Leachco Flipper 2-Way Baby Bather, Blue Ducks

Leachco Flipper 2-Way Baby Bather, Blue Ducks

Every parent seems to be looking for that one thing that would make bath time a better time for both baby and mom. Parents want a safer place for bathing slippery babies, and something soft and cozy to help soothe fussy infants. A bathing aide that can grow along with baby would be great too, something they can use for longer than just a couple of months. Enter the Flipper Sling-Style Baby Bather, sure to be every parent’s favorite soft spot for bathing baby. The Flipper Sling-Style Baby Bather is a soft bathing cushion with a sling-style center, especially designed to grow with your little one. The center sling expands with a reclining infant’s weight, while elevated edges hold baby’s head out of the water, making bathing and shampooing feel more secure. Flipper’s fabric is padded and porous, surrounding baby with warm bath water and soft, cushiony support throughout the entire bath time. When baby is old enough to sit up, flip your flipper over for a baby-sized, cushioned tub to use inside your adult bath tub. And when bath time is complete, simply shake excess water and hang flipper from its sturdy, drip-dry hanger. Now that’s what we call a soft and cozy, safe, soothing, and convenient bath aid.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester; Nylon 80%/Spandex 20%
  • Made in US
  • Sling style center cradles baby and expands with baby’s weight, center fabric is porous allowing warm water to surround baby
  • The cushioned edges hold baby’s head up and out of water making shampooing a breeze
  • Once baby is able to sit up, flip bather over for a mini tub and the cushioned bumper provides a soft surrounding while sitting
  • Includes a sturdy hanger for drip dry storage
  • Made in USA

Verified reviews


Dangerous tub

We liked this tub at first, although it took a long time to dry and is very heavy when wet. But then we noticed clumps of clear polyester batting in between the baby’s toes and fingers and realized it was coming from the bath tub every time it got wet. He could have choked on it if it had gotten in his mouth. This tub is a real hazard!

Lesley Norman, AR

Wish I had this since my son was born!!

This thing has been a complete game-changer for us. I had a crappy baby bath that I never used because he just slid down in it and I had to hold him up anyway. So I was bathing him holding him up with one arm. I hated it, he wasn’t a big fan either. I bought this because he’s starting to sit up, but I use both sides (he’s 6 months now). I soap him up while he’s kicking back on the lounger side, then when he’s all clean I flip it over (yes it’s a bit hard because it’s so full of water by that point) and he plays with his boats and splashes around. LOVE this thing. We both do. And I rinse it off after using, squeeze excess water out, then hang it in the shower area. No mildew so far. I just wish I had it since he was born!!

Dollie Prospect, OH

didn’t like this tub…..

I had a whale tub at home which was working great until my baby started lifting his head and dropping it. I decided to buy this tub bc it was cushioned to protect head. The tub itself is too small. Even though you could use both sides of the tub, my 6month old cannot sit up in it. With my baby laying down on the flat side, the head rest was too high for him and made it uncomfortable. The center of the tub is a mesh and will not hold water so you’ll need to bathe your baby quickly bc he/she is exposed to air and can get chills. I continued to use the old tub with extra towel to protect baby head….

Roslyn Branch, WI

not happy with this

i like the idea of this – something soft and cushy for baby. but it absorbs water, so after taking baby out…it weighs about 30 lbs. if you hung it on your shower head to dry…it would take the shower head down. so, i left it lying in the tub…and then it became mildewy. i ended up throwing it away and getting the plastic version. disappointed.

Carolina Coralville, IA

Works great so far!

I had a hard plastic infant/toddler bath insert, but it was so hard and wonky to use. It scared me to use it, as it was as hard as my tub surface, after much research, I landed on this product. I can totally see how it could mildew quickly, as it absorbs so much water…however I plan to be diligent about following the instructions on the bath and hanging it so it doesn’t touch anything and then the next morning I hang it by the window so the sun’s UV rays kill any germs. It seems to be working well so far…no smell! Best of all, my son LOVES it! I am jealous because I want one of these for my baths!!! It’s so comfy looking and the warm bath water surrounds him when laying in the sling side. He doesn’t get cold!My advice, when you pull kiddo out of the bath, unblock the drain to let the water out. Go attend to the babe and after they are relaxed and swaddled away dreaming in their crib, squeeze out as much water as you can before hanging the pillow up somewhere it can drip dry not touching other fabrics. In the morning, if needed, hang it near a window to let the sun sanitize it. You should be good then. Don’t try to hang it immediately after the bath….it absorbs too much water and gets really heavy.

Latoya Woodville, AL

I say buy this for any mom!

I can let baby lay down, or sit up. He’s 8 months old and is still able to use both positions. Great item!

Marina Lovell, ME


I wish I would have had this bath with my other two! The reversible side is perfect for before sponge baths (Before the umbilical falls off) and the reverse side is the perfect size. I love the soft material, I used a hammock and mini tub with my other two and they would roll and almost fall off every time and bathing was a headache! This is very comfy for baby as well as safe and doesn’t slip. Easy to dry out after so it doesn’t get smelly and washable. Love love love it.

Merle North Webster, IN

Love it

We bathe our 6 mo baby girl on this every night. Still using the covered side. She loves it, and plays and chills while we bathe her. Gets pretty heavy when soaked because it absorbs water. Also, do not fill the bathtub completely ’cause since it absorbs water it sinks a little. But is perfectly safe and above water. Also be sure to drain the water out after each use. Has not developed any mold, have been using it for 2 months approx.

Inez Whitelaw, WI