Leachco Easy Teether XL – Crib Rail Cover For Convertible Cribs – White

Leachco Easy Teether XL – Crib Rail Cover For Convertible Cribs – White

Our Easy Teether not only protects a seasoned teether from splinters, cracks and paint chips, but also keeps all of baby’s favorite teething toys within easy reach. Specially placed teether tabs allow you to customize your crib rail with all the toys baby loves most. Now designed for convertible cribs with Velcro closures for ease of use. Toys not included.

Main features

  • Designed for convertible cribs, Dimensions: L 28″ x W 18″
  • Attaches with Velcro for ease of use
  • Soft padded cover protects baby from cracks, splinters and peeling
  • Teether tabs keep baby’s favorite toys nearby
  • Washer and dryer safe

Verified reviews


Rail Cover

I purchased this at a local store the day I discovered my son was chewing on his crib (CRINGE!). It serves the purpose of covering the crib rails, but it has Velcro which can easily be undone by a baby. Luckily, my son does not pull it off that often, but I think that is because I do not entice him by hanging things on the tabs like they show in the picture. It is a very simple idea and I think someone that is reasonably talented at sewing (NOT ME) could make this and save some money. I do like that it is made in the USA and is machine washable, so that is why I gave it 3 stars. Like other reviewers, I would recommend putting this on before your baby realizes he/she can stand up and chew on the crib. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me until it happened and I had to do something about it right away.

Marylou Umatilla, OR

Didn’t fit my crib, but I MADE it fit!

My crib is convertible, but the top front is solid wood (about 10 inches) so this didn’t exactly fit completely over it. I fixed it, however, by grabbing some of those velcro extenders you can buy @ walmart & just “extended the velcro” on it. It fits perfectly now! Great product as it is soft & white..so I can bleach it!!

Jeanne Farson, WY

Fits great, looks great

It fits perfectly on myGraco – Stanton 4-in-1 Convertible Crib, Espresso. It looks great and I love the loops to attach toys. For anyone who plans on converting their crib to a full size bed and doesn’t want teeth marks this is essential.

Jolene Cantil, CA

Easy to put on. Baby can’t pull it off

As of yet! He can drool all over it and it won’t seep through to the rail. He hasn’t pulled it off yet and he’s 15 months old.

Rosalind Arkansaw, WI

Wish I’d Looked at Pinterest First

Well, the product works great and does everything its supposed to, but I kind of wish I hadn’t bought it. For less than what I paid for this, which only covers one side of the crib, I could have bought enough polar fleece to cover all 4 sides of the crib and made my own no-sew cover like those fleece blankets people make. After having this for several months I ran across how to make one yourself on Pinterest. I could have done that and picked a cute color, and customized it soo easily! But, you live and learn.For those who aren’t crafty and would rather just buy one, I do recommend this. My LO used to try to teeth on her crib (we had a standard size convertible crib) and it drove us nuts until we got this. We kept the toy loops facing inward so she could stand in her crib and play with the toys. Mainly we kept teethers on it for her to use. Be sure to check the measurements on the product description and your own crib because according to other reviewers this thing does not fit all cribs.We washed ours in cold water with like colors after fastening the velcro (to avoid lint getting on the velcro, or the velcro getting hung on something) and tumble dried it on low heat. We had no problems with shrinkage or warping of the materials.

Randi Park Valley, UT

Does the job.

My little one turned into a beaver overnight and started chewing on her crib rails. Bought these and it put an end to that! They are easy to put on and she doesn’t mess with them or try to take them off. So thankful someone made these!

Chasity Cypress, TX

Very Good

It does what it’s supposed to do and fits on my crib with a larger edge. No complaints at all.

Kimberlee Flicksville, PA

Worked great!

This was a great thing to have when my little guy decided to chew the rails. It held up well for many months. I would recommend.

Bernadette Derwent, OH

Works so far!

I am happy with the crib rail cover so far. It washes great, and still fit my crib even though one of the velcro straps did not line up with the hole correctly. My nine month old tries to teeth on it but quickly loses interest.

Queen Martinsburg, PA

Excellent for those of us raising little beavers lol

My son chews on everything and his crib was an easy target…I tried wrapping towels around the edge but always removed them for fear he’d pull them on his head….this attaches to the extra wide crib and stays…the Velcro sections for extra toys is great for when he wakes up before I do…he can play with toys and I know he won’t have them stuck on his head….

Edwina Minneapolis, NC

too small for my crib rail – returned it

this was too short to cover my convertible crib front rail. the crib I have has a wider front rail with a slight curve to it – and this did not fully cover it. also – the velcro straps were not very good, and something my infant would easily be able to take apart and then pull the cover down. the fabric was thin but still would be able to protect the wood from bite marks, not so much as a cushion to protect baby’s head though if hitting it against the rail.

Josefa Dukedom, TN

Prevents my toddler from chewing on his crib rails

Gets the job done- I just wish it wasn’t so pricey. My 22 month had been chewing on his crib rails to the point where he’d started to chip off some of the finish. This has done the trick- he hasn’t yet figured out how to remove it, and I’ve had it on his crib for about a month now. It seems easy to wash, which is great. Again, great product- just wish it wasn’t so pricey.

Bette Rochester, NH

Just what I needed

This is exactly what I was looking for. It fits my crib great and seems to do the job. He has not tried to bite the rails anymore. I think it would be dangerous to put toys on it though. Seems like they might try to reach for them and fall out of the crib. Plus the crib is not really a place for playing, just sleeping.

Caroline Republic, MO

Great for a teething baby.

Does a great job of keeping a teething baby from damaging their crib or eating the paint on the crib. Is of a pretty large size that makes it a good fit for many cribs. Tabs for teething toys didn’t seem to do much for my child but other children might like these.

Kitty Conley, GA


Fits perfect and works great. I could not even leave my daughter in her crib for 30 seconds because she was chewing on the crib so badly and decided to try this. It works perfect! I would highly recommend this product. We also bought the regular sized covers by this same company, cut it in half, and covered the side rails of the crib too! Those work just as great.

Liliana Deer, AR

Great purchase

I purchased this product and the matching two pack side crib rail covers in ivory as my baby was destroying his crib. I have the Da Vinci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible crib and it fits very nicely. I like that it has velcros instead of ties. My baby started pulling off his crib bumper when he was around six months old so I wanted something without ties to avoid accidents. I don’t really care for the toy tabs as I want my baby to sleep, not entertain himself with toys. If you are crafty and good at sewing, you can easily make this. Too bad I’m not one of those women!

Maggie Freeport, PA

It Fits, It Works, My Daughter Chews the Velcro

The title pretty much says it all. Just make sure you follow the instructions on washing it. I put it with all of the other clothes, but I don’t dry it in the dryer. If I were to, everything would stick to it. How do I know? Because unless I was my daughter’s bibs in a separate bag, they stick to everything. Velcro just does. The velcro holds up very well, to all teethers I’ve attached to it. Although, if I don’t attach a teether to it, my daughter will chew on the velcro. I’m not sure how much harm that does but she’ll do it. And of course and other reviewers have mentioned, she has figured out how to remove the cover. Kids do. So what. They don’t live in the crib and are there to sleep. I cut off the tags because my daughter loves to chew those too! LOL. Darn teething! Overall an excellent product. I do wish, however, that the cover provided more padding.

Vera Fort Stanton, NM

Fits crib rail well

Covers front rail well, my son doesn’t really play with the teething toys I have on it but it keeps him from putting the rail directly into his mouth so it serves its purpose.

Sabrina Nenzel, NE

So far so good…fits Graco Convertible Crib well

I wish I had found this before I realized my son was using his crib rail as a teether! The damage to his crib isn’t so bad, but I’m more concerned about the chemicals from the paint chipping off or that he could get splinters in his mouth. We’ve been using the Leachco Easy Teether XL for a little over a week with no problems. My son has not tried to take it off yet and doesn’t seem to be bothered my the new addition. In fact, this morning I saw him on the video monitor playing with the toys that I attached…that bought me an extra 15 minutes or so in bed. BONUS!I washed it before putting it on his crib and it held up well but obviously only time will tell as far as longevity of the product. The tag says it is dryer safe but I went ahead and air dried it just to be safe. Even after the wash, the length is still perfect for the Graco Convertible crib – Lauren.My only complaints are very small and not enough to prevent me from recommending it to others (this is me just being picky) – the velcro in the very middle does not line up properly with the bars so I have to do a kind of “twist” to get it attached. I think someone else mentioned the same problem but I did not have the “bunching” issue that the other reviewer mentioned. The other 4 velcro straps lined up perfectly. Also, I have to say, this does make an otherwise classic looking crib a little “cheap”. Oh well…it’s worth it for the peace of mind and it’s only temporary. I still recommend…

Norma Zalma, MO

love it!

I just got this as the little one has discovered the joys of standing up in his crib. I love the Velcro where you can hang toys on the outside/inside to give them a challenge. Definitely buy this before they can stand…

Vickie Black Hawk, CO

Great product

Luckily I only NEEDED this for a short while during early teething. DD hasn’t tried to bite the crib since then. I have the 2 side rail & front rail covers. Love that they are so easy to put on/take off & you can wash them!These are great to protect your crib from little teeth, but also are good as added cushion for little ones in the crib. DD is 20 months old now but we still use these because occasionally she loses her balance & may hit her head on the rail. For us, it seems to block some of the air from the ceiling fan from hitting her directly when she sleeps so she doesn’t get too cold but there is still plenty of air circulating in her room.

Caitlin Rogersville, MO