Leachco Wrap Strap Anywhere Safety Strap, Red

Leachco Wrap Strap Anywhere Safety Strap, Red

Does it seem like you always get stuck with the shopping cart that’s missing a strap or part of a buckle? The wrap strap is the safety seat strap you can take with you anywhere and use in virtually any seat. It’s made of firm resilient foam and covered with a durable, wipeable nylon for convenience. Velcro closures make it fully adjustable and adaptable for babies six months to two years. Just place around baby’s front and secure the Velcro tabs together.

Main features

  • Keeps baby upright and centered
  • Nylon covered for durability and wipes clean
  • Small enough to fit in your pocket
  • Use in shopping cart, stroller, highchair or even regular chairs
  • Fully adjustable with easy on/off Velcro

Verified reviews


Love this!

I already lost my 1st one I bought (left it in the shopping cart). But this product has helped me big time. I was having so many issues with the shopping cart straps; either the straps were broke, or I couldn’t make them tight enough. Using shopping cart straps my little one would somehow manage to wiggle around or out of the belt each time. Shopping was becoming a nightmare. This actually kept my child in the cart!

Libby Fieldon, IL

Works Great

Works great. Easy to carry in my purse for whenever I need it. Easy and fast to put on shopping cart. Great product![…]

Brittney River Edge, NJ

Fits in purse

I find this to be one of the most helpful items I have. I did the big shopping cart cover but my baby was happy to lean forward to bite on the bars or lean to the side. I also felt a little conspicuous putting the big kind on a shopping cart and dealing with the baby at the same time. This strap has fixed both those issues. I keep it in my big purse. I walk in the store and place the baby in the cart. I can then quickly remove from my purse and have my baby strapped in before the next person comes for a cart. I seem so much smoother as a mom now. It also helps keep my little girl sitting straight up and not leaning forward or the side. She does not mind it at all. At the end when dealing with the groceries and the baby I simply pull it off and slip it into my purse. People stop me while shopping to comment on it. Yes my baby can put her hands on the germy areas of the cart but at least now she can’t put her mouth on anything.

Briana Osage City, KS

So glad that I found this product

I have a three year old and a 7 month old, and I prefer using the carts with the car in the front for my toddler, so she doesn’t run off. However, there are no safety straps up top for my 7 month old. She is able to sit up, but I prefer her to have extra stability in a shopping cart.This worked beautifully. I could "drive" my toddler around the store, while my baby was securely strapped in her seat, unable to chew on the bars, or fall over and knock her head. Our shopping trips are so much easier now!

Mari Savery, WY

This strap is great.

I love this strap for my six month old grand daughter. It gives just the right amount of support for almost any chair or cart. I use it every day.

Herminia Coatesville, PA

You need this.

This is one of those products I ran across on Amazon and ordered on a whim. I’m so glad I did! I have 12 month old twins and have had the straps for about 3 months. We use them as makeshift highchairs at friends’ houses, during holiday dinners, at restaurants, in shopping carts… anywhere they need to be restrained comfortably. This is such a simple, brilliant invention. Lightweight and two fit in my diaper bag. I wish they folded up so that the velcro was secured, since th velcro something snags other things in my bag, but that’s a minor complaint.Conclusion: Buy these for your kids and for every baby you know!!!

Casey Lewis, WI

Keeps toddler centered

My son has begun to reach and grab while grocery shopping. He has caused a few embarrassing situations for my husband so I purchased this in hopes of keeping my son’s reach to a minimum. The strap slides down very low, like where a seat belt would rest, but it does help a bit. It would work much better if there was a way to keep it at the top of the shopping cart’s back support.

Lillian South Heights, PA

Simple and effective.

I refused to buy one of those enormous shopping cart seat cover things – they just look so ridiculous and over the top. This was a perfect alternative for me… my six-month old can sit up in the cart, safe and stablized and thrilled to have a good view – but he’s restrained enough that he can’t get his mouth on any part of the cart!! This is super simple and folds up to fit in a small bag. Love it.

Ursula Bayview, ID

A Handy Baby Accessory

This is a convenient, portable accessory that keeps our granddaughter sitting snugly and comfortably in various chairs and seats, including strollers, high chairs, and grocery carts. We have used this product (as well as one of another brand) at home, in stores, and in restaurants ever since our girl started to sit up.

Yvonne Wales, UT


Always a good idea. I use them for straps on our teeter totter (they don’t have safety straps and they should). portable and can be used for many purposes. Not just for shopping carts.

Dollie Heppner, OR


Worked great for my baby. I mainly used it for when we were somewhere that did not have highchairs. I would just strap her in the middle of a regular chair and it kept her there perfect. It worked great in shopping carts too!

Loretta Annapolis, MD

Works well but cheaply made

It does what it suppost to do which is the most important, however it’s pretty cheaply made, it looks pretty flamsy.

Lydia Dakota City, NE

Use with our antique highchair

We have an antique highchair that did not come with a strap so we purchased this and it works great. I’m not entirely sure what it’s made of so I don’t like that aspect but for the little we use it, I’m okay with that.

Shirley Pimento, IN

Keeps son from sliding in cart seat

Love this! it works wonderfully on shopping carts, keeps my son from sliding all over the place. I love that it is wider than traditional cart seat belts.

Flora Prairie Home, MO

So many uses!

Endless possibilities……you can strap your baby onto a table chair in the absence of a high chair, shopping cart, beach chairs (I did this over the summer- it was perfect!), and most recently we have been using it to strap our baby into her winter sled so we can pull her through the woods trails without worrying about her trying to get out (she’s 14 months). I am sure there are more uses I have not thought of yet…..this thing is great.

Rowena Roseville, CA

Great upgrade from store straps.

My son has just transitioned to shopping carts, and I like this strap can be placed where its most comfortable for him. Some carts have very low straps, which push against his stomach, and lead to big messes. I can put this one more around his chest, and I don’t feel like he is going to get clotheslined as he lunges for me. I also like that I can put the built in cart straps behind and out of reach when I use this and he can’t chew on the end of it. It’s much more portable and practical than the full liners.

Tricia Aubrey, TX

Great for chunky babies who need a longer safety belt than what’s offered in most shopping carts.

My 10 month old is in the 95th percentile for weight. Shopping cart safety belts rarely fit him properly, if at all. The Leachco Safety Strap has made shopping with the baby so much easier, safer, and more comfortable for my baby. I have tried using the safety strap on a regular chair, as suggested, and find that it does work, but I feel compelled to keep one hand on my child at all times, because it would be easy for him to wriggle off the side of the chair and slip out of the strap.

Shelley Lebanon, PA