Leachco Snoogle Loop Contoured Fit Body Pillow, Ivory

Leachco Snoogle Loop Contoured Fit Body Pillow, Ivory

Surround yourself in cushioned comfort from head to toe and everything in between. Snoogle loop’s contoured sides cushion and support your entire body. Stay comfy all night long and easily turn from side to side with no repositioning or moving pillows around. Fold this versatile body pillow in half and watch it transform into a double Decker bed lounger. This pillow prop was designed for watching TV, reading, or providing the extra upper body lift you need. Comes complete with a handy pocket to store all your relaxation essentials, such as TV remote, glasses, books, or phone. It’s where dreams are made.

Main features

  • Polyester 65%/Cotton 35%
  • Made in US
  • Hour glass inner curves caress your entire body
  • Pillow arms curve inward for huggable comfort
  • No repositioning, easily turn from side to side
  • Aligns hips for neutral joint positioning
  • Removable, washable cover

Verified reviews


Makes you lose sleep!

This is the most awful, pregnant unfriendly pillow. DO NOT buy it. It is too thick and too firm. When I’m on my side, I can hardly get my arm around the pillow because of the thickness and then the firmness prevents you from squeezing it enough so your arm fits around it. The way it is designed, my head does not lay at the correct angle and it’s uncomfortable. I’ve tested it out for three days and have not slept very much at all….it’s been more of a nap than sleep. I slept better with just a regular pillow. Every day I wake up in so much pain—pain in my neck, arms and hips. I have to toss and turn to get comfortable. Then the thing is so big you cannot roll over it. Umm…I’m pregnant and I have to be able to roll out of bed, but it’s quite difficult with this large pillow in the way. I would recommend that you look at these at the store where you can touch it and see the thickness before buying. And then make sure you buy another brand because even if this one seems nice and acceptable…it is not! Also, it only comes with a white cover…they do not make any other colors for this model. And it is very difficult to remove. And you cannot return it unless it is unopened. Great! keep that in mind.

Trudy Harrison, NE

This is not unnecessary. You will be so glad

This product makes sleeping possible when your body is sore and sleeping on your side feel awkward and uncomfortable. I highly recommend it! My husband thought this was a silly and unnecessary way to spend money, and now he agrees with me that it was a necessity. You will not regret Snoogle Loop!

Belinda Sea Cliff, NY


I bought this pillow to make the transition to sleeping only on my side easier when I became pregnant. It is a wonderful pillow–except the area where your neck goes is very uncomfortable!The seam of the inside curve on both ends is sewn while pulled very tightly, so when I position my head on top, this tight seam digs into my shoulder. I have tried to ease it by pushing it up against the headboard, or making sure the whole pillow wasn’t held taut, or draping it with an extra pillowcase, but nothing I do has helped. I wake up with a sore shoulder, which stinks because I love the rest of the pillow! I’m going to see if it’s returnable, and I’m going to try the one shaped like a “6”, and use my own pillow for my head. Oh well!

Melissa Westfield, ME

Great Product

I really like this pillow. I can’t sleep on one side for the whole night so I was looking for a pregnancy pillow that didn’t need to be re-adjusted every time I turn over. This pillow supports my back and my hips. The only down side is it doesn’t really support my belly all that well. I have to use another pillow for that.

Bettye Gravel Switch, KY


Bought this for my wife when we first found out we were expecting, and she loves it. After some encouragement from my wife, I tried it, and to be completely honest…I want one now too.

Maureen Elwood, IL

Loved and found invaluable but has a couple major design flaws.

Love the pillow, helps me sleep although I had to supplement it with two other pillows, one for under my head and under my belly. I definitely recommend it for pregnant ladies in their late second to third trimesters. The only reason it gets 3 stars versus 4 or 5 is because it was VERY difficult to change the pillow cover and it was flatter than I had hoped. The design needs a zipper for easy pull on and off.

Leanna Floyd, VA

Looks comfy, is comfy but not worth it.

This giant pillow looks so inviting and is pretty comfy but only for naps. The Giant Anaconda (as I have named it) is so difficult to get out of once your in its grasp. It is also hard to flip to one side to the other. I am 5’4" and I have problems with the inside length. Plus, this morning had to get up for a restroom break and kick my way out of the beast – only to hear it rip. This GA would be great if it had a flexible inseam (like in pants) or it wasn’t fully closed. Save your money and get a cheap body pillow for pregnancy.

Lee New Hampton, NY

loved this pillow

I used this pillow for almost my entire pregnancy and loved it. It was perfect for what I needed and was very comfortable. The inside seam is a little tight as others have mentioned but that was never a problem for me. I slept soundly with this pillow for many months.

Ella Newbern, VA

very firm

i really loved it but you should know that it does seem to fill up a queen size bed. and hubby may feel a little robbed of his side of the bed. it was too firm for me at the top, i need a slighter softer pillow for my head. i always woke up with a cinked neck when i used the head part. but if you are having acid reflux and you need to elevate your back, put a head pillow on top of the head part of this thing and it helps (a little) to keep the acids down… but you will be sleeping in a slanted slightly upward position.

Amanda Boncarbo, CO


This pillow saved my marbles during the end of my pregnancy. I was working full time and I started to become uncomfortable while sleeping and need the sleep. A regular pillow was no longer doing the job. I used this every night and loved it! Now my sisters come over and use it and they are not even pregnant.

Summer Navarre, OH

Long Leacho

This was a nice pillow. It is thick and durable but I had to send it back because it was too long for my 5 foot frame.

Lynnette West Blocton, AL

Great pillow – but wish it had better fabric!

This pillow has been a lifesaver. I was originally just trying to use a long body pillow and a bunch of other pillows all around me, which meant a lot of adjustments throughout the night and I was constantly kicking the pillows off the bed in my sleep. This one stays put and gives me a lot of support. The first night I used it was the first night I slept through the entire night since being pregnant. A few of the earlier reviews complained that the seams around the top and bottom are very tight and this can be uncomfortable – I agree – the seams are very tight and can dig into the shoulder/neck area, but I found it worked to put another pillow on top or under it for my head. My only other complaint is that it only comes in this one color. I would love to have a different color/fabric option!Update: I am still using this pillow in my last month of pregnancy and it has been great! I have noticed though that the fabric has begun to pill a bit and I wake up with little fluffy white pieces in my hair.

Diana Westerly, RI

I really wish I could have liked this pillow

I’m 5 months pregnant and was looking for a body pillow that would help me sleep comfortably on my side as I’m primarily a back sleeper. After trying three other pillows, I thought this would be better for me as it would provide support on both sides and keep me from rolling onto my back. Unfortunately, i tried out this pillow for two nights and it was the worse two nights of sleep! Like many people have mentioned in other reviews, the seams are so tight that they cut into any part of your body that touches against it. I woke up both mornings with neck, shoulder and back pains which I really think was attributable to the uncomfortable tight seams. I really liked the concept of the pillow and how it enveloped your entire body. It did do the job in keeping me sleeping on my side but I just wish it was softer and more comfortable.

Sophie Wales, UT

Love it!

I have been using this pillow since I was about 14 weeks pregnant to “practice” and get used to sleeping on my side. Now that I am 20 weeks pregnant, I have been using it every night and it has been so helpful and my back pain is gone, and I can sleep on my side all night, and easily switch from side to side. I origianlly bought a preggle which I like, but if I wanted to change sides, I had to move the pillow. This is soooo much better and I don’t know how anyone can get through pregnancy without this. I was a stomach sleeper before! A must have and worth every penny!

Althea Sprankle Mills, PA

Adult version of being swaddled

I bought this pillow to help with lower back, hip, and leg pain during my 6th month of pregnancy. While it is not a miracle cure, it is definitely comfortable and keeps me from rolling on my back (literally impossible to do). I chose the loop over the regular snoogle because I wanted to feel supported on my back, and I do regardless of which side I lay on. My loop has not lost any thickness after over a month of daily use, and I have not found the seams to be an issue as some reviews have mentioned. I put a regular pillowcase over the part where I usually rest my head because I have no interest in attempting to remove the cover for washing. I recommend keeping the plastic bag in which the pillow is packaged because it makes it easier for taking the snoogle on trips. I took off one star because of the price; I think $50 would be a more appropriate value. Despite the struggles required during the night and in the morning to free myself from my cozy cocoon of polyester plushness, I do not find myself regretting this purchase.

Zelda Westville, OH

Nearly perfect full-body pregnancy pillow

Overall, this is a great pillow and I highly recommend it.Gives support from head to toe (I’m 5’5″ and sleep with knees slightly bent; my top foot stays elevated with this pillow) — most others on the market are too short to do that. Provides back support, and prevents me from rolling on my back when I sleep (which was a big concern). It’s a little firm – but you’re sleeping on your side, so you want your neck supported. The c-shape also makes it easier to get in/out of bed than if it didn’t have the opening in the middle (ie, I don’t have to climb over it). It’s not even as big as I’d expected – in fact, my hubby and dogs still fit comfortably with me in our king-sized bed, with room to spare.Two minor drawbacks were already mentioned in other reviews – both have to do with the cover. First, the fabric is a little scratchy (feels like a cotton/poly blend). Second, the inside seams are pulled too tight, so you have to adjust sleeping positions (in order not to have it dig into your neck). I’ll probably just end up making myself a new slipcover with softer fabric, and adjusting the seams to allow a little more give/room.

Sophie Kimmell, IN

Saved my sleep during pregnancy

I tried to use regular body pillows to help get comfortable when I was pregnant, but it’s just not the same. I slept sooooo much better with this, and I continued to use it for a couple months after giving birth. I recommend this to anyone. So worth the money!!

Lucia Romayor, TX

Relieved my pregnancy back pain instantly, helped me sleep more soundly.

At 23 weeks pregnant, I out of nowhere noticed significant mid-back pain while sleeping on my side and decided it was time to look into a pregnancy pillow. I analyzed all of the reviews of multiple different pregnancy pillows, and decided on this one based on the fact that it seemed to provide more support than others. Here’s a breakdown of how this pillow works for me:PROS:- This pillow provides INCREDIBLE support for pregnant women. I noticed immediately that my back pain was alleviated. Additionally, I didn’t realize that I needed stomach support so early on at 24 weeks, but this provides just the right amount of cushion and helped me feel better instantly.- My arms, legs and hips no longer hurt from sleeping on my side. My arms don’t fall asleep, and my legs feel fully supported.- I went from horrible choppy sleep to the soundest sleep ever instantly. I seriously lay down on my side in this pillow and wake up 7-8 hours later completely rested. The reason is because the pillow fully surrounds you and you feel enveloped in cushy warmth – it’s hard NOT to get a good night’s rest with this pillow.CONS (sort of):- The pillow is massive. My husband and I joke that it’s like wrestling a fluffy alligator, but it’s actually not a problem at all in our king size bed. If you share the bed with your partner in anything smaller than a king, I think this pillow would be too bulky.- It’s a little hard to turn from one side to the other because of how the pillow is shaped and how you wrap yourself in it. But once you do get to the other side, you’re out like a light bulb again instantly.Others mentioned feeling like the inside seam is too tight, but I haven’t had that problem. When you touch it, you can definitely tell that it’s sewn tightly, but it doesn’t provide any discomfort for me at night. I’m 5’10, but I think the fact that my torso is on the shorter side works in my favor here. I had my husband try lying down in it (he’s 6’1), and he noticed the seam a bit, but didn’t think it was bothersome.I tried another pregnancy pillow while traveling recently (Boppy Custom Fit Body Pillow), and hated it. I immediately missed my Snoogle Loop and had only wished there were a way to take it with me while traveling. The Boppy was all the local store had, and it was several nights of miserable, unsupported sleep.The Snoogle Loop is large and a bit more expensive than others, but I cannot recommend this pillow highly enough for anybody who is pregnant or needs support for sleeping on their sides. I am nearing the 3rd trimester and still sleeping like a baby, and I owe it all to this pillow.

Terrie Frankville, AL

Ahhhhhhhh…sweet relief and great sleep

I am 14 weeks pregnant and started having issues around 11 weeks from Meralgia Paresthetica (numbness/tingling/burning in outer thigh from pressure on a nerve). This made for many restless nights trying to position various pillows around me and under my legs to help relieve some tingling. I researched and this pillow seemed like it’d be the perfect fit. And it is! I feel immediate comfort once I get situated in this thing…that’s why there’s only 4 stars…just takes some getting used to getting in and out of it. But once you’re situated you sleep like a dream. My husband doesn’t even mind it in our king bed…says it keeps me still all night haha. I did take an old king pillowcase and cut the end out of it so I could slide it up to the head area since the cover that it comes with isn’t the most comfortable…that and I don’t want to have to wash the ENTIRE cover too often as it’s pretty tight on there. DO NOT HESITATE TO ORDER THIS PILLOW!

Bridgett Mohawk, MI

Like a little nest

I lived this! I used it the whole time I was pregnant. It really takes the pressure off your hips and thighs when you sleep on your side, and gives you support for your belly as it gets bigger. We have a queen size bed and it only took up my half. It does compress as you use it, making it less supportive. There is also an annoying tag, but I guess you could cut it off.

Katelyn Belgium, WI

LOVE it!!!

I love that this pillow supports my back and belly at the same time. I also love the fact that it loops all the way around unlike the original snoogle, this allows me to have something between by legs to support my spine or to have my feet up to help reduce swelling. The only thing that I don’t love about this pillow is that the seams where you would rest your head are painful against the skin due to the loop being so tightly sewn. This is simply a design flaw, there should be a wider spot for your head to rest. However, simply putting an extra pillow over this area fixes the problem and elevates your head more to help reduce reflux and help with rhinitis of pregnancy. Overall, I think this pillow is the best choice. I would definately reccommend it to all pregnant women seeking comfort. It’s like a giant pillow nest! I also love the fact that It turns into a back support. I think that this will be very useful after baby is born for those mightnight breastfeeding sessions without the need for extra pillows.

Lily Norwich, CT

Wouldn’t survive the aches of pregnancy without it!

ABSOLUTELY recommended investment!I had a lot of water retention & backaches from the first weeks of my pregnancy, making it hard to lie in bed. So I decided to invest in this pillow. And let me tell you… BEST sleep given the discomforts of pregnancy. I’ve been using it from the first couple of weeks of pregnancy till now (34+ weeks).So if you can afford it, do invest in it. I’ll pack it away for my next pregnancy when I’m done in a few weeks 🙂 (i’A)Pros:1. Very cushioned and an absolute dream that supports your back, belly, and everything else. Dream to hug it and sleep on whichever side.2. Alleviates the aches & pains of pregnancy.Cons:1. No idea how you can put the cover back on after washing! Its not zippered. And you’d actually have to snake it through. I think that’s impossible.2. The place where your shoulder rests is small and a little tight. But I use a pillow to rest my head & shoulders. You can do without the pillow too. But its good to be a little propped up during late pregnancy, due to acid reflux.3. Its pretty BIG! We have a King bed so, its not an issue other than my husband misses hugging me at night – he’ll say every night. Because all its poofiness (lol) gets in the way & is a major barrier!

Josie Magnet, NE

Best pillow ever

I spent a lot of time researching different pillows that would help me through my pregnancy. I bought this finally at 12weeks, am currently 20wks, and I absolutely love it. I honestly wanted a prego pillow before I was pregnant bc they looked so comfy! But this one is amazing – perfect firmness (I used to use a memory foam pillow but started needing something less firm/softer – this is pretty cooshy but well filled); good material; and you can completely wrap yourself front and back and be surrounded by a cloud. Since I’ve had this (8wks) I have yet to wake up with any soreness anywhere (before I got it I had sore neck and shoulder almost every morning). I am downright blissful sleeping with this pillow – highly recommended!

Jeri Montague, TX

Good but not the best

I got this to help ease my back pain. It’s true that you can sleep on both your sides when you use it and still support your back but your belly will be squeezed and your legs will get numb of you change sides. The shoulder area is not tight. I had to place a pillow under the head area to relieve the pressure on my shoulders

Earnestine Scottsdale, AZ

I hate it. But I love it. But I hate it!!

I got this pillow based on the reviews (fully aware that there are many mixed reviews of this product). When it arrived, it really surprised me how large it is! The hubby and I have a king sized bed and this pillow (with me in it) takes up a TON of room. Another note, is that it’s hard to have a "normal" looking made bed with this monstrosity of a pillow. When we have company over, I throw it in the closet.Pros (why I love it!!):I sleep like a baby with this pillow! I say I hate it, but I really do sleep better with it.The "split" makes it much easier to get in and out of the pillow for the many middle of the night bathroom visits.The arms of the split also make it very easy to customize the support of the pillow (one "arm" gets tucked under my hip, and the other goes right underneath my lower back to keep me propped comfortably).I like that you can sleep either way in the pillow without having to flop it one side of the other. I’m equally comfortable facing either way in it. This is much better than having 3 or 4 regular pillows and having to flop them around every time you switch sides.Cons (why I hate it!!):The seam at the shoulder is VERY stiff (read all the other reviews of it…). I’ve woken up and had a deep seam indent in my shoulder from this. It’s remarkably uncomfortable until you figure it out.The top part of the loop can be a very strange thing. Not only are you dealing with the hard seam, but also with a pillow that is attached to the rest of your body (i.e. it makes it very difficult for me to get it comfortable under my neck. I wish the top part wasn’t there at all (the top of the loop), but I really appreciate the back part of the loop (the non "armed" part) supporting the front of me, and the way the back part comes behind my back to support me. So I guess you have to take the good with the bad.The pillow doesn’t keep its shape at all. Now, after having it for 4 months or so (I am due in 3 weeks), it is seriously floppy and lumpy. The lumpy doesn’t really bother me, and honestly the floppy has helped with the issue of helping to mold it around my neck, etc., but it’s not nearly as supportive as it was. So again, the "aging" of the pillow has helped with the comfort, but it’s also lead to some additional issues with support.The pillow case is nearly impossible to get off and on. It was like a workout for this very pregnant woman to get it off. I had to have the husband put it back on because it was so frustrating.In conclusion, I would recommend this pillow. Sleeping is such a hard thing when you’re pregnant anyway, and this pillow has helped me a lot. The cons of it have gotten better with time (or perhaps I’m getting used to it?). My biggest concern is not knowing if it will last if we choose to have another child as I will likely not shell out the money for another if it doesn’t.

Patrica Sultan, WA

Too small for a 6ft woman!

I ordered this hoping to get a better nights sleep, but it obviously wasn’t made for someone of my stature. I’m 6’1" and my knees hung off this pillow and my neck was being squeezed by the seam at the top. So uncomfortable. I think it would work for women who are 5ft to about 5ft8in and that’s it. Don’t buy if you’re tall like me. Also, it felt very claustrophobic trying to sleep with it as well. I could only stand it for like 2 hours the first night I tried it. Super uncomfortable!

Florence Fishtail, MT

Helps me sleep like a little baby!

I would rate this 5 stars if the threading in the inside of the pillow wasn’t so firm. It would be nice if they switched to an elastic thread so it would stretch. My pillow case and pillow have both ripped in the inside due to the firm threading. It just doesn’t give enough room to move around in the top and bottom part. Other than that, I love this thing!

Johnnie Elizabethville, PA