Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper, Sage/White dot

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper, Sage/White dot

The snoogle mini is sized just right to provide relief in the areas expectant moms need most back, legs and tummy. This versatile body pillow even doubles as a wrap around nursing pillow for use after pregnancy.

Main features

  • Provides targeted support during pregnancy
  • Naturally conforms to the shape of your body
  • Aligns hips to ensure neutral joint positioning
  • Ideal nursing pillow with back support
  • Removable, washable cover

Verified reviews


Does the job . . . maybe a little small

I got the Snoogle Mini instead of the full size because I didn’t want to make the bed too crowded; I’m just under 5’5″. It stays in place and keeps me on my side the whole night. The first night I used it I had hip tightness on one side the next day, but since then it’s been quite comfortable.I lie on my side with the Snoogle in front of me and the hooked end between my legs. The tapered end hits me right around the neck, which isn’t how I think it was designed, but now that it’s a bit more pliable after some use it’s very comfortable, and I hug the top of the pillow while I sleep. It’s also comfortable if it shifts a little away from my body in the front.Cons: It is a bit awkward to turn over without messing up the covers. The pillow case is difficult to get on and off, but at least it’s washable.Overall, this is what I had in mind when I started feeling hip pain and finding it hard to stay on my side. The larger Snoogle only seems practical in a king sized bed or when sleeping alone. This is the next best thing.

Neva Ranger, TX

Not worth it.

I’ve found this pillow to be incredibly frustrating. I am petite and I bought it for use as a body pillow, not a head pillow. It’s still too short to use as just a body pillow. It curves in odd places and the thickness varies throughout the pillow – no amount of fluffing will fix this. It’s just too flat on one end to be of any use. It doesn’t really support the belly because it is too narrow. So I end up just curling it up and using it between my knees. I might as well have just saved the money and used a regular pillow or a straight body pillow for this purpose.

Lauren New Market, AL

Hated it

When I was pregnant I tried and tried to actually like this pillow. I could never find a single comfortable position with this thing. It was a huge waste of money! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS THING

Marissa Nordman, ID

Good Pillow, Ok Comfort

This pillow is well-made but it just isn’t as comfortable as I had hoped it would be. I’m hoping that when I get farther along it will be better. The pillow is just a little too stiff for me and it aggravates my back or side if I lay on it. From the reviews, it seems like it works for most everyone, just not me. It does work well for knee support to align the spine.

Kendra Reading, KS

a lifesaver

I used this during pregnancy and it was so helpful I couldn’t sleep without it. It immediately relieved hip pain and leg pain while I slept or napped. It aligns you and supports you your entire pregnancy. Now, with the baby, it is still very useful for many things, including setting the baby in it like a chair on the floor while you get ready in the bathroom, etc. and for nursing support, etc. A great item, even if it’s a little expensive.

Latanya Monument, CO

Don’t buy this product

My husband got me the Snoogle Mini because we have a queen size bed and the total body would have kicked him out of bed. I am 5’6′ but I did expect it to fit from neck to bottom as, in my opinion, the shape suggests. It doesn’t fit. I have turned into every position described on the package and it was just uncomfortable. I’ll try to use it to nurse or I’ll use it when the baby is old enough to sit but still needs a support. If it doesn’t work for either of these activities I’ll come back and take another star away.Totally disappointed.

Carole Carmen, ID

Wasn’t comfortable

This just did not do the trick for me. I’m 5’2", so I thought the mini snoogle would be better for me. I really didn’t like anything about it. The top part is uncomfortable to use as a pillow, which is one way it is shown for usage. I have tried bending it all sorts of different ways, and just none are comfortable. It doesn’t contour to my body well at all. I wound up getting a regular body pillow and am happier with that.

Sonya Champion, PA

Pretty good!

It’s actually pretty good! Took me forever to decide to order it, it just seemed like it would be useless…. but I keep sleeping on my back at 5 months pregnant which isn’t a good thing. I have used this both ways- behind me at night to keep from rolling over and in front if I nap during the afternoon. No, I don’t use any part of it as a pillow, it is too short. I don’t care though because I prefer my regular pillow. I don’t think it is too stiff, just the right amount of support and definitely helps my hips. And it is really the perfect size (even though it still looks big). We have a queen bed and it isn’t pushing my husband out of bed.

Kristin Blossburg, PA

too small

This pillow was too small. I’m 5′-4" and there was no way to make this comfortable. I ended up returning it.

Lashonda Orange, CA

I can finally sleep!

I am 33 weeks pregnant and ordered this about two weeks ago after many nights tossing and turning, using multiple pillows to get comfortable with my now rather large belly. I orderd the “mini” because the full-sized Snoogle seems huge to me. This is just right – props perfectly in between your knees and even sort of hooks around so it doesn’t move around while you sleep. Fits great under my belly and then I tuck the top part under my armpit. I like that I can still use my regular pillow(s) for my head instead of the Snoogle. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because I wish it were a little more plush/softer. The thicker part of the pillow is a little hard with how much stuffing it has. Oh, and I like that it has a flap so you can remove the cover and wash it!

Effie Damon, TX


Very comforting during my pregnancy and still used today in play forts and floor play! I don’t regret buying this. It helped me with my aching back!

Justina Rutland, SD

Very happy with this purchase!

I hardly ever write product reviews, but I am just so pleased with this purchase that I had to share my thoughts. I would highly recommend this pillow to any PETITE, pregnant woman trying to train herself to sleep on her side . The pillow is high-quality and the sage/white dot pattern is adorable. It’s soft and comfortable. I was looking for something that wasn’t too large because I share a queen-sized bed with my husband. This does not take up a ridiculous amount of space in the bed like many other pregnancy pillows do. Compared to many other similar products available, the price is very reasonable. I’m thinking this will be that gift I purchase for all my friends who get pregnant in the next few years.

Liliana Standish, ME

Not very comfy

I am 5’4 not very tall but yet this thing did not work for me. For some reason I kept feeling pressure on my things and I decided to use it more as a back rest. Maybe I should have gone for the more pricey ones.

Norma Lookout Mountain, GA


I should have bought the full size one – I was thinking since I am pretty short (5’3″) this would work. Nope, it always felt a little too small. I ended up throwing it in the closet and using regualr pillows – 5 of them by the time I delivered! Ha!

Cathryn Austin, AR

Highly Recommended

I bought this for my wife at 30 weeks when she was having difficultly sleeping comfortably. She said she wished we would have purchased it sooner. The pillow is very supportive and helped make side sleeping much more comfortable. The size is large enough to be supportive without taking over the bed. Would recommend for all pregnant women.

Dianne Four States, WV

Great for short, petite moms to be!

I’m 5’0" and this has been great for side sleeping. Dogs really like it too, lol! Wouldn’t mind if it was a bit plumper, feel like it’s flattening out. I do like that I can curl it up an use it for propping up my legs or sitting up in bed.

Adeline Palo Pinto, TX

If you are a TINY person you will find this perfect.

I am 5’3” and weighed about 135 pounds/6 months pregnant when I ordered this. WAY TO SMALL. Not comfortable and I had to return it.

Chelsey Emden, MO

Great for trave

I bought the full size snoogle when I was about 5 months pregnant and became so dependent on it that I could not imagine how I was going to live without it on a recent trip. Along comes the mini snoogle – Brilliant! I purchased the mini snoogle and had it sent to the hotel where we were staying and was very pleased with how well the smaller size imitates the benefit of the larger snoogle. It kept me upright and on my side, and supported knees, hips, belly and head while also being small enough to squeeze in with everything else we brought along.

Muriel Milltown, KY

Multiple uses

I don’t use this every night, but as I get bigger and can only sleep shifting from my left to right side it has helped tremendously with providing proper alignment in my hips and providing support for my growing belly. I chose the mini because I love my pillow and didn’t feel like I needed the full size snoogle that reached my head. This is also the perfect size to have in bed without disrupting the space on my husband’s side. What actually has turned out to be my favorite use of the pillow is propping it behind my back for extra support when sitting/lying on the couch and when sitting up in bed reading. I anticipate it will be really helpful in this way during nighttime feedings in the newborn stage.

Emilie Andersonville, GA


This was wonderful during my pregnancy and really helped me sleep well at night while not taking up the whole bed. The only problem was that my husband liked it so much that he stole it. It was the perfect size for my height, and I am 1/4 inch shy of 5’3".

Ruby Bowersville, OH

Great for petite preggos

I bought this when I was six months pregnant and totally credit it with helping me sleep more comfortably throughout my pregnancy. After the baby was born, it worked well as a breastfeeding pillow. This is the smaller size, which was fine for me, but I’m under 5 feet tall.

Sheena Fennville, MI

Good for mom to be and baby

It’s not too big and doesn’t occupy half of your bed. It’s a perfect size for petite people like me. I am 5’2 and I used it through the whole pregnancy and also I used it as a support pillow for my baby for the first three months of his life.

Faith Owensburg, IN

Takes some getting used to.

Overall, this pillow does what it needs to, supports my belly and helps my back by keeping my legs supported. The only issue is it’s very hard to roll over and I can’t spend an entire night in one position. I’ve figure out how to maneuver around the pillow, but it’s taken some time and quite a few nights of it ending up on the floor half way through. I’m about 23 weeks in and so not super big yet and am not sure how well it will hold up, but for right now, it works just fine and doesn’t take up the entire bed like the full body sized ones do.

Joyce Pulaski, VA

If you get past the goofy name, great pillow

I could not live without this pillow while I was pregnant. I HATE sleeping on my back and mostly dislike sleeping on my side. I am a stomach sleeper and that ends with pregnancy! This pillow got me through it. Very supportive, doesn’t lose its shape at all.

Glenna Carrsville, VA

Love it!

I was having problems sleeping on my left side because my hands and arms were always falling asleep. To stop me from whining all the time, my husband told me to buy a pregnancy pillow. The snoogle mini is just right for my size! I am 5’2″ and use the snoogle to support my head and wrap around my growing belly. I still use a bed pillow for between my legs.The only con is that it is a little hot around the neck. I can’t imagine sleeping on it in the heat of summer (I am due mid-June). I am 32 weeks along and still sleeping through the night comfortably and peacefully!

Claudette Brooke, VA

It does the job

With my 3rd pregnancy coming along I needed a new pregnancy pillow, but didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. This pillow helps. The only thing I have against it, is that it’s a bit small.

Leann Somis, CA

Maybe a little too small

I was a little nervous getting the Mini rather than the regular version, but I didn’t want to push my husband out of bed with a giant pillow. This was nice and small, not too big for our little full size bed. I tried it for a night and it worked okay, but I have a long torso and it just didn’t fit my body. I’m 5’7" and 4 1/2 months pregnant. The seam was kind of uncomfortable because it was stretched to the limit when I had the pillow wrapped from my head to my hips, and I was afraid it would be more uncomfortable the bigger I got. I returned it this week and got the regular Snoogle instead. I think this would be great for someone smaller, just not for me.

Henrietta Maryland Line, MD


I was excited about getting this when I was early in my pregnancy and wasn’t sleeping comfortably. I will say I was let down by this pillow. It made it even harder to get comfortable. However, after having my baby it was handy when younger kids wanted to hold her, or breastfeeding.

Nina Spring Lake, NJ

Loved this pillow during my pregnancy.

This pillow was a lifesaver during my pregnancy (and now during my post-partum time, I haven’t been able to let it go). I’m 5′ 1 1/4" and it fits my body, but it’s a close fit. If I were even a tiny bit taller, it wouldn’t work. Even though it did fit me, it stretched a bit far from my body so there wasn’t a whole lot of support for my pregnancy belly. The only major flaw is the difficulty of maneuvering the slip cover. This should be made like a boppy pillow slip cover with a zipper down the side, or better yet, over a seam. The current design is a pain in the behind.

Leta Tiff, MO

Great product for petite ladies

Being barely 5′ tall, the size of this Snoogle is perfect for me. It does take practice fiddling with it the first few nights to figure out how to use it, which is the top and bottom that works best, etc. I find that if I put the ‘hook’ end of it between my legs, the long part supports my belly and the other end of the hook supports my lower back (keeping me from rolling onto my back), and the other end of it curls right around my shoulder so then I just rest my head on my own pillow. It’s a production getting settled and if you need to get up in a hurry, forget it. But it’s better than having nothing!

Lori Pangburn, AR