Learning Curve Meal Mates Colored Soft Bite Spoons, 5 Pack

Learning Curve Meal Mates Colored Soft Bite Spoons, 5 Pack

4 months & up. At first, young children tend to bite down hard when a spoonful of food is placed in their mouths. That’s why these spoons have a firm, yet soft, coating. This 4 pack comes in assorted bright colors. Handles are made of durable stainless steel.

Main features

  • Includes 5 spoons in assorted bright colors.
  • Handles are made of durable stainless steel.

Verified reviews


Waste of money

The basin on these spoons is so shallow that you can hardly get any food on them. It is a mess waiting to happen. Save your money and don’t buy these. I use them for one thing and that is decoration of my son’s spoon cup. They are lively and bright little spoons and much shorter than his others so they make a great decoration. I think that saying a spoon’s best use is as a decoration says it all.

Tammy Apollo, PA

made it through the dishwasher

They are spoons, really what can I say about them. They go fine through the dishwasher. I like them. Pretty colors, soft tips. Two thumbs up.

Jocelyn Mattawamkeag, ME

DON’T BUY! Color bleeds/changes in dishwasher

Do yourself a favor and stick with Gerber spoons or another brand. These are NOT dishwasher safe!!!! I have used them for only a couple months (have a ten month-old who didn’t start solids until 5 months). After just a month or so of use, the spoon color started to fade and bleed and change to a brownish yellow stain on each one. They are awful. I won’t use them anymore because I’m worried about what could be getting into my baby’s food. I highly recommend you avoid this item.

Brandi Batesville, IN

My Favorite Baby Spoon

I have four kinds of baby spoon (sassy, gerber, toss’n’go, and these) and these meal mates spoons are my very favorite.I have been using these spoons for two months, from my baby’s age of 6 mo to 8 mo.Pros:The most comfortable spoon in my hand, well-balanced, no sharp edges, not fatiguing like the sassy spoons and gerberA good shape for my baby’s mouth, don’t lose food on the way inHold just the right amount of food, I like a spoon that isn’t too bigBright and cheerful colorsDishwasher safe, I have not observed any staining or bleaching from the dishwasherNice weight, not too lightCons:Yes, carrots do stain them. Maybe reserve the orange one for carrots? I really don’t care about this, so I use them all for carrotsFood can build up around the back edge of the plastic coating. If you’re hand-washing, be aware of this spotNot great for travel because they’re heavyAs for the other spoons I have:The plastic toss’n’go spoons are best for traveling because they’re light and indestructible. They are nicely proportioned for little mouths.The gerber spoons are fine, but not as comfortable or well-balanced as the meal mates.I really don’t like the sassy spoons. They do have the advantage of an extra long handle and they change color with temperature, but the plastic coating is too thick and too soft, and the spoon is uncomfortable to hold. Worst of all, I find the sassy spoons taste like plastic, Yuck.I’d trade them all in for these meal mates spoons. I just like these spoons best. A good, simple implement.

Natasha Pompton Lakes, NJ

Great spoons, but got discolored

I use these spoons a lot for feeding my eight months old twins. The handle is made of stainless steel while the spoon basin is made of BPA and phthalates-free plastic. ( I emailed the manufacturer to find that out and they responded quickly). The colors were very vibrant at first but soon started to absorb the color from carrots and sweet potatoes. I would give the spoons five stars if not for this. I hand wash them, so I can not say how they withstand dishwasher. Made in China but what is not? Actually, I found spoons that are made in GB:Avent Weaning Spoons 2-pack, but they are pricey.

Juliet Kings Canyon National Pk, CA