Leachco Rock N Soft Cushioned Nursing Stool, Ivory

Leachco Rock N Soft Cushioned Nursing Stool, Ivory

Here’s a nursing stool you can sink your feet into. Whether you breast or bottle feed, a majority of your time is spent feeding baby. Our firm foam stool is specially designed to follow your body’s natural form. It elevates your legs to just the right height for proper feeding angles while reducing the strain on your back and legs. Our exclusive faux fleece lined “feet keepers” keep your feet snug and stationary, reducing calf muscle strain as you rock. It’s an ideal foot warmer for those cold winter nights. Feet keeper allows for stool repositioning without using your hands and that is safer for baby. Removable, washable cover.

Main features

  • Lessens strain on shoulders, back, hips and legs
  • Elevates lap to the proper angle for feeding
  • Lightweight for easy repositioning
  • Comfy, c ounce y faux sheepskin keeps your feet warm and pampered
  • Removable, washable cover

Verified reviews


Basically does what it is supposed to do.

This works pretty well – we needed a small footstool because we bought a glider without one due to the fact that our nursery is TINY. This works just fine. The major complaint I have with it is that because the whole thing is made out of foam, it compresses over time and loses its shape. In spite of this, though, it still works just fine. I also do not love that it is fuzzy on the bottom too, and thus collects every hair and piece of lint on the floor, all of which becomes inextricably entangled in the sheepskin-like fabric. But again, this is only a minor annoyance. For the price, this definitely serves its purpose.

Hilda Crawford, TX

Like it.

Feet are not fully covered in this stool and the cover is not that thick. Works alright for a stool, but would prefer a wood stool. Good price in comparison though.

Tracy Dickinson, TX

Not just for nursing mothers

I bought this to use as a nursing footstool and I love it. But I can easily see myself using it long after I am done nursing. It’s the perfect size and shape, it has a cozy pocket for my feet, and its lightweight enough to kick out of the way if I need to get up in a hurry. Highly recommended!

Lawanda Gowrie, IA

comfy & keeps my feet warm

I expected the material to be thicker where you put your feet into it, but it does keep my feet warm when they are in there, and it makes sitting in my rocking chair more comfortable. it is also compact and easy to store under the rocker so it doesnt get in the way when not in use.

Loraine Richmond, CA


I thought this would keep my feet warm while nursing but when it arrived it felt cheap and it moved too much to be useful. Perhaps it works if you don’t have a wood floor.

Lara Everettville, WV

Nothing else like it!

Great small, lightweight nursing stool….soft on your feet providing the support you need while nursing or just sitting comfortably. I haven’t seen anything else like this and it is just perfect for my small nursery. Also easy to tote around. I would give it 5 stars but as others mentioned the fact that it picks up every hair and pc of lint is a minor annoyance. I vacuum mine often or roll with a lint brush since I have pets.

Alta Westview, KY


This stool is a great alternative to the wooden stool. My heels feels nice and supported on this cushy surface. The cover is easy to wash, and you don’t have to worry about your toddler knocking their head (or any other body part) into it. You will be able to use it beyond your nursing time, and the foot slots are big enough for any size foot. I highly recommend it.

Michaela La Monte, MO

Ehhh product

So we needed something like this for the late nights rocking the wee one to sleep.It does what it is supposed too and the foot pocket is warm. That said it is a bit pricey for what it is. The price alone is why we aren’t giving more stars.

Lorna Rougemont, NC

Love this!

This is the perfect little stool to accompany any rocker or glider. It is light weight and you can throw it in the closet when you aren’t using it. It is super comfortable on your feet and a great height for nursing. Really happy with this! A great price compared to all the expensive matching ottomans out there as well. I live in an NYC apt where space is at a premium. This was a perfect alternative for us!

Kelsey Caulfield, MO

So practical for Moms of crawlers and cruisers!

I had to stop using a previous nursing stool when my baby started to crawl and cruise. He often climbed up on it while playing and I was afraid he’d hurt himself on the sharp corners. This solves that problem! It is soft, perfectly angled for nursing, and the cozy place for your feet is an added bonus! I should have gotten this months ago!

Gussie Point Mugu Nawc, CA

So great I bought a second one!

After having given up on finding a good footstool for my nursery, I saw this on a friend’s baby registry and for the price, had to try it. Well, it is great. So great I bought a second one for the living room so i could stop carting it around everytime I wanted to breastfeed someplace other than the nursery. It’s sturdy enough that I also sat on it sometimes on the floor. Now that Baby is 11 months old, I still use it when holding her in the rocking chair. But surprisingly, it has become a nursery toy! Now that she is crawling, she loves climbing on it. And because it is so soft I’m completely comfortable with it. Sometime’s I turn it over, lay her belly down on the flat side and rock her back and forth a little on it.Mine did start of look a little dingy after some use – and who has time to wash these when you are washing all those newborn clothes. So I can’t comment on how well they wash!

Kayla Brook, IN