LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Style

LectraLock – Baby Safety Electrical Outlet Cover – Duplex Style

Overview: LectraLock electrical outlet protectors are the ideal way to prevent your little ones from tampering with electrical outlets and plugs. They are also used extensively to prevent plugs from falling out and prevent crushing of plugs behind doors and furniture. We offer a wide variety of colors and models to fit most electrical outlets. For Indoor Use Only. Warranty: We want your purchase to be worry free. All products carry a lifetime warranty when used in residential applications. Please contact us if you have any questions. Dimensions: (model: LDM1-3) When installed this unit is 4.88 inches high by 3.14 inches wide and protrudes from the wall 3.31 inches. This model fits standard duplex style receptacles. There is 3 inches of depth inside the cover when closed. (This is a deep cover model for larger plugs) At a Glance: – Quick and easy installation – Highly tamper resistant – Top Quality – Made in USA – Patented – UL listed – Virtually unbreakable covers – Ultra-modern design will add value and beauty to your home – Available in other styles and colors – Lifetime warranty

Main features

  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Available in many styles – For Indoor Use Only
  • Made in the USA – Lifetime Guarantee
  • Adult Removable – Child-Resistant Cover
  • Covers exposed electrical outlets and plugs- even when they’re in use

Verified reviews


This one works!

Finally a plug cover that my kids can’t open. I tried several different plug covers and this is the only one my little girls could not get open. Make sure you get the type that fits your outlets (Duplex – the old standard two holes OR Decorator – Newer outlet style that is one big square)Also, I purchased the Large so I could fit some of the fan’s cord inside (Do not want my girls playing with cords) and it holds it perfect.

Myra Warners, NY

Works well so far!

So far, so good. Bought to protect a nightlight in my son’s room. Had to take the clear part of the nightlight off for it to fit inside, but that’s ok since it’s covered by this outlet cover.

Lillie Island Falls, ME

Great for oversized cords

I purchased this to go over an outlet that has two power strips going into it. The depth of the cover and holes in the side were perfect to accommodate the oversized cords. It’s definitely resistant to my 17 month old’s best efforts. I’d happily recommend this to other parents who need a cover for the larger/thicker cords.

Rosemary Billings, MO

Works wonders especially for those thick chords on powerstrips

Perfect. easy to install and covers thicker chords on powerstrips. No way my son is getting this thing open, I could barely open it myself. 😉

Carmen Blue Ridge, VA

Works great! Easy to install!

I got this to keep my daughter from unplugging her baby monitor. I looked at other models and they looked like they were fine for normal plugs, but didn’t look big enough to accommodate big square plug ins. This one is big enough to fit most plugs (with the exception of some very wide plugs, phone chargers, sideways plugs etc. that are wider than standard outlet covers or extend beyond them). Easy installation and my kid already gave it a workout trying to get into it! lolIt feels very solid. Not something that can be easily broken or pulled off. Recommended.

Emilia Rio Oso, CA


This works great if u have large plugs or adapters because the standard outlet covers u buy in a store will not work. Just as described , ready to install only took few minutes

Janine Ackerly, TX