Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Chic Total Body Pillow

13860 Features: -One pillow that takes the place of 5. -Multi-positional so you get a perfect night’s sleep. -Enjoy “cuddle me comfort” without the extra body heat. -C-shape design for multiple positions. Product Type: -Pregnancy Wedge/Pillow. Use: -Prenantal. Generic Dimensions: -58.75″ H x 25.5″ W x 7.75″ D, 4.8 lbs. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -4.8 Pounds.

Main features

  • Easy on-off zippered 60% cotton / 40% polyester jersey knit cover
  • Provides the support you need during and after pregnancy
  • Support your hips, back and tummy for a better night’s sleep
  • Total body comfort from head to toe!
  • Unique c-shape design for multiple positions

Verified reviews


Not worth the price tag!!!

The product does help with relief but this product is so not worth the cost. For the money I paid I would expect something close to memory foam or some sort of that material but its just regular pillow shaped in different way. my problem is more so that after using if for just a week the pillow is already flattening….NOT HAPPY AT ALL with the product and how much I had paid for it. I would not recommend it to anyone. I am giving 1 star because it does bring relief, would have gave more stars if the material was somewhat worth the cost. I feel like I got cheated because the seller knows that baby industry is big money, and people would pay anything for sub-par items.

Gail Purdy, MO

Pretty good body pillow

I bought this pillow because I’m a back sleeper and wanted something to help me stay on my side during pregnancy. The pillow arrived during my 17th week of pregnancy. Initial thought — heaven.I’ve had the pillow for eight weeks now.PROS:Love the soft cover. I bought a spare pillowcase so there’s always a clean one to use.Good back support, good at keeping the hips level.Snoogle is not too firm or too soft.Flexible enough to curl exactly as you wish.Better than using multiple individual pillows.There are a few other positions you can use with your Snoogle. It’s nice to roll up to use when sitting upright.CONS:A tad too big for our full-sized mattress, but it still works.Looses the tight C-shape after about a month. Again, still works, but it takes a little bit more arranging.Hard to flip the Snoogle over (especially in the middle of the night). I can see this being a problem with most body pillows. You can leave the Snoogle in place and flip yourself over (still comfy) but you loose the back support.The Snoogle can also be used for breastfeeding. Though I haven’t made it this far yet, I won’t be attempting it with the Snoogle as it would be too big and awkward — Boppie would still be best.Yes, I would buy this again.

Ma Wood Lake, MN

Buy it with the Cover…a must for pregnant women!

This was a great purchase! Need it at about 3.5 months when I started to feel back pain. BUY IT WITH THE JERSEY COVER. Also, I didn’t wash it right away because of the other reviews complaining about how hard it was to get back on…uh, have you ever changed a duvet cover? That is hard. This was NOTHING! It was so much softer after a washing. I was in so much pain I pretty much bear hugged this thing right out of the package and didn’t let it go, but now it’s much softer. I think it’s great. It prevents you from rolling onto your back which is a no-no at around 18 + weeks.It is large..we have a king bed and it’s great. But yea, if you’re sharing a full, don’t do this to your partner. It will smush them off of it. Just upgrade to a Queen :)BUY THIS!

Gayla Ashcamp, KY

Huge help, jersey cover is soft

I love this pillow! I ordered the jersey 100% cotton cover and it’s super soft. It’s a bit challenging to put back on after a wash, but so far it’s holding up great (didn’t shrink) and it’s very comfortable and I’d consider my skin pretty sensitive. The pillow does take up a lot of room in the bed, but it’s substantial and firm enough to support my 5′ 6″ frame head-to-toe.

Chris Rex, NC

So far, so good.

I just got this yesterday and last night I loved it. The fabric is soft and t-shirt like. It’s only been one night with it, so I’ll have to continue using it to see how it goes. I was very comfortable using it and I felt like the footprint of the pillow was not much bigger then the space I normally use on my side of the bed. I didn’t feel like it was so big that my husband was being pushed off the bed, which was good!Edit 2/24/11: I’ve been using this for months now and I am 36 weeks. I love this pillow! I don’t want to give it up even after I have the baby. It has made sleeping a dream (pun intended). I haven’t had any sleeping issues with my pregnancy and it keeps me very comfortable. The cover washes and dries well, no shrinking or pilling. It hugs my body and supports my hips, back, and stomach.

Doris Rye, NY

very happy with it

I got this when I was pregnant because I just couldn’t get comfortable and there were times when my legs literally ached so bad when I stood up that I had trouble standing. This helped me so much! My baby is now 13 months old and I still use it! My husband likes it for his acid reflux. I like it because it’s still comfortable. When we travel and I sleep with my baby I shape it in a “C” around him and then lay across the opening to help him not fall off the bed in his sleep. It is pricey but worth it in my opinion. and easy to zip off the cover and wash. Would definately recommend!

Susanne Lowndes, MO

I soooo will not sleep without this!

I needed this pillow early on and during my pregnancy my needs for it changed but it was still needed. At first it was more that I needed to sleep with something between my knees because of your hips loosening up early on. Later it was more for back support or even slight belly support. It kept me in place most of the night. I am very happy with it!

Robin Allensville, KY

Sleep saver!

I can’t sleep without this Snoogle now! It is definitely a sleep saver in early-mid pregnancy (I’ll let you know when I get further along!)! It supports your lower back and neck so well. Recommended for all the mamas out there!

Earlene Maize, KS

Best Decision EVER!!!

I was 33 months pregnant and kept finding that I would wake up and I’d be on my back. Everyone knows sleeping on your back in the third trimester isn’t good. So I needed something to give my back support so that I couldn’t roll onto my back. I was leery at first, but after the first night I was sold! The pillow supported my head perfectly and separated my hips. I woke up a couple times, but that’s normal with a baby that pushes on my bladder. I’m so glad I bought this pillow! Being a first time mom, I really wish I wasn’t so stubborn and made the purchase earlier! Buy this pillow, you won’t regret it!

Gabriela Flat Rock, IL

Can’t sleep without it!

I would not be able to survive my pregnancy without this! It does take up a lot of room in the bed, but it is so worth it! Love the jersey cotton fabric, that is why I chose this model specifically. It really is soft and just like a t-shirt. I was having weird lower back pain while sleeping very early in my 1st trimester. Even though I felt silly getting this so early in the pregnancy, the back pain disappeared! Now I am in my third trimester and I have not slept one night without it. The reason for not giving it 5 stars (even though I really want to) is because it is losing some of its fullness, I make sure to fluff it and flip and rotate it regularly, to prevent it from being too floppy. Have I mentioned that I can’t sleep without it! No more pregnancy lower back or hip pain! The only thing waking me up in the middle of the night is having to pee and the great thing is that I can get up at 2 or 3 and fall right back asleep with no trouble. I was a stomach sleeper before pregnancy so transitioning to sleeping on my side has not been fun but the pillow definitely helps me get a good night’s sleep!

Tracy Lake Cormorant, MS


I didn’t end up using until I was in my third trimester but it really helped me sleep by supporting my belly and my back. The material is very comfortably but it is hard to get the cover on and off to wash it.

Meagan Foster, MO

My savior while pregnant!

This was a MUST during my pregnancy. It takes a few nights to find your favorite sleeping position, but then it’s hard to fall asleep without it! What worked for me was curling the pillow up in a "C" shape with the opening on either side of my belly, and the "C" supporting my back (as pictured). A great product and the jersey cover is very soft and easy to wash. I even used it postpartum to get to sleep when I was sore and achy. Get it!

Denice Booneville, AR

It hurts my neck.

I have had my Snoogle for a couple months now and I just can’t get comfortable with it. I feel like I am in a cage when I try sleeping with it and it hurts my neck when I sleep on it. I was hoping that maybe as my belly started to grow and I started getting more uncomfortable, I could make it work for me but I wake up in the morning and my neck will just be killing me. So it lives on top of the cedar chest that I have in my bedroom in hopes that maybe later on I can still get some comfort from it.

Josefa Kiester, MN

I enjoyed the snoogle for the most part

I was able to enjoy the snoogle for much of my pregnancy when it felt like I just couldn’t get comfortable. It did hinder intimacy and my husband was probably a bit resentful of it- but hey, a comfortable mama is a happy mama and that’s the only one you want to be around! 🙂

Kendra Logan, OH

Sleep, glorious sleep!

I have always been one of those fall-asleep-the-second-my-head-hits-the-pillow kind of people… until I got pregnant. The random insomnia, leg aches, being too hot, too cold, not being able to get comfortable, hands falling asleep from carpal tunnel, etc. all caught up with me around my 5th month of pregnancy, and I was miserable. A couple friends recommended a pregnancy pillow, and after reading reviews of several, I decided one with a removable cover was the way to go.The pillow arrived around 6PM after a bad sleepless night. I opened the package and lay down on the bed with it to “try it out” and unintentionally fell asleep and slept for 14 hours straight, waking only to brush my teeth and wash my face. I really dislike sleeping on my side (I’m normally a stomach sleeper), but this does make it easier, and helped eliminate the aches and pains that had been plaguing my legs for a couple months. Also, (knock on wood), I’ve had very minimal back pain the entire pregnancy, which I know is very common – I kinda think the pillow might have something to do with that.After two months of using it, I can truly say it is worth every penny. I do wish it was maybe 6″ longer (I’m 5’7″), so my feet were more supported when I am stretched out, but it’s still a good length. I still toss and turn, some, I think that’s because my body REALLY just wants to sleep on my stomach, but I am getting a good night’s rest more often than not, and that’s what really matters.One review that really pushed me to buy this one in particular was that one reviewer wrote that it cured her carpal tunnel. Since carpal tunnel normally comes about in the 3rd trimester and I was early in my 2nd when I got it, I worried it was only going to get worse. I took the review with a grain of salt, but thought it was worth a try. Since I am now firmly in my 3rd trimester, I can say that my carpal tunnel is about 75% better since using the pillow. A few of my fingers are still a little numb, but I do not wake up in the night with numb hands or aching wrists. Not quite sure how a pillow did this, but I don’t have any other explanation!

Mara Greenville, MI

sleep saver

I have to say I’ve loved this thing, and my little daughter and husband have tried to steal it a few times too. There are several different positions you can use it in (listed with pics on a diagram sent with the pillow), both sitting and lying down. It’s made my pregnancy much more comfortable. I didn’t have any problems with the "seam" being uncomfortable to me like a couple other reviewers did. It also washed well and zipped right back over the pillow with no problems.

Elena Avon, CT

Replaced 3 pillows

I waited until I was 7 months pregnant and getting pretty uncomfortable at night with my configuration of 3 to 4 pillows to finally break down and get a maternity pillow. It has been totally worth it, and like many others, I wish I had made the purchase earlier and gotten more use from it. I wouldn’t say I sleep like a dream, because I’m nearly 9 months now and just pretty uncomfortable period, but this pillow has definitely made a difference. I find that the support in the top is enough for my head without needing another pillow, and the belly and leg support is great. I would recommend buying this version with the jersey cover because it’s very soft and comfortable, and many reviewers seemed to find the other covers itchy.

Lucille South Newfane, VT

Great pregnancy pillow

I used this pillow every single night in my final trimester of pregnancy. I liked how I could use it in many different position.

Kelly Sterling, OK

Who would have thought this gem would be so useful!

I got this for my wife when she was almost 6 months pregnant as she WAS a stomach sleeper. She had so many sleepless nights before this gem but now she is able to find a comfortable position and rest peacefully. We have a queen size bed and it takes up almost half of it. I have a feeling she will be using this thing long after our little guy arrives.

Sondra Sontag, MS

A MUST for Pregnancy

I could not live without my snoogle! I originally ordered a mini because we have a queen bed, but it was entirely way too small for my 5’7 frame. It didn’t alleviate any hip or back pain and was un-supportive. I decided to buy the total body pillow and it is perfect. I even find my husband using it sometimes.

Paula Clarksboro, NJ

Addicted to this pillow

My husband considers this his replacement now that I’m getting farther along in my pregnancy. This pillow is exactly as advertised, and makes trying to get comfortable at night with a growing belly so much easier. I like that it can be used in different positions for different uses during and after your pregnancy. Another great feature is the removable pillow cover that you can wash whenever you want/need to. So happy with this purchase – couldn’t imagine sleeping without it.

Frieda Valrico, FL

Most amazing pillow ever.

I got this because I was pregnant, but would recommend it to anyone. I can fold it over and use it as support when sitting up. I can pull one side around my waist to rest my laptop on, and from that same measure I don’t think anyone who breastfeeds would necessarily need a Boppy. The cover that came with it is soft and didn’t shrink when I washed and dried it, and fits very well. It takes a bit of practice to get the cover back on, but I prefer wrestling a bit with a tight cover to sleeping on a baggy or wrinkly cover.It’s not as unevenly shaped as it looks in the product pictures, they make it look awkward but it is a fairly rounded C shape, and when it feels like it’s getting a bit flat on one end, you can just flip it over.I can’t say enough positive things about this pillow. I can’t imagine not using one for the rest of my life. Not even kidding.

Paula Riverview, FL