Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper Shopping Cart Cover, Sage Pin Dot

Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper Shopping Cart Cover, Sage Pin Dot

Leachco Prop ‘R Shopper Shopping Cart Cover Protect your baby from sticky, dirty, germ filled shopping cart surfaces with the Prop ‘R Shopper. The thickly padded cover includes two soft and cushiony pillow props to keep your baby upright, as well as toy tabs to keep baby’s favorite toys and teethers nearby while you shop. The adjustable safety belt helps keep baby safely in place and seated. Includes a convenient storage pouch for all your shopping essentials.

Main features

  • Polyester 65%/Cotton 35%
  • Made in US
  • Two cushioned side props tuck around baby for full body support
  • Includes toy tabs, adjustable safety belt and storage pouch; just fold, roll and go, complete with carrying strap
  • Cushioned side props are removable for easy laundering
  • It’s completely padded and generously sized to cover seat and cart handle
  • Two cushioned side props tuck around baby for full body support, and it’s completely padded and generously sized to cover seat and cart handle

Verified reviews


Enjoying shopping for both

I like it so much.I bought because of two great feactures-belt and cushions and it works very good.My baby loves soft cushions and he is safe enough with the belts.It is easy to wash and pack it,I like that it becomes a bag,easy to carry on the shoulder.Great product,recommend everyone.

Lacy Mounds, OK

Very happy with this cover

I read a lot of reviews for covers before deciding on this one. The main things that I love about this cover is:-pillows are nice for my 6 month old whos not too sure of sitting up on his own yet-very easy to put in cart and pack back up one handed while holding a baby-cute fabric and nice and sturdy-toy straps so he always has something to play with and I don’t have to worry about them falling or getting lost.The only draw back for me (and it’s not even a huge deal for me) is that it does run a little small for larger carts…but if you play with it, you’ll learn what you can do to make it work for them.I am very happy with this cover and if I have another baby…I will be happy to use it for the next one too!

Roxanne Bingham Lake, MN

Not for most carts.

At first looks this did have some pros. I liked how it would wrap up and stay shut with hook and loop. The strap that comes with it to hold your child is good quality, but it is a little small. The strap also doubles as a carrying handle. The fabric is of decent quality so it should last.I tried this out at my local grocery store and it did not fit the cart at all. It needs to be a few inches longer to attach to the handle and for the pocket flap to go over the seat. The width was the right size. The cart is a decent size cart, but it is not a giant Sam’s club cart. This may not be the case for everybody, but if you can’t use it at the store you shop at then it is a pretty useless cover.The other things I did not like. The flap on the back is not long enough so the pockets were useless. The accessory straps would not wrap around most of the toys my son has. There is not enough space between the two hook and loop pieces. The lack of any padding was disappointing. I wish it had some padding on back, bottom and front. The pillows, which are the only padding, seemed like a good idea, but once you strap in a child they are just a gimmick and really do not do anything.Overall this might be excellent for some and is much better than a plain metal cart if it will fit. I gave this one star because the features were all disappointing for me and it just did not work. I sent this back and decided to make my own cover that fits any size cart and highchair.

Sheri New Kent, VA


i get so many complements because of the little pillows on the side. This is a perfect cover. She lays her head down on the side when she’s tired.

Whitney Apple Creek, OH

Bulky, comfy and works

I love how it wraps around the handles of the cart (as baby loves chewing on them – gross). It is pretty hard to do one handed – as the velcro goes from one end to the other (like a 20 inch strip of velcro). It’s pretty bulky to carry with the side pillows (they look to be removable) and there are no straps for little one. I wish I would have research this item better – I would have bought one with a harness and one that fits over the highchairs at restraunts.

Bernice Saronville, NE


it’s way cute. it’s waaay bulky. people will stare at you while you set it up. it’s not compact at all.

Erin California Hot Springs, CA

Great for babies!

I love this so your kid can actually fall asleep if they have to! Takes a little getting use to with one hand but after 3x you get it.

Gwendolyn Shawmut, ME

Love this

This is a fantastic shopping cover. People stop me in the store and ask me where I got it. My daughter fit so great in it when she was really little and still does at 16 months. I would totally recommend this its a must have. It’s great how it wraps up too, I just keep it in my car.

Rocio South Kent, CT

Works for all carts!

Walmart, sams club, Burlington coat, tjmaxx, etc. this cover fits all sized carts. why dont more moms use these!?ive had this for over a year. my son is now 17 months old and i still use this. i had no idea i would religiously use this. i use this constantly! he constantly wanted to chew on the shopping cart handle and this is a great sanitary barrier for that. think about it..most viruses come from the shopping carts! since i started hand sanitizing before and after i go to the grocery store with awareness never to touch my face i have avoided getting sick dramatically. so much that i felt having this cart cover was even more important..during the young stages where he still wasnt able to sit up the pillows helped him. he fell asleep in the shopping cart a few times and the pillows came in handy. the toy tethers are a must! its quick and easy to just throw onto the cart.i would honestly label this as a must have for an expectant mother for several reasons. this one specifically has the best features ive seen yet!

Belinda Winneconne, WI

Great quality and safe

Bought this for our 5 month old boy, it’s a very well made cover and the cushions are big and very secure and comfortable.

Kathy Steilacoom, WA


Love that the cover has the pillows on the side for the grocery store trips but hard to use in highchairs. (I just bring a different cover in the car for eating out) Folds up great and attaches to the shopping cart over the handle so I can put snacks there. Great cover

Elisha Pompton Lakes, NJ

Great Product – Doesn’t work with every cart

This works great but the main Velcro that attaches around the cart handle will not work with every cart type.

Etta Norwich, ND

Stop looking! This cover is what you need

I searched high and low for a shopping cart cover for my daughter. She is just under 6 months old and isn’t quite sitting up on her own. I asked a lot of friends and family about their covers and what they liked and didn’t like. I read numerous reviews on here and I was hesitant to order this cover because the of the negative reviews regarding its size. I took this to Wal-mart and got a big size cart (in my area they are all large). I put it in the seating area and my oh my it fit perfectly! It covered everything! I just can’t say enough good things about this cover! I have no idea what those negative reviews are talking about. It is very cute, soft and feels like it will easy to clean. I love the toy hooks too. Just so many great things, possibly one of my favorite baby products I’ve bought so far.

Jeannette Sawyer, OK

Very good cover for shopping carts…

I was skeptical since a few reviews stated it was too small for some carts but I ordered it anyhow since it had so many excellent reviews. Glad that I did!I have used it at the supermarkets, toys r us, babies r us, BJ’s wholesale club and a few other stores. The cover worked great at all those places – even with the BJ’s shopping carts.It also has 2 straps that hold toys or pacifiers which is a great feature. And it has a fold over flap that has 2 deep pockets so you can store burp cloths or whatever you need. I sometimes put my cell phone and keys in the pocket.Also, the 2 cushions really hold my baby in place. He is 8 months and sits up on his own no problem but it’s still nice to have the two side cushions. He uses them as armrests. I read that they are removable but I haven’t even looked into that yet.Overall, I highly recommend this product.

Lorna Groveland, CA

My daughter loves the grocery store now.

My daughter likes grocery shopping so much better now that she can sit up in her comfy little cart seat rather than being stuck in her baby car seat. It’s true that it is not big enough for to cover the handle on the bigger carts at some stores, including our regular grocery store, but it still gives her a soft little place to sit so I don’t mind at all.

Bonnie Erbacon, WV

Great Gift

I bought this as a baby shower gift and they love it! It is the luxury of cart covers! This is exactly what they wanted and I got it here for a cheaper price! Can’t beat that!

Emma Harriston, MS

No complaints

My little one gets so excited now when I pull this out of the car to go to the store. I started her in it when she was 6 months. I feel so comfortable with her in the cart now with the side cushions.

Rhonda Willard, UT

grocery shopping no longer a hellish experience

Never written a review before- always mean to and then don’t get around to it- even though I rely on the reviews of others to buy just about everything on Amazon. Finally I’m giving back to the community :)So- my baby is 5 months old. I started grocery shopping with him from the beginning, at first it was easy, my grocery store has those great carts with the reclining infant seat – he would sleep thru the majority of the shopping and it was great- I simply avoided all stores that didn’t have this cart. No more Target, Whole Foods, etc. Then I tried the other stores with him in the Baby Bjorn- uh, great for him as he could breastfeed if fussy, but just about killed my back, plus made it so hard to bend down to get stuff on lower shelves.I started panicking when I saw he was growing out of the reclining cart seat at the grocery store (already at 4 months- he’s HUGE), but he was already happy to sit with help (still not sitting on his own). OK- so I went ahead and ordered this.IT IS AWESOME.He is so happy in it! He looks like a king in this thing- it’s so comfy, he can sit up and see everything, and if tired just lean up against one of the pillows- it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made for him- he’s 5.5 months and we use it at least once a week. People come up to me in the stores and comment on what a good idea this thing is.

Sherrie Rothsay, MN

Perfect! Updated with list of stores I used it at.

I looked at a lot of cart covers, and I am very happy with this one. I’m not sure about the reviews saying it doesn’t fit on carts, I can’t imagine how it wouldn’t fit other then not being able to use the back pockets if the seat has a higher back. but the pockets are really just small bonus, so not being able to use them in some shopping carts is really no big deal at all.The material is very nice, the pillows are so soft, no more worrying about my son chewing on the cart handle! I really think he could just take a nap while I’m shopping.I have used this cover at the following stores, and it fit perfectly with no issues at allWalmart,Food Lion,Army Commissary (not sure if the all use the same carts)

Alyce Fox, OR

Great Item

I bought this item for my daughter. I’m not a total germaphobe, but I liked the idea of having something to cover the shopping carts as those can be some of the worst places for germs. I also liked the idea of her having a little cushioning on the cart seat when she was still younger. We used this until she was probably a year old. I really liked this specific one because of the side cushions to offer her more support. Wonderful item. We will be digging it out to use when my son is old enough!

Carolyn Allen, NE

Super handy.

Just bought this for my 9.month-old and we love it. it is super comfortable and since she is only 9 months old the side cushions are very good for her to feel more protected.

Pearlie Intervale, NH

Worth the Money!

I bought this now that my baby is no longer in a infant car seat.He just learned to sit up and the pillows are a great help so I don’t have to worry about him toppling over.The design is cute and its soft and comfortable for baby.

Madeleine Glendo, WY


this is great and really simple to use. easy to put in the cart and this works great for my 6 month old who cant quite sit up entirely on his own in the cart yet.

Jannie Fort Ransom, ND

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! So happy I went for it!

I had gotten theEddie Bauer Shopping Cart Cover, Geo Printfrom my baby shower, and planned to use it when my son could sit up. However, the first time I tried to use that cover, I couldn’t get it to fit on any of the carts I tried, and my son just flopped over. The Leachco cover seemed like the perfect solution! My son started using it at 5 months, before he could really sit up alone but he was strong enough to be propped up. He loved sitting in the “big kid” seat and looking around while shopping! The pillows on either side were really comfy and he leaned over on them plenty of times. He’s even fallen asleep on them! The strap to hold him to the cart feels very sturdy too, because you loop it through the actual seat of the cart, UNLIKE the Eddie Bauer one. It also has straps to hook toys to, and I just leave two toys permanently attached, even when I fold it up. The green color is super cute and can be used for a boy or girl. The pillows are also removable, as they are just inside a “pocket” and one or both can be removed. This is nice in restaurants where the pillows take up too much room. Absolutely love this cover!

Doris Gaines, MI

Perfect shopping cart cover

So worth the additional money . I don’t think that I have ever been out where someone hasn’t commented or requested where I purchased this cover. Fits great and helps keep baby upright. You can also lay the baby across the top longways (monitored of course) to allow baby to feed or nap

Shawn Wayne, MI


This little gadget is the best for a frequent shopper like me and my little one. It is completely comfortable and it allows him to relax while in a shopping cart!!! The best purchase I made as a new mom and I will definitely give a few out for baby shower gifts….Good job Leachco!!! Absolute must have!!!

Vicky Lannon, WI

needs more padding

The side pads are great but the back and actual seat are too thin to provide proper support or comfort for a baby. I double this up with another pad, and only then, it works well enough.

Wanda Groveton, TX

We love it and so does everyone who sees him in it

I get the question all the time: "wow, I’ve never seen one that looks that comfy! Where did you get it?"This is great for most shopping carts. I say most because there are some where the fit isn’t quite right, but hey, we adjust and go with it. The main issue with fit is that sometimes the cover doesn’t reach all the way to where I hold the cart so he can still get his hands on grub when it’s not stretched out over it.I loved it when he was really little (e.g., 6 months) because the side pillows would help to keep him propped up and in the center of the seat. I still love it because it’s comfortable and it has pockets in the back for anything you need (e.g., water bottle, pacifier, toys, shopping list, etc.) and it folds up with a velcro strap for easy carrying. A great product!!

Elda South Hutchinson, KS

Doesn’t fit Target or Costco carts

This is a nice item. Seems well made and is cushy, but it doesn’t fit the two stores that I shop at the most. Back to square one.

Lillian Westminster, TX

Great for my baby!

I purchased this when my daughter was 5 months old and it fit her once I placed a blanket behind her back for support. She is now 7 months and this fits her perfectly. It is such a cute cover. My only complaint is that the straps are too short. But overall, great buy. 🙂

Roxie Arlington, NE