Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger, Sage Pin Dot

Leachco Podster Sling-Style Infant Seat Lounger, Sage Pin Dot

The Podster is a sling style infant seat lounger that provides a warm and c ounce y caress for infants. The deeply contoured sides help keep baby in place while the unique sling center expands with infant’s weight. The Podster’s adjustment tabs provide versatile support, creating a c ounce ier and more secure seat for smaller infants or expanding for a more generously sized area for growing infants when the adjustment tabs are released. The tabs even allow the Podster to adjust for sit up support for developing infants. The sling style seat provides customized support as well, expanding based on baby’s weight. The upper body elevation provided can help aid in digestion and breathing. The Podster features a removable and washable cover.

Main features

  • Sling style seat provides customized support based on baby’s weight
  • Adjustment tabs create a c ounce ier and more secure surface for smaller infants
  • Deeply contoured sides help keep infants in place and provide a c ounce y caress
  • Adjusts to provide sit up support for growing infants
  • Removable and washable cover, Patented

Verified reviews


May possibly be the result of our Twins having to se a Crainiology Specialist

We have been using these baby seats since our babies were born and loved them until our Pediatrition started noticing BOTH our babies perfectly round heads becoming mis-shaped. The tell tale sign of the possibility of this happening due to these seats is the fact that both babies heads have changed to the exact same shape and have flat areas in the exact same places. We now have to go to Cranial Technologies to get them diagnosed and will post more after consulting with a specialist. These chairs may possibly be the result in BOTH of our babies needing DOC Band Treatment 🙁

Ola Rural Hall, NC

Short life span, but nice while it lasts

During the newborn stage, the days and nights are quite long. So it seems to make a lot of sense to spend a lot of money on products that you can use at most just a couple months. This is one of those products. I got this to give my newborn some more snuggly seating options. I really liked it a lot, and he did quite well in this right from the beginning, before he was comfortable in a bouncy chair or swing. Before I got this I propped him up with a boppy, but I was worried that that set up was not quite safe if I happened to not be right there all the time. So I’m pretty happy with this purchase for the few months that my baby fit in it.

Jeanine Union Hill, NY

Safety concerns & did not work for us

We needed a way to keep our daughter upright while sleeping but we didn’t like the idea of the car seat. Our daughter has become accustom to us holding her and will not sleep otherwise so my husband and I were sleeping in shifts and getting very little sleep. We figured the pod might do the trick for us because it might simulate being held; it did not work for more than an hour tops. First of all, we couldn’t figure out which side you’re supposed to put the baby in. There were no instructions or information to guide us either. We still don’t know which side is right. The deeper side makes my 2 month old sort of fold in half as she sinks down into it and I can tell right away that she’s not comfortable and looks at us like, “What are you doing to me?!” and soon cries. The second side which is more shallow is a safety risk. Last night we had the pod in the bed with us and I woke to find her chest and head completely off the side of the pod with her head hanging upside down over the edge of it and her face pressed up against the back of my husbands knees! I freaked out and thought she had suffocated or broken her neck. THANK GOD she did neither. She’s only two months old so she’s not able to roll over etc. but she ended up rolling off the shallow side because it’s not deep enough and any movement by her or anyone in the bed and your baby is going to shift in this thing. I won’t trust it at night again. I gave it two stars because it’s useful if you’re on your own at home with the baby during the day and you need a portable place to sit her while you do something: make a quick call, use the restroom etc. This isn’t worth it for us because my daughter usually cries within five minutes of being put in the pod. The only way she’ll sleep is if she’s already in a deep sleep and even then the pod will wake her within an hour. I don’t think we would buy this again knowing everything we do now. Please be careful if you decide to buy this.

Frankie Crane, IN

The single best baby item I bought!

My newborn practically lives in this thing. It’s been the best baby product I’ve purchased, and I’m one of those “gotta-have-everything” moms. Quickly after birth we realized she had reflux and would spit up if laid flat on her back. I know this says not to let them sleep in it but we did and it was a lifesaver! She sleeps/naps great in it. I even feed her in it and it lets me have a free hand. I take it with me on day trips to Grammie’s house and am even going to buy one for her daycare provider. Very cushy, love how the spandex middle keeps them from falling through, and love how it’s completely closed unlike the Boppy. I wish they made one big enough for me!

Adriana Jennings, KS

For dogs not babies!

Our baby cried immediately! Babies should be encouraged to look around and hold their heads up – this is like a developmental step back.

Kathleen Wilseyville, CA

Life, sanity and marriage saver!!!!

This thing is a lifesaver!!!!!! I was a little nervous to buy this for my almost 3 month old son because of some of the reviews saying it’s quickly outgrown. I disagree. I can see him using this for a long time!!! My 7 year old even laid on it and said "Oh man this rocks!" YES! It’s that comfortable! My 12 week old son is a terrible sleeper who I would liken to a tiny insomniac/evil genius who waits for mommy to lay her head down before he decides to stay up ALL NIGHT LONG! In order to get any sleep at all, I have to hold him and even then he coos and wiggles and wants to have a party. I’m pretty much on the verge of death or insanity one and I’m pretty sure my husband might be making plans on leaving me because I have been SO sleep deprived and pretty psycho since I work full time also. FYI, 2 hours of sleep a night and working 40 hour work weeks DOES NOT WORK! I have had it, I’m at my wits end. I thought "damn, $40 for a pillow is high! What’s in that thing?!" but after reading the reviews I thought mind as well give it a try. Pretty sure I fell head over heels in love with this thing the moment I took it out of the box, put him in it and he smiled SOOOOO big. This kid doesn’t like to be on his back, like I mean, HE SCREAMS. He has torticollis and is currently being examined for neurological issues for tremors and we think that is why he has an issue with laying on his back. Well, in this thing, he doesn’t make a peep. He actually falls asleep in it when I lay him down AWAKE! That is the first time in 12 weeks it’s happened. I know it says "Not for sleeping" blah blah blah, BULL! He isn’t going anywhere! And when you’re as sleep deprived as me, you’ll try just about anything. I don’t worry about his safety at all in this. I worried more about him sleeping with me in the bed, or on his belly because that’s the only other way he would sleep. I put this in his crib or pack’n play and he’s out and doesn’t move a muscle. Now I can see when they start to roll over it might be a safety concern because they can wiggle around too much but this a wonderful "training" for crib sleeping for him, and on his back! I would buy this 100x over! It’s been a true life saver, marriage saver, and if I could give it 6 stars I would! I love Leachco products too. I also use their bath pillow. I used it for my first son and now my second. WAY better than any bath or sling out there for newborns and babies that can’t sit by themselves. And cheap! Keep up the great work Leachco!

Aurora Hysham, MT

Cute pillow

This pillow is super cute. I use it primarily for taking picture of my baby. Most of the time, my baby doesn’t like being sunk into the pillow the way it’s design. After the purchase, I wish that I consider the other pillows that is more versatile. I cannot reuse this pillow because its design for a purpose. Where as the bobby pillow can be use as a seat cushion later on. For an example, when the little one is on the floor playing, I wish that I have a pillow to lay comfortably next to my baby

Kirsten Akron, NY

Lifesaver for Reflux Babies

The podster was critical for us as parents of a reflux baby! I should start by saying that the APA recommendation to avoid SIDS is of course for a baby to lay flat on their backs, alone in their crib. That was our plan for sleep as well until our child started vomiting every time we laid her down. We used the podster in between our pillows for several weeks so we could all sleep. (We also used her rumble chair, but that was hard to fit in our bed and we didn’t feel comfortable leaving her on the floor in it while we slept.) Now that her reflux is under control and she’s back in her crib we use this to help her sit up and watch the world around her.Pros:1.) Lightweight and easy to carry from room to room.2.) Large enough in our bed that I wasn’t afraid we’d accidentally roll over and smother her.3.) Cover comes off and is machine washable. (We also throw a receiving blanket over it just in case, but it cleans easily.)4.) The green is a nice, cheerful color.5.) Seems to be comfortable for baby to sit in.6.) Velcro strap allows you to adjust for size.7.) Makes a great photo prop. Lol. Sounds silly, but if you want to take a good shot of your child this is an easy way to get a full body shot without a seatbelt or harness in the way, plus it tips their head up so you can see their face. Came in handy for Christmas pictures.Cons:1.) Soft padding means possible smothering hazard for babies who can turn slightly. Again this wasn’t an issue for us but the whole SIDS thing means you should never leave your child in this unsupervised.2.) Time of use may be limited. At 11 weeks our daughter is starting to want to try and sit up. The podster is not structured enough to allow her to do that so she gets frustrated in it. So for us, sadly, the podster probably won’t make it much longer. (I love it so I’m sad to see it go!) If you have a baby less interested in sitting it could probably last longer.

Gladys Garland, NE

Great for reflux babies! Helps transition from swing/sling to crib sleeping!

I bought the podster when my daughter was 2 months old. Until then, she had been basically sleeping only in our arms, in a sling/Moby Wrap, or in a swing. Due to reflux issues, she was just uncomfortable on her back and would squirm, grunt, and keep us awake all night if we put her in her bassinet. I was worried that swing sleeping was a bad habit, and wanted her to learn to sleep without motion or someone holding her. So far podster has worked like a charm! I placed the podster in her bassinet, and she took to it right away and slept the whole night in it. Even more amazingly, I can put her in it “drowsy but awake” and she drifts to sleep while I sing or pat her! No more trying to ease a sleeping baby from my arms into some kind of sleeping spot, only to have her wake up again.The podster is sturdy enough to support a sleeping baby, but soft enough that I’m not worried about “flat head” syndrome. I’m hoping it will be large enough for her to use for a few more months, until her reflux gets better and she can make the transition to her crib.This is definitely a must if you have a baby with reflux, OR if you want to teach your baby to sleep in a bassinet or crib.

Aileen Broad Run, VA

not for everyone

being a first time mom, i had a bunch of items on my baby registry. i didn’t know what all i needed so i looked for highly rated products including this lounger. people seem to swear by it so i thought my baby would love it too. however, my newborn didn’t care for it at all. the middle is quite deep (even with adjustment) and i would often have to put a towel or blanket underneath him to offset this. now that my son is five months old and significantly bigger, that’s no longer an issue. between his crib, swing, and pack’n’play, our baby has plenty of places to sleep. although nicely constructed, this lounger was unnecessary at least for our family.pros:
• good quality
• made locally
• cover is removable to laundercons:
• deep middle
• not recommended for crib use

Tisha Riverton, WV

It’s okay

We bought this after our newborn daughter didn’t like sleeping flat on her back in her bassinet. We swaddled her and propped her up in this and she was nice and cozy. We used it for two weeks then it pretty much ran its course for us. She is indifferent to it now and has since learned to sleep in her bassinet without any propping up. As of a couple days ago our cats have made it their bed 🙂

Alberta Salvisa, KY

Favorite babt product EVER!!!!

We wanted something that our son could sit in while feeling as though he was being held. We tried other pillows but he would just slip through them. This pillow allowed him to take naps on the couch next to us or in his crib and pack n play. We didn’t have to worry about him slipping through as this surrounded him almost like a cloud. He felt secure in it. We co-slept in the beginning of his life and we would let him sleep in this pillow in between us. It made it so that he was in the same spot and prevented us from rolling on top of him. I have recommended this pillow to all my new mommy friends and they too have all said it’s a life saver!

Bonita Newtown, IN

Terrible Quality

I was very disappointed to learn that this is nothing more than an over-sized Boppy pillow with a cover that has a net in the middle. Personally, I would say it isn’t safe to put this inside a crib, as the baby could fall off and be trapped between the bars and lounger. Having said that, putting it on the floor seemed reasonable till you realize your child will have their bottom on the hard floor during the hours they sleep. It is a great idea, that still seems like it could work with some adjustments. Having a reflux baby is tough and finding a way to help them sleep is key.

Melba Croton Falls, NY

My newborn is obsessed

This is her favorite thing – and I have it all! Loungers, swings, Mamaroo, etc…she rests and relaxes best in this!!! Highly recommended!

Irene Howes Cave, NY

It’s true. This is great.

I bought this because I’m neurotic and spent hours researching baby products on amazon before my son was born. I basically bought this because it had rave reviews. They are all true. This thing is pretty great. We have a bouncy seat and we never use it because we have this instead. My son loves it and will sleep in it for hours. It’s great because you can bring it anywhere in the house no problem. I can carry it to different rooms without even taking him out of it. (probably not the safest I know) I put it in the bathroom when I take a shower or next to me on the couch when I’m busy and he’s been a sporadic fusser.

Noelle Nappanee, IN

Great Purchase

After having a Boppy nursing pillow that I was always setting my son in, I decided I’d get something that our new baby would be less likely to slide down in. So we bought this pillow and it was perfect for sitting her in the chair or on the floor while I tended to my toddler or housework. Then when she started to grow out of the newborn “napper” part of the pack n play, we set this in there for her to sleep in at night. It’s great for her reflux and it gives her the feeling of being held still since it comes right around her. I love it! I just wish their were covers to buy for it.

Effie Kurtz, IN

One of my favorite baby items ever

My 2 month old son absolutely loves his lounger and honestly, I can’t imagine living without it! Sometimes he just can’t fall asleep in his crib so I put him in this and he’ll pass right out. Of course, I am – NOT RECOMMENDING – that you put your own baby in this to sleep in because of the risk for SIDS; I know how my own son is so I feel comfortable doing this for him. Eventually, I do transfer him over to his crib so he can finish sleeping there. I highly recommend this product and this is something that I would give as a gift.

Mona Farwell, MN


My baby girl was awful the first 5 weeks of her life until I read reviews on the LeachCo Podster & bought one on Amazon. The night I received it we fed her, swaddled her, gave her a paci, & she passed out from 10:30pm to at least 8am the next morning. It was one of those ‘OMG is she still alive’ type of things all night b/c we were used to her getting up, etc. EVERY NIGHT since then she’s slept in it (not to mention during naps during the day) & she’s slept all night without getting up in the podster. It’s also good when I have to shower or get dressed, do makeup, etc. b/c she lays in it & watches me. I’m even buying one more tonight for her to take to daycare so she’s comfy when I return to work & I won’t have to tote it back & forth. I think the podster is more versatile in it’s use over other similar options. It’s ‘cushy’ & made very well. It washes super easy too.

Jasmin Wheatland, MO

THE absolute best purchase. Wish I had it for our first child.

We purchased the Podster for our 2 month old son who was experiencing reflux and gas issues. At first I was using just hisBoppy Bare Naked Pillowwith a blanket, and clips on the back to keep him from sliding down while he napped – it never worked. Desperate, I was about to buy the Nap Nanny Chill Portable Recliner, Minky Blue, but it’s so expensive, and they grow out of those things so quick. I accidently stumbled across the Podster, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and when I saw the incredible reviews I knew I had to purchase it right then!I am so pleased with the Podster. My son used to sleep in it for naps and bedtime, and it helped tremendously, not only with the elevation, but with feeling secure wrapped up in the sides. He stopped sleeping in it at 4 months old, but he still lounges around in it. When he’s not using it my 2 year old likes to cuddle in it, too! I wish I’d had it to use for our first son as well.My only complaint is how hot he can get in it. Whenever my son would sleep in the Podster I would have to dress him lightly, or keep the AC turned up, because when I would get him he would always feel soaking wet in sweat. On a side note, it’s easy to wash and maintain, just wish they had more colors to choose from.

Yvonne Acworth, NH

Great product for acid reflex

This is a must-have product for infants. I place her after feeding my newborn. It lifts up the baby to prevent acid reflex. The bottom can be opened up to accommodate bigger baby. The cover is soft and breathable. We use it during summer time. My baby doesn’t sweat a lot in it. The whole pillow is washable.

Fannie Hensley, AR

Our Most Used Baby Item – We Love our Podster!!!

I cannot say enough good things about this pillow, we absolutely LOVE it. Our little guy is well supported and sits in it happily. He sits next to us in his podster when we need to give our arms a break or eating dinner. It is bulky, but can safely sit on our couch without fear of it falling off. It is super soft with lots of cushion. The print is gender neutral and pleasing to the eye. The velcro strap helps tighten or loosen the pillow for baby’s comfort level or size.The cover is removable which is great for washing…although I found it was difficult to put the cover back on, so I began washing the whole thing with the cover on so I wouldn’t have to struggle with it anymore. It washes up perfectly.I actually use this podster a lot to take pictures of my baby. I can drape a blanket over it to change the background. I use it with him sitting in it normally or I have also used it to get photo shots of my baby propped up…lying on his tummy with his head looking over the tallest part of the pillow and posing his hands. I have to say I have gotten some amazing shots of my guy using this pillow to prop him. It is perfect!I don’t know what we would do without our podster.

Lilia Capshaw, AL

Great purchase!

After reading the reviews, I decided this would be a good addition to my baby gear. And it is! Granted, my baby is only 1 week old, but I’m pretty sure this is his next favorite place to be besides his mommy and daddies arms! And it’s made in the USA!!Edit: My son is 2 months old now and still lays in this every day! In about another month though, he will probably outgrow it. Still, worth 33 cents a day! 😉

Jamie Cutten, CA

Best Product for Babies with Reflux or Startle Reflex

This is one of the best products I have ever owned. My baby went from sleeping every 2 hours to 5 hours straight at night within the first night of use. I thought it was a fluke but it has continued for 5 nights now. It mimics a beanbag but is much safer. There is velcro on the bottom to adjust to large and small babies alike. My baby is only 8 lbs and this is great for her. I swaddle prior to putting her in this and she loves it. I also placed it in the crib so she is used to sleeping in her own crib at night. Much cheaper than the nap nanny and probably works just as good if not better.

Marlene Montezuma, IA

Every little baby needs one!

We used this like crazy. I would place my baby next to me on the couch in the pillow so I could work. When we traveled we could easily transport it to Nana’s house so she could take naps. Perfect. Good for ages Newborn- 5 months.

Rosemary Clothier, WV

Happy comfy baby

She loves her lounger. I have a 4 month old and she still loves to play or rest in her lounger.

Mona Carthage, AR

My baby loved it and so does my dog!

My baby spent her first 3 months snuggled in this great lounger. I placed it in a rocker chair so it acted almost like a swing. The fabric and color (sage pin dot) was very nice quality, and the pillow didn’t give way to malformation. Now that my baby has outgrown it, my 9 lb. shih tzu loves to snuggle in it as a pet bed. This is great if you want a super comfortable spot for your baby. I believe it helped her sleep well because, as she snuggled into it, it mimicked the feeling of being hugged.

Rita Truth Or Consequences, NM

Life Saver!

This item is soooo worth it! We used it all the time for the first 3 months of our sons life. We put it in the crib at night, on the sofa and on the floor for naps, on the bed while folding laundry. You name it. Our son loved it. We just now stopped using it because he’s getting to big for it now and looks all squished at about 15 lbs. and 27 inches long, plus he’s starting to roll over, so it’s just not as safe now, but we’re saving it for baby #2. Also, as a side note, it made transitioning between a play yard and crib very easy because he had his familiar pillow positioned everywhere he went. Just wish they sold an optional waterproof cover for it.

Marian Elysian Fields, TX

2 month old loves it

Got this for my 2 month old and he loves it. He only uses it for naps. The first time we put him in it he broke into a big smile!

Trisha Fort Mc Kavett, TX

Love it!

Was iffy about buying it since my baby was already 6 weeks old and thought I missed out on the best time to use it (newborn). Debated for 2 more weeks, and finally went ahead and ordered it since I knew I’d always wonder if I would have liked it. So, using it for my 8 week old, within 5 minutes of putting him in it I was ready to sing from the rooftops about what a great product it is. He fell asleep instantly. That night I didn’t sleep at all but put him in it and he slept the entire night without waking up once to fuss (this says not to allow them to sleep in it but since I was there to watch him all night it was okay). It works well for tummy time allowing him to see what is going on. I can put it in the pack n play that I have set up in the kitchen, put him on his tummy and he watches me cook. I’m going to use it with the boppy wrapped around his waist to sit him up, seems a lot softer and more comfortable than the bumbo seat (although I have one of those too). It is just totally a soft spot for baby to lay and so easy to take everywhere. I tote it all around the house so I have a place to set him to were he is set up and able to see what is going on. My only possible concern is about how it will hold up over time. The seat sling thing seems like after extended use it might start to pull at the seems (and if I use it beyond the weight capacity of 16 pounds, which I likely will). also not sure how well the shape of the pillow will hold up where his head goes at the top, seems like it might start to sink in after a LONG time (I’m think of use with future kids). Oh, and it would have been nice if it would have come in a plastic zipper bag for storage like my boppy did, cause again, thinking about using it for future kids and wouldn’t want it to get dirty in storage. If something did eventually wear down on it I would def. buy another one for my next kid. I just wish I would have gotten it sooner this time (or had it for my last two kids!)*Update* So my guy is 13 weeks old now and after 5 weeks of constant (and I do mean constant) use it has worn down a lot as far as padding. The portion where his head goes has sunk in (like the batting is pushed to either side) and I try to manually fluff it back up but I put him in it so much it wears back down fast. Def. not a reason not to buy, I still use it all the time…but it was a little nicer when the batting was still fresh and held his head up more. He’s also kicked the bottom part out so much he’s loosened the batting all in the sides. Still, totally worth 5 stars, but I can tell I’ll have to buy a new one with another baby. This really is the most used baby thing I have (besides diapers!)

Edith Greenfield, MO

Just OK

My daughter didn’t really like it. She sunk in it too much and didn’t like it at 1.5 months old. Now that she’s 3 months old she fits in it much more nicely! I can get about 5 minutes in this before she starts to fuss. My baby doesn’t like to feel confined at all.

Ilene Eastport, ID