Leachco Snoogle Replacement Cover, Birds/Blue Leaf

Leachco Snoogle Replacement Cover, Birds/Blue Leaf

Love your Snoogle and need an extra cover, our Snoogle replacement cover is just like the original removable/washable cover. No zippers or buttons for total comfort from head to toe. Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Pillow not included.

Main features

  • No zippers or buttons for total comfort from head to toe
  • Machine washable cover
  • Made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton

Verified reviews


The cover is just fine

The cover is really snug so it was a struggle to get it on the pillow, but once it’s on it looks great.However, I’m not in love with the Snoogle itself. I wanted to love it based on all the reviews but for me it’s just too skinny. I’m 6’1″ and the circumference of the pillow is very small. I wanted it bigger around like a bolster. It’s also a huge pain to even roll over during the night with this between your knees and under your head.

Michaela Kneeland, CA

Cute Addition

Yes, it’s a pain to get on and would be better with a zipper (though the snoogle is so big, I’m not sure a zipper would make wrestling this thing on much easier), but the print is cute, and it’s a handy thing to have. It’s kind of silly, but I actually bought it after I had my baby because I got the original cover all grody while I was pregnant. Yes, you can take the white cover off to wash it, but it it still looks kind of dingy, so this one’s better. Super necessary? No. Nice to have? Yes.

Kelli West Paris, ME

Hard to put on pillow

This cover has a cute design, but is very difficult to get on and off the pillow. It took me a bit of time to maneuver it onto the snoogle. The fabric is not very soft and doesn’t have much stretch to it at all.

Lessie Regina, KY

What you would expect

It’s a cover and does what its supposed to so no complaints here. Not much else can be said about it except that the design is nice. Washing is standard.

Jean Otto, NC

Cute design. Tough to get on Leachco Snoogle Pillow

I really like the design. I did have trouble fitting this cover over my Leachco Snoogle Pillow but it did fit. Overall I am happy with this purchase.

Tameka Twelve Mile, IN

My Wife LOVES this thing

During her pregnancy… She would rather sleep with this thing than me. I understand and have no jealousy toward the pillow. I just figured if you are in doubt about whether to get this while pregnant or even if you AREN’T preggers and just have bad hips…. She loves this for that as well!

Shauna Wentzville, MO


Beautiful print, soft material. Fit my snoogle pillow perfect, you just have to know how to put them on, lol! Very pleased with this purchase!

Brittney Skowhegan, ME

Polyster doesn’t breathe

Make sure you notice that this is made of Polyster – it will make the pillow less breathable and more likely for you to be sweaty. This (IMHO) is a bigger deal during pregnancy as I’m much more frequently hot than I have ever been before. The snoogles come with a “pillow case” (albeit a plain white one). What I do is put a king sized regular pillow case on the side where I rest my head and end up washing that alone more often then the full cover.

Clarice Hurt, VA