Leachco Easy Teether XL Side Crib Rail Cover, 2 Pack, Ivory

Leachco Easy Teether XL Side Crib Rail Cover, 2 Pack, Ivory

The side rails of your traditional or convertible crib are no longer vulnerable to attack from your teething baby. The easy teether XL side rail cover will protect baby from splinters, paint chips and chemicals from chewing on the crib side rail. It is adjustable to help your traditional or convertible crib last for years to come.

Main features

  • Soft, padded cover protects baby from splinters, paint chips and other chemicals; keeps baby from chewing on expensive crib rails
  • Attaches with Velcro for versatility and ease of use
  • Adjustable to fit most standard and convertible cribs
  • Measures 28 by 18 by 50″
  • Washer and dryer safe

Verified reviews



I bought this item because the “go mama go” brand that I bought for the main front rail had been back ordered and my son was trying to eat his crib for lunch. They are not very well padded and so when my son hit his head on them he still hurt himself. The real dangerous part is that the thing is held on primarily by one long strip of standard velcro. It goes over the vertical slats of the crib and velcros on in the gaps between slats. Because it is not a strong enough bond and because my son was easily able to get his hands under it on the inside crib slats and then pull the velcro apart he slipped because the rail cover that he was holding onto for support gave way and he smacked his head incredibly hard on the rail of the crib. Shame on this company for making a piss poor product, Leachco you have lost my trust as a consumer and you could have seriously injured my child.

Tanisha Lebanon, KS

Not What I Expected…

Unfortunately I ordered this product a little too late. My son has been teething since he was 3 months old. He is now 11 months old and has 10 teeth. Within the last few weeks, I noticed there were many bite marks on the sides of his crib, and on the front it looked like he thought his crib was corn on the cob and chewed it back and forth! I wish I thought of buying something like this before he ruined his expensive crib.I had these in my cart on Amazon for a long time, and I finally purchased them. I was not as happy as I thought I was going to be. They seem very cheap! In the picture, they look like they would be very nice and fluffy. Mine are flat. I am not a fan of the ivory color.. I immediately washed them when I got them in the mail, they just look dirty to me and they also collected alot of lint that I can not get off – they way I describe it is how sweatpants get where your thighs touch (IF they do LOL) and those little balls of cotton come. Yes, this product will get the job done and prevent MOST of his crib from being ruined, but I could’ve saved a few bucks and just made my own rail covers out of a towel and some tape, velcrow, or pretty ribbon. Save your money.

Ofelia Steeleville, IL

Perfect fit!

We bought the rail cover for the front first and, upon discovering how genius this product is, bought the side covers as well. Our child chews/bites on anything he can get to his mouth…including his crib rails. In an effort to preserve the convertible crib so that it won’t look awful when it’s converted to a regular bed, we purchased the front, then these. They work really well. They stay on, give him something else to chew on, and wash really easily. I would strongly recommend for anyone who has a child who bites/chews!!

Lizzie Stone Park, IL

Fantastic protection

Last year I purchased the front rail cover for my daughters’ conversion crib and it is more than generous in size to accommodate her sleigh style crib. Thankfully it came in real handy when my son started standing in his crib. But then what was I to do with the side rails? Our local baby store didn’t carry the side covers, only the front. Thankfully Amazon carries the matching side rail covers. These are a nice ivory color, which helps hide the drool spots, lightly padded (which I didn’t think would protect the wood from teething babies but I was wrong), and very easy to install and remove for laundering. My sons’ convertible crib has curved side rails so I wasn’t sure how well this would stay on due to the strip of velcro in the center, but it has done marvelously. I pulled both the front rail and side rail covers back after I noticed him gnawing really hard on the crib and to my surprise the pads were soaked with drool, but the crib was untouched, no marks, no slobber. I really wish I’d know about the side covers on Amazon for my daughters crib and perhaps we wouldn’t have little tooth scratches all over her expensive bed. I highly recommend these if you want to protect your investment.

Luisa Moscow, IA

Baby hasn’t pulled them off, crib is gnaw-mark free.

These rail protectors do the job, my 13 month old has not messed with them yet, and they’ve been up for 4 months or so. They are made in the USA, which I like too! No complaints!

Lora Drummond, WI

Great for teething..

Helps prevent your infant/toddler from eating too much wood from the crib from teething. But by 18 months our toddler has easily figured out how to take off the cirb rail since it is only held up with velcro. But it serves its purpose during the early infant teething phase.

Rosalind Angus, MN

Great teething guards

These teething guards are great! I like that they’re washable and easily removable. I would much rather have my infant son mouthing/chewing these cotton ones instead of the other plastic ones that are on the market.

Kristin La Russell, MO

Doesn’t stay put as well as front cover

Pros:Looks niceDoesn’t mess up the crib (no adhesive)Washes wellDoes the job (keeps my son from biting the crib rails)Cons:Has velcro loops only on the very end and not intermittently along the panel as the front cover does. There are two horizontal velcro strips in the middle which you can press together at the gaps between the rails, but the strips won’t stay connected to each other, and over time the cover slides towards the front of our crib even with the end loops fastened. Our crib’s side rails are curved/sloped toward the front, so this would be less of an issue for cribs whose side rails do not slope (like the crib pictured on the packaging).Overall, this is a good product, though, and I’m not aware of a better option, especially for people who want something more attractive and less destructive than adhesive or plastic covers.

Dawn Toutle, WA

little baby beaver

Our 10 month old has been chewing on the inside of his crib after naps, we just found out! these crib rails have been the perfect solution. he can chew them and not hurt himself or the crib. we ordered the side crib rails and the crib rail cover, so the covering goes all the way around.

Judith Moline, IL

Works great

Not only protects crib, protects my son from hitting his head too hard on rails. Velcro stays put, easy to wash.

Therese Decatur, TN

It works!

I had to break down and buy these for our crib. We spent a lot of money on a nice crib, and started seeing chip marks on it. Took me a bit to figure out how they got there, until I walked in on my son with his teeth dug into the wood. These “covers” aren’t exactly beautiful, but he was ruining the crib. So it’s protecting the wood from further damage, and more importantly keeping the chips out of his mouth. I had bought the one for the front of the crib, not thinking he would move to the sides, but I was mistaken. I have a convertable crib. They are a bit big for the sides, but they work perfectly. And actually fit just fine.

Hilary Middlebury, VT

Easy peasy

Looks well and functions as it should. A strong toddler can take this off if they really wanted to, but with all of the velodrome straps, I’m sure it’s a deterrent. My toddler pulled one half way off but I guess she either gave up or got distracted. No extra bite marks since they’ve been on!!

Lori Atwood, OK

Perfect for teething toddler

My son has not chewed through these like he did with the sticky ones. They look way better than the sticky teething covers, and they do not damage your crib.

Sasha Woodburn, IN


Our 1 year old was using the crib rails for teething. These rail covers did the trick! She still chews occasionally, but no longer gets paint in her mouth. She has tried pulling them off, but the velcro, so far, has proven stronger than she is. These are also easy to wash and dry with the regular baby clothes load.

Sophie Atwood, OK

Great purchase

I purchased this product and the matching convertible crib rail cover in ivory as my baby was destroying his crib. I have the Da VInci Kalani 4 in 1 convertible crib and it fits very nicely. I like that it has velcros instead of ties. My baby started pulling off his crib bumper when he was around six months old so I wanted something without ties to avoid accidents. If you are crafty and good at sewing, you can easily make this. Too bad I’m not one of those women!

Marisa North Hampton, OH

Crib Saver

I’ve caught my 9 month old biting on the cover several times and I am glad its there. The velcro is pretty strong and he hasn’t managed to pull it off yet despite his many tough tries!

Janie Alfred, NY

Does the trick!

These covers defeat the purpose of having a nice crib but they do serve their purpose. I only wished I had ordered them before my daughter could pull up….and chew on her beautiful crib. We have them on now (front and sides) and I’m glad we have them, even though they aren’t beautiful.

Twila Moody, TX

Serves the purpose

Keeps my baby from eating her expensive crib. The Velcro could be sturdier but she has only gotten it off once and it wasn’t to chew it was because she was trying to use it to climb, after having them on for awhile she pretty much has forgotten all about chewing on the crib at all….doesn’t even pay attention to them anymore or try to chew.

Fannie Weaver, AL

Save your furniture from teething!

These are the best tool to keep your baby or toddler from chomping away at the crib rail. It has kept our crib in mint condition and ready for the next.

Enid Jamesville, NC

Functional, and well worth the money

Like another reviewer said, this isn’t the most stylish crib accessory. But if your goal is to protect the crib rails from baby bites, it does the trick! I have these side rail covers and also the front rail cover (why don’t they sell them together in a package?). My son is a teething monster, but the crib rails still look brand new. These are easy to install, and easy to remove and (machine) wash out the baby slobber. I spent $500 on the convertible crib, and I actually want it to last through the toddler bed & full-size stages.Well worth the $$!

Leah Irvine, PA

Good product but baby can easily remove it

Many mornings my son would take these off and start chewing before I realized he was awake. They are still good to have and are very easy to wash, but older babies will figure out how to remove them.

Rosalyn Windsor, CT

didn’t have a good fit on my crib

I’m sure this is a great product on some cribs, but on mine, it just didn’t fit well. I still used it, but it didn’t look very smooth and I kept having to rearrange the velcro straps.

Esmeralda Howard, KS