Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger, Latte

Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger, Latte

Pillay Plush is the ultimate soft spot for lounging and play. Its unique features, like the center stretch panel and adjustment tabs, enable this lounger to grow with your child, providing versatile comfort for years of enjoyment. Made in the USA. Assembled item dimensions equals L 38″ x W 32″ x D 12″.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in US
  • Center stretch panel and adjustment tabs provide versatile support
  • Contoured sides give a warm and cozy caress
  • Generously sized for toddlers or older children
  • The ideal soft spot for lounging, reading or watching TV
  • Luxuriously plush, removable and washable cover

Verified reviews


A Cozy Nesting Spot For Kids

After searching high and low for a well-made child’s bean bag type chair, I gave up. Quality seems to have gone out the window. That’s why I bought this sling-style lounger. It has the same “fun” appeal of a bean bag chair, but is more comfortable and durable. The cover (which is a nice subdued color) is machine washable. It’s very transportable. Our grandson loves using it. Everyone needs their own “space,” including kids. Our little guy enjoys sharing the Leachco lounger with his two favorite pals (small Boston Terriers). The three of them cozily nest together and look so content while playing, watching TV or snoozing.I initially balked at spending so much money, but after seeing how much use it gets, I am glad I did.

Violet Phillipsburg, NJ

Love This Lounger

We use this in the pack and play and by itself in the playroom. Very comfortable. We have already washed the cover in the washing machine without any issues. Perfect for colic or acid reflex infants.

Marquita Nulato, AK

Great for kids

The only downside to this is the center has no cushion. We purchased a separate pad to put under it. My granddaughter loves it.She has spilled and written on the cover and we throw it in the washing machine and it comes out brand new. We have been using it for almost 2 yrs. and it still looks brand new.

Jaime Meadville, MO

Love this!! Gotta have!!

My youngest daughter, now 17 months, had the smaller infant version of this lounger/beanbag chair. We also have the Boppy pillows and lounger, but found that we used this one almost exclusively, as my baby girl preferred it. She had reflux as a younger baby and this was exceptional in helping to keep her reflux under control. Even after getting older and outgrowing the reflux symptoms she was attached to her lounger and sat in it often and slept in it for naps.The infant lounger was becoming way too small, so I came here in search of an alternative when I found this. I didn’t even realize they offered the larger size, having never seen it advertised or shown on the computer when searching under baby items. I was ecstatic when I found it and would have purchased it long ago if I had known it was available!I will give a word of caution though, it is quite a bit lighter then it looks in the photo, a very light sand/taupe color. This could pose a problem when using it for toddlers, in regards to trying to keep in clean. The cover does come off for washing, so not that big of a deal, I just wish it was darker or available in more fabric selections like the infant version is.The only problem in our household is my 3 older children wanting to sit in it and my baby girl not allowing them to sit in her chair! LOL! This in itself also shows the size, durability and longevity of this lounger. You will be able to get years of use out of it. It is large enough so that my 10, 12 and even my 17 yr old can sit in it. I can even sit in it and lay back with my head resting on the back part like a pillow. My hubby can sit in it, but hes too tall to rest his head on the back and still have his rump in the " sling" part/ or the hole in the middle, but he can use it as a floor pillow or chair.We also have a huge XL 8 foot long bean bag couch/lounger by Cozy sack, but have found we all would rather reach for this, as the huge bag by Cozy sack is very large, heavy and cumbersome to have to lug out or move around. These sling loungers are large enough to lounge in, but small enough to grab and throw on the floor and put back up with ease.I am ordering 4 more of these and would definitely recommend this for yourself or a gift. I purchased this for a friends daughter as a baby shower gift and she loved it. Unless space or portability is an issue, then I would just purchase this one and bypass the infant lounger, this one will grow with the baby and allow much longer use.Order one or a few for your household, you wont regret it!

Cecilia Stella, MO


Bought this for my 2yr 4mo toddler, she jumped on it the first time she saw it. It is very soft and comfortable. I also put my 4mo old on it as well. Its is perfect for my 4mo old to lay on it and watch her sister playing with dad. It has a great support and the fabric is very soft and beautiful. However, it is more suitable for carpet floor since the area where you rest the butt is a thin elastic fabric.

Lora Ellenboro, NC

My daughter’s love this so so much!!! Buy this!!

This lounger is so so soft and comfortable, I want one for myself haha! They fall asleep during movies and love to just sit and look at books in it. I would have paid so much more for this just for the comfort on their little faces when they are in it! That is priceless. Quality is amazing, washes nice, durable, comfortable, and true to color, what else does a mother need!

Jo Honaunau, HI