that I had bought that instead. I don’t think I can return this now since its damaged and been used. Sad, waste of my money. If I had seen the other pillow first, I would have bought it instead, even if it was $30 more.

Estella Bethune, CO

Good Overall Product

My daughter is now 6 weeks old, and I bought this pillow early on in my pregnancy. I didn’t like the Snoogle, which seemed like it didn’t support your whole body. This pillow did the trick though, and I could sleep without any backpain or even lay it on the floor to watch TV. My only complaints are that it’s HUGE and will most likely push your partner out of the bed. Also, it’s absolutely useless for breastfeeding. It advertises that you can use it similar to a Boppy, but it’s too difficult to manuever, and by that time your child is screaming for food. If it actually did work as a breastfeeding pillow, it would get 5 stars.

Nanette Gratis, OH

Painful for tall women!

I was getting desperate for additional support and based on all the postive reviews, bought this pillow during my sixth month of pregnancy. The first moment I tried it out, it felt comfortable, as it is very stuffed and does offer support. Within minutes, however, it became uncomfortable and then painful. The problem lies in how the top u-shaped portion is sewn–it is sewn so tightly and stiffly that it digs into your neck. When I pulled myself down a little bit to avoid this, the pillow became useless for two reasons. First, the side wasn’t long enough to fit between my legs for support. Second, it didn’t provide enough support for my head and I needed another pillow. This defeated the entire purpose. If only the pillow were either longer or had more flexibility/was sewn differently at the u-shape! I am five nine, and it was too short by several inches. We have a queen size bed, and it’s true that this pillow takes up so much room that it’s like having a third person in bed with us. If the pillow worked properly, it would have been worth it. It’s winter now, and I was worried that as it got warmer, it would make me and my husband too hot.

Catalina Gravette, AR

Don’t waste your money

This product is awful. The seam digs into your shoulders. It does not really support your back because the pillow separate as you move around. Also you have to take your arm out from under it to change sides… This is hard because the pillow is bulky. Switching positions is not easy. Worst is that it was too short. The pillow barley reached the upper part of my legs and I could not wrap it around like in the product photos. My legs were not support and I developed hip pain. Don’t buy this!,,,

Marcia Clayton, NJ

My wife LOVES it!

My wife researched a lot of different pillows for her pregnancy, and found this one. We ended up getting it on Amazon, and she LOVES it. The pillow case is a bit tricky to get one once you take it off to wash it, but it eventually gets back on with a little work. Great quality product, and she sleeps better with it.

Cheryl Dewar, IA

Still using it 5 months postpartum

This was my lifesaver when I was pregnant….and still is!! I tried giving it up after I had my baby, but had a c-section, so still had a lot of back problems. I was just about to start trying to give it up again…when I got a hernia and had to have that repaired. At first my husband hated it, but now he leans up against it as well. We have a california king bed, so plenty of room for it.

Amber Bradenton Beach, FL

Im pretty picky. Love it.

I am only 10 weeks pregnant. But i needed this from the beginning. I have almost no complaints but that its a little too stuffed at the head of it than i would like. My neck sometimes hurts. However, i do not have the same seam issues other women have complained about. For the over stuffed pillow i just take my pillow and put in my “cocoon” and don’t use the Body pillow for my head support. It works great for me!

Jasmin Jackson, LA

it’s my nest

this does take up a lot of space and if you make the bed with it under the covers, it looks like there’s still a person sleeping. we have a king bed and so there’s room for it. the cover is a little scratchy – like 50 thread count. It has definitely helped me to make the adjustment to sleeping on my side because I am a back or stomach sleeper when I’m not pregnant.one of the first nights I used it, I had an awful night’s sleep because my husband was snoring the whole night. Even though it was a saturday and I could sleep late, I was up at 7:00 am because of his snoring. I was surprised when I went back to the bedroom an hour later to find my husband silently sleeping in my pillow! he wants one too now! I let him use my nest once I’m awake.It can be kind of cumbersome but my tip to get up to go to the bathroom in the night is just to lift one arm of it and go under the pillow.

Peggy Desert Hot Springs, CA

the best thing I bought during pregnancy

As I entered my third trimester I found it more difficult to sleep. While this pillow is very large and takes up a lot of room, it is a great purchase. it supported me when I slept on my side. I felt it supporting my back and my belly and overall I slept much better. Even if we had to go away for the weekend I would take it with me. I would reccommend that you have a big bed to use this in, especially if you are sharing the bed with another person.

Maricela Jeff, KY

Fabulous back, belly and hip saver!

Generally I am a back sleeper and so had to adjust to sleeping on my side. Early in my pregnancy I had a hard time sleeping because my lower hip would hurt so much it would wake me up. So I got this pillow. It helped me prop myself so I felt like I was on my back and helped support my lower hip so it didn’t hurt. Now, later in my pregnancy it helps support not just my back and hips but also supports my enormous belly! I havn’t had an uncomfortable night since. I will say that all of the reviews suggesting that your partner will have very little room on the bed are correct. My partner has been very patient these last 9 months.

Juanita Bonita, LA

Like a pregnancy cocoon!

I initially did not want to buy one of these pillows because I thought they were sort of silly. Boy was I wrong! The pillow is firm enough that it doesn’t go flat when you’re all wrapped around it. I also like that the cover comes off for washing (although it is white, which is kind of a bummer). All of the different positions you can use this pillow in make it very versatile. Even my husband wants one!The only con is this pillow is HUGE. I sleep in a queen sized bed, but anything smaller would probably be too small.

Mayra Mcgregor, MN

Finally, relief

I tried several different pillows and still couldn’t get comfortable enough to sleep well. My coworker recommended this one and I bought it hoping for some relief. I have scoliosis and my back is messed up anyway but this pillow keeps my back from locking up and I can comfortably roll over during the night without having to reposition the pillow. After training myself to sleep on my back for 12 years it’s hard not to be able to do that now. I am able to position the pillow so that my belly is supported in the front, but I am leaning on the back and it feels like I’m sleeping on my back. This thing is a total godsend. When I leave for work, my husband and dog curl up to it. :)———Edit——–I have since given birth and don’t need this pillow anymore. That said, my husband has stolen it and uses it nightly. We definitely got our money’s worth.

Alma Bradley, OK

Not bad once you find a comfortable position

I do like this pillow, but not in the way everyone else does. I do not copy any of the positions as shown in the pictures that come with this product, because they are all too uncomfortable for me.I purchased this when I was 3 months pregnant (barely showing). I am a 100% back-sleeper and could not continue that while pregnant, so I needed something to force me into sleeping sideways. I slept in it the first night as shown in the picture and slept horribly; I kept waking up throughout the night in uncomfortable, awkward positions and woke up in the morning with back pain. I threw the pillow on the side and did not touch it for several weeks.I picked it up again as my belly got bigger and decided to give it a second chance. Actually I was determined to find some use for it after all the money I spent on it. Over a period of a few days, I slept on it different ways to see what I liked best. I turned it upside down, folded the arms into each other, all kinds of things, I was very creative.Finally I found a position I REALLY like. It is hard to describe but basically if you think of the pillow as two legs, my head rests on the feet, and my behind sits in the crotch area, with my legs curled in. What I hated is how the legs would spread out really wide overnight and hang off the bed so I used a long piece of thin cloth to tie it closed, which worked wonderfully. Throughout the night I am constantly in this little trench in a sideways position. My husband calls it my “nest.”I think I would be more able to use it the regular way if the lining in the bend was not so stiff, hurting my neck. Also the design of the pillow just does not match the contours of my body. However, I MADE it work for me, so I am overall happy with the purchase.

Georgette Upper Black Eddy, PA

Great pillow, one flaw

I bought this for my wife when she first complained of back and hip pain during her pregnancy. In her case it was around 15 weeks.She was sure that putting a pillow between her knees would be sufficient, but after two nights it was clear that would not work, as she was waking up complaining of a sore back and hip. I ordered this as a surprise and had it sent next day shipping with Amazon Prime.First Impression:The pillow is big. Like, really big. It came in a box that was easily four feet long by two feet wide and a foot and a half thick. The pillowcase was soft and the stuffing seemed soft yet supportive. It was a bit intimidating to look at out of the context of bed.Using the pillow:We put it in the bed (queen size) and she tried it out before actually going to bed. Her first impression was that it was quite comfortable to lay with. It took up a decent amount of the bed but didn’t encroach my side too badly and I knew it would be worth it for her to be comfortable.She was sold on the first night. The loop that goes between the legs kept her hip in alignment and she woke up the next morning pain free. She said it did not sleep warm so she didn’t get hot snuggled up against it. It helped her to stay laying on her left side for most of the night, as it made it tough to roll over with the loop between her legs. Now that she is more advanced into her pregnancy (28 weeks), the part that goes under her belly is providing good support to keep her back from getting torqued over night.She isn’t experiencing any issues with the seams causing chafing as some reviewers have had.The only notable flaw is that the pillow case is getting some tiny pill balls, which is a little disappointing. However, they are very minor and would not stop me from buying the pillow again.Bonus: My dog and I also find the pillow to be extremely comfortable.

Bernice Walkersville, MD

Better than a body pillow!

This pillow worked wonders. Sleeping while pregnant with twins was not an easy thing to do until this pillow came into my life. I slept so much better with the support this pillow not only provided for my legs/belly, but also around my back. I did find myself propping up the "head" portion of this with another pillow though as to keep my head elevated and the heartburn down. It’s great that a cover came included with this pillow, however its an incredibly daunting task to take the cover off and put it on again.

Dona Delano, PA

some relief for a miserable twin mama

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with twins, but have been having trouble sleeping since about 10 weeks. Every morning I wake up with my hips killing me. Recently I had to stay in the hospital for about 10 days. During that time, my hip pain disappeared, I thought it was because I propped pillows against all of the bed rails so my body was more supported instead of putting so much pressure on my hips. When I got home I ordered this lifesaver, because it looked like it could mimic the support the bed rails offered. It gives support in all of the right places! The only gripe I have is that the seam is very tight, especially at the bridge where your neck/shoulder rests so it kind of cuts in to the skin. If it gets to be something I can’t deal with I will probably just cut the pillow and sew in a little velcro to relieve the tension. Overall- a great product.

Natalie Riverdale, NE


It is just what my pregnant body needed! I am not far enough along to sleep all night with it, but it certainly helps when I first lay down at night to relax muscles that wouldn’t be relaxed otherwise. I’m pretty sure my husband will be ordering one for himself, just to help with is back. Great pillow!

Jenna Junction, UT

A staple for any pregnant ladly!

Seriously this is the most comfortable pillow ever! While nothing about being pregnant is particularly comfortable this pillow makes getting to sleep a lot easier by supporting you in all the right places.

Leanna Edmore, MI

Absolute must-have!

Why I Bought This Pillow:I started having a little trouble sleeping during my 1st trimester but an extra king-sized pillow to snuggle with fixed the problem; however, I started having a lot of trouble sleeping in the middle of my 2nd trimester even with the extra bed pillows. I ordered this Back ‘n Belly pillow when I was 25 weeks pregnant and have been using it for the past month. It is WONDERFUL! It is an absolute must-have for me!How I Use This Pillow:My husband and I call it the cloud pillow because it feels like I am sleeping in a cloud! Several reviewers commented that the seam at the bend of the pillow was uncomfortable and that the pillow was too short. These have been non-issues for me because I prefer to sleep with it upside down. I still use my regular pillow for my head and I hug the “arms” of this pillow while I sleep. I am 5’4″ and I sleep with the top of the arms about chin-level. If I stretch my legs out all the way, my ankles are on either side of the bend in the pillow which is very comfortable. I put a pillowcase designed for a “body pillow” on each arm and they almost meet at the bend in the pillow. That way I can just wash the pillowcases without having to take the cover off. King-sized pillowcases work well too…they are a little snugger and fit the arms better but stop a little short of the bend.Pros:-Keeps me from rolling over on my back most of the time. (I only roll onto my back if I do not tuck the arm snuggly under my back before I fall asleep.)-Provides great support for my arms/chest, belly, knees and ankles.-In certain positions, helps elevate my feet when legs/ankles are swollen.-I sleep through the night (except to go to the bathroom) instead of waking up with the sensation that I’m rolling backwards.Cons:-Takes up a lot of space, but works fine in our king-sized bed. (We tried it in a queen-sized bed at my inlaws and I would not recommend it.)-A little bit hard to crawl in and out of with a big belly, but worth the effort. It helps to crawl under the arms instead of going over top of them.-Difficult to change the cover for washing, but not necessary very often if you use extra pillowcases on the arms.

Valerie Northern Cambria, PA

My Back’s best friend

this pillow helps me go in a really deep sleep while my belly grows bigger and bigger every day …i just love it

Tommie Mineral, IL

NOT Comfortable

I thought this would be a great solution to my comfort issues I’ve been having in pregnancy but I was way wrong. The pillow is WAY too big & bulky & honestly, it’s not comfortable at all. The cover is not soft & the pillow itself is too stiff to mold to your liking. Also, the head part is too bulky to use with your own pillow but too flat by itself. Altogether the pillow was wrong wrong wrong.I only gave it 2 stars because Amazon’s shipping/cost was awesome as usual.

Katelyn Progreso, TX

Didn’t dislike this…hated it

I researched beyond belief and found a really good deal on this pillow. I was SO excited to get it…until I tried it. There’s no space in it, you’re stuck in this pillow cocoon, which I thought was going to be a positive as I wanted front and back support. I’m a back/stomach sleeper so finding a spot for my arm without cutting off circulation seemed impossible. The cover was scratchy. The pillow was firm with no softness/squishy ness for comfort. There was no room in the bed for my husband so I tried it on the couch (trying to avoid a return) but it didn’t fit. I’ve never hated a product more. It was returned immediately. I used 2pillows instead and they were much more comfortable!

Cherie Atlanta, NE