Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

If you are like most people, one pillow throughout the night is just not enough. There’s the pillow that goes behind your back for support, the one between your knees for temperature control and the two to prop up your head to aid in breathing. And, if you’re pregnant…don’t forget to add one more for tummy support. The Snoogle is uniquely designed to follow the natural contour and shape of your body from head to toe. Perfect for sleeping and relaxing. Complete with removable/washable cover. The horseshoe shaped head pillow allows you to attain the position and height that is just right for you. The extra long midsection is the perfect width for total back or tummy support… depending on the direction you choose to snuggle up in your Snoogle. The slightly curved end tucks snugly between the knees as it conforms to your body’s shape keeping you cool and comfortable all night long!

Main features

  • Best selling body pillow on Amazon
  • Snoogle takes the place of multiple pillows to support hips, back, neck, and tummy
  • Patented design was developed by a Registered Nurse and Mom
  • Enjoy cuddle comfort and support without the extra body heat
  • Snoogle Original has a sham-style removable cover that is machine washable

Verified reviews


Made sleeping easier

This pillow made me more comfortable at night and I could sleep easier. Around my fifth month, I had a hard time sleeping. I could not get comfortable and was awakened by frequent leg cramps. I put this pillow under my head, around my back and between my legs. It kept me on my left side during the night and the extra support between my legs lessened my leg cramps. The cover washed up very nicely and the pillow rolled up and fit right back into the plastic bag after my baby was born.My only complaints are that it takes up so much room in the bed when the sheets are tucked in, the pillow case is difficult to get off and on when it needs to be washed and the pillow doesn’t fit me as well as it does the woman in the picture. I am 5’10” and my head just fits on the top end and the bottom end goes between my thighs instead of my knees. But overall, I was very happy with this purchase.

Georgina Brooklyn, MS

Couldn’t stand to use it, even though it was a gift!

I’m so glad I’m not the one who paid $50 for this pillow! God bless my friend for thinking of me, but I wish her money could have been better spent. She said her daughter loved it, and maybe the Snoogle works well for some women, but after three attempts at using it, I stuffed it in a plastic bag, and there it sits on my bedroom floor to this day. Here are the reasons why:1. It’s way too firm. I could not get it to support my tummy from underneath at all; all I could do was try to sort of lean against it, but that didn’t offer any support. Same thing with the back “support” — the whole pillow is so firm, it was more of a leaning thing than a support thing.2. Maybe this is more of the same firmness complaint, but I couldn’t get used to using the pillow part. It wasn’t soft enough to “mold” to my head and neck, and I ended up trying to push it far enough to the side that I could use a regular pillow instead.3. The fabric is, as others have said, not very good quality and itches if your bare skin touches it. The farther I’ve gone in my pregnancy, the more sensitive my skin has gotten; I can’t even imagine trying to use it now. Assuming I could stand the pillow itself, I’d have to buy one of the covers (though I don’t have one, so I’m not sure of their quality, either) or make one myself.4. The curve is too confining. I felt like I had to curl up all the time. I’m 5’6″ tall, so you can use that as a measurement tool if you like. I just can’t stand not being able to stretch out comfortably, and the Snoogle didn’t allow me to do it.5. It’s H-U-G-E!!! God help you if you’re trying to share a less-than-kingsized bed with your spouse or significant other AND this gargantuan thing. There won’t be room for the three of you.6. Don’t even try to roll this thing over with you. Talk about a wrestling match!Maybe I can recycle the Snoogle into a sort of TV-watching pillow; it’s certainly firm enough for that. But it’s not something I’d recommend or buy for a friend or family member. The Boppy Wedge is an INFINITELY better buy for the money (see my review of that item), not to mention being a better product overall.

Elisha Orangeville, PA

A must have for hip and lower back pain!

I had pain in my hips very early on in the first trimester and this pillow was a miracle worker and relieved my pain and allowed me to sleep comfortably. I slept so well with this pillow throughout my pregnancy I had a hard time giving it up after my son was born. It also gave great support for my growing belly. It is rather large but we have a king sized bed so it wasn’t an issue for us. Worth the investment!

Dayna Andrews, TX

I like my snoogle

Initially, the upper curve was rather thick & firm, and too high for my neck – I’d wake up achy or with a stiff neck. But the rest of the pillow worked so well for me I stuck with it, and after maybe 3-4 weeks, the head part softened to where it is now comfortable most of the time.As another reviewer mentioned also happens to her, I sometimes wake up on my back, very comfortably cradled by snoogle, the one curve under my head and the other behind my knees. But the thing is – pregnant women aren’t supposed to sleep on their backs b/c it can restrict oxygen and nutrient flow to the fetus. I don’t want to be comfortable on my back!! This isn’t the pillow’s fault, I do get that, but one reason I bought it was to keep me on my side, so I wanted to pass this along to anyone else who might be considering it for this reason. It helps, but it doesn’t prevent back-sleeping.Pros: (1) one pillow to maneuver; firm but soft enough to be comfortable; (2) it’s a good size for me (now that the neck area has softened) @ 5’4″ and 143 pre-preg weight; (3) while not percale, the pillowcase feels fine to me, tho I do also plan to make a second cover out of a softer knit jersey; (4) while my sleep is still broken up, I’m able to get longer stretches with snoogle than I was when using regular pillows; (5) there is less room in the bed, but I can still fit myself & snoogle onto my half of our queen-size mattress.Con: (1) the price (it’s just basic pillow filling, not down or gel or anything fancy; polyfil costs a couple bucks a bag so I really think they are making $30+ profit per pillow); (2) the cover is hard to take off and put on; velcro, buttons, or a zipper would have been a much better approach; (3) maneuvering it under the blankets in winter is tricksy – I have to throw back the blankets, lift up the pillow, move my body, then put the pillow back. Often I (inadvertently, I swear!) smack my husband in the head with the upper curve while trying to extricate the lower curve from the sheets. Gets old quick, esp as I’m up 4-8x/night; and (4) when it’s in the middle of the bed, my husband tends to hug it as a body pillow, further complicating this extrication/flipping process. Again, not the pillow’s fault, but amusing.

Bethany Welchs Creek, KY

Not necessary!

I did not find this item to be very comfortable at all! Maybe I am too petite for this item but it was not very plyable at all and became far too cumbersome. It just took up a great deal of space in the bed and was too hard and thick to use under my head. Furthermore, it did not supply enough back support so I prefered to use a heatable neck pillow to support my back. Honestly, you would be better served to purchase a bolster pillow for between your knees and a heatable (chamomile or lavender) beanbag pillow. Spend the fifty dollars on your baby instead!

Graciela Goshen, MA

Hate the Snoogle

When I first bought Snoogle, I loved it, as it was perfectly supportive as promised. Then my toddler barfed in our bed, and some of it unfortunately splashed on Snoogle. Snoogle’s cover had to be washed. Snoogle’s cover is very snug, without a hint of stretch. Snoogle’s ONE cover opening is in a very awkward location. I was so frustrated with trying to put Snoogle’s cover back on after washing that I left it off and left the pillow bare. Big mistake. Snoogle’s supportive secret is in its cover because when left without, it’s basically a flat blob of cheap batting that stores body heat like an extra-lumpy camel and then spits it back at you during the night. Why do people devise ways to frustrate pregnant women? Finally, today, I put Snoogle’s cover back on, and after a half-hour of twisting, writhing, cursing and taking two breaks … I got the stupid cover back on but didn’t even have a post-coital glow as an added benefit.My recommendation? Buy a straight but fairly flexible body pillow. It’s what I had for my first pregnancy. We simply used two king cases to cover it, and I had no problem curving it to fit between my knees as needed.

Tori Millerton, OK

More of a hassle than a help…

I tried this a few nights before it got ole’ heave-ho! It did not help me at all. I was better off with the regular pillow between my legs. I don’t know why it didn’t work for me, but it didn’t. It was uncomfortable and hard to roll from side-to-side with. And it takes up so much space…. Don’t recommend this at all… especially for the price.

Nina Viburnum, MO

A wonderful product!!

I cannot imagine how I wold manage without this product!! This is more useful in the last trimester of pregnancy like is 8th and definitely in 9th months.I found this product more useful after I had my baby… Very very useful!! Helps a lot in giving a little extra support to the back, while breastfeeding or just holding the baby upright for burping them. (Its so comfortable that you can take a little nap during the nights while holding your baby for that little burp!!)You don’t need to be pregnant to buy this.. Its a gr8 support for your back when you sit on your bed for reading or working on your laptop/ipad.(This pillow dose not come with a pillow cover. So,do not forget to buy the pillow cover.)This can be a gr8 gift too…

Saundra West Fairlee, VT

I have a love/hate relationship with this Snoogle.

I have a love hate relationship with this pillow. On one hand, it really works. I started using it at about 6 months pregnant because I was having a lot of trouble sleeping due to the changes in my body. And the first night I used it, I slept beautifully. Since then, my body has continued to change and the pillow has continued to really help my sleeping. It is very well designed.On the other hand, the pillow is way overpriced considering the quality. The pillow itself is filled with cheap poly filling and has a cheap cover. In fact, the fabric seems identical to the cheap pillows you get on a plane. The cover that comes with the pillow is also cheap polyester and doesn’t have a zipper. So it takes a lot of wrangling and maneuvering to get the pillowcase on the pillow. For $50, this pillow is a total ripoff… but it works.

Joan Eudora, MO

very comfy

this product is very comfy and i think will work well for me as i get bigger. I bought it hoping it’d help w/ my lower back/neck issues, but it didn’t help too much. I stopped using it for awhile, but will plan to use it again soon.My only complaint is that the part where your legs go seems to go flat quickly throughout the night which causes my legs to ache.

Sharron Lamona, WA

Oh Snoogle, You Sly Little Thing You!

Whoever invented this deserves the Nobel Prize.. okay maybe not that prestigious but at least something of sort. This was a life saver for me when I was pregnant. Being of petite frame, the pregnancy wreaked havoc on my back and my sleep. My husband researched around and alot of his coworkers who were mothers or was pregnant themselves suggested I get a Snoogle.Googled it and found it on Amazon with the best pricing (shouldn’t be surprise at this point). Received it a week later and immediately used it that night. The Snoogle was totally what I needed. Not only did it supported my legs, because of it, it helped alleviate the back pains I was experiencing due to my growing bump. Snoogle eventually became my partner on the couch, in bed.. even in my office chair! It provided all the right support for my back and legs throughout and after the birth of my daughter, it also provided support to help me with feeding her.As my daughter grew and hit each stage of her life, the Snoogle came into play a few more times (i.e. supported her head for naps, elevated her for tummy time, acted as a cushion as she practiced sitting up and crawling on her own). This thing is a miracle I tell you! <(^.^)>

Vickie Arcadia, OH

It Was Only Okay

My wife was surprised that this only helped her with back pain an support fir a certain time in her pregnancy.

Louisa Henderson, WV

Almost Perfect

This is a great body pillow. What I wish I could change about it:- it would be nice if the ends were thicker or firmer. Perhaps I just like more head support.- it’s expensive- it’s bulky- pillow case RAH HULK SMASH RAAAHHHHHHHHSeriously, they need to make it with a zipper or something. Pregnancy hormones + maternity pillow case = someone’s gonna pay.Otherwise, it’s great.

Sheryl Trufant, MI

It “was” great…

This pillow was wonderful for about the first month, then it flattened so much that there was basically no support left. Now my dog thinks it’s wonderful because he has a new bed/toy!!

Lou Wild Rose, WI

hated it

i read a million reviews for a bunch of different maternity body pillows and decided on this one because it didn’t look too big and i really wanted something firm. i didn’t want to pay $50 for a pillow that was flat. my regular pillows are firm.when i received this item, i was shocked at how firm it actually was. i used it for a while, in attempt to flatten it out a little so i could be comfortable. but alas, i was NEVER comfortable. nothing about this pillow was comfortable. and i couldn’t see myself using it to support my belly when i was REALLY showing because it was so firm, my belly would have been up in the air instead of level with the rest of my body.i don’t know. maybe if i was a larger woman, i would enjoy this pillow more. i was 119lbs (pre-pregnancy) 5’5″. it was just a waste of money.also, it comes with a pillow case. i didn’t know that, so i purchased a sage one. when i went to put it on the pillow, i realized there was already a white one on it. so it was a waste of money.

Cecilia North Collins, NY

saved me!

This pillow saved me! Well, honestly, I don’t know anything different bc it was my first and only pregnancy… but I used it every night… you can survive without it… I did on vacation. But it was the best! I tended to have the long part behind me and I’d sort of halfway lean against it and I’d have it between my legs… and under my head… AND I used a regular pillow for my head and a regular pillow under the stomach, which made it so I could lean back on the prego pillow. I am a side sleeper, but I also like to sleep on my back. So this pillow made that sort of possible. I wasn’t on my back, but I was at least leaning against something so was better than nothing! You get tired of sleeping on your left side!!! Oh, also… when I was really far along, I started sleeping with it under my hip versus between my legs… that was when my hips hurt and I wanted to sleep on my back so bad to get the pressure off but you cant!

Jessica Trebloc, MS

A godsend !

I am over 7 months pregnant and have owned this for about three weeks now……..what a relief! I thought using just a standard body pillow was going to be good enough. Nope! The only "downer" about the pillow is its awkward size and length…..but that’s only when its NOT in use. Otherwise, its been helpful. My husband even enjoys hugging onto it when I get up before him. I highly recommend this pillow if you’re having any difficulty getting comfortable. Its even wonderful for sitting propped up when you’re having difficulty with everything pushing up into your diaphragm. Buy it!!

Brandy Greeley, NE

Too Big, Too Firm, NOT comfortable

I don’t have anything to add…it’s very uncomfortable and didn’t ease any of my discomfort. I used it for one night.

Dessie Underwood, ND

Doesn’t work for me

I’ve tried all the positions for this pillow. And it just refuse to stay near my body contour. I have a fit physique and about 14 weeks prego. Like another review (that I wish I did not ignore), The fabric on this pillow is quite rough, which adds to the discomfort of using this pillow. Who wants to hug a porcupine? So sad. I am not sure if the problems are ‘fixable’ because its my money down the drain. For now, I am very comfortable with hugging a big pillow sideways and using a rolled up fleece blanket for back support.

Holly Keller, VA

good idea for a pillow

this pillow sounds like a good idea, but it is a little soft. i think it would’ve benefitted from being plumper. the covering is very rough, even after several washes, it feels rough and itchy, like cheap linen. for the price of the pillow, a higher thread count for the covering would’ve gone a long way!

Althea East Ryegate, VT

it works 🙂

I was experiencing shoulder pain from sleeping on my left side, as is recommended for pregnant women during their 2nd trimester. My hips were having a hard time of it as well. This pillow really helped a lot. The only thing that happens sometimes, is my left knee begins to ache – I put another smaller pillow underneath and that does wonders. I also purchased a wedge for my tummy – I look like a cocoon of pillows! It really helps me stay on my side – before I would wake up kinda dizzy and find myself on my back – this helps. I’ve had it for a month or so and it retains its shape. The only complaint I have is the pillow cover is HOT – I wish it were made of 100% cotton. I found a replacement cover made by the company that is 100% cotton and it cost $30! I thought that was kind of rip.. bringing the cost of pillow to a whopping $80? … but I’m most likely going to splurge and get it, because being pregnant and super hot at night is not comfy. I still love this pillow though. 🙂

Audra Jonesville, TX

Its alright

This pillow is OK. I like the knee/leg support but the neck part is just uncomfortable and gives me neck pain. I wish I could cut the top part off. You MUST get the cover for it, the material is unbearably scratchy on its own. This whole thing is too expensive and I wish I didnt buy it,.

Wendy West Roxbury, MA

It’s OK….

I’m 9 mos. pregnant and have gone through 3 body pillows this pregnancy. First one I had already, as I normally slept with a body pillow pre-pregnancy. 2nd one: I’d bought the Beyond Down Gel Fiber Bed Pillow about 6 mos. ago and it started to have a crease in the middle. 3rd One: Bought the Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow a couple of months ago and, although the shape of it’s appealing, it’s a lot thinner than I expected. Even at first. But because it’s a solid stuffing, it hasn’t lost it’s shape yet. It comes with a thin cover so plan on buying one of their specialty covers if the white isn’t your thing. For the $50+ I paid for it I can’t say it’s any worse or better, but I have switched back to the Beyond Down Gel Fiber Bed Pillow for the time being because I didn’t like not having a pillow I could adjust at my leisure. The Sloogle acts as a head pillow, which got annoying after a while when I wanted to switch sides (it certainly was a chore with 2 people in a queen size bed).If standard body pillows (i.e. the rectangular ones) aren’t your thing, this is worth a shot. But if you move around a lot, it might not be worth blowing the $50+.

Joanne South Boston, VA

Love It…Wish I had it when I was pregnant with Twins!

I bought this pillow a week ago and have noticed a HUGE difference in how much MORE sleep I am getting. I am 5 months pregnant and am not dredding the next 4 months. I wish I had it during my first pregnancy 7 yrs ago and when I was pregnant with twins 5 years ago. It is a back, neck and life saver!

Esperanza Elfin Cove, AK


bought this in a fit of being uncomfortably pregnant. I just used a sheet as a cover, but it wasn’t ideal. I didn’t want to buy the special covers because the whole thing was an experiment and the cases weren’t 100% cotton. Overall, I liked the pillow. It’s pricey and I highly recommend trying to get one from a friend or acquaintance instead of purchasing new. It did not make everything a lot more comfortable, but it seemed to help. I’m not sure that using a few normal pillows wouldn’t have worked just as well. It does take over the bed. Usually non-pregnant partners are in no position to complain about the space it takes up, but yours might.

Gail Lincolnton, NC

Snoogle pillow

I checked the online reviews of this product before spending the money on it. I was having difficulty getting comfortable and sleeping at night so I decided to try the Snoogle. I have since returned the Snoogle. I felt I could not get the pillow in position to be comfortable. The top curve was in the way of my regular pillow and the bottom curve was never in the right spot if I had the long part of the pillow up against me. I also felt that the pillow did not support my belly very well because it is so thick-I felt uncomfortable with it under me. I prefer the regular body pillows and find much more comfort using them-for a lot less money.

Freda Andover, VA

Not fit for everyone

I am so much trouble getting into a restful sleep position at 6 months…I loved the idea of this pillow & the good reviews. I am 5’6″ & 130 pounds. I have a large belly, yet I am small in size. I am normally a side sleeper.The shape of this pillow did not fit my body correctly(because of the pre-shaped curves) If you put the head curve under your head your arm will fall asleep & I normally sleep with my arm under my head, so I don’t get it. My belly was not supported & I still woke up with back pain.It takes up way too much room in a queen size bed, pushing dad 2 be almost to the floor! I still found myself wanting to flip & could not do so without constantly waking my husband.I think this pillow may work for some, yet not for me. I will just stick with multi-pillow props.

Carlene Mapaville, MO

Too big, too firm and makes me wake up.

I was pretty excited to buy and use snoogle during my pregnancy but when I got it it didn’t really fulfill my expectations. First, I can’t get comfortable with it because it forces you to assume a certain position (either with the pillow behind your back or front). If you belong to the group of people who wake up in exactly the same position as they fell asleep – great, maybe it’ll work for you. If, however, you move at night, you will wake up every time you turn. EVERY TIME. I tried sleeping with it a couple times and ended up throwing it on the floor since I don’t like it to wake me up all the time – that kind of defeats the purpose. It’s also way too big (the size of a human), too heavy and too firm. You won’t be able to support your belly on it, only sort of lean on it. At first I thought I would give it a chance and try it when my belly gets bigger but now that I’m 8 months pregnant, I prefer a Walmart $5 body pillow way better. At least you can control and adjust the pillow to YOU, and not the opposite. The other bad thing is that the covers for this thing are more than half of the price of the pillow. I bought my Snoogle at Babies R Us and it did not come with a cover so that’s kind of a pain, too. My advice – not worth the money if you are a tosser and turner.

Rosanna South Waterford, ME

Not for tall people

This pillow sounded like the best thing in the world. I got it out to try it and immediately found that I was too tall for this pillow, unless I slept in a curled position (I am 6ft tall). You have to use the dedicated head part for this which seemed like a rock and the material was not soft. For the money this should have been the best thing ever. I was so bummed, I really thought this was going to be great. So I went and found a 10 dollar body pillow and a 10 soft cover. I also get to use my own head pillows. Wish I could have gave this a better review!

Marguerite Linthicum Heights, MD

I’ll just stick with my pillow arsenal

I just didn’t care for this at all. The head part was not high enough for me – I am a two pillow sleeper. The curve drove me batty because this pillow did not eliminate the need to toss and turn, just made it harder. Couldn’t figure out the belly support feature – just didn’t help me. Doesn’t come with a case which is $20 and all in all I think just knowing I am sleeping on a $40 pillow makes me uncomfortable! I returned it the next day – just not worth it. I’ll stick with my pillow arsenal – it’s not ideal but it’s free and works just as well as this.

Mandy Earle, AR