Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad, Blue Fish

Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad, Blue Fish

Leachco Safer Bather Infant Bath Pad Safer Bather bath pad has all of the features every parent needs to assure baby’s bath is as safe and pleasurable as can be. The head is elevated keeping water out of baby’s ears, and it won’t break or pull apart like some sponge pads. Soft polyester filling dries quickly with a sturdy hanger for convenient drip dry storage. Baby will appreciate not having to lay in a hard plastic tub. Safer Bather can be used to sponge bathe newborns or place directly into the full size tub when your infant is ready to make the transition. Just fill the tub and place Safer Bather directly in the tub. It is constructed of an open weave polyester fabric that is soft and porous, made just for the bath. The inner polyester batting conforms to baby’s body creating a soft cushioned pad like no other. When fininshed, just shake out the pad and watch the water quickly escape. The fabric’s special weave design actually speeds up water loss.

Main features

  • Head is elevated keeping water out of baby’s ears
  • Soft sides and deeply contoured to safely cradle baby while bathing
  • Sturdy hanger for convenient storage
  • Head is elevated keeping water out of baby’s ears
  • Soft sides and deeply contoured to safely cradle baby while bathing
  • Sturdy hanger for convenient storage

Verified reviews



The reason for the 1 star is because baby is not due until Dec 1 2013, and it has not been used. Mother to be is excited about it, but we won’t know the thoughts until its used, then I’ll re-rate it

Judith Price, TX

Used once and never again….

I can see that it would be comfortable but it was easier to bathe without this bulky item…. Would not suggest.

Ila Tiplersville, MS

Bathing all by myself

I initially got this as I was reading the reviews people now being able to bath their little one by themselves. I was in that boat at 9 weeks it still took me and my husband to bath our son. So I ordered it… We were in a plastic tub… The first day we got it was bath night. So my husband and and I went upstairs. I had him stand back to see if I could do it by myself, and 15 minutes later I had finally bathed my 9 weeks old son… It didn’t really take that long we had some “playtime/singing time” in there too.. Anyways, I LOVE this product. It isn’t the cutest thing but it works wonders. We’ve now had it 3 weeks and I can’t imagine us not having it. If you are trying to use a big plastic tub or are on a one inch thin bath sponge, make the switch, it is completely worth it.

Katina Friendship, TN

This product STINKS – literally

Follow the instructions to the letter – this product will still smell bad after a few uses. I HATE IT!!! I’ve gone through 3 bathing things so far – and this is my least favorite. First, it doesn’t have much elevation for newborns. Second, it gets heavy once it’s wet and flattens.Alternate product recommendation – Sure Comfort Tub by The First Years…. now THAT is a good baby bathtub!!!

Bernadette Mount Morris, IL


We got this bath pad for our 3 month old and initially loved it, as he sat there so comfortably while we washed him, but within even the first month he started getting a horrible rash on his back due to contact with the bath pad. We have always cleaned and hung to dry, but we live in a warm climate and clearly the mildew grows inside of the mat unless you have professional drying equipment. To avoid buying another pad we have attempted to use wet towels over the pad so that his skin does not come in direct contact with the infected pad, but unfortunately this does not appear to be enough. Our baby is now six months and has an ongoing and painful looking rash on his back where it has been touching the bath pad.BOTTOM LINE: If you plan to buy 10 pads (for $250??) and treat them like disposable items – polluting the landfills and throwing your money away in the process – then this pad is wonderful, but for all of the sane people out there, please do not make the same mistake we did. There are better bath options out there that do not jeopardize the skin health of your baby. We are so sorry we bought this pad.

Cassie Natchez, LA

After three month usage…I kind of regret I bought this one..

Pro:-Spongy holding around your baby to create more safety if bathing baby in ceramic sink.Con:-Always need 2 adult to bath your baby. One holding baby’s head up so water won’t get into baby’s ears, and the other person give the actual bath to the baby.-The mildew smell(I try to hang it dry over night in the bathroom cause it soaks lots of water and keep dripping. Than remove to somewhere under the sunlight during the day time, to get it complete dry out for next bath. However, without drying under the sunlight(when its cloudy day….it has mildew smell)After 3 month usage, the spongy getting flat…and the whole thing keeps sinking(the head part used to be higher…but now about 2 inches flatter)…my husband now has to hold the baby’s head plus holding up the hook towards outside the sink… it’s totally useless now and I’ll have to buy something else…

Tori Marshes Siding, KY

An item I didn’t end up using much

This was one of those "I’ve got to have it" items that was on my registry. I used it a few times and then that was it. It does work well at cushioning, but I found that my son wasn’t immersed enough in the water and would start to get cold as did the water that collected on top of the cushion.I also got the Evenflo Infant to Toddler bath that has the built in (removable) inclined, cushioned insert that worked quite well instead. With the insert removed, the cushion made a perfect fit, I just found that I preferred the bathtub insert more.

Ruth Seymour, WI

great for newborn

This bath pad is perfect for bathing a newborn. It dries easily and is convenient to store (there’s a hook for you to hang the bath pad). It is thick and soft and feels comfy. I did put this in the washing machine, which I shouldn’t have because after that one time machine wash, it started showing wear as if the bath pad has been used for a long time.

Mariana San Pedro, CA

I don’t get how this works

It doesn’t float and it doesn’t stay submerged. Really wet and heavy too so it’s kind of a pain to use.

Janis Fenwick, MI

I use for every bath

After moving out of the baby bath into the big boy tub, this cushion (plus a no slip mat) made bath time much less stressful. I started using this when my son was about 6 months (could have started even a bit sooner) and can see using it for many months to come. Definitely the way to go when you are ready to transition to the big tub.

Sonia Poole, KY

Good product

I used this for until my baby could sit up in the regular bathtub on her own. I was trying to avoid buying a bunch of bulky baby items that would require storing between baby births. So I opted for this for our first baby. It is so light weight and small so it’s easy to store away until our next baby needs it. It worked great for just laying in our regular bathtub and you can just hang it on the shower head to dry. It comes with a hook to hang it up. I would definitely recommend it.

Rosella Thornton, IL

Love it

I wish I had this for my first kid. For him, we had the Fisher Price Whale tub and he was always sliding to one side or another, which was nerve wracking. This is a very comfortable way to wash a newborn. Having the water fill up the cushion keeps her nice and warm. We hang this over the tub after each use and have had no problems in 4.5 months I highly recommend it!

Brandi Spirit Lake, IA

Great For Newborns

This was really great for my newborn daughter. It got a little smelly despite rinsing and air drying every use. But it had served its purpose before becoming unusable. At 4 weeks we switched to the Primo Eurobath Tub (which is TERRIFIC).

Erica Bedford, WY

Not so usable in the tub

We found this wasn’t the best thing to use in the bath regularly. It’s a bit of work to wring the water out, and you never get it all out. It takes over a day to dry, which means if you use it daily you can expect mold/mildew.We did find it useful around the house outside the tub. If you ever need to lay your baby down somewhere secure and don’t have time to prep it, this bath pad makes a handy pad that keeps your child in position.

Mia Nooksack, WA

great, safe bath pad

I have used this bath pad with both of my sons, one 2 and the baby is 6 months. It’s large enough that even my 99th percentile for height and weight 6 month old can fit with no problems. I’ve used the same one with no issues of mold but I wring it out really good and hang it up to dry. My older son likes to use it as a little bean bag, so I guess that means it’s comfortable. I say if you’re looking for a cheap way to bathe your baby in the tub, look no further!

Darlene Angier, NC

The best purhcase for bathing baby ever!

This is by far the best thing I have seen out there yet. First, I have read and tried a lot of the other items out there- the foam mats, slings, tubs…. I bought the euro tub and it may in the future be a good thing but not right now…The Safer Bather works like a contoured pillow/sponge. It will support baby on a slight incline and will keep her from rolling off either side or down. It was the most perfect thing to use when our daughter’s belly button had not yet healed.Our daughter loved being placed on it when the warm water would press thru with her weight on the cushion. It also dries very very quickly and can hand up in your shower.I have even used it in our sink and it supports her perfectly!With all the others out there to choose from, this one is the best way to spend your $!

Jessie Campton, KY

perfect for baby

this is a great washing tool for baby. i wouldn’t dream of using anything else. since the umbilical cord fell off, my baby has been using this in our adult bathtub. he doesn’t slip and is comfortable lying on this. he enjoys feeling like hes taking a bath even though the water level doesn’t come past the point of the mat. this is probably good up until baby can sit up and move around on their own

Ladonna Purdum, NE


After only a couple uses it started to smell like mildew. And I always washed it out and hung it up to dry after using it. Other than that it was a big help.

Briana Lees Summit, MO

No mildew, not even in a stuffy shower in SC 😉

I read a lot of reviews about this thing and took to heart the complaints of mildew, etc. Considering I live in the south, I was very hesitant to get this item. But decided I’d try it anyway. I’m very glad I did.Let it be known I use this mostly in the stuffiest bathroom in the house (its easier to warm for bathing an infant) and I have a BAD tendency to get distracted after the bath and come back hours later with a still soaked bather to pull out of the tub and hang somewhere to air dry. I have had this thing months now. I’ve never had to toss it in the wash, it still smells like new. I wash my baby every other day. I’m lazy and hang the thing in the shower itself to dry. I have had not one problem with it and I love it!

Emma Polacca, AZ

Newborns Best Friend

Saw this bath pad, read the reviews, and had to have it! Now, I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect pad for 1 parent to bath their infants! My experience with the big, bulky, plastic tubs is that infants tend to slide down while bathing them. Thus forcing you to have 4 hands instead of 2. With this pad, it so easy for me or my husband to bath our son with out any assistance from the other. My son, absolutely loves his bath pad. While he has a tendency to pooh on it… it does wash up nicely. I just drain it, then throw it in the washer. My only complaint is that when you wash it, the foam filling does become a little distorted. But it’s not a big deal! HIGHLY recommend! Can’t wait to buy it as a shower gift for a friend!

Isabel Mc Lean, NY

Our baby loves this tub

We have used this tub since his very first bath and he just loves it! He now splashes, kicks, and plays and never gets afraid of the tub. Its cozy and easy to use.

Margo Bowling Green, SC

The BEST, Softest, Safest, Warmest baby bath EVER

This is my FAVORITE baby item as a first time mom. My infant son loves his baths thanks to this product. He is safe, warm and cozy in this fabric cushion that literally dries faster than anything I’ve ever witnessed. Just hang it up and it drips dries fast for no mess or mold. Forget the old hard plastic tubs that are slippery! GET THIS! You and your baby will love it.

Charlotte Cecilton, MD

Good Bather with a Few Drawbacks

I have been using this bather with my son for about 4 months. I like how soft it is and my son seems to be comfortable in it. A big drawback is that only part of him is in the water during a bath, so by the end of the bath he seems a little cold. He has dry skin, so I make the bath as quick as possible anyway. I’ve read some of the other reviews about the bather not drying and mildew problems. We don’t have a place to hang dry the bather, so I lift it out of the tub and let all of the water run out. When it stops dripping, I prop it up inside the tub so it can continue to dry. Twice I’ve rinsed the bather out with vinegar to kill bacteria and to keep it smelling fresh. I’ve never noticed mildew, but it just makes sense to me to rinse it out with vinegar.

Jocelyn Mount Berry, GA

Our Baby Loves This

Everyone warned us how difficult it would be to bathe baby…how wrong they were. From day one home from the hospital, our boy has enjoyed his time in the bath, and it’s because he is so comfy on this pillow. Would recommend for sure! Who would want to sit in a hard molded plastic thing when you can sit on a pillow!

Keri Afton, TX

Why so many good reviews?

I don’t get all the good reviews of this product. I really don’t like it. It’s too big to fit comfortably in my standard size sink,and doesn’t keep babies head inclined and out of the water in the tub. It does seem comfy for baby,but she does easily get cold in it. There is n o way for baby to stay submerged in some water to stay warm. I much prefer the first years safety tub. There is a reason it’s design has been around for years! It just works!

Deirdre Decatur, OH

Love this product!

Very useful, very good quality, i totally love it! i did not give it 5 stars because after three months of using it, it changes its form.

Paige Del Rey, CA

Revolutionized Bath Time!!

My newborn screamed through his baths until we ordered this and began to use it. Now he LOVES the bath! What a relief… This is the best bathing help I have found. It holds him securely so that I can scrub away. Keeps him warm and cozy the entire time.

Yesenia Hansford, WV

A must have for baths!

My daughter had her first sponge bath with this and it has worked great ever since. We put it in her Eurobath tub and she doesn’t slide at all. Bathtime is so much fun for everyone. I highly recommend it to any parent.

Marjorie Panama, IL

Parents loved it

I ordered this for some friends off their registry list and they loved it. No complaints. Highly recommend to all.

Terrie Indian Orchard, MA

Made bath time a breeze

My daughter was not the biggest fan of bath time until we got this bath pad. We had previously been given a larger bathtub at our baby shower, but our baby was premature and the tub was WAY too big for her. This tub fits her perfectly, supporting her upright and will work for months to come.

Tammy Whitesville, WV