Leachco Bath ‘N Bumper – Cushioned Bath Tub – Blue Fish

Leachco Bath ‘N Bumper – Cushioned Bath Tub – Blue Fish

Leachco Bath ‘N Bumper Cushioned Bath Support It can be a slippery transition when going from the infant tub to the family tub. Our Bath ‘N Bumper is a “tub in a tub” that makes bathing little ones so safe and easy. The contoured, soft bumper fits directly into a full size tub and surrounds your little one with comfy cushioned support. Bath ‘N Bumper is constructed of a soft, open weave polyester fabric made especially for the bath. It is filled with polystyrene beads to give it lots of cushioned support. The contoured sides act as all around bumpers to provide the protection needed. The padded slip resistant bottom helps prevent slipping and sliding, something vinyl bottom infant tubs cannot do. There is nothing to inflate, no hard ring to thread baby through, no suction cups to contend with, just soft cushioned water friendly support that is quick and easy to use. What’s more, the flip side is ideal for bathing toddlers in a reclining position for shampooing hair.

Main features

  • Cushioned bumper supports all around creating a “tub in a tub”
  • Slip proof bottom helps prevent accidental falls unlike plastic tubs
  • Study hanger for drip dry storage

Verified reviews


Potential buyer, please help with questions!

I have the original safer bather and I’m thinking about purchasing this item and the reviews so far have been very helpful, however I have a few questions I’m hoping other reviewers can answer who own this:1. the original is more of a cushion and the material mildews after a while, do the beads in this one do the same or is it a different material?2. how long does it take to dry?3. at what age would you recommend this product? would it be appropriate for a 3 1/2 month old who can’t sit on his/her own?

Nicole Tenants Harbor, ME

Wouldn’t Recommend

Honestly, we never took this out of the package and I ended up selling it for much less than I paid. We had bought it thinking it would be another fun gadget, but actually having it in our home made us realize how big and bulky this was. It’s filled with those styrofaom type bead things so it would definitely need to be aired out and dried between every bath but I still think it’d accumulate mold/mildew relatively quick.

Julianne Cherokee, AL

I hate this tub

I wish I would’ve read the reviews more carefully that this thing doesn’t hold water! What a drawbak for me.. and I discovered this too late and wasn’t able to return it. You ahve to fill the whole tub with water and then the water that comes into the tub is used. It’s got weird styrofoam pieces inside that make it safe for baby in case he falls over but it totally sucks that you have to waste so much water at bath time! What a horrible invention. I learned my lesson the hard way to real all available reviews carefully before I purchase.

Heather Skokie, IL

I wish I would have bought this tub sooner!

My little guy was getting too big for the normal plastic baby tub and I am not quite ready to have him be on his own in the tub right now. I like that I can "be in control" a little bit more with this bath tub.I really wish that I would have gotten this when he was 4-5 months old when he could sit upright by himself.I make sure that I rinse it out and hang it up immediately so that it can start drying out. So far, I have not noticed any musty smell.What I also like about this is my son burnt his foot and we were having to elevate it and keep it out of the water for awhile. This tub was perfect. Since the sides are soft (think bean bag chair) we propped his foot up on the side and he left it there because it was cushiony. I also like that I can lay him down to rinse out his hair and he is comfortable and doesn’t fight it like he did in the plastic tub.You can’t go wrong with this purchase!

Janelle Centuria, WI

Bean Bag chair for the bath

so much safer than the matts, and if the baby falls shes hits the soft sides. Keeps all of her toys around her as well so she is constantly occupied.

Tommie Miller, SD


Made in the USA! I love this bath!!! We were using a bath “chair/sling” type thing and I always felt that my daughter was going to slip out of it and into the tub so I was constantly readjusting her. And forget my husband trying to bath her…that was just not going to happen. I love this tub and so does my daughter. She loves that she can sit up and not slip and slide around. Her toys all stay within her reach and in front of her. I love that it is filled with beads instead of an air filled tub. I have never had problems with mildew or any strange smells. We rinse it off with the shower nozzle after her bath and hang it from the shower curtain rod to dry. It is always dry by the next day. It was definitely worth the price!

Flossie Renault, IL

Not a hit at my house

I thought this insert was a great idea, but it seemed to scare my 10-month old. She cried hysterically the second I put her in it the first time. The second time she cried the entire time despite my taking the time to show it to her and let her touch it, etc, before getting into the tub. same thing on night 3, so I returned it. Granted, this is just our experience, but I will say that I think part of the issue was she couldn’t splash in it. As others have said, despite the manufacturers image, this tub doesn’t really fill up with water – it pretty much soaks back through to the main tub. Also, I did rinse it off and hang it to dry, and after three uses it already had that ‘sour’ smell.

Martha Oliver, PA

Works well as a bath, impossible to clean

This works well for its intended use. As a smaller tub to fit in your larger tub, it’s quite nice. It was rigid when it arrived, but softened up once the pellets inside (think bean bag pellets) touched the water. It is versatile…put it one way for an infant who still needs to lay down, and flip it over to be more like a bath for a larger baby who can sit on his own. It comes with an attached hook to hang dry it.That being said…I found it impossible to thoroughly dry and clean. I tried hanging it in the shower, hanging it in the garage, hanging it outside in the sun, laying it outside in the sun. It always had a musty/mildewy smell that I could never get rid of. I live in Colorado, so I can’t imagine what it would be like in a humid area. I tried washing it with Oxyclean. I tried bleaching it. Nothing really got rid of the smell. Maybe someone else figured out a way to clean this thing, but after a few weeks I was afraid my sensitive skinned baby was laying on a bath that was encasing mold, so we stopped using it. But if you can find a way to clean it, it’s a really easy bath to use.

Bianca Shelby, NE

Great! Worth the money!

This tub is great, not sure why people had to give it bad reviews. Tub doesn’t float with the baby in it and my son loved it! Not once did it slide and he loved hitting the tub and hearing the sound of the beads inside. Very roomy tub and I even use it as a play pad after it is done drying. It helps sit him up and even if he slides the bumper sides are awesome. You can have baby on their tummy to wash their back comfortably.

Mandy Minneota, MN

Great tub that makes bathtime a lot easier!

Great for my daughter who has used this since she was about 6 months old. She is 9 months old now and we’ll likely be using it for another couple of months until she is more stable in the tub. It does take awhile to dry out though so we blow a fan on it at night to prevent it from getting moldy in the bathroom.

Harriett Canisteo, NY

Love this, though it is bulky

I can’t take a point off for its bulkiness since it’s not a hidden attribute. However, it is a nice bathing unit for my little guy, now that he sits up in the tubby. I like that it offers a cushy support should he tip over.

Roberta Eclectic, AL


This tub is great! Soft material. Bright colors kept my son engaged during his bath. Fits perfectly inside our standard size tub. Air dries quickly when hung up. Arrived fast, too- 3 days after placing order!

Doreen White Plains, NY

So I like this product overall but I do have one problem …

So I like this product overall but I do have one problem with it and its kind of a big one. If you forget to hang it up to dry after bath time… IT SMELLS! It has only happened a couple times but now I feel like the dirty smell came from mildew settling into the bath stuffing and so it must be ruined inside, i just cant see it…. Threw it away and went with a blow up bath I can see, clean, and sanitize.

Karina Malvern, AL

Very good tub insert

My son is about 15lbs and just over 25 inches. He fits perfectly in this lying down. It supports his head and neck if he wants to lay back. My little guy loves it. It has a no slip bottom which I love. Hangs to dry right on the bar in the tub. No mildew smell so far. We’ve been using it for 2 months.

Cathryn Isola, MS

Great transitional tub

This is a great tub when they grow out of the infant tub but can’t quite sit well enough for the large tub reliably. I am about to retire it because he wants to be in the large tub now but it served it’s purpose well and was worth the price. He loves playing with it to hear the bean bag sounds and loves that Leachco tag on the side.We hung it to dry in the shower nightly and never noticed any mildew/mold and it dried quickly. The only downside of this vs an inflatable is that when he pooped in the tub once it was difficult to clean out. That was the only time I wasn’t happy.

Grace Hays, KS

Scratchy fabric

The picture for this product is deceiving. I thought the fabric was smooth. I is actually a cheap feeling scratchy and abrasive type material. I wouldnt want it on my bare skin. I tried my son in it once and he screamed hysterically and I haven’t used it since. Its too bad because its a great size and constructed well. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t use it.

Leticia Jermyn, PA

The only tub you will need for your newborn and/or infant

Best tub for newborn/infant bath time hands down!!! Wished I would have found this tub before I purchased one of those hard cold plastic tubs for my newborn. My 4month old outgrew the hard plastic tub by the time he was 3 months old and my husband and I really didn’t find it safe for him anymore as he slid under the water twice with one of his Shamu-like back arches, rubbed the skin off of his pinky toe because the tub was too short, and banged his head on either side of the tub countless times with all the flopping around he was doing during his bath, which is more like play time to him. The tub arrived in a timely manner, was priced perfectly, and was ready to go straight out of the box. The first time we used the tub my 4month old fell asleep in it. It is just the right height for his head and arms to rest comfortably on during bath since he isn’t able to hold his head up yet. The fact that I can bathe him by myself in the big boy tub and only have one hand on him the whole time rather than both is spectacular since we humans generally only have two hands. Once out of the tub you just drain the water from the big tub, squeeze out as much water from the cushioned tub and hang it up to dry in a well ventilated area. We just hang it from the shower head to drip dry and if needed I transfer it to one of the chairs in our kitchen which is under a ceiling fan to ensure it is completely dry to prevent any mold or mildew growth between baths. This tub makes bathing a slippery and wiggly infant so much easier and safer especially during shampooing and rinsing which I dreaded in his old plastic tub. As we didn’t purchase this tub when our child was an infant, I would still highly recommend it for anyone with or about to have a newborn. The plastic tubs and the so called newborn slings are horrible compared to the cushion and ease of use this particular tub provides during bath time. Plus, if you just want to leave your newborn/infant in his/her diaper for a sponge bath it is perfect. Just place the upside down tub on the countertop, lay your child in the bottom cushioned area, and bathe away. Definitely a must have for any first time parent who is intimidated by bath time with their newborn and/or infant. Great transitional tub too!

Pat Swartswood, NJ

Wish I would have bought this tub first

I received The First Year’s Infant to Toddler tub as a shower gift. It worked OK while we still had the sling in it but I have a large son (98% percentile) so he outgrew it very quickly. The plastic bump in the middle was very inconveniently placed and made bath time difficult for me and uncomfortable for my son. I order this tub to replace it and with I had gotten this tub first! It is very versatile and you can use it as a tub or flip it over to use as a sling. He can lay on his tummy while it’s in the sling position making it very easy to actually wash him without having to hold him up with both arms. He can’t sit up by himself yet but the walls are tall enough that he can prop himself up against them, or he can lounge and use the edges as a sort of pillow. After bath time is over this hangs with a very sturdy hook to dry. I have been using it 3-4 times a week for just about a month now and have had no problems at all with it getting a musty odor as others have mentioned. I find that it actually dries fairly quickly. My only complaint is the sides could have just a little more beads in them so it is not so floppy if the tub isn’t filled all the way. Others have also complained about having to fill the whole tub in order to use this which it true. It is fabric and will not hold water on it’s own but I don’t find that to be a problem. It fills almost the whole tub anyways and I use the extra tub space to float toys for my son to reach for while on his tummy when it’s flipped over to be more of a sling/lounge. Overall it is definitely better than those hard plastic tubes and worth a shot.

Marguerite Rio Rancho, NM

Exactly what I was looking for

Although they take up less space for storage I did not want an inflatable insert for the tub. We have a smaller, newborn version of a Leachco bath product that looks the same so I knew what we were getting (it is only for a recline and now that our LO is 7.5 months old I wanted something she could sit in.)Concerns voiced by others:Other people have said they were upset because it is not very tall. This is true. However, as I’m not looking for something to completely hold my baby up, just be there as a small support, this was not an issue for me. Our little girl is small and I actually kind of like that this does not go all the way to her head.Also, others said they didn’t like that they had to fill the bathtub up because this doesn’t hold water on it’s own. I didn’t find that a problem and since I don’t need much water, it really didn’t bother me.I like that it’s not too big and that it’s soft for our baby to sit against. She likes the texture of it and the fact that she can squish it. Inside are beans of some kind to hold it down.As we’ve only used it once, I can’t say anything for how long it will last, but I really like it and so does our little girl. I was concerned about having her sit in the tub but with this I don’t worry. She loves it!

Mara Staten Island, NY

Don’t bother it turns into a giant water donut.

Not recommended, To messy and just not worth the headache. It was sent back after realizing it was soon to become a moldy mess. Not worth the trouble or finding a place to store it.

Lynda Vader, WA