Leachco Easy Teether XL Convertible Crib Rail Cover, Ivory

Leachco Easy Teether XL Convertible Crib Rail Cover, Ivory

With the growing popularity of convertible style cribs, Leachco received lots of requests for a crib rail cover designed for the larger front crib rails. Not only does this padded crib rail cover protect baby from splinters, paint chips and chemicals, it also helps your convertible crib last for years to come. Complete with three toy tabs to keep baby’s favorite toys and teethers within reach and off the floor.

Main features

  • Soft, padded cover protects baby from splinters, paint chips and other chemicals; keeps baby from chewing on expensive crib rails
  • Change toys and teethers easily with Velcro toy tabs
  • Attaches with Velcro for ease of use
  • Fits most convertible style cribs; Measures 5025 by 1750 by 25″
  • Washer and dryer safe

Verified reviews


Velcro has its downsides…

As other reviewers have said, toddlers can undo the velcro. Two possible solutions are:1) Put the velcro tabs on the outside of the crib where the baby can’t reach. This has the disadvantage that some velcro is exposed on the outside of the crib to catch on Mom and Dad’s clothes when putting the baby down.2) Use the product inside out so vecro tabs are on the inside. The downside here is that you can’t use the straps that hold teethers, but for me, that’s not a big deal.The bigger deal for me is that when I lean against the crib to put down my sleeping baby, sometimes I move slightly which is enough to put a little strain on the velcro and make a noise. Not what you want after spending 30 minutes rocking the baby to sleep!!!!This cover is large, which is great for cribs with a really fat rail. But I am going to look for a different cover that uses ties (on the outside!) rather than velcro.

Juliana West Middleton, IN

My child takes it off his crib

I got this teether guard because I have a convertible crib and liked the look of it. My son is 12 months old and has lots of teeth, so he likes to chew the crib railing when he gets mad or wants to get out. it works on and off. Somedays the teether guard is soaking wet cause he’s sucked on it instead of biting the crib rail. But on other days he’s managed to un-velcro the entire guard, so I constantly have to re-fasten it, ahh!

Adrian Dresher, PA

Does its job

We bough this to attach to the front of our sleigh style crib. It fits really well over the wide railing. For the reviews that complain that the velcro tabs are on the inside, just turn the thing around. Our 13-month old son does like to pull the velcro tabs and he has removed the cover a couple of times. A version of the tabs that use a sturdy snap or button closure might be better as long as they didn’t pose a choking hazard. My solution was to just add a basting stitch around the velcro tabs. Now he can’t undo them.

Amber Grandview, IA

Great protector

It protects my convertible crib from my teething baby. She can chew the rail all she wants and doesn’t damage the crib. I also like how you can hang toys and teethers making it very accessible to the baby without having a bunch of stuff in her crib with her when she sleeps. When she wakes up in the morning, I get a few extra minutes of sleep because she entertains herself using the hanging toys and doesn’t get bored right away.

Sheryl Ironton, MO

Not what I expected..

Unfortunately I ordered this product a little too late. My son has been teething since he was 3 months old. He is now 11 months old and has 10 teeth. Within the last few weeks, I noticed there were many bite marks on the sides of his crib, and on the front it looked like he thought his crib was corn on the cob and chewed it back and forth! I wish I thought of buying something like this before he ruined his expensive crib.I had these in my cart on Amazon for a long time, and I finally purchased them. I was not as happy as I thought I was going to be. They seem very cheap! In the picture, they look like they would be very nice and fluffy. Mine are flat. I have a Delta Crib from Target, and the front crib cover doesn’t fit all the way to the end of the front. There is about a 2 inch gap. I am not a fan of the ivory color.. I immediately washed them when I got them in the mail, they just look dirty to me and they also collected alot of lint that I can not get off – they way I describe it is how sweatpants get where your thighs touch (IF they do LOL) and those little balls of cotton come. Yes, this product will get the job done and prevent MOST of his crib from being ruined, but I could’ve saved a few bucks and just made my own rail covers out of a towel and some tape, velcrow, or pretty ribbon. Save your money.

Loretta New Richmond, IN


We purchased the crib cover for the front of the crib first because our son was able to reach the rail and was chewing on it. Our crib will convert into a full sized bed so I definitely didn’t want teeth/chew marks on the footboards… This cover stays on extremely well, keeps our son from chewing on the crib, and gives him a few toys to make his "mark" on instead. We loved this so much that we purchased the side covers as well!!

Bridgett Grinnell, IA

Can be removed easliy by child!

I bought this for our 16 month olds crib. She had already started to chew on the rails so this was just to stop further damage. The first problem is it didnt fit our crib, it was was to thick so it moved around alot. The biggest problem though is it is attached with 6 velcos on the underside. Not to difficult for a toddler to figure out how to rip off pretty quickly, so then the product doesnt work at all. We finally put grommets on the bottom and tied it with line so she cant get it off anymore. It seems very cheap and ineffective. I would not buy this again and do not recommend one that does not tie on.

Gayla Salem, IL

Good for teethers!!

Works great for teething babies who LOVE to bite on the crib rail and if you’re concerned about them biting off paint chip. This cover has about 4-5 straps that you can wrap around the crib. We have a Graco Stanton Convertible Crib and it aligns well with it for the most part (maybe just an inch off). The only thing is this cover looks off-white almost like it’s yellowed-out from being dirty, but I guess that’s just the color. Can’t find too many alternatives to this product on the market; you could buy those plastic covered mold for the crib rail but I don’t want my baby biting on plastic either. If you want to save money I guess you could get a sheet or blanket and wrap it around the crib and use strings to wrap around the crib but then there’s an issue with safety. So I guess this product is the best solution.

Kelli Grandview, IA

No complaints!

We’ve had ours on the crib for about 4 months, and my 13 month old has not tried to pull it off yet. Crib is gnaw-mark free, and we are happy with our purchase. Also happy that this product is made in the USA!

Bernadette Greenville, WV

So far, so good…Crib Saver!

I bought 2 XL Rail Covers and 2 XL Side Rail Covers from Leachco in order to protect all 4 sides of my Da Vinci Emily II crib. My baby boy would simply chew on the front rail, so I bought my first rail cover to protect the front…Perfect! No more scratches and it held against my baby’s grabbing and biting. Well, he found out that the sides were fair game so he really scratched the left side of the crib!! I immediately ordered the Side Rail Covers and problem solved. I thought that would be it, but no, he discovered that the back side, even though it was higher, was still reachable so he proceeded to leave a huge mark on it, too. That meant I had to purchase ANOTHER Rail Cover for the back side. Now ALL sides are covered and protected and I can’t be happier. These covers are durable, very well made, and they cover the whole length of the rails on my crib. Can’t be happier thus far. Highly Recommended!

James Springlake, TX

Does what it claims.

Fit my son’s crib perfectly. It’s nice to have the loops to hang toys on. I guess I expected something a little more “grand” for the price. It’s just a flat lined (although well sewn) sheet with velcro loops.Overall, I’m happy with the purchase.

Lakesha East Brunswick, NJ

love it

I love the leachco easy teather XL! i also got the side ones for my little boys crib. I feel like it really does its job. My son still bits down, but now I dont have to deal with any marks on the cirb!

Maureen Ladysmith, WI

Functions, but slides around

We bought this item because my teething son was gnawing on the crib rail, and some paint was coming off!!! Thankfully this crib rail was a quick and easy solution to that problem. I only wish that it fit a bit better. (I even have a standard crib!) It is held in place by 3 or 4 velcro straps, but that doesn’t stop the cover from sliding around. But overall I’m pleased with the product; at least my son isn’t digesting paint.

Brittney Pearson, GA


Protects the crib pretty well and I love that I can hang toys on it. My son hasn’t been able to pull it off of the crib in spite of his best attempts. He does occasionally pull a toy off, but never the cover. And, there is no worry of lining or stuffing coming through that can be pulled off like the competitor!

Sara Newborn, GA

Bulky but works great!

The crib rail is easy to Velcro on, and the Velcro is pretty strong. We had a problem with our 8-month old taking the finish off of her crib with her two bottom teeth, but this seems to work. It is VERY padded, and because of this, it kind of looks ridiculous on her crib, but I don’t worry about her eating the crib rail anymore! The style crib we have, the bar is very wide, and this fit perfectly. And it’s so easy to wash, just put it right in the machine and the dryer.

Gale Albion, RI

No more chewing the crib

These are a little pricey but well worth it. I only wish I would have ordered them BEFORE my daughter could start pulling up. Please don’t think your child won’t be one that chews on his/her bed. That’s what I thought before I woke up one morning to a chewed beautiful dark wood crib.

Keisha Ohlman, IL

Worked for a while

I give it 2 stars for being a good idea and it worked for about a month until little hands figured out the Velcro and now it is pretty useless. It can be removed from both inside and outside the crib no matter how it is positioned, so it does little to stop the teething on the rails.

Natalia Franklin, NE

Save the Crib!

I got this one too late, my daughter already got hold of the top. This one would have been perfect if I bought it earlier. However, I would also recommend getting a similar one for the sides of the crib, cause as soon as I covered the front, the little smartie switched to the left side 🙂

Brittany Newport, NE

I wish I had known sooner

This is one of those items that every new mom should know about. This is a product that I wish someone had told us about, prior to our baby standing up in his crib and gnawing at his beautiful convertible crib that is supposed to last him many, many years. This is an easy solution to the problem and it works great.

Louise Johnston City, IL

not useful

this is one of those things you get because you are a new parent and then realize you don’t need it. Its also not as padded as I thought. Must admit our son doesn’t use the crib much but I just don’t think its necessary.

Ma Estelline, TX

Good to use but easily removable

It is helpful to have these, but larger babies will figure out how to take them off. I really like how easy they are to wash/clean though! Not sure I would recommend putting toys on them as I wanted my baby to sleep instead of play in the crib so I never used those attachers.

Rosario Cook Springs, AL

Didn’t work for me

First off, these crib rail covers do not fit as snugly and securely as in the description photos. My toddler daughter has 3, yes 3, of these protectors on her crib. I had to overlap them and use zip ties to hold them down so she wouldn’t lift them up and chew on her crib. The covers secure with velcro tabs that are very easy for kids to undo. My daughter was able to undo the tabs at 12 months old. The idea of tabs that can hold toys is a novel idea, if you never want your kid to sleep. I though if I put toys on the cover my daughter would play with the toys and not chew the crib, but I was wrong. She would play with the toys and not go to sleep. I would have been better off wrapping the edges of her crib in duct tape.

Pauline Chandler, IN

Must have for Moms

This saved my sons lifetime crib from being ruined. I wish I would have bought the ones for the sides too. He has bitten through those already. But when the crib is converted we won’t need those anyway.

Lana Belfield, ND