Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow, Ivory/Khaki

Leachco Preggle Comfort Air-Flow Body Pillow, Ivory/Khaki

The comfort possibilities with this unique body pillow are virtually endless. The preggle was designed to provide targeted relief to the areas you need it most, while keeping you cool and comfy throughout the night with its patent pending “comfort air flow” features. Its clever open ventilation system and adjustment bands ensure maximum comfort and support you expect from a body pillow without creating extra body heat. Position this pillow for contoured tummy or back support, knee and hip elevation, firm head and neck cushioning, or even nursing baby and lounging in bed. The amount of support and degree of ventilation are up to you. The adjustment bands allow you to create the size and shape of pillow you want while allowing fresh air to reach your “hot spots” which can be so uncomfortable during the course of your pregnancy. Simply find your perfect comfort position, and the preggle will do the rest.

Main features

  • Polyester 65%/Cotton 35%
  • Made in US
  • Bands adjust ventilation opening and hug pillow inward
  • Inner contours follow every curve, perfect for tummy tucking
  • Removable, washable cover
  • Measures 3775 by 25 by 825″
  • For adult use only

Verified reviews


LOVE this pillow

I love that i can use my own pillow for my head with this one. The fabric is really soft and it works well preventing me from rolling onto my side and back. Would recommend!Update Oct ’10: This has been a lifesaver through two pregnancies and a c-section!! my husband hates this as much as i love it since it takes up so much room in our queen bed.. The pillow is holding up great, do wish there was a second cover option though..

Michaela Meyersville, TX


Not too big, not too small. This pillow has just the right amount of support where its needed and I can easily flip side to side at night 38 weeks pregnant. i highly recommend it! It rests up near my chin and fits perfectly between my legs. Im 5’6".

Maritza Vallonia, IN

Good for awhile, then it just falls apart

I was really hopeful that this pillow would take away all my lousy nights, and for the first few weeks it did. However, after about a month, the faboric started pilling badly and then the stuffing became completely mashed down and lumpy. It has gotten to the point I don’t even like using it because the pilling makes it feel so rough on bare skin.The size is perfect and I am a fluffier person. My husband says it doesn’t encroach on his side too much either. If Leachco would change the material they are using on this pillow I would recommend it, otherwise, I’d skip it next time.

Roseann Nordman, ID

Wish it was longer, but otherwise good.

I am a stomach sleeper, and of course, being about 6 months pregnant at the time I bought this pillow (now 8), I couldn’t really sleep on my stomach anymore. And they recommend you sleep on your side when you are pregnant anyway. I had to find something to help me stay on my side. This pillow looked like exactly what I wanted.I didn’t want the kind of pillow where you have to use it under your head, too. I am picky about my pillow, and have one I love. I bought this because I could use it upside down with the curve between my knees.This pillow is good, but there are a couple things I would change. It is kind of firm and overstuffed for my taste, but that’s a matter of personal preference. I also wish it was longer. I wanted full body support and to be able to hug the pillow, but this one only comes up to my chest/top of my stomach. I am 5’3″ tall, so I figured it would be long enough. This is the main thing I don’t like about the pillow. It is great how you can use it several different ways. I chose to keep it, but ended up buying a Snoozer pillow that is much longer and I like it better.I will probably use this pillow later when I am not pregnant and don’t need to full body support. I can also see using it to breastfeed.I don’t think this is a bad product. The quality is good. It just isn’t exactly what I was looking for. That is mostly my fault. I looked at the picture and assumed it was long enough, but didn’t read the actual dimensions that were listed. It think if you aren’t looking for full body support, or are shorter in stature than me (although there aren’t too many who are, lol), then this pillow would work fine for you. Hence, I am giving it a good review.I am coming back here to add to this review now that my son is 9 months old. I didn’t end up using this pillow much to sleep with, but it worked out great for breastfeeding! Since I am a plus sized girl, it fit me a lot better than my Boppy. So this turned out to be a great purchase even though I didn’t end up using it for what I had intended.

Marguerite Sterling, ND

Wish I ordered this sooner!

I didn’t want to purchase a body pillow to use for only 4-6 months. However, I’m in my last trimester and I couldn’t sleep well with the pillow fort I’ve made at home. So I caved I purchased this one due to the shape and price. I initially wanted a full wrap around pillow so if I flipped sides in my sleep I wouldn’t have to adjust the pillow. However, I find those pillows to be too pricey, and worried about storing the pillow post pregnancy. If I were earlier in my pregnancy, and wiser (about my discomfort), I would have purchased one of those since I do have to adjust this pillow at times when I flip at night. The velcro band isn’t super necessary, but it is helpful when I want the pillow to stay looped in order to lean against when I’m watching TV. The velcro band doesn’t fit well in the storage pocket. The cover is a bit itchy. It’s nice that it can be removed at washed. I don’t think there is improved air flow with the velcro band as well. It’s just a nicely shaped body pillow, with a slightly itchy cover, and you have to adjust it at night if you move in your sleep, thus the 4 stars.

Jasmine Dallas, OR

Good Pillow

I owned the Snoogle in my last pregnancy and wanted something smaller this time. I like this pillow a lot. It’s very comfortable and my husband complains less about sharing a bed with the Preggle. The only problem with it is not the pillow’s fault. I still need another pillow behind my back so I don’t roll and lay flat. I should have known but I wasn’t thinking about it when I bought this model. I have a small bolster pillow I put behind me in addition to using the Preggle. Live and learn!

Lorna Washington Grove, MD

Good for back support

I liked this pillow for support between my knees, but I’m not sure how well it supports the belly! All in all though for the price, it’s a great pillow.

Jean Clubb, MO

Nice pillow but not idea for tall people.

Great pillow. If you’re shorter, I imagine it would be even better. However, at 5′ 10", it doesn’t even come close to my knees so I had to use another king size pillow. The little strap that goes from the tip was a pain. I ended up just cutting it off. Again probably because I’m taller.

Latonya Ringwood, NJ


Nice pillow with good shape, it is very useful. I always lie down to watch tv, my husband love to use it too.

Juliana Edgerton, WI

A little too thick for me

I have tried using this pillow several times since I bought it ( I was only 3 months pregnant and now I’m 8) For me, it’s just too thick plus, I’ve noticed I turn several times a night to get comfortable and it makes it so much harder because of how big it is. I wish I liked it more, I really thought it could help me sleep.

Gale Bascom, OH

Pretty Good

I got this pillow because I needed back support, but wanted my own pillow under my head and love my body pillow in front. I used this with the hook between my knees and the long straight part behind my back. At first it was a breath of fresh air, it totally relieved my back pain. I have been using it now for about 8 weeks and I am now 30 weeks. The problem I have now is that it slips out from under my back as I move in the night. This was the problem with a body pillow in front and back- they move as you move and do not provide the right amount of support. I should have just bought the full Snoogle and used it upside down if I want to use my own head pillow. However, I am thinking of rigging my two pillows together somehow with a strap so that they stay close to my body as I switch side to side. I think if you used this pillow with the hook under your head and the long part on the side of your back, you would have more control over it and it would support you better. I do like it as a pillow in front. Wish it came with a cover.

Susie Spring Valley, MN

great puchased

love love

Lou Cee Vee, TX

love my preggle

i have only had my preggle a little over a week now, but so far i love it. while i still have lower back pain, i find that it is not as bad as before i was using this product. Plus it is made in the USA!!! it is not very big as i share a queen bed with my husband, i was worried it would take up too much space, but it is slimmer than the pillow i was using previously. the air flow band does not bother me and i don’t even know it is there.

Lorie Crystal Spring, PA

Ok, but not great

I was so excited to get this pillow. The thought of a good night’s sleep brought sheer excitment! When I got the pillow I was disappointed with the material of the pillow cover. It’s not soft like you would think a pillow should be. Also, the shape needs to be contoured better. I had intended to use the straight portion to cushion my belly while using the curl of the candycane to support my knees/hips and hopefully reduce the number of pillows I was using (3 at the time). Well, in order to get support for my belly, my knees way overshoot the pillow and it leaves my knees hanging on nothing. No matter which way I turn this pillow it is awkward. In the end, I’m still using the pillow but have not reduced my pillow use. Now I’m using two regular pillows and then this giant one instead of the original three regular pillows. I’m sure my husband enjoys that I’ve taken over the entire bed!

Sheree Bailey, MS

Great product!

I love this pillow! It has been perfect for me and has really helped alleviate my hip pain. When shopping, I looked at this product and at the Snoogle (also made by Leachco). I ultimately chose this one because I can still use my regular pillow under my head and I didn’t need gobs of extra pillow taking up space in our bed (I’m taking up enough space these days as it is). I’d highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a pregnancy support pillow!

Justine Mullinville, KS

Just okay

I loved this when it first arrived. But after using it everyday, it got flimsy and thin. Whatever is inside the pillow, it’s not a great filler. The pillow does what it needs to but it won’t last you the whole nine months. I had to buy another pillow as I really couldn’t sleep without a bigger/longer pillow to support my back.

Lilian Flint Hill, VA

Not great if used as only a body pillow (no head)

I purchased this Preggle instead of the traditional ones because I wanted to continue using my regular pillow under my head. I could not for the life of me figure out how to comfortably use this pillow for body and knees. I thought it would be nicer/better than using just a standard king size pillow, but it turned out to be more of a hassle than it was worth.

Savannah West Glover, VT