Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Replacement Cover – Brown

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow Replacement Cover – Brown

13489 Features: -Snoogle cover. -Unique shape mirrors your natural shape for complete comfort. -Horseshoe shaped head pillow allows you to find a comfortable elevation. -Provides support for back and tummy during pregnancy. -Elevates baby during nursing to provide comfort for both of you. -Removable washable cover.

Main features

  • Body Pillow Slipcover
  • C-Shaped Design
  • Removable Cover
  • 65 Polyester, 35 Cotton
  • Machine Wash

Verified reviews


Nice cover but hard to get on

The cover is really a must for this body pillow, but my gosh what a pain it was to get on! I was literally exhausted by the time I got it on! I am not looking forward to having to take it off to wash!

Angie Wheelersburg, OH

Great option for the Snoogle

The Snoogle pillow itself is amazing and was a lifesaver when I was pregnant. Having this cover is a great option so that I could wash the cover when washing the sheets. The cotton is a bit rough, but not uncomfortable for everyday use.

Jeannine Dunseith, ND

Got Dirty Quick

Cotton bundled up on it, just not as high quality as the pillow itself. My wife was said it was disappointing.

Selma Woodbine, IA


Nice replacement cover, good price. Was very happy with this purchase, as I have seen other colors listed for way more money.

Bonnie Shady Dale, GA

Nice cover!

This replacement cover is nice. It is not the best but it does the job to cover you snoogle. It is not the softest thing in the world but it has gotten softer the more we wash it. Taking it off is the easiest part. After a few times of putting the cover on you will be an expert. It was a pain in the butt to put this thing on the first few times. After, you will know how to do it fast and easy without getting frustrated. I would spend the extra money and get something softer and one with a zipper.

Lou Dillard, OR

Get the latest cover instead

Get the zippered cover. It is a serious pain and tedious to get this cover on. I do however like the color, it is a true brown color and matches my bedspread perfectly. But to save yourself the time it takes to put the cover on as well as the frustration you will feel, just spring for the more expensive zippered cover.

Effie Wynot, NE

Don’t waste your money!!!

The material of the Snoogle is softer than the cover! It’s very rough on my face. My sheets on my bed were pretty cheap 200tc sheets, and they felt like liquid silk when compared to the Snoogle cover.I gave it 3 stars because it does the job. But if they come out with a better one, say maybe a fleece one with a zipper all the way down the side, I’d toss this one in the trash in a heartbeat.UPDATE: I completely HATE this cover. I have barely ever used the pillow since I got it, and only washed it TWICE and it has pilled HORRIBLY! It is a cheaply made piece of garbage and now I have to spend $40 on a new cover (getting the jersey one with a zipper this time) after spending $20 on this crappy cover and $40 on the pillow. That’s a hundred bucks!! What a total waste!!!

Debra Dumas, AR

Terrible – difficult to get on and poor quality.

Whatever you do, do not buy a replacement cover for a body pillow unless it has a zipper. Trying to get this pillowcase on is a nightmare. I won’t even do it. If it weren’t for the fact that my husband is willing to change it for me (reluctantly and always with a groan), I would either never change the case or I would just buy a new pillow. Even if you overlook the major design flaw, the cover itself is poor quality. It started fading and pilling after one wash. For the cost of this cover, I expected much more.

Brittney West Columbia, SC

Does its Job

I really liked the color of this product, but that’s about it. After a few uses the bottom part that my legs rub against is pilly. The fabric seems a little too short and doesn’t cover the pillow all the way all the time. I still love my Snoogle pillow, but this cover isn’t as awesome as I was hoping for a replacement.

Tabatha Kamiah, ID

Snoogle Cover

I love the Snoogle Body Pillow and the cover fits great, but it is not as soft as I could like it to be. I find myself pulling the sheet in between my body and the cover pillow.

Patrica Moss, MS

Wouldn’t buy again

My main two complaints are the difficulty of getting the cover on (I’ve done it twice and it takes about 5 minutes each time) and the quality of the fabric. The cover has been washed twice and is already pilling. I’m not sure how long this will last.I would recommend going with another brand with a zipper cover and higher quality fabric.

Ruthie Prattville, AL

Just What I Needed!

I got a great deal on my Snoogle but it didn’t come with a cover. I wanted to be able to wash something when we washed our sheets so I needed a cover. I love that this was a great price compared to some others I saw and that it qualified for the free Prime shipping. Exactly what I was looking for!

Linda Fleming, OH