Levana 32000 Lila 2.4-Inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom

Levana 32000 Lila 2.4-Inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Talk to Baby Intercom

Ensure you and your baby experience a full night of comfortable, peaceful rest with the Lila Baby Video Monitor by Levana. The camera’s 8 invisible LEDs cast a watchful eye over your child, allowing you to see your baby up to 12-Feet away in complete darkness. 6 hour battery life with the screen on means you’ll be able to get more done around the house with a constant, portable video feed of your baby without having to stop and recharge. ClearVu technology affords you the outstanding precision and clarity of a secure digital signal from up to 500ft away, so you can see and hear your child anywhere at home. Remind your baby that you’re close by with our much-loved Talk to Baby two-way intercom; ease your child’s worries with the sound of your voice before you even enter the room. Mount your camera to the wall for a handy bird’s-eye view of your baby’s room. Each camera can be adjusted 240° horizontally and 65° vertically so, no matter what your child is up to, Lila’s camera will capture it all. With extra features such as an LED volume indicator, adjustable brightness, and expandability up to 4 cameras, you can be sure you and your baby are in good hands with Lila. LEVANA. Do more knowing your child is safe.

Main features

  • 6 hour constant use battery
  • 72 hour battery in PEEP mode
  • Invisible LEDs – no “red glow” in the nursery
  • 12ft night vision
  • Private, secure ClearVu digital signal with 500ft range
  • Talk to Baby two-way communication
  • Easy-to-install adjustable wall mount
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras

Verified reviews


Good for What it Does, But Missing Some Features I Would Like.

If you need this exact product, then it works fine. However…My kids are grown up now and no longer need the monitor, so I thought I would find other uses for it. The camera part cannot be used without batteries, and the remote unit can only be used with batteries. I wanted to use it to watch for a mouse that had gotten into my car, and that required batteries in the camera, so it didn’t work for that purpose.

Casey Memphis, TN

Pretty Nice Monitor, Pretty Bad Battery

Overall, this monitor is quite reasonable, although it has a few signficant flaws.First, I must say, the resolution on the monitor is very nice. The ability to have a two-way intercom actually expands the market on this thing (how have they not noticed this?) to being worth using if, say, you’re in a different room than your spouse, you can still carry on a conversation. (Note, this only works well in a relatively small house. I tried to use it to play a prank on someone that I worked with, and the reception isn’t nearly as far as I thought that it would be. I couldn’t get reception past a hundred feet or so.) For the most part, though, I can’t imagine that any parent in their right mind would put their kid more than fifty or sixty feet away from them, so it should have plenty of range.Mostly, I was extremely disappointed in the battery life. The advertised six hours seemed to be true only if you didn’t use the talk feature at all and if the child is pretty quiet. If those things aren’t true, four hours is a much more reasonable estimate. And the 24 to 36 hours they cite is probably meaningless. I left it turned off, except for ten minutes at a time, and it lasted two days. I turned it on for around…fifteen minutes total across those two days, and when I finally tried to use it, it died. I know that there is a power cord, but there’s not a whole lot of value in the battery at that point, unless you’re going to carry it with you between rooms. That, however, obviates its ability to allow you to ask your partner for help once you’ve gotten there.I also want to point out that there is an unreasonable amount of line noise with this unit. It may only be mine, but when I set it up in a relatively quiet room, I got a lot of buzz or hum. When I muted the sound from the machine, it stopped. It didn’t quiet when a normal voice was spoken in the same room, either, so it wasn’t like it was an algorithm trying to pick up noise by boosting the gain, either. While I could learn to sleep through this kind of noise, it would certainly be obnoxious.With those caveats aside, it was a reasonably nice unit.Harkius

Esperanza Wellman, TX

camera broke but good customer service

Before our baby girl was born we used a gift certificate to get aLorex LW2004 Video Baby Monitor with 2.4-inch LCD and Automatic Night Vision. After she arrived we started using it, and realized it had some pretty big limitations. The monitor was “portable” but the battery only lasted a couple of hours, then took another 12 to recharge. The night vision was finicky and the screen itself flickered on and off. It worked… but was so frustrating it was sometimes easier to do without.So, we’ve been looking for replacements for a while and I was intrigued by this Levana. Always better to switch brands after a frustrating experience.My immediate reaction was how much better this monitor was. In just about every way it was superior. Better picture. Better sound/voice talk. Better night vision. The monitor lasted long enough–enough to put our girl to bed, have it on throughout the evening. We’d charge it over night and it was ready to go the next evening and during naps.There wasn’t a manual, but it was very user friendly enough to figure out everything, and I did find the manual on their website. So, I was pretty pleased.The one frustration I had was that the camera has a pretty narrow angle of view. Because of this I couldn’t mount it near the crib and had to find somewhere else that was far enough away and could also have a view of the whole crib (our girl likes to move around, and especially when she wakes up which is when we would want to see her). It has a variable mount, so I tried on a shelf, then I tried on the wall above her crib, finally having to put it pretty high above to get a whole view. I was happy I finally found a solution, and checked the view in the monitor to make sure it worked. It did. Well, for a little bit. For some reason–I never dropped it or hit it or did anything to it other than move it to different positions–it just stopped working. The camera. The monitor worked but the camera was dead. About 2 weeks after I got it.I emailed Levana. They had me send the camera back to check it out (they paid). A couple of weeks later or so (it was over Christmas/New Years), they got back to me saying it was not my fault, they identified the problem. The trouble was that they didn’t have any more in stock to replace it with. Which is surprising since I though this was a new model. They offered to replace it with what they said is a better model, theLevana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom 32111 (White).It took about 1.5 months to sort this out, but they were prompt in responding to my initial query and have provided a suitable replacement. That’s good customer service and encourages me to recommend Levana to others, especially as I haven’t heard of other people having issues with their cameras breaking. Every product has the occasional lemon, so it’s helpful to know how a company responds if you’re the one who happens to get that bad seed.

Sherri Castalia, OH

Definitely not Levana’s best

This is the second Levana video baby monitor I’ve owned. The other, the BABYVIEW20, is pretty decent. This one is the opposite. The best thing I can say about it is that it handles interference well and has a nice receiver unit.We use a sound machine to provide white noise for our kids. This monitor has a sound threshold so that it will be silent until there is sound. Unfortunately, the white noise sets off the threshold so it’s always pumping out the white noise, which wouldn’t be so bad if the lowest volume setting on the monitor wasn’t so darn loud. The thing doesn’t resample the baseline ambient sound, so the white noise always ticks off the mechanism. It’s super annoying, and strange since the BABYVIEW20, an older product from Levana, *does* resample the baseline.Next up is the horrendous base station that is permanently fixed to the camera. It is NOT omni-directional at all. When you turn the camera on the base, the angle moves up and down in a continuous wave. THAT’s how you adjust the angle of view… ya. The peaks and valleys of the wave are not large enough to provide necessary versatility. The base oddly has a slot for a screw to mount it to a wall. However, you would have to mount the camera directly over your child’s bed, which might be OK if the power cable wasn’t so short. On top of that, the camera easily twists in the base, which throws off the angle. I found myself readjusting the camera every night, which is a frustrating process altogether.The receiver unit does actually have one advanced feature. You can pair multiple cameras to it (up to 4 I think) and cycle through them. The main selling point of the camera, the invisible infra-red LEDs, is actually true. I guess some kids get scared of the red ring on other cameras? I don’t know, but this one doesn’t have that ring at night. However, my camera strangely sent a foggy night time image after only a day of use. I tried cleaning the front with lens cleaner, and it helped a little bit, but was still foggy.I really cannot recommend this product.

Nola Lyons, GA

Nice features; some flaws

Overall this is a good monitor, with some flaws.Pros:- lightweight- really good screen resolution (probably one of the best features!)- the “talk button” is a terrific feature. With our toddler, it is really helpful to be able to ask him what’s wrong or try to comfort him without having to get out of bed in the middle of the night.- volume control buttons right on the unit without having to access them through a menuCons:- belt clip practically non-functional- battery life is really lacking. You CANNOT have the thing unplugged all night. We tried that the first night and it died by 2am.- the “talk button” feature is louder then I would like. Even if you are whispering to your kid, it comes out pretty loud in their room. Maybe good if you have a crying infant who would be able to hear you over their crying, but honestly this feature is probably most helpful for a toddler who you can reason with to go back to sleep.- there is no way to have the monitor pan and zoom remotely. It baffled me that this monitor doesn’t have that feature! Again, not as big of deal for a toddler, but if you want to pan and zoom to see a sleeping infant better, you are out of luck!Overall, this was an upgrade from our Summer monitor from a couple years ago and has some nice features, but some of the cons could be a deal-braker for you.

Luella Easton, MO

Good option for a portable baby monitor

This is a good option for a portable baby camera solution. It has good color resolution, night vision capability, and is fully portable -with a rechargable backup battery. It also has audio, and allows you to push a button and talk back to the camera. (Unfortunately when you talk back it sounds very Darth Vadery and creepy, and definitely NOT something that would easily calm down a crying child.) It also has an antenna that can be flipped up to give you a full range of 500 feet. Finally, it allows you to turn the brightness up or down which is what you’d need to do if you wanted to use this outside.PROS:+++ CAMERA IS COLOR. Aren’t they all, these days? But, in any case, it is color and looks nice.+++ HAS NIGHT VISION. Once the room gets dark enough the color disappears and the picture becomes black and white, but allows you to see in the dark.++ NO VISIBLE LIGHTS. Well, only one, a green LED, on the BACK of the camera… but nothing to keep baby up, like the red LEDS that used to be used for night vision use in older cameras.+++ GOOD AUDIO. You can hear pretty well from the camera’s microphone and there is a neat LED across the top display which lights up more LEDs the more the camera picks up noise. So, there would be a visual indicator of red LEDS if the baby was crying. (Presumably you’d hear the crying, too, but I suppose if you muted it you’d still know the baby was crying by the LED indicators.)++ TALKBACK FUNCTION. You can press a button and talk back to the camera -it acts just like an intercom. This might be useful if you were using it in the house with young children.++ EASY VOLUME UP OR DOWN. Right below the screen there is a very simple to use volume toggle.+++ RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. This is pretty awesome. You can unplug the monitor station and take it with you around the house.++ CAN HOOK UP MULTIPLE CAMERAS. I didn’t use this function but I found the menu on the device. It clearly can hook up to three other cameras, and you can view them at the same time (I believe) while then selecting the main camera to watch. I did not test this function so please do your own research on this capability.++ MONITOR FLIP OUT STAND. This means you can place the monitor almost vertical, which provides an easy viewing angle.CONS:– TALKBACK FUNCTION SOUNDS WEIRD. It sounded ok, but metallic, and a baby might not be soothed. I see it more working as an intercom for adults.– NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL. I did not receive a manual in the box. I didn’t really need one, but it would have been nice. (NOTE: the manual MAY have been missing because it was an Amazon Vine Product. This may not be standard for new purchases.)- SOMEWHAT HARD TO INSTALL BATTERY. I almost broke the case when I was installing the battery. It was close, so take some time to take it apart and put it back together carefully. There are little ridges of the battery holder which can snap off. Mine didn’t, but when I was blindly trying to force the battery compartment closed they almost snapped.– NO BELT CLIP. This kind of cripples the use of this as something you’d wear while working outside. But, on the other hand, presumably you’d want to SEE it, and wouldn’t want to carry it around on your belt. That said, it would have been nice, at least to help in monitoring a baby sleeping.Overall, I am happy with this product. RecommendedUpdate:I have used it many months now without issue. (One time the picture disappeared, for no apparent reason. However, unplugging the camera and replugging it in fixed the problem and it never recurred.) Also, one more great positive I discovered about this is that when the (rechargable) battery is going to run out (usually at the end of a day of usage, after at least a few hours of baby naps) it produces a loud beep every minute. At first I hated this but then I realized how important and helpful it was. It was basically telling me, “hey, I am going to turn off in 5 minutes, and you need to charge me”. God forbid it just turned off and you went happily about your business in another room (or were sleeping) not realizing the monitor was no longer working, and then something happened to your child. This was a great feature, and it reinforces my high opinion of this product.

Adrian Conneautville, PA

Where has this been all my motherhood?!

I was previously using an old school Angel baby monitor with the SIDs attachment (that I disconnected). Whenever I saw the (super expensive) video monitors at Target or Babies R Us, I would scoff at the suckers who would give $300 for them.For the price of this Levana 32000, this is an affordable price and the video monitor comes in handy every single day! I always thought that audio would be sufficient, but the video has been a lifesaver. My daughter (8 months old) apparently gets up, rolls around and starts sucking her thumb and her sheet for like 15 minutes before she gets up and then starts to fuss. It’s been really helpful because with just the audio monitor, as soon as I heard her stirring, I would go to her room where she would get up and start to cry. Now it’s as if she wakes up at her leisure and goes from sleep to wake gradually without me busting in on her.I love that it has night vision, so I can see what’s going on with my little bug. It very easy to set up too, I’m that wife that asks my husband to set up all electronics. I did ask him to open up where the batteries went though.Finally it’s pretty sleek looking and not clunky at all (like some video monitors). At first I thought the little screen would be tiny , but it’s sufficient.All in all, I think any new parent would love this monitor. Heartily recommended :)8/27/2013- Editing to add that I have recommended this brand to a couple other families and they also it with the price point. On our end, we have been noticing that it needs charging up more frequently, however we use it a lot.

Tamara Hiram, GA

Been waiting for this!

Although I can’t afford to set up home cameras yet, this is something I was hoping would be developed. It is an affordable way of keeping a watch on the baby, as well as making sure no one is in your baby room (do I watch too many horrible stories on the news?). The intercom is also a fantastic addition. Although my children are grown, I now have grandchildren and feel it’s important to do everything possible to keep them safe. Once the child is grown, I see no reason to not have this set up in a front room/porch, etc. Fantastic and thoughtful product that will give any parent or grandparent that extra feeling of security.

Bettie Thomastown, MS

Improvement to Previous Models

This is a great direction for Levana, and a great product. We have two of the previous Levana cameras (one that roughly looks like this, and then one with a larger display that allows multiple cameras to connect to it). Biggest complaints of those have been battery life, screen resolution, and some features that don’t work as well as they should. Here’s what I have noticed that is different.Design: This have a more modern square design. They look better, they are smaller, and the camera is much more adjustable. Flip up antenna, screen and buttons all seem nicer. Screen resolution seems to capture at least as much as the larger display, if not more. Levana doesn’t appear to give specifics, so I assume resolution of the camera stays the same (320×240 would be my guess), but maybe a better image sensor in the camera so it looks slightly better. This isn’t HD by any means, but doesn’t need to be. Battery is now rated for 6 hours, the previous models might make it this far, but generally not.Features: Believe it or not, this model cuts a bunch of features, And that’s a great thing. Lots of mostly worthless features that could cause annoyance. Nightlight (poor tiny light on the camera that lit up nothing), Lullabies (great for accidentally turning on and waking up your child with), and probably a few other things I’m not thinking about. I love this, less features, but the ones that are left work better.Audio: You can now turn the audio off! The previous ones only allowed you to turn it down very low, which was very annoying for situations where you just wanted video on. It appears as the talk to child may also be a bit better, although we never use that feature as it generally freaks our kids out.Other: Supposedly the infrared LED’s don’t light up at all, but I could barely see the old ones. It also appears as this camera is not compatible with the old receivers and vice versa, so if you’re looking to add a new camera, they’ll all have to be the same type. Menu’s also appear to be slightly more intuitive.Love that it’s smaller, better lcd screen, better reception and better battery. There are room for improvements (larger screen would be nicer, more rotation is positioning the camera head relative to the base, etc), but it’s an improvement on the previous ones.

Angelina Hosmer, SD

Works great

This is a great monitor, easy to figure out and good picture. I love how it has a “talk back” feature so you can use it almost as a walkie talkie with the kids. I use it with my toddler to make sure she’s really taking a nap. 🙂 Would definitely recommend!

Wilda Reeds Spring, MO

Great value video monitor that is simple to use

This is my second Levana baby monitor. I also have the more expensive model ERA 32102 which looks more like a cell phone than a baby monitor. It has the same 2.4 inch screen except in portrait mode which somehow makes it look smaller. The Lila is landscape mode which has a wider horizontal coverage. It is very sensitive that you can hear the baby breathe.One really cool feature that I like and extremely useful is the two-way intercom. I also use it with my middle schooler who is studying in the room to come down when it’s time for dinnerIt’s much more simple to use. You don’t have to dig deep into the menus to adjust or find the feature that you need. I like the bigger buttons much more than the ERA’s, the later is similar to an iPod’s clikwheel which is hard to feel when you are pressing it. The plain white looks makes it looks much cleaner.Another feature that I like with this monitor is that it doesn’t have the red LEDs around camera even when it is on. You can put it on top of the shelf and nobody knows it is on. It is almost completely discreet except for tiny green LED on the side.It uses a replaceable Lithium-ion battery at 3.7v with 1050 mA. The battery lasts much longer than the ERA 12103, even with the video on. The power adapters that came with it is rated 100-240v.Cons:Unless the room is well lit, most of the time it is in night mode and there is no color.It has a stand but no clip to hang to your belt or clothes.

Kristina Carter, OK

Digital Baby Moniter

This was purchased for a friend’s baby shower. It was a more reasonable price than Target. The recipient was pleased with it.

Lauri Granville Summit, PA

Works well despite lack of documentation

We moved from a first generation video baby monitor that we inherited from a friend, the video monitor is actually a CRT! In comparison, this baby monitor is like night and day. Out of the box, I plugged both units in and turned them on and they automatically connected and started broadcasting. We are in a two story house and I have not had any issues with interference or lost signal yet. Our old monitor had to be positioned so that the signal would stay strong. I am very happy with this baby monitor and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to friends and families that are in need of a baby monitor. The two way speaker thing is a nice option but it sounds funny and I can’t see it being used to soothe the baby (it would probably scare the baby, it was quite loud. it picks up a loud whisper), but I have used it to talk to someone in the room with the baby. Overall I am very happy with it even with all of its faults. I would really like to explore the multi-camera feature and would even like to see if I can use two monitors in the same system, but because of the lack of documentation or information online I don’t know which additional cameras from the manufacturer are compatible and I haven’t been able to find the matching camera on Amazon. Overall I still really like this system. I would like it more if i could expand the system or know how to use it better, but even as is I would highly recommend it.PROs:+The video quality is very clear for such a small and lightweight monitor+monitor works on AC or DC power+great nightvision+VERY fast and easy to set upCONs:-Lack of included instruction and documentation-no belt clip (lots of others have complained about the same thing) – there is a loop that you can attach a lanyard, but no lanyard included-Would love to test the multi function camera option but because of the lack of documentation I don’t know which camera is compatible-don’t know how secure the transmission is, didn’t find anything on being able to change the code/frequency-the video occasionally turns off when on battery power. I would prefer that there would be an option to stay on. I don’t know if it would turn back on if it detects sound (again lack of documentation)

Milagros Pierson, IA

Good monitor

I got it as Christmas present. Chose it myself. I had to do my own research bc there are so many kinds of baby monitors out there. This one met all of my needs: picture is good, sound is good, night vision is very good. The mic is very loud for some reason, can’t use it at all if I don’t wanna wake up baby. But I am satisfied with this monitor. I was willing to spend more, but as first time mom didn’t wanna regret my more expensive purchase in the future.. So I went with this one. I’m glad that I did it.

Bertie Olmitz, KS

Night vision stopped working on Day 2!

I have a 15 month old daughter that has started talking in her sleep so my husband and I decided we needed to buy a video monitor to make sure she was awake before we went into her room because we have accidently woken her up going into her room to check on her after we have heard her start stirring. I started researching video monitors and found the Levana brand had 4+ start reviews on Amazon. (Note: I am an Amazon Prime member and a frequent reader of reviews before I decided to buy an item.) I liked the price of this video monitor compared to the prices of the ones made by Motorola and Summer Infant. It seemed very reasonable and the online reviews of this item were very good. The reviews specifically said the day time color picture was very clear and bright and the night vision worked very well. I did not find either of these to be true with my experience.We set this new monitor up on a Friday night so we were not able to test the color picture on the first day of use. The night vision worked, but did not have a great picture (certain items were very bright and others were blurry). On Saturday late morning when we put our daughter down for a nap, we tested the color picture. The colors on the monitor were completely off and the room has to be extremely well lit for the color picture to even work. When we went to bed Saturday night, the night vision was still working, but by Sunday morning, we woke up to a black and blurry screen. It appears that the night vision LEDs had gone out. I called customer service for Levana on Sunday morning, per the instructions in the manual for the monitor, only to find out you could not talk to anyone until business hours Monday-Friday. The customer service line then walks you through a few trouble shooting measures to try and get the monitor to start working again (i.e. turn the monitor on and off, check the light in the room, etc.). I found this to be completely unacceptable. This is a product that sells items for baby safety. How many working parents are able to call about a defective baby monitor from their office? My husband and I returned this monitor to Amazon and ended up buying a much more, expensive but nicer monitor manufacturer by Motorola from another retailer.if I could give this monitor and Levana zero stars, I would. I am very disappointed with the quality of this product as well as the lack of service provided by Levana.

Luella Arbuckle, CA

Not just a baby monitor…

This compact unit is attractive, efficient and not outrageously priced, as some are in baby stores. This comes in a small environmentally-friendly-recyclable box. It would be helpful to have a one-page document with basic setup instructions for anyone that might be intimidated, but it doesn’t take an engineer to figure it out. There is a short online manual available for those that may need one.What we like about this is its capabilities/versatility. It can be used to monitor anything, not just babies. Entry doors, a sick room, perhaps, a children’s play-room or basement. We acquired this to use in our elderly dad’s bedroom. He has a live-in nurse. His nurse will now be able to hear him or check on him from his own room without having to get up and make sure he is resting comfortably. It has a 500-ft range, and night vision, which is quite adequate, we must say. Also the two-way intercom, is a big plus. Dad can easily call for help if needed. The unit is small and not obvious, and will not keep the nurse awake with those bright red LED lights on the front panel as many TV’s have. This has a small green LED light on the side to tell you the power is on. The camera is mountable. Not only is Dad and his nurse more comfortable, but so are we, knowing he can be reached quickly in an emergency.The video is good, the sound is fine. We just don’t have any negatives to point out on its performance. It is a new product for us, so I will come back and update the review in a few months to let you all know how it holds up. For now, definitely recommended.

Jesse New Riegel, OH


This is perfect!We bought it because we can add cameras and it was reasonably priced. We love the talk back feature as well. The picture is little, but very clear, even at night. There is a time around 6pm where it is not dark enough for the night vision to work and yet too dark for us to see normally. Other than that it is perfect!

Rosie Sandy Level, VA

Buy the Levana Era Elite model instead

We had an Era Elite before buying this and loved it. When it came time to buy another one, we only bought this one because it was a little cheaper at the time. Long story short, I returned it and got another Era Elite.I only suffered through it for a couple of weeks so I’m sure I didn’t even see all the problems it had, but it had a major one I couldn’t live with; the night vision. It was practically non existent. I like to leave a lamp on in the room while our baby goes to sleep and turn it off when we come in to go to bed (he’s in our room at the moment and I didn’t feel like coming to bed to a pitch dark room). I quickly found that this didn’t work because if I left the lamp on, the night vision wouldn’t kick in. If I wanted the lamp on, I’d have to make sure the room was dark, turn the monitor on, then turn the lamp on and hope that the night vision would still work. Most of the time, it didn’t. Sometimes the night vision wouldn’t work even if the room WAS pitch black. What is that all about?!The picture quality was far inferior to that of the Era Elite, but if this is the first baby monitor you’ve ever used, you might not notice that it’s a little blurry.Spend the extra $10-$20 and get the Levana Era Elite. You’ll be much happier.

Marilyn Elizabeth, LA

This is an excellent, affordable monitor for use with not only babies, but younger children at play …

One thing that many young parents like seeing come there way are “green” products. Naturally it’s not possible for the baby monitor itself to be “green,” but the packaging was minimal and recyclable. Mine did not come with a manual, but there is an easily accessible 20-page one online. Setup is easy, but we all have to keep in mind our own particular circumstances. For example, this monitor runs on a 2.4 GHz frequency and so do a lot of other things such as microwaves, bluetooth devices, and cordless telephones.I’ve laid out the specs below so you can see if this particular monitor fits your lifestyle or not. If not, you may wish to check out a baby monitor on a different frequency. More than likely you won’t be running everything at once so this one may be perfect for you. If you’d like you can add theLevana 32104 Era Additional Camerato complement this one. This is an excellent, affordable monitor for use with not only babies, but younger children at play. Very highly recommended!WHAT’S IN THE BOX:
• Night Vision Camera
• Baby Video Monitor
• Rechargeable Battery
• 2 Power Adapters
• Instruction Manual
• 1 Year Warranty
• Support, in either English or Spanish, can be accessed via e-mail, live customer support, or by phone. Each time you go to the website a live customer support window comes on asking you if you need assistance.SPECIFICATIONSMONITOR
• Monitor Type: TFT LCD
• Screen Size: 2.4″
• Resolution: 320 x 240
• Frame Rate: 25 FPS
• Brightness: Adjustable – 0, 1, 2 , 3, 4
• Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
• Private Signal: Yes
• Technology: Digital FHSS
• No. Of hop/sec: 300
• No. Of hopping channels: 19
• Channel Bandwidth: 3.375 Mhz
• Data Rate: 3 Mbps
• Transmission Power +19 dBm
• Maximum Transmission Range: 500 ft.
• Optimum Transmission Range: 150 ft.
• Expandable: Up to four cameras
• Quad Screen: No
• Scan View: Yes
• Speaker: Yes
• Microphone: Yes
• Talk to Baby: Yes
• Lullabies: No
• Battery Type: Li-Ion
• Battery Capacity: 1100mAH
• Battery Low – Visible Warning: Yes
• Battery Low – Audible Warning: Yes
• Housing Material: ASB Plastic
• Power Adapter Input: 100~249 VAC
• Power Adapter: 6V 800mA DC
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 Degrees Celsius
• Dimensions: 2.8″x8″x4.3″
• Weight: .25 lbs.CAMERA
• Image Sensor CMOS
• Resolution 640 x 480
• Viewing Angle: 50 Degrees
• Focal Length F2.8mm
• Optimal Focal Distance 2-10 ft.
• Frequency: 2.4 Ghz
• Private Signal: Yes
• Technology: Digital FHSS
• Maximum Transmission Range: 500 ft.
• Optimum Transmission Range: 150 ft.
• Number of IR LEDS: 8
• Night Vision Distance: 12 ft.
• Microphone: No
• Speaker: Yes
• Housing: ABS Plastic
• Wall Mountable: Yes
• Power Adapter Input: 100~240 VAC
• Operating Temperature: 0 to 50 Degrees Celsius
• Dimensions: 3″x3″x3.5″
• Weight: .25 lbs.

Luisa Palestine, WV

Works – but nothing crazy

I don’t love that the camera isn’t controllable from the monitor like other models provide, but that’s my fault for not realizing that ahead of time! The sound and video are good and the mounting kits were nice to have!!

Sarah Orlando, FL