Leachco Easy Teether XL – Crib Rail Cover For Convertible Cribs – Sage

Leachco Easy Teether XL – Crib Rail Cover For Convertible Cribs – Sage

Our Easy Teether not only protects a seasoned teether from splinters, cracks and paint chips, but also keeps all of baby’s favorite teething toys within easy reach. Specially placed teether tabs allow you to customize your crib rail with all the toys baby loves most. Now designed for convertible cribs with hook-and-loop closures for ease of use. Toys not includedDesigned for convertible cribsHook-and-loop closures for ease of useProtects from splinters, cracks and paint chipKeeps all of baby’s favorite teething toys within easy reachDimensions: L 51′ x W 17.5′

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Does its job

I was ery excited when I ordered this but was a bit disappointed when it arrived. The Sage color is a lot darker than all of the other Sage items in my daughters room (example- koala baby sheets). I also thought the velcro would be a cleaner look but on my crib (a Bonavita) the slats and the velcro is off.. so it has to pull to be able to attach; this causes fabric to gather in places and be very tight in others. The velcro attaches on the inside of the crib- this makes it look nicer but I can picture very easily my daughter pulling the velcro straps off (she hasn’t yet though).The length however is perfect for my crib and it does it’s job of preventing her from chewing.

Laurie Roans Prairie, TX

Did not fit my crib perfectly

On first glance, I liked this item, the color goes well with our decor. But it doesn’t fit quite right. There are velcro attachments that go in between the railings and it doesn’t fit our convertible crib as well as in the advertised picture. As a result, there is a bulge in the cloth in the middle. It doesn’t look too great, but it does the job…. providing a soft space for teething… However, as soon as my son noticed that his previously hard and wooden crib rail wasn’t available to gnaw on anymore, he didn’t use the soft cloth as a teether, he just went over to the side rails and chewed on them! I was thinking of purchasing the side rail covers, but then he will just go for the back rail, so I’d have to purchase the whole system to protect all sides of the crib, and that’s getting expensive. I think this product would be better if it was made out of a different material, soft is not something my kid likes to sink his teeth into.

Mona Dugspur, VA

Love this! Nice material, baby chew proof!

This material is perfect. Not only was my 9mo old son knawing on the crib when we starting crib/sleep training him, but my jean buttons were also rubbing on the crib scratching the wood when I’d lay him in bed. This cover has prevented any further damage to our crib, given our son something soft to knaw on and kept me from further scratching the crib. I ordered some similar for the side of the crib, I thought it was the same make/product but it wasn’t and they aren’t as nice. =( I can’t find this product for the smaller sides?

Jeannie Safford, AL

No More Teeth Marks!

Love the color, super easy to attach (only 3 Velcro strips) but very secure. Our 15 month old can’t leave any more teeth marks on the railings and has easy access to 3 or his teething toys via toy loops (also durable Velcro).

Eddie Royal City, WA

Don’t know what I would do without this

My son is a chewer, all day non-stop. When he had just his bottom two teeth we ordered this for him because I noticed he would always chew on his crib and I knew once the top teeth came in he would destroy his crib. Right before we got this in the mail his top 4 teeth came in all at once! Perfect timing! He started chewing on the sides of his crib and leaving marks so I just got the side ones to match this! Cribs are expensive and I want it to last and not look like crap in the first year of use, I would highly recommend getting this for any teething baby!!

Kay Bouton, IA

Works great. Fits wonderfully!

I really like the soft sage color. It looks very nice with the brown wood crib. Our convertible crib has a wavy cut rail instead of straight and this rail cover still fit perfectly. I don’t attach any toys because my son would tug too hard and possibly loosen the velcro straps that hold the cover in place. Once that happens, he would probably learn how to remove the cover. So for now, he actually chews on the toy straps. I don’t mind. He chews on everything and was chewing all of the finish off of the crib rails. He is very happy with the new rail cover and doesn’t mind it at all. He was initially curious but now has more or less left it alone.

Tonya Hartland, WI

Two benefits in one

This prevents our little piranhas from chewing through the crib rails, and also keeps some of their toys from getting tossed out of their cribs with the velcro toy attachments. Overall, I’d say it’s a win-win situation all around. Would definitely recommend!

Kathleen Charmco, WV

nice but not perfect

It is what it says, and all in all is pretty nice.The negatives are always easier to list…1. The color isn’t a perfect match with the supposedly same color end covers. Very close, probably just a different batch of fabric.2. The center Velcro is in the center. On our crib, that’s where a post is, so its not laying flat.

Madeleine Omega, OK